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Chapter 1: The new kid.

(In case you were wondering) Fakir's POV:

I hate school. It's official that I hate it. I mean I get teased every day for being a 'whore'. I don't even know where they come up with that? My name's FA KIR not fuck here! I've NEVER slept with anyone… but apparently that doesn't matter because I'm a whore and my name is 'fuck here'! But whatever! I'm only going to get into college to get a degree in writing… I was too consumed in my thoughts to see the little red head, not paying attention either, run right into me.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry! You see I'm just a klutz, a horrible dummy who can't coordinate where I'm going! I'm just too weird!" Her face was kinda red and she was talking 100 miles an hour (possible exaggeration), when I noticed she must be the new girl Mytho has to show around.

Mytho is my only, ONLY, friend. We come from the same orphanage, and we got adopted, and lived right next to each other. So we became friends, sadly, he expanded his horizons, and he is student council president. Therefore, he has to show her around.

"Are you the new girl?" I didn't realize that I sounded mean until the shock crossed her face and she tried to keep down.

"Y-yes. Are you Mytho?" She looked up. She had so much hopefulness in her eyes that in pained me to tell her she had the wrong person.

"Um, no. But I know where he is, follow me." I just took off. Turned into the library to see that she wasn't following me. I sighed. Where on earth could she be? Just as I go to back out she bumps into me again. Only this time she doesn't drop all her books, which is what kept her back, but she just started falling forward. Her face twisted as she prepared for the fall, only I saw it coming and before she hit the ground I bended my body and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into my body. I let her go and told her she would find Mytho in the library.

I went out of the school and started walking home (yes I live in walking distance) when some of the guys holler out, 'So whore, got a new play toy? You stupid fucking bitch! Your such a whore Fuck Here!' And since I don't want to be pummeled (tried standing up to them, once… didn't work out) I just nodded and walked away.

Let whoevers watching, watch over the new girl. She is going to need a lot of luck!

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