Summary: After realizing the truth of his origins, Loki, the love of Sigyn's life, and her betrothed since childhood, abandoned her on Midgard.

A/N: This story starts and the beginning of Thor and goes past Avengers Assemble. So, yes, there are spoilers for both.

Rated M for a reason. Sexual reasons.

A Warning: I take the characters (meaning Sigyn) to a dark place. This story is not rainbows and butterflies.

A side note: Sigyn is NOT based on the Marvel comic book version. At all. She is LOOSELY based on the Norse goddess. I have done some research-some of the terms are taken from that. One such term is Galdrs Hapts, Sigyn's namesake which translates to Fetter of Incantation and Illusion. It is pronounced Gal-drar Hapts (I believe). Sigyn's name is pronounced many different ways. I prefer See-gin (as opposed to Seg-in).



Part 1

It has been said, that just before night falls on Asgard, the realms of the universe—even the two realms of the dead—align in perfect symmetry. It is a moment that comes only once in a day, in which everything is in balance; sky and earth; day and night; life and death; light and dark; good and evil. Poets of Asgard and Midgard alike have written songs of the beauty of the strange harmony that comes about at twilight. For just an instant, everything is in peace.

But just as quickly as it comes, it goes, and the perfection falls away as if it never existed at all. The moments of happiness and coherence that once were dissolve into night. Peace and balance is forgotten. Everything that once existed falls prey to destruction, corrosion and chaos.

When I was a little less than three hundred years old, my father, the right hand man of the great King Odin, betrothed me to the younger of Odin's sons: Loki. I was small then, and didn't truly understand what a betrothal meant. I remember, at first, thinking it to be a game, as if the boy, only a bit larger than I, was some sort of obstacle, and a betrothal (because I honestly had no understanding of the word) was a task to prove myself to my fellow Asgardians.

So I set about planning how to defeat my betrothed. I told no one—somehow I got it into my head that everyone around me was set about trying to thwart my plans. I didn't even tell my bothersome nanny's that were always bent on dressing me in ridiculous outfits that seemed centuries before my time. Though I no longer remember my exact plan, or what its purpose was, I remember it involved poisoned wine. Poison has no fatal effect on Asgardians, but it does cause a day of sickness (give or two a few hours, depending on the purity of the substance). I succeeded in obtaining the poison by using my position as daughter of Odin's favorite lord, and I then tried to offer it to Loki in a chalice made of clear crystal. Such an offering is meant to show nothing but pure admiration, devotion and good intentions, so this was actually a minor slap in the face. As a child it wasn't such a big deal, more of an occurrence for ladies to shake their fingers at sarcastically and for men to give a hearty chuckle.

"Loki," I called out to him, with the glass balanced carefully on my palm. I attempted a half-hearted curtsy. "I bring you a drink!"

He glanced at me for a moment, then held out his hand to take the glass from my hand. For a moment, I expected him to actually take a drink, and I was excited. I thought I would win the game. I thought this was what I was meant to do—overcome the boy my father told me I would one day wed.

Then, Loki dropped the chalice to the floor. It shattered, but the wine stayed in place, in a solid form. Loki put out his hand, twisting it a bit, and the wine disappeared.

"Sigyn…You try to poison me?" He asked. His older brother, Thor, walked up behind him and stared at me.

"You tried to poison Loki? Why?"

I failed. I don't remember it, but apparently I ran out of the room sobbing to find my mother so she could comfort me.

Only then did someone explain to me what it meant to be betrothed.

Then I started to fall in love with Loki.

"Lady Sigyn," Loki called me over from where I stood waiting with a gesture of his hand. He pointed at a servant to bring me a drink, and after a moment I was presented with a goblet of wine. I placed Galdrs Hapts, my staff, on the table beside us so it would not be in the way. Odin presented me with Galdrs following my conquest during the last Festival of Sense in one of the many contests.

"Galdrs possesses many powers, some of which even I do not understand," Odin told me. "And though it may not have the strength of Mjolnir or Gungnir, it will undoubtedly serve your purposes, no matter what they may be."

Loki laughed as I took my place beside him. "Do you remember when we were children and—"

"I tried to poison you?" I cut off his memory, with a smile. "Of course. I nearly won that battle, if I recall."

"If by win, you mean that I called you out on your ridiculous battle plan, then yes, you won indeed."

I laughed in response. "I was young." I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. "How are you feeling?"

"Never better. I do love a good banquet, don't you?"

"You know what I mean. It could have been you. How do you feel?"

"You sound like my mother, Sigyn. It's unbecoming."

"Please. If I were your mother I would beat your feelings out of you." That woman would not be trifled with.

"I am happy for my brother. Truly. You should not worry so."

"Worry? Me?" I joked. I turned to see his snarky smile, but instead there was a blank look frozen on his face. What-?

Then, arms closed around me from behind and the double disappeared. I cried out and dropped my wine in surprise. The glass shattered on the floor.

I felt his mouth touch my neck softly, kneading the flesh there with his lips and tongue. I shifted my head a bit, to move my hair out of his way, and tried to press into him. He turned me around slowly, tantalizingly. Then, his lips were on mine. Though his speech and body language never gave any impression but of mischief, sensually, he played no games. He was straightforward and offered a wordless give-and-take sort of agreement. He took what he wanted, but he also returned the favor, oftentimes, ten times over. In fewer words, he was an extremely passionate lover. Or, at least, I imagined he was. We had yet to get that far, but each time we had a meeting like this one, I felt it was only just around the corner.

"Loki…" The moan escaped without any attempt at control. "Not… here…"

His body shuddered in agreement as he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a connected smaller room. His hands were on me, and mine on him, both kneading into the other—almost competitively. I raked my hands through his hair, and he groaned, low and loud, into my mouth.

"Sigyn…" he hissed. Somehow, he wove his hand past my clothes to skim against my left breast. I felt my nipple harden instantly, quickly followed by the other. Pushing myself to be flush against him, I let out a shaky sigh. I felt his grin against my collarbone in response.

"I don't want to wait," He murmured into my skin. "Right now. I want to take you now, against the wall, like this. I don't care that it is supposed to be Thor's day to—"

"Loki!" A booming voice interrupted his musings. Our eyes, suddenly free of all passion, met. Odin.

"C-coming, father!" Loki shouted. He fixed his clothes and stroked my forehead as he briskly walked from the room. I straightened my clothes, hoping and praying that Odin didn't know I was with Loki.

"Loki," Odin said once his son arrived in the main room. "The ceremony will start soon. Your brother awaits your assistance."

"Yes, father. I was simply making sure there were no problems with the banquet," Loki replied immediately. I rolled my eyes. Silver tongue. "I will attend to Thor now. I apologize for—"

Odin cut him off.

"Sigyn. You should not leave Galdrs laying out in the open," he reprimanded. Oh… I felt my cheeks flush as I stumbled out of the side room. So as to not show him my shame I moved down to one knee and bowed my head.

"M-my apologies, sir." The King extended the staff to me so I could humbly accept it. I waited for him to address me further, but he was already turning back to my fiancé. I stood up, but continued to look at the floor.

"Son, your brother requires your presence. Go." I saw Loki nod out of the corner of my eye. I scampered after him, having no desire to stay beside Odin after such an embarrassing event.

"Sigyn. Remain here—I wish to speak with you," Odin commanded. Loki gave me a smile that was part apologetic and part mocking as he disappeared from the door.

"Yes, my king?" I asked, trying not to sound too grudging. He didn't reply at first.

"My sons are a bit of a handful," He began. "At first glance, it seems that Thor would be more so, in his haughtiness, but, really, it's Loki that I watch closely. Thor simply does as he wishes, when he wishes, but Loki… Loki plans each and every moment of his interactions with others. He is quite calculating. Sometimes for the good of others, but most often for himself."

Is this a warning? Odin himself betrothed me to his son—why would he warn me now?

"What would you have me do, sir?" I asked carefully.

"You do understand the namesake of your weapon, correct?"

Well, vaguely, but what was he trying to say? "Of course. Galdrs Hapts. The Fetter of Illusion and Incantation."

Though I had yet to really use is as anything more than an accessory, which Odin surely knew.

"Loki needs someone beside him. Someone that understands him and his necessity for control and power—but also someone willing to go against his ideals, when they may be flawed, and make him a better man."

Aha! "Of course, my lord. I have seen many sides of Loki. I understand the way his mind works. I will, now, as I will when we wed one day, act as anchor for his sake."

Odin let out a long sigh, as if some weight had been lifted off his chest. "Very well. You may go, Sigyn."

"Until the ceremony, then, sir."

I walked from the room, elated to be out of such an awkward situation. Still, I felt a growing sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. I did not fully comprehend what Odin had tried to make me understand. At first thought, his words seemed to be relatively shallow—simply an admonition against being taken advantage of by Loki. I liked to think, however, that Odin thought better of me than that. He knew I wasn't senseless to the point of swooning at his son's every word—and certainly not thoughtless enough to give into his every ridiculous inclination.

So what was the king trying to say?

My thoughts were interrupted by the trumpets announcing the approaching commencement of Thor's inauguration. I hurried alongside the crowd to the throne room. Following the ceremony would be a large banquet to celebrate with all the delicacies imaginable. Such events were rare to the point of being essentially nonexistent and therefore the royal family spared no expense.

Despite the glamour of the ceremony, I found myself unable to pay attention to the parade-like procession of the royal family—which I would one day join—and the exchanging of oaths between Thor and Odin. My thoughts continuously strayed back to Odin's words to me. Concern must have been etched into my face, because when I chanced a nervous glance at Loki he raised his eyebrows at me. I smiled at him and turned away, pretending to pay attention. It was a good point to start listening—only moments before Thor would become king.

"Then on this day, I, Odin, your father, proclaim you…"

Just as I turned back to look at the king, his entire demeanor froze. For a moment, everything in the room seemed to hang in suspension. Everyone waited for Odin to say the words making Thor king. They never came.

"Frost Giants!" Odin hissed.

Looking back, this was the shattering moment in which everything in my life began to fall to pieces. Though there may have previously been forces at work, I was never once aware of them.

Frost Giants did not invade Asgard. That didn't happen. Even during the war, it was unheard of—it was always either the Asgardians attacking Jotunheim or a battle ensuing on Midgard. It was impossible because Heimdall, the guardian sentry, guarded the Bifrost incessantly. It was the only way in and out of Asgard.

Panic ensued. Mothers made sure their children were at their sides. The battle cries Thor and the Warriors Three were the only distinguishable sounds against the backdrop of screaming and crying.

Odin rushed from the room, followed by his sons.

We later discovered that the fighting was minimal to absent due to the Destroyer. Once Odin dispatched the metal warrior, the invading Frost Giants were annihilated before the others even arrived to protect the Casket.

I did not see Loki again that day.

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