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Alex Donovan's POV

"Alex, why did you volunteer, your from 12." Cascadio say.

"Yes, but um….my best friend was reaped, I decided to you know…..volunteer for him." I say.

"So your handsome, brave, loyal, and a true friend. What kind of person wouldn't want you?" Cascadio asks making me chuckle.

"That's a great question!" I say making the audience laugh. I swear I can hear people saying "I want him, I want him." I shake my head, focusing on Cascadio's next question.

"What are some of your strengths?"

"Well, I'm pretty handy with a knife, and my other strengths are a surprise." I say, winking at the audience. Cascadio laughs as the timer sounds. I hop up from my seat and trudge off the stage after wishing the audience a good night.

Plopping down next to Liova I sigh.

"Why?" I ask.

"Why what?" She snaps.

"Why did you lie?"


"That's not a real answer."

"Then what is?"

"Touche." I say making her giggle.

Daisy's POV

As far as this evening has gone, things could have been easier. So basically, I tried to tell my stylists that I was wearing my mustache, but they said I would look stupid, so they ripped it off my face and told me to go prepare myself for my interview. Luckily, I snuck back in and took it, but then, when they saw me once again wearing it, they started screaming at me and eventually, when I started giving Alskadovia, my prep-team-person of unknown gender, the "evil thumbs of death", they had to call in my stylist to give me a "talk". Let's just say they're letting me wear the mustache.

After those drama queens from District 11 finish their interviews, I'm called in.

"And now, our final lady of the evening, the mysterious and most likely hilarious Daisy… Moustache?"

I see Cascadio Hertwarm mutter something, probably bad, under his breath and out of the way of the microphone after seeing my name on the prompter. I don't really care, though.

I walk out, glaring slightly at the huge crowd gathered to watch us. Those sick and twisted weirdos. I remember what my mentor said, though, and smile and wave, although not very convincingly.

"Daisy!" Cascadio yells. "How are you this evening?"

"I'm good," I say back, grinning, trying my hardest to be friendly.

"So, and I'm sure all of Panem wants to know, what are you really like? What's the story behind the girl with the mustache? And-" he drops his voice very low and whisper-y, "-is it real?"

"First of all," I reply, taking a deep breath. "No, it's not real. I got this particular one custom-made for me as a gift for my twelfth birthday, and I glue it on my face every morning. No natural facial hair on me! Secondly, I… I don't really know what the 'story behind me' is. I'm just a fairly normal girl. I go to school, I walk around town, I love my parents and my brother and my friends. That's it. I'm normal. Does that cover it?" I ask, nervous that I said the wrong thing.

"Yes, absolutely," Cascadio says slimily, this obviously not being the answer he wanted. "That covers it completely."