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Chapter 3 The 'Party.'

Duck's POV

Therefore, I took a shower. (Which his shower is amazing!) When I got out, I brushed my hair and put on a light blue sundress. Its sleeves came down to my mid forearm. I got out of his bathroom to see Mytho was gone and Fakir was putting on dress shoes. Wonder if he is going to the party.

"What are you all dressed up for?" He asked.

"I'm suppose too go to the party for the opening for my father's new company. You?"

He looked over at me. "Well you see, your mom called my dad and since she can't come pick you up, I'm going to be you escort to the party." He bowed down and finished getting ready.

"So, escort, how are we getting there?" Because I didn't see a car outside. I added mentally.

"Um, that's a secret." I scoffed.

"Oh come on!" I gave him a glare.

"Well if you just wait a moment I could tell you." He looked at me.

"I have horrible patience!" I wanna know!

"Ok. Ok, fine follow me." He grabbed my hand and started leading me down the hallways, into the garage. When we got there I saw the most beautiful car ever.

"Oh my… She is so pretty." I ran my fingers along the black mustang.

"Isn't she? It cost me a lot, but I would say she was worth it." He nodded, and made a hand gesture to get in. Geez, what a gentlemen. I rolled my eyes. I got in his car and he drove off.

Fakir's POV:

When we got into the party I wasn't so excited. A lot of people that bully me are at this party. What if they bully me here? I would disgrace Duck's family. Considering they are a good family, well at least Duck is.

We walked in to the party. It was extravagant. I grabbed Duck's elbow and entwined it with mine. A shock went up my arm, I blinked but ignored it. I went with Duck, as she went to her parent's table. I saw my adoptive sister? What is she doing here? Shouldn't she be in college. I smiled, what is she up to?

"Hey Duck, can we go see that women over there. I know her." I smiled and she nodded.

"Hey! Miss Adel, what are you doing here?" Duck said.

"Oh hello Duck, and Fakir?" I looked just looked confused. How did Duck know my sister?

"Hello nii-chan? What on earth are you doing here?"

"Wait you two know each other?" I heard Duck ask.

"This is my brother I told you about!" Ducks eyes widened. She looked over and me with disbelief…

"You mean this is you fun loving playful writer brother?" She nodded.

"May I ask how I got brought up in your conversations and why you two know each other."

"Oh well we were trying to get to know each other and you sister shared stories of her family… Plus she is my case worker." It was time for my eyes to widen.

"It's a 'mentoring' for child services, plus I can't miss my only child's fathers grand opening can I?"

"Oh, Miss Adel! I've missed you terribly so! Are you sure you don't have another brother though?"

"Duck, I find this very offensive. I am her only brother." Sigh.

"NO! NO! That snot what I meant! You see she… she uhh.. she…" She turned red from the neck up.

"She what, Duck?" I face her to show her I mean no funny business.

"I told her, my dearest brother, that my brother would be the perfect match for her. I meant it romantically also." I felt my cheeks turn a slight color.

"Well that's preposterous! Good day Adel!" I turned and left with Duck barely managing a goodbye.

And I must say, that was the highlight of my night.

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