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The only thing good about being at the bottom is that you can't get any lower. After TDWT Courtney just fell down she felt empty she had no one to go to everyone in her life either hated her or gotten pushed away. After the show Courtney went wild she smoked pot and drank until she over dosed so bad she woke up in hospital beds. She binge drank for hours destroying her insides and her life even faster Courtney was walking down a self-destructive path that led nowhere except to a life alone. When her family finally tried to step in Courtney was too far gone. If someone told her not to go out or restrain herself she would go into fits of anger then wild partying hurting herself and anyone who tried to get in her way.

Courtney thought to herself, "Why the fuck is every one all up in my business. I am a grown ass adult no one is the boss of me anymore I can take care of myself and if I can't I'll find someone who will. You're probably looking at the biggest bad ass since….since Duncan! Why was I still I thinking about him he's such a cheating loser. He never gave a damn about me and he never will forget about him he's a loser I need a drink.

The hurt girl stumbled into a bar from already drinking a 6 pack a beer. She got thrown out of the bar from fighting and had to be picked up by her sister Kendall. Kendall was sixteen she wasn't allowed to go into the bar so her sister had to be carried out by the manager. Courtney's appearance was sloppy her pants were stained her hair was tangled. As soon as she was let go she vomited all over the side walk and Kendall hadn't seen her sister in a more sad state, she carried her sister to the apartment and went into her room. Courtney got the phone from the kitchen and pressed the first number on speed dial after several rings someone finally picked up it was a certain delinquent she used to know.

Duncan picks up the phone confused curtly he murmurs, "What do you want? It's like three am in the fucking morning!" I breathe deeply into the phone for a few seconds unsure of what to say my heart beat was increasing and my throat still burned from the vomit. Duncan was becoming slightly more alert, "If this is another prank phone call I swear-." Courtney's lips trembles for a few second before drunkenly slurring, "Hey it's me."

There was a bit of silence from both ends letting the dial tone drone on their breathing becomes in sync, Duncan interrupts the silence barking into the phone, "Courtney what do you want to tell me how much of a jerk I am or how I don't deserve to live or how I am cheating scum! I do not have time for this crap anymore I'm hanging up."

The words feel clichéd and like acid on her tongue but she spit them out regardless of my contempt of them, "No… don't hang up." All of her wished she was sober so she knew what to say to Duncan growls, "What do you want then?"

Her thought process was so broken and slow Courtney could barely comprehend what she was trying to say, "I wanted to say I forgive you."

"What?" Duncan whispers again

Courtney's voice shakes but she manages to get out, "You heard me I forgive you…"

None of her sentences were coming together clearly instead botchy and choked out, "I hated you I was so hurt when you cheated on me! I was stupid to think that a summer fling would last forever. You may have messed up but I did too, I drove you away but it doesn't excuse you from cheating on me. I was never mad I was just hurting so bad that I lashed out without thinking mostly at you and the people I cared about most and that doesn't excuse what I did,"

"Are you still there?" Courtney says indiffrently the girl sat running her fingers through her hair unfocused on the conversation any more. Duncan didn't say anything but was listening intently" Yeah I'm still here." Neither was tired anymore but on edge for what either may say next. Courtney's lips were dry she was croaked out, "I need you to forgive me to I did some awful things to you as well."

Duncan huskily says, "No apology I could give to you would amount to how much you deserve. You were much more mature as a sixteen year old than most people get in their entire life with more ambition and drive to win than I ever thought humanly possible." Courtney's eyes were brimming with tears; she was hanging on to every word Duncan gave to her like it was gold. The words she too often imagined were being told to her with a few blinks the tears were taking long trips down her heart shaped face.

Duncan continued on, "You're the girl people tell their kids about. Their first love that they will always keep a small picture of to look at to remind them of a better time, and because I'm a stupid punk I couldn't understand how much I truly needed you and I'm sorry and I wish that these words could repair things between us but it won't so I forgive you because even though these words won't repair what I broke but I can hope they reach you and fix you."

With every word Courtney shook from her sadness and tried to keep in her cries, "I can't do this anymore Duncan I have to go. Thank you" said Courtney crying quietly. My finger reaches for the end button but Duncan shouts out, "Don't go Courtney don't hang up keep talking just say something to me."

Courtney dries her eyes and face then turns off the phone crawling into bed taking off her pants and jacket keeping on only her shirt and underwear. The cold sheets feel like they're stinging her caramel skin, Courtney ignores it and begins to wail crying until she drifted off into a heavy sleep.

Courtney wakes up and her head feels as though knives were protruding through her forehead. In the bathroom staring at her sullen eyes and the dark rings under her eyes she doesn't bother taking an aspirin. She continues her examination until she hears someone tinkering in the kitchen and whistling she slips on some shorts lying on the ground. Courtney thought to herself, "Kendall doesn't cook." Finally Courtney walks in and sees Duncan failing at making eggs, Courtney pauses in the door frame to stare at the sight. Despite the headache the tears start stabbing her eyes and she covers her mouth with her hand silently screaming to herself.

Duncan pushes his creation of whatever egg creation he was attempting to make into a new plate. He picks it up then saunters over to Courtney with a smirk, "Wakey Wakey eggs and… well just eggs actually you didn't have any bacon in your fridge you should probably fix that." Duncan grabs Courtney she slightly wilts in his arms that can completely wrap around her. He takes her hand guides her to the table and sets the eggs in front of her. He sits from the other side of the table studying Courtney while she ate her breakfast. She looks up at him every few seconds the way he holds his hands in front of his mouth like he's either deep in thought or praying. He looked different his mohawk was gone his black hair was a slightly messy mass that sat on top of his head in a sexy way. He had all of his old piercings but his face was larger he was clean shaven; he had on an old black t-shirt and blue jeans.

I chuckle out, "I hope you know that these are possibly the worst eggs I've ever eaten and I mean that whole heartedly." Duncan takes a break from his otherwise permanent scowl to smile at Courtney; she still looked beautiful despite all the darkness on her face. The brunette asks, "How did you get in here if I may ask?"

Duncan smiles, "First I called your sister asking where you stayed she told me with her and I came over here as soon as I could. You should have seen me half naked running around my apartment as fast as I could to try to get over here as fast as I could." Courtney puts down the fork and swallows down the rest of the eggs; she delays and then finally decides to say what's on her mind, "What are you doing here Duncan? You couldn't have come all the way from the other side of Ontario just to mess up my kitchen and cook me really bad eggs."

Duncan stands up from his chair and kneels beside me, "All I want is to forgive you like you did to me." Courtney eyed him unsure, "Exactly how do you intend to do that?" Duncan readjusted himself and replies, "We're going to get you better we're going to make sure you get healthy again and every time you get better that will be a little apology to me." Courtney's eyes bounce around to all the corners of her apartment not wanting to meet Duncan's eyes, "What does that mean for us what we become after, what are we now? What are we going to be after all that crap happens and I'm fixed, are you just gonna leave as soon as you're bored of helping my pity party?"

Duncan grabs my hands and claps them tight, "I will stay as long as you need me and when you don't need me anymore then you can decide what you want after that." His blue eyes were completely piercing me he was so serious. "He stands up, "For right now we can be friends."

Courtney scrunches her nose up, "What if I say I have enough friends already? What if I don't want your help?" Duncan laughs, "Everybody knows you can never have too many friends!" His laughter was infectious, "Fine but I have some conditions!" Duncan and Courtney were both standing up now she was jutting her finger into his chest, "First one since you're staying here you will pay bills. You may date girls but if I catch you having sex in my bed I will personally cut off your balls off. Thirdly you have to cut out calling me princess."

Duncan laughs, "Alright Sweetheart I think I can abide by that" Courtney pouts, "You can call me princess but that's the only nickname!" They both high five each other and say in unison, "Let's do this!"