new kid in school

chater 1 new famliy

on the streets of london walking on the sidewalk was a boy about 15 he had bloude hair and green eyes and wearing a yellow shirt and shorts and boots that are black and red with him was a girl same age as him she had blueish and redish hair in two ponytails and green eyes and fox ears and a tail she was wearing a school uniform nosheivse black shirt with a blue tie and a skirt same color as her shirt and black boots and backpack, shadow-kat said the boy the girl look at the boy, yes finny said the girl smileing at the boy d-do you thank they will get him shadow-kat the boy asked sreaced of what she wood say but wanted to know at the same time, finnian they will get that man and if he comes after you we will help you you are apart of the famliy now right ? she said yes but what if he knows- the boy stop what he was saying from the look on her face said i dare you to finish that and it sreaced him if he knows you are back in londone me and srikey and nii-san will make sure he or anyone will not hurt you and if they do there will be hell to pay k she said he look at her knowing she wood do it to and was happy to have her as a froser sister and the rest of the famliy to thouth it was a demon famliy he got adoted to but they said they will treat him like there own so this is what she wood do for her famliy and friends , well finny we should be getting home now she said shadow-kat can we um go to the park fisrt plz she look at him and smiled ok finny just let me call and tell mum we will be there soon k she said as put out her cell phone ok finny said happy k finny to the pack we go she smile as she said it hey finny she asked yea shadow-kat finny said want to race to the park she said sure on 3 k 1..2..3 he said and they take off running to the park , looks like i win finny shadow-kat said haha its ok i will try again next time and i might win then finny said smileing happy to be in the park hey finny lets swing shadow-kat said ok finny said they when to where the swings where and started to swing hey finny you start school tommrrow if you realy sreaced of him finding you nevermind its stupid shadow-kat said what what is it finny asked well there are crossdrussers in owr school you could crossdruss and he won't know its you and if you don't want people at school you could try and make them belive your a girl for awhile stupid right shadow-kat said no i thank thats a good plan can we try it plz finny said finny you do know if you do this you will have to wear the girls uniform right ?shadow-kat asked finny face turn a bright red after hearing that i will still do it finny said if it means to not get people hurt i will do it so can you help me finny asked finny of couse i will help you with this and alot more but you have to ask mum if it ok to do this ok finny shadow-kat asked yes so lets go home now and see pluto finny said right hey want to race again ? shadow-kat asked sure finny said and they take off running home, looks like i win this time shadow-kat finny said yep what are you two doing asked a man with red hair and green eyes and wearing a black shirt and shorts and no shoes comeing home dad shadow-kat said shadow-kat smile to her father and come inside with finny i did't thank you two wood be home for a few more hours there father said dad i don't have to work today and have homework that needs to be done and pluto needs to be played with to and finny has something he wants to ask mum to shadow-kat said oh ok just don't get kill he said going to the liveingroom DAD shadow-kat said, a laugh could be hear from the liveingroom shadow-kat sighed ok finny you go talk to mum as i said i have homework to do so see you at dinner shadow-kat said k see you at dinner finny said as she was going to her and her sister and finnys room to do her homework, finny when to find hes froser mother and finded her in her study most likey working on a case with the police ,finny knock on the door, come in a woman said mum i need to talk to you finny said realy dear i need to talk to you to , the woman behide the dest had blue hair and red eyes and wearing a short sheivsed shirt and a skirt , i will start fisrt if thats ok with you dear she said ok mum finny said well the school had a missup and sent the girls uniform so you will have to wear it the fisrt day sorry dear she said mum i was going to ask if you wood mind if i wear the girls uniform to help make sure he don't find me is that ok and maybe just my teachers know i'm a boy ?finny asked the woman at the dest look a little shock but noded to him dear your still sreaced he will find you so if you thank it is safe that way you can you will have shadow-kat and srikey help with this right ? she asked shadow-kat was the one that touded me that the school has crossdrussers so whats one more finny said she giggle at that alright finny i will call the school and tell they that will make you feel safe and to call you mrs in the classroom dear she said thank you mum finny said your welcome dear now i have to make dinner why don't you go and see if nii-san is home yet dear she asked ok mum finny said finny leave the room and when to nii-san room to see if hes there finny knocked on the door its open was heared finny open the door and in the room was a boy he looked like there father and wear a blue shirt and shorts and hes hair was like shadow-kats color, hi nii-san mum sent me to see if you where here finny said hi finny the boy said a loud sound was heared throw the whole house the boy sighed looks like srikey is missing with her lighting again come on lets go see what she did this time the boy said yea finny said and they when to see where the sound came from witch was the liveingroom what you blow up this time srikey the boy asked the girl on the floor she looked just like shadow-kat cos they where twins so many people call one the others name for awhile in there life, are you ok srikey asked finny yes thank you finny srikey said srikey can you and shadow-kat show me around at school tommrrow plz finny asked sure finny srikey said smileing at finny dinner done come and eat dears call there mother after dinner and shadow-kat did her homework and pluto was played with srikey cleaned up her muss everyone when to sleep