I felt so comfortable; I really don't want to wake up just yet. My mind wouldn't let me though, reminding me that I have to catch my flight back home with Angela. I cuddled closer to my pillow, trying to keep myself from waking up. I moaned in delight as a hand ran softly through my hair, and that's when I realized my pillow was breathing and its heartbeat was slower then humanly possible. My eyes snapped open in surprise, the body I was lying on top of isn't particularly ice cold. It's warm but not human temperature it's a little cooler, they we're also tan. "What are you?"

"Besides your husband, well that's slightly complicated." Answered the body underneath of me, and I had to say his voice did things to my insides. When the word husband registered in my mind, I noticed the rings on my finger. It's definitely gorgeous, and they fit perfectly on my finger. The wedding band matched the engagement ring perfectly, and I didn't feel awkward having them there. "What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking it's weird that I'm not more freaked out by being married to a complete stranger, and that I know you're not human. If I had to guess I'd say you're a vampire, but I'd think I'd know better than that." I said honestly, seeing no point in lying to my apparent husband. I hadn't moved from my place on his chest, and as confusing as it is I don't want to quite yet. I'm very comfortable where I am, and nowhere near afraid.

His hand had stilled where it had been rubbing my arm lightly, and I wondered what it was I said that worried him. Perhaps it had to do with me knowing about vampires, or that he wasn't human. Most mythical creatures have one major rule; and that is to never let humans know of their existence due to harm of being exposed to the world. "How do you know about vampires, and why do you think I'm not human?"

"The easy giveaways are; you aren't freezing cold; rock solid like granite; you're not paper thin pale and you are not sparkling in the sun right now. I dated a vampire back in high school, and his family was just like him." I told him truthfully, if he ran away screaming I wouldn't blame him. It sounds crazy to people, especially those who don't know about mythical creatures. My husband got stiffer each time a new word passed my lips; I could feel his hands balling into fists.

I ran my fingers across his chest, not really concentrating on anything but the light purring coming from him. It seemed to help him relax, and his hands were back to holding me to him. "I'm utterly confused by why you'd date a cold one; they are unstable and extremely dangerous. You were right on your first assumption, I am a vampire just a different race. My kind tends to blend in easier with humans unlike the cold ones. We can talk more about the differences later; right now I would like to give my wife a rightful morning kiss."

Before I could say anything I was on my back, and his mouth was on mine. As soon as our lips meet, I was lost in his taste and how his naked body felt against mine. Flashes of the night before, came rushing back to me. Us making out in a limo, to buying our wedding rings. The wedding was beautiful from what I can remember, and the night we spent in bed was absolutely amazing. Soon enough I'm moaning from the mixture of our tongues meeting, and how his hands felt rubbing down my sides.


An hour later we we're laying on the bed, with Bella curled against him with his arm back around me. We had just had the best sex of my life which is saying a lot, when her phone started going off. I heard her groan in slight annoyance, before attempting to get out of bed. I enjoyed the fact that she didn't want to leave my side, but I figured it might be important since I didn't know what she did for a living. We have a lot to talk about, the major ones being where she lived and what she does. "Here you go, babe."

"Mm, thank you. Shit, I have to meet my friends in two hours." I heard her mutter from behind the pillow she pulled over her face, and I watched as her ring sparkled in the sunlight. I was surprised she had picked that one, out of all the ones I asked her to choose from. Instead of a huge diamond, she picked a ring with 0.38cts white diamonds and a 0.78 ct black diamond in the center of a 14k white gold band. The wedding band, she had chosen for me only had black diamonds. I got her a wedding band, which had a mixture of white and black diamond's to match her engagement ring I guess you call it.

Two hours gave us enough time to grab breakfast, and to talk about what we're going to be doing. I knew she had questions about me obviously, and I had many for her. She needed a shower, and clothes to wear when she was finished. "In that case, why don't you take a shower? I'll get you something to wear, other than the dress you wore last night. We can grab breakfast, before heading back to your hotel."

"Sounds like a plan, my friends are going to kill me for ditching them. At least I have a good enough excuse, and the man to prove it. I'll be right out, and don't even think about joining me or we'll never leave the room." She finally got up after giving me a tender kiss, and disappearing into the bathroom. She is right though; if I went in that shower with her we'd never leave the room.

I quickly made a call to the front desk, to immediately bring some clothes in Bella's size along with some new shoes. I don't remember where I threw them last night, and it would just be easier to buy her new pair. I took some boxers and jeans, out of the bag I had brought with me. Depending on how our talk goes, I can either head home or to where ever Bella lives instead of the business I had planned on taking care of. Her clothes got here, just before the blow dryer started. It wasn't on for long, so I could only assume she was lightly drying it so it will dry naturally. "Oh, what's all that?"

"Clothes I got for you to wear, I'm going to grab a quick shower and then we can go. I was thinking we could just to the café downstairs, is that okay?" I asked wanting to make sure that my plans were good with her and that made me realize that she had changed me in the short time that we've known each other. She nodded in agreement, and I jumped in the shower so we could get downstairs. I could hear her talking on the phone, as I finished with my shower. I listened in, even though I knew I probably shouldn't.

'Hey Angela! No yeah, I'll be back to pack all my things, before we leave for the airport.'

'Where did you go last night?'

'None of you will believe me, but I got married last night.'

'What? To who?'

'If he comes back to the hotel with me, you can meet him Ang. Right now, I'm getting ready to have breakfast with him. We have a lot to talk over, and I'm hoping to get everything worked out before I get back to the hotel.'

'Okay good luck and I'm so telling everyone but Jessica about this. Bye.'

I heard Bella grunt in frustration, as I pulled my boxers on. Did she not want her friends knowing about me, or that fact that this Angela girl wasn't telling Jessica. I put my jeans on, and combed my hair out of my face. I put gel in my hair, so the curls didn't set. Bella was completely dressed by the time I came out of the bathroom, which slightly surprised me. I'm used to girls taking at least a half an hour to get ready, but she liked her natural beauty and I had to say I did too. "Ready to go?"

"Yes I am!" She answered while ogling my torso, and I was gloating a little on the inside. I grabbed my shirt from my bag, and I pulled it over my head. It just so happened to be one of my many black shirts, but I also decided on a white button-down instead of my leather jacket. I grabbed her hand, and we left for the lobby for breakfast. I picked Studio Café, and they quickly got us a table. We both ordered coffee and our meals after doing a quick glance at the menu.

While we waited for our food, we talked about her childhood in Phoenix, before her time in Forks, Washington. I have never heard of Forks before, and Bella assured me that not many people have. She refused to tell about her time in Forks, until I told her about my childhood. "Alright fine, I was born in 1839 in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Both of my parents were from Italy, but my father was always against our heritage so he moved my mother and him to the states. My mother died when I was eight, after she gave birth to my little brother. My father never approved of anything I did, my brother he was always proud of, he could do no wrong. I left for college for about a year, when I quit joining the army. I came home on leave once, and that's when I met one Katherine Pierce.

She changed everything that summer, when I left to go back to the army. I couldn't get her out of my head, she had grabbed my interest. I soon abandoned the army, and wet back home. Again my father was disappointed in me, but Katherine enjoyed my company along with my brothers. We use to have a great relationship, until Katherine came between us. She made us both believe we loved her, and she got us both were she wanted us. She was a vampire and she used everyone she could, in her sick pleasure to rule. She's my sire, as well as my brothers." I openly told her, not knowing where it came from. I just knew I could trust her, and even still it isn't like I could erase what I told her. I can't access her mind, almost like there's something protecting her.

I wonder if she knows that her mind would always be her own. That's what attracted me to her, among other things. Obviously she had a thing for the dangerous things in life, but even I didn't know how dangerous until this morning. "I was seventeen when I moved to Forks in the middle of my junior year, and it was different from what was used too. I had gone from practically being somewhat invisible, to being the center of everyone's attention. It didn't help that my dad is the Police Chief of Forks, and that he told anyone who would listen to him about me. I made quick friends with Angela, but we didn't get real close until my senior year. All because Edward had taken had taken an interest in me, and soon my whole life revolved around him and his family of vampires."

She told me everything about her time with the Cullen's, starting with James and ending with the stalking bitch Victoria. To say I was pissed that a cold one was still out there looking for my wife, would be a complete understatement. If I ever meet this Edward Cullen and his family, I'll give them all a piece of my mind about leaving her unprotected. Then she went on to tell me about it group of shape shifters, that turn into oversized wolves. My wife is a danger magnet, no wonder she wasn't surprised about me not being human. "I guess the only thing left to talk about, is where we go from here?"

"Like I said upstairs, it doesn't feel wrong being married to you. Then again we don't know anything about each other, except for our pasts. We know nothing about the people or vampire we are today, and that's something I guess we need to figure out. Do we want to keep, getting to know one another?" She questioned thoughtfully, and I was glad she was taking this seriously. I thought about everything I knew about Bella, and we were similar in many ways.

Right away I knew I wanted to see where this marriage would go, as long as she was up for it. I could just imagine all the trouble we can cause, I just hoped when she found out about my diet she won't try to change me to the animal diet. That just wasn't going to happen, not with all the threats back home. Which reminded me, that I needed to get back to deal with all that. "I would like to see where this can go, do you?"