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Damon's POV

I can feel the morning sun heating the room, and Bella curled around me with my arms still wrapped around her. I never in a million years, thought I would ever feel this at peace with my life. Finding out that she knew the original vampires of my kind, has me worried on a whole new level. We spent a good amount of time last night, talking about what we should do with this new information. Bella believes we should invite them for the wedding, and once they arrive confront them with the truth. Billy, Charlie, and Sue agreed with Bella's idea. While the rest of us, tried to tell them it could blow up in our faces.

But Bella knew them better than any of us did, all we had were stories based off of what Katherine had told Pearl. Bella also pointed out, that even if we were to ask Katherine for the real story. She'd just spin a tale, to make her the innocent party in all of this. Jasper made it a point to ask if Bella's ideas had ever stirred them wrong. When no one spoke up, we knew it was the right plan. We agreed that Bella would send an overnighted invitation to the Mikaelson's, with the hope that this wouldn't backfire on us all.

I pull Bella closer to me, making sure not to squeeze her to tightly. I just can't imagine a life without her, and I had already almost lost her once over a stupid mistake. Trusting Bella was the least hard thing I have ever done, it was trusting these new entities that could take her away from me that has me worried. But I had to put that out of my mind, we had other things to do in the next couple of weeks. The pack was going to start work on the restaurant, and we had everything else left we needed to get done for the wedding. I know Bella has done most of the planning, while I slipped my input in whenever she asked for it.

I slowly untangle myself from her, hoping to make breakfast for everyone to give her a break on cooking for everyone this morning. If I'm lucky enough, I will get it all done before all the ladies get up to try and help. The pack was going to get started on the restaurant work this morning, while I was kind of hoping for the ladies to take Bella out to relax. When we open the café on Wednesday, she will be too busy to find her dress not only for the wedding but the masquerade too. The great thing about opening the restaurant and café here in Mystic Falls, is that we will get serious breaks thanks to town events. Though Carol, might start asking for us to cater all the events now.

I decided on making pancakes, sausage links and large batch of southwestern scrambled eggs. Starting on making the pancake batter, once that's finished, I chop up the ham, onion, and peppers for the scramble. I heat up 2 pans, with a third waiting at the side for when I'm ready to start cooking the eggs. Once the pans were hot, I put a tab of butter in one while quickly placing some of the sausage links into the other. I was almost halfway through my pancake batter once I hear Bella and Sue walking towards the kitchen. I was glad Bella slept in a bit; she's been running herself thin between the businesses and the wedding planning.

I was just thankful, that Carol offered to hold the ceremony at the Lockwood estate with Caroline supervising the set up. Carol wasn't too happy to have a teenager telling her how to do things, but it was the only way Bella, and I would agree to have the ceremony there. Carol had also offered the estate for the reception, but Bella and I absolutely loved the idea of having it here on our own estate. I knew Bella's family would want to help with that, and I was more than happy to let them as long they also knew they were on vacation and should spend some time to have fun while here. I'm flipping a pancake when Bella and Sue finally make it into the kitchen. "Good morning, ladies."

"Good morning, Damon. The pancakes smell delicious, did you make different kinds?" Sue asked, as Bella gave me a morning kiss. I explained to her, that I made 3 different types: plain, blueberry and chocolate chip. Bella handed Sue a cup a coffee, while refilling mine for me. I kissed the side of her head, before adding more batter to the pan. "Can I help with anything?"

"Absolutely not, Stefan's on his way down to work on orange juice and to also set the table. You ladies already made breakfast for us all yesterday, today it's my turn. Can't let you all think, I'm only with Bella for her cooking skills." I jested with Sue, getting myself the laugh, I was hoping from both women. Stefan makes his entrance, just as their laughter is dying down.

Paul was the first of the men to make it into the kitchen immediately going for the coffee, while also trying to steal a pancake. He might be fast, but I'm still faster. I slide the plates across the counter away from him, so all he swiped was air. I had Bella and Sue leaning on each other laughing, and I couldn't help but feel even happier that I was able to pull that joy out of them. Paul huffed, and quickly moved to the open seat next to Bella. "Bells, your hubby is keeping food away from a hungry wolf, and your laughing at me."

"Your point? You being hungry is nothing new Paul, and let's face it I would have smacked you with the heaviest thing in my reach if you grabbed the food before it was ready if I were cooking." Emily had just walked in to witness it all and started laughing to Bella's response, Bella and Sue were quick to join in with her laughter. Even Paul chuckled a little, which told me it was true. I couldn't help but laugh, at the image of Bella hitting him with heavy objects. Especially after learning that, the wolves taught her self-defense. They would have had to teach her, how to defend herself against a wolf.

Stefan had been teaching her some defensive moves, to fight against vampires. Though she didn't need much, according to Stefan she was a great fighter. Though I know she can take care of herself, it does help me feel better that she does so well in training. She's a fighter, and I know how hard it can be for her to feel so weak with the Cullen's around. I overhear Emily asking Bella questions, about the wedding. "Do you have everything, planned for the wedding?"

"Almost! I just need to find a dress, pick our first dance music, and getting all the bridesmaids fitted." Was Bella's response, and I immediately knew I would love to do this as surprise for her. She quickly told them that Carol had offered her backyard for the wedding ceremony, and was handling all of the decorating with full direction by Caroline. Caroline knew what we wanted, and she wouldn't let Carol change anything to fit her wants.

I wasn't the only one to find something to help with, and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. I wasn't going to argue, I didn't want my new mother-in-law on my bad side. Though none of them were going to actively try to hurt me for my fuck up with Katherine, I didn't want to give them any reason to think I wasn't good enough for Bella. "I would love to help with decorating for reception."

"A request we can't turn down?" I jokingly ask, knowing that there was no way we would turn down Sue's offer to help. As far as Bella was concerned, Sue was her mother. Which made her the mother of the bride, and if she wanted to help with anything about the wedding, I would agree to it.

I am sad, that my own mother couldn't be here to see me get married. I genuinely believe she would love Bella, and see how perfect she is for me. My father on the other hand, would have hated her for having a mind of her own. Stefan doesn't remember the cruel man our father was, but I remember how abusive he was to our mother. As much as I missed her after she died, I was also happy that she was away from father. I was pulled from my thoughts, by Leah calling me out on my question. "Would you deny, your new mother-in-law?"

"I'm not that stupid. She can do as much as she would like, as long as she remembers this is supposed to be a vacation as well. I do hope my lovely wife, will let me find the song for our first dance?" I scoff as if I'm offended, but I'm truly not. I know that some would actually deny there soon-to-be mother-in-law from helping if they could help it, I wasn't one of those. I'm looking forward to my new family, helping us make this day absolutely perfect for everyone. And I really want to find the song, that we will have our first dance too.

"Are you sure?" Bella asks me, though she doesn't look the slightest bit concerned by my request. Just checking to make sure, this is something I really wanted to do. And it really is, and I want it to be something perfect for us. It might take me a little bit of time, but I felt like I could find it. I walked over to her, after finishing the pancakes. Giving her a light kiss of the lips, I tell her that I truly do. "Then I have all the faith in the world in you."

"That just leaves finding dresses, if you aren't too busy today Bella we can go looking." Emily reminds us, while Stefan and I start bringing the food to the kitchen table. This would be a good time, for them to have a girls day of sorts. But they could all use a day, to just have fun and relax.

Stefan must have had the same thought, hoping Bonnie could take some time to relax. Bonnie has been working awfully hard on her witchcraft, and making sure she is strong enough to protect us all. She needs some normal, or at least as normal as any of us can be really. "Why not make it a girls day, you can find the dresses for the masquerade too."

Everyone finally made it into the kitchen for breakfast, sitting down and passing the food around. I made sure I had made enough, so that the wolves would have plenty to eat. All the girls seemed to enjoy the thought, of spending the day together. As they started to talk about what all they needed to get for the ball Kim speaks up." No need to look for masks though, Bella already has a sizeable collection."

"You do?" I was surprised to hear this; she didn't have any at her place in New York that I had seen at least. And I was fairly sure we had unpacked everything, that she had brought back from New York already. I'm not upset that I didn't know, we still had a lot to learn about each other. I do wonder how big her collection is, that she has enough for all of us.

It was just my luck, that I asked her as she stuffed food into her mouth. I lightly chuckle, as she glares at me a little. I didn't always have good timing, but she looked really adorable. She begins nodding her head, telling me she does in fact do own masquerade masks. "I do, but there all back in Washington. They are something I've always collected, I found them so beautiful and mysterious."

"There in the back of the rental, with a few other boxes we thought you might like to have." Sue was quick to tell her otherwise, Bella seemed genuinely surprised by that information. Then again, I'm just as surprised as she is. Just another thing, that I suppose I wasn't used to from a real family. It was going to take time, for me to get used to this.

"You guys didn't have to do all that, I planned on coming to get it on my next visit." Bella tells Charlie and Sue, knowing their anniversary was coming up not that long from now. Stefan and I never had family like this, the only one we got close to this was our mother. This new family dynamic is something we had always craved in a way. It wasn't something we had ever really known growing up, we had seen families that were closer than others but thought it was a rarity.

Then again, meeting and falling in love with Bella was something I never thought would happen. I had been chasing Katherine so long, thinking she was the closest I would ever get to this feeling. I'm glad that I was wrong about, and that Bella and I met when we did. Charlie brushed off Bella's concern, almost like it was nothing. "And there is plenty for you to still get, but we thought it would be nice for you to have a few more things to remind you of home."

"Thank you!" Bella hugged him close, and was soon dragging Sue into one as well. Charlie blushing was very entertaining for everyone in the room, when he grumbled about it, we all just laughed more. But you could tell he was happy, to see everyone in good spirits. I remember Bella telling me, that Charlie was alone for many years. Sure, he had his best friends Billy and Sue's late husband Harry. But otherwise, he was alone, until Bella came to live with him.

Bella had been the one to give him this huge family, by sharing her love for the pack with him. They had all been close to Bella, long before Charlie and Sue had begun to date. Her love for others, truly bring all of us lonely souls together. It's only right if we do something nice for her, especially when she would never ask for anything in return. "Stefan and I will bring everything in, after breakfast."

"You ladies, should do something fun after you get all your shopping done for the wedding." Sam speaks up, and I like the idea. Bella has been non-stop with the café and restaurant; she could use a day to just relax with her family and friends. Leah makes a comment, about us trying to get rid of all the women folk.

Quil tries to make an innocent face, silently asking if he would ever say that. The way they were all looking at him, screamed that he really would if he hadn't already. Paul didn't pretend to be innocent all, he went all out and told them the truth. "Exactly, we need to bond with the new men in the family while we work."

Kim thinks it sounds like a bad idea, to leave all of us unattended. Almost like they could scare us away, but I would like to think they wouldn't try to now. Otherwise, they wouldn't be all that helpful with the wedding and restaurant planning. Though, I wouldn't put it past them, to embarrass us in some way. "They will behave, if they know what's good for them."

"Well shit, now we will. Your damn scary when you look like that." Jared spoke up, making me Kim smacked him upside his head. I would laugh, if I still weren't a little bit worried about what they all were going to do. It's amusing that all of these 6'+ tall shapeshifters, scared of my 5'5" tall wife.

Of course, the look on Bella's face, was one commanding they all behave. And it spoke of extreme pain if they were to defy her. It was hot as hell, and if it weren't for the fact that we were in front of her family eating breakfast I would be very naughty with her. "It's very sexy!"

"Father in the room!" Charlie all but yells from across the table, he was sitting between Billy and Sue. Billy and Sue found it all very amusing, while the pack disagreed with me with the exception of Paul who was showing a lot of pride for both me and Bella. From what I understand, him and his imprint are all about showing PDA. Sometimes, they can be fairly indecent about it.

And just like them, I refuse to be apologetic about how much I love Bella. I don't care who knows, sure I'm not about to let others see her naked. But that doesn't mean, I will keep quiet about how sexy I find her. "I'm not sorry, for finding my wife amazing. Though, I will try to keep it, a bit more decent with you in the area."

Charlie makes a small comment, about that being the least he asks for. All of us with super hearing were able to hear what he said, and thanks to Bella still taking my blood regularly could also hear it. And she was not pleased by the comment at all, and let her father know it too. "Stop that train of thought, right now dad. I'm grown and married; you don't get say anything about my sex life."

"Oh jeez, Bells. Do you have to say it out loud like that?" Charlie says embarrassed, he was even blushing. From the stories I had heard about how easily Bella used to blush, I can only imagine it was trait she had gotten from Charlie. I would never tell anyone, but I've seen her blush. But that is when were in our bedroom, and I'm worshipping her body. Slowly telling her, everything I love about her. Sure, Stefan and Caroline had probably heard me at one point, but they would never say anything about it.

"Leave her alone, Charlie." Sue tells him very seriously, knowing he wasn't going to win this. Between her and Bella, Charlie was going to have to live with it. Because even though Bella will always be his baby girl, she is a happily married woman. He grumbled a fine, that seemed to only cause himself more trouble. As Billy told him to relax, Bella had to grow up eventually.

Knowing that Bella didn't like attention on her growing up, just doesn't make sense in my mind. She's nothing like that now, sure she isn't a huge fan of attention, but she doesn't hide away from it. Trying to get the attention off of him, he calls Billy out on when he freaked out. "Coming from the man, who came over after Paul imprinted on Rachel. Talking about finding a way to keep them from being together."

"To give Billy some credit. Paul was a man whore for years, so he had a bit of a right. Especially, seeing as he watched Paul grow up." Sue tried to help defuse the situation, but she must not know that I had told Charlie out right that I was also a man whore, so there would be no surprises down the road. I wasn't over proud of my past, especially now having to relive with my father-in-law's eyes to witness it.

"Damon has openly said he was a man whore, before he married Bella." To prove my suspicion, he tells them about the talk him and I had. I'm just trying to keep out of it, by continuing to eat my breakfast. Stefan wasn't even trying to hide his laughter, at how uncomfortable I was right now. He was probably enjoying, watching my past biting me in the ass right now.

Bella wasn't the least bit happy about the conversation happening right now, she held onto my hand closest to her on top of the table. While using the other to eat, but she gently places the fork down, to hit Stefan upside his head to shut him up. While also, continuing to have a go at her father. "Your also the one, who said he is perfect for me. You can't have it both ways, dad."

Charlie fine gives in, knowing he can't argue with his daughter, because he did say that and there was witness all throughout the house that could prove it. Paul who was sitting down next to me, seems to be shocked by something that had been mentioned. I learned what shocked him, when he asked me, I had really told Charlie about my past as a man whore?"

"I wanted to be honest with him. There are plenty of people who would love to hurt me, and telling Charlie about my past could hurt my relationship with Bella. Maybe not directly because she knows everything about my past, but because I know she would fight with Charlie over me." I told him and everyone else around the table, to know I was honest about it. To not to cover my own ass, but to make sure Bella and Charlie never have a reason to stop talking to each other.

Billy commends me for thinking ahead, and I can't help to feel a bit proud for pushing through that awkward conversation. No father would like their daughter with a man, whose known for sleeping around to avoid commitment. But as both Paul and I have hopefully proven is that we can profoundly change when it comes to the right woman for us. Sam finally makes a comment, which helps make me even prouder of myself. "You've got balls, none of us would be able to do that. Man has threatened us enough, with his guns."

"Mason is next, which you all will enjoy." Bella says teasingly towards her sister, turning the attention to someone else at the table. I was very thankful for it, and I would show her how appreciative I am for it later. Preferably after she tells me, about why she collects masks.

The spit take that Leah takes, is very enjoyable to see. Especially, when the coffee she had been taking a gulp of sprays all over Quil. She began coughing up a storm, seeing as it looks like some of the liquid had also gone down the wrong pipe when she went to breath in. Once she calmed down, she looked wide eyed at my wife. "Wait, what?!"

"Oh, did you think you were safe, from the embarrassment?" Bella asks innocently enough, with a smirk covering her face. Everyone at the table knew the answer, knowing that Leah and Mason weren't off the hook in the least. And I could see all the devious smiles, starting to form across all of the men's face at the prospect. Mason was truly someone they could have a bit of fun with, seeing as they knew next to nothing about him. Just a little bit of info, from what Bella had told them.

Mason was a small blimp in Bella's life in New York, sure they stayed close but nothing worth mentioning to her family back home. Which left plenty for the family to interrogate him about, I almost feel bad for the guy. Leah looks at Charlie, and sweetly begs. "I was hoping."

"Not only is Charlie your step-father, but he was also your dad's best friend." Her mom stops that, already knowing that Charlie would be much tougher with Mason. Being the best friend of Leah's father, means he's going to be even tougher about all this. Mason is not only his step-daughters imprint, but he was also going to forever be with his best friends daughter. Leah is pouting, truly hoping to change their minds about this. Billy notifies her that because Charlie was Harry's best friend the interrogation will be much worse.

"And Billy will be helping, to find ways to torture him." Paul was all too happy to help, make Leah more uncomfortable about all of this. Poor Leah looked about ready to threw a tantrum over it, but there really wasn't anything she could do. She tries one last attempt, by saying they weren't getting married right away. Her cousin Emily quickly tells her it doesn't matter if they aren't or not. Because the imprint, is for life. So, in the eyes of the tribal council it's a marriage.

After that revelation, we all go back to finishing breakfast, the women decided they would clean up the dishes. While they did that, Stefan and I grabbed all the boxes from the back of the SUV. The girls would need it, for their shopping trip. They were taking both rentals, and I truly hoped Bell could relax and enjoy her time. We put the boxes in Bella's and mines room, before seeing the girls off. We were all getting ready to walk into town, and I just had to ask what was on my mind. "You aren't going to harass Mason, until you get back to Washington, are you?"

"Get him on home territory, gives us a bit of a leg up. Can't really scare him here, especially with Bella around. She'd ruin our fun." Charlie confirms it, with a Cheshire smile on his face. The pack are also nodding their heads in agreement, knowing they couldn't do a whole lot if Bella was around.

Stefan was confused by that because Bella was teasing Leah at breakfast about it. Even I knew, that as much enjoyment Bella would have let it go too far. Mason was her friend, and Leah was her sister. She would eventually stop it after she got her enjoyment out of it. I knew Leah was closer to Bella, then the others. Billy is the one to answer Stefan, telling him what I already knew. "Sure, but she would stop it not long after we've started."

"Really?" Stefan questions, not really understanding why she would. I knew Bella hadn't told Stefan the whole story, about how she came back from her heart break over the Cullen's leaving her like they did. Embry tells him about, how Bella and Leah are the only ones who truly know what their heartache was really like. Stefan explained that he never thought about it that way, even though Leah had told us that Bella was the reason she able to forgive Emily and Sam.

"Even through Bella's own depression, she saw the pain in Leah. She knew what she was going through, so even though she was hurting she did everything to help Leah heal." Paul informed us, because we were hearing it from someone who saw it all from the outside. This was a new perspective, to what they went through.

"Leah helped Bella with hers too, but it was harder. Because Bella was basically going through drug withdrawals. None of us even figured it out, until Leah had a sleepover at Bella's. Her room was fermented in cold one scent, because dickward hid everything they had ever given her under the floorboard next to her bed." Seth helped to explain, since he tagged along as much as he could. I knew Bella had said their scents were like a drug for humans, but to fight it after almost a year of being

It made all of us from here, stop and genuinely think what that must have been like. In a sense I would be the closest to know what that is kind of like, because I let the hold Katherine had over keep hold of me for so long. Jeremy was the one to speak up, and mention how the cold one scent doesn't seem to be effecting her anymore. "She mentioned that their scent is intoxicating for humans, but it doesn't seem to be effecting her now."

"We think there are multiple reasons why it no longer works on Bella. Bella has always been mentally protected from Edward, and after the shield grew to protect her from that same harm, he caused her. Another is she has Damon's blood running through her veins, we think the magic from that counters whatever theirs does." Billy tells us the theories they have been able to come up with, since learning that their scent no longer affected her. Thankfully, we were already inside the restaurant when we started talking about it. No need, to have Mystic Fall thinking there's a drug problem in town on top of animal attacks.

By the look in Billy's eyes, I could tell he has at least one other theory. He was just hesitant to mention it. It might not be extremely important, but it was still something we needed to have an answer for. Even if it was, just for the peace of mind. So, I ask the question that would force him to say something about his last theory. "You have more theories, though?"

"We think you and Bella, are very much like imprints/soulmates. That bond makes her stronger, and it makes you stronger as well." Sam is the one to tell us the theory. And If I really think about it, I remember hearing about mates a long time ago from a friend who helped me decades ago. It didn't hold a whole lot of stock in it though, seeing as it was supposed to be even rarer then finding shapeshifters.

I tell them this, not wanting to hide anything that could be even a little bit possible. I was rewarded with several scoffs, which Charlie just said what apparently, they were all thinking. "Well Bella, is an exceedingly rare creature. She brings supernatural beings together, and unites them. If anyone can prove even the rarest myths are real, it's Bella."

None of us could disagree with him, and if it did happen to be real. I truly was the luckiest man in the world, for finding my mate. Even luckier, for it being Bella. And I can only hope Stefan was able to find his mate if he hasn't already in Bonnie. I had never seen him so comfortable in any kind of relationship, then the one he is in right now. He deserves it, just as much as I do.

We leave Charlie and Billy with beer, while the rest of us get to working on the construction. We had plenty of things to work on, along with working on some kind of plan for the Cullen's. And one if the Mikaelson's, if they come to cause actual problems. If Bella has taught us anything, it's better to be prepared for all scenarios then to be caught surprised.