Hello people yes I am adding on another series

why you ask well it just suddenly came to me

all i could do was write it out

Pixie:secretly looks over at toya

Toya: 0.0'

Pixie: you give the disclamer

Toya: why should I ur the one writing the god dang story

Pixie: you should cause if you don't I'll make your character dress like a pink bunny or a women (insert evil smile)

Toya: grudgingly Pixie owns nothing except her character and plot

Pixie: mwhahahahaha well at least I own my cookies

Toya: I don't know her .'

Chapter 1 Hiding and longing

I can't tell you when it all started maybe it was when I used books to hide from the world using anime to take me to another time or place. I started living on a cloud in a way I was always wondering what next. Then I started noticing things my parents where never home they were partying and going to work. They left money of course for food and other things but other than that I was alone. When they were home it certainly wasn't pleasant for you see my mother was an alcohol addict I had become accustom to her calling me Bitch and a lot of other cuss words. I would always wonder what kind of mother would cuss out their kid for being just that their kid it seems as my parents would tell me that I was an unwanted accident they never wanted children. The only reason why I was still there was because they thought it would look bad on their family if they put me in an orphanage. I didn't really have any other relatives my grandparents died long before I was born but I always had strange feelings like they were still here.

They never doted on me from the beginning I learned not to care of course when I would see the other kids at school I would be jealous and filled with envy for they had caring loving parents. I know thought that not everything was actually like that for all I know the kids' father could have left the mother or they could be going through a divorce but I'd rather have just one parent caring then neither. The world is harsher then it seems I learned that at the age of 8 going home with an award from school for perfect attendance though I had to walk to the school so I always thought it a miracle I could walk to the school and be in time for class. I got lucky and mom was home I hadn't completely understood my mother's condition yet but I would that night.

I went up to her holding out my certificate Look mommy I got an award for perfect attendance at school see.

My mother looked down at me ripped the paper from my hand and said that's nothing to be proud about and rips it to pieces in front of me and slapped me I watched as the pieces floated down to the ground.

Now clean up that mess my mother shouted at me at that moment I realized I was on my own in this world they would provide me with money but nothing else.

I gathered all the pieces together and went to my room grabbed my tape and tried to tape it back together.

Now in high school I still have the award hidden in a drawer in my room with a lot of other awards these days though I have buckled down I am now taking advance classes and only go to school for fun if you can call it that.

I am already taking college courses online it's not that hard a lot of time a studying sure but I'm able to keep up with it I'm already about 2 and a half years done.

Animes such as Card Captor Sakura and Creamy Mami have kept me going and of course books. I collect the movies and all kinds of things well my adventure begins with the card captor series.