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Rachel walked softly into the bedroom she shared with her wife. All of the kids were safely tucked away in their beds and the house was quiet.

"Hey, what've you got there?" She slid onto the bed and kneeled behind Quinn so she could look over her wife's shoulder.

"One of the photo albums," Quinn replied, flipping through the pages.

"Which one?" Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's middle. "Oh, I remember that! I thought Beth was going to disown Noah for tossing her into the pond."

The picture was of a six year-old Beth in a swimsuit glowering at Noah as she held the soggy bag of bread. She was standing knee-deep in the pond at the cabin, soaking wet and looking very unhappy.

"It doesn't seem that long ago she was that small, does it?" Quinn asked, turning the page again. This time they were looking at pictures of Santana, Beth, and Brittany chasing Puck around with squirt guns.

"No, it doesn't." Rachel agreed. "I think we did good though, don't you?"

Quinn smiled. "Yea, we did, didn't we?"

"Four healthy kids, your own restaurant, I have my EGOT, we live in New York." Rachel closed the album. "I say we've done pretty well."

Rachel had kept her promise to Quinn. Shortly after they had graduated high school (Quinn being beaten for Valedictorian by only a few decimal places by Mike), they had moved into a tiny three bedroom apartment near Julliard where Rachel was attending as a double major in Acting and Music.

Brittany and Santana had joined them later, Brittany attending the same school for Dance. Santana had gotten into Columbia and was currently showing the world of law exactly how it was done while Brittany was actually teaching at Julliard when she wasn't on tour with one artist or another.

Quinn had surprised everyone when she revealed that she was going to The Institute of Culinary Education in New York while taking a few business classes at NYU. Now, she owned her own restaurant a few streets from Broadway (named Star Baby in honor of both Rachel and Beth). She was making a name for herself in the restaurant business, with new locations opening up in other parts of the city and in a few other places around the US. She had finally discovered she wanted to make a career out of while she had worked for Mandy and she'd pursued it.

When Beth was five, Quinn asked Rachel to marry her. Rachel didn't hesitate in saying yes, so long as Quinn would marry her as well. Two years later, Alexander Noah Berry-Fabray joined the world. Three years after that (and Quinn had never forgiven Puck for this), the twins Jessica Brittany and Talia Santana Berry-Fabray (both girls named after their godmothers) joined the family.

Currently, Beth was fourteen and preparing to start high school. The twins would be starting pre-preschool and full time daycare. Alex was eager to begin first grade. With all of the kids in some semblance of school, Rachel was returning full time to Broadway verses the short bursts she'd been doing since pregnant with Alex. Quinn, whose business pretty much ran itself nowadays, was going to be taking on a class or two at the IoCE on the request of one of her former professors.

"Hmm, what do you say we take the kids to the cabin for the Fourth?" Rachel suggested. "The twins are old enough to be able to enjoy it, and I know the grandmas would enjoy not having to travel so far to get to see their grandbabies."

"That sounds like a plan," Quinn nodded. "Do you think any of the other gleeks will want to join us, have a reunion of sorts?"

"Possibly, we can ask." Rachel replied. She smiled. "See, I told you we'd make it."

"You did," Quinn agreed.

Who knew that her path to a happy ending would have involved revenge on the boys, insane family drama, being a teenaged mom, or any of the other hundred little things that had happened to them in the last fourteen years.

Smiling, Quinn knew she wouldn't change a minute of it.

"I wouldn't change anything either, just so you know," Rachel told her, turning the blonde around so she could kiss her properly.

"Is that so? And how do you know what I was thinking?" Quinn asked, tugging Rachel down onto the bed with her.

"I'm a little bit physic, remember?" Rachel teased, leaning up to kiss Quinn again.


Both women turned to face the door. Alex was standing there.

"Yea baby?" Rachel sat up.

"I had a bad dream, can I sleep with you and Mommy?" Alex blushed, clutching onto his favorite stuffed duck.

"Sure Ace, come on," Quinn rolled off the bed and lifted the blanket up. Alex scurried over, diving to cuddle with Rachel.

"You three as well, come on," Rachel called out, grinning as two blondes and another brunette came into the room to join the cuddle pile.

Quinn joined them. No, she wouldn't change this for the world. It hadn't been easy, but it was hers.

"Love you Mom," Beth muttered sleepily, curling up with her sisters and brother between the two women. The others echoed the statement.

"Love you to," Quinn replied, reaching her hand over the pile of children to take Rachel's, "all of you."