Chapter 1

I DO NOT OWN GLEE OR THE SONGS USED! Please, if I did I wouldn't be going to collage on scholarship and part-time jobs.

Summery: Respect the girls, because they have the power. Respect the girls, because they hold the future. Respect the girls, because they deserve it. Respect the girls, they know what they're worth. Respect the girls, or you'll regret it. Rachel has had enough of the boys being idiots and seemingly self-serving. She gets the girls together to show the boys they can't always get what they want. She even convinces Sue Sylvester to help out.

Aretha Franklin – Respect (Mercedes)

U and Ur Hand –Pink (Tina)

Fighter—Christina Aguilera (Rachel and Quinn)

Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson (Santana and Brittany)

Me Against the World—Superchick (Rachel and Quinn)

According to You – Orianthi (Santana/Rachel to Puck/Finn about Brittany/Quinn)

Pink – Respect (All)

Rock what ya Got—Superchick (All)

Bitch - Meredith Brooks (All)

Anthem – Superchick (All)

The way Finn saw it, it was the perfect way to get back at Puck and Quinn for sleeping together and lying to him about it. He'd get something Puck hadn't been able to get, his reputation would be mended, and he'd get the girl back.

It was perfect.

Rachel would get to be the star quarterback's girlfriend, they'd be the new power couple at school, and he wouldn't have to worry about there being anybody before him either. Now he just had to get Rachel to agree to his plan...

Rachel stared at him. She didn't know how to react. She was disgusted, disappointed in him, hurt that he thought so little of her and any possible relationship they might have been able to have, hurt that he thought she'd be that easy, and angry over those same things. So she went for angry.

Shifting her books as Finn kept talking and smiling at her, like sleeping together would solve all their problems, she smacked him as hard as she could. Rachel Barbra Berry was not someone others could use to build themselves up.

She'd let Noah use her to make his mom happy, but that was different. He'd honestly wanted to show his mom that he wasn't a complete screw up, he'd treated her respectfully even if her 'no sex' stipulation had annoyed him, and Rachel understood wanting to please your parents and make them proud of you.

Jesse had learned that she wasn't going to let him use her to bolster his ego, and the Run Joey Run had been, in her opinion, an excellent way to get rid of him. She hadn't wanted to actually hurt any of them (well, she had wanted to bruise Jesse's ego), and when she explained her full plan to Noah (the boy was a better actor then he gave himself credit for with his 'disgust' at her in the aftermath) he'd agreed to it. Even with the comments he got on having a taste of his own medicine, being part of the group being lead instead of the one holding the leashes.

Finn had been the only other person Rachel knew of who'd go along with it, but she hadn't trusted him not to go blabbing to Jesse about it after the Jesse's Girl incident. So no, she was not going to let Finn Hudson use her in his plan to get back at Noah and Quinn.

The blonde girl was under enough stress as it was, she didn't need more. Noah was Noah, he knew he'd done the wrong thing and he didn't deserve to have his face rubbed into it.

"Finn Hudson I am insulted you would even think of something like that, never mind proposition me with such a heinous plot to inflate your diminished ego." She told him, trying not to cry.

She'd honestly liked Finn. She'd thought he was a sweet guy who, while he had anger management problems and self-image issues (what teenager didn't), was genuinely kind and caring. He was pretty much her only friend, even if he wasn't a very good one. This just proved her wrong on all those counts.

"Rach, come on," he begged her. "Think of how this'll help you!"

"Help me?" She asked, fighting to not hit him again. "How is being known as the school slut who slept her way to the top going to help me?" She demanded. "You're being insensitive, continually insulting, and boorish!"

"You wouldn't be the school slut!" Finn latched onto that comment. "Everyone knows that's Santana."

Rachel slapped him again. "How dare you! Don't speak to me again Hudson until you can speak about and to every female individual in this school with respect." She turned on her heel and stalked off.

"Wait, Rachel," he had the longer legs and he caught up with her easily enough. "It's not that big a deal. You wouldn't be the first girl w—" he paled and chocked on the rest of the word.

Rachel stepped back. "I told you to desist speaking to me. The nurse has ice packs in her office." She turned and continued to storm off.

Rounding the corner, she was met with a splash of ice on her chest. Her eyes snapped shut and she cursed herself for packing one of her favorite sweaters in her slushy kit, thinking that, as usual, they'd settle for a single attack.

Luck wasn't with her today, as the first slushy was followed by what felt like several gallons either poured on her head or thrown at her from different angles. She heard laughter beginning to bubble up around her before the attack was even half-over. Laughter from the jocks throwing the slushies, from the students just standing there watching it happen and not coming to her aid, she even heard a few deeper chuckles from what had to be a teacher or two. As if to make it worse, she heard one of the boys pass something off. Rachel flinched as she felt the first egg hit her chest in a mocking copy of the first slushy.

"There Berry, fruity eggs to go with your fruitloop dreams." She heard Azimio tell her.

"Don't trip," one of the boy's who's name she didn't know pushed her as he said this.

Rachel fell into the puddle that had formed under her as the boy knocked her over. She tightened her eyes, trying not to cry. The laughter got worse and she didn't dare open her eyes to see who was doing the laughing. She didn't want to see her teammates laughing at her. Not when they, out of anyone, should be defending her, or if not that at least helping her in the aftermath.

She picked herself up, head down as she peeked out of slitted eyes. Just enough that she could find her way to the nearest bathroom and nothing else. This was just too much today and she still had two classes and glee club to get through before she could go home. Home to an empty house, her dads' still 'out of town for some business thing or another'. Or was this a vacation? Rachel couldn't be bothered to remember or care right now. It didn't matter. They wouldn't be there.

Uncaring if there was anyone actually in the bathroom or not, she shoved herself under the sinks and curled herself up so she could cry.