Ok so this is something new I'm trying out and I want to know what u lot think of it. This is a cross over between Harry Potter, House of night and Star wars. In Harry Potter it is set in the fifth book, in house of night it is set in the sixth book and in star wars it is set in the clone wars. Sorry if I get some of the things in the clone wars part wrong but it will be cause I never really got a chance to watch it or read about it but I have watched the original series quiet a few times and I can just look something up if I don't know about it.

Hope you like it!

Harry's PVO:

Ok so last year wasn't so great with Cedric being killed by Voldemort who so happened to be reborn last year at the same time with the help of my blood. And there is also the fact that the teacher of dada last year was a death eater that had entered me into the tri-wizard competition which had made me have a lot of near death experiences and then turning the cup into a potkey which made me go right to Voldemort. And then if that wasn't bad enough then add all the bad publicity me and Dumbolder have been getting over the summer and the fact that I nearly got kicked out of Hogwarts the only place I ever felt like I belonged.

So yeah not the best year of my life.

But still at least now I'm gonna go back to Hogwarts my one home.

Anyway this year should be better because Hermione has been annoying me and Ron going on about how we were going to spend this year sharing Hogwarts with another school again. That should keep my mind off things. But I'm not sure what kind of a school its going to be it has a strange name HOUSE OF NIGHT.

Well this year should be interesting.

"So what kind of school do you think it's going to be?" I asked "Cause of the name I'm not too sure"

"for once I don't know it doesn't say and I tried researching it but found nothing but things that sound like roomers like that it's a finishing school for vampires. But that's probably a lie and they're really a wizard school" answered Hermione.

"Well read us what it says" Ron told her sounding bored.

"You should have read it yourself Ronald" she told him in a strict voice but pulled out the letter and started to read it "This year we will be sharing our great school with another school again but not for competition but to help them instead. This school is for special students but a bit different then us. The students of the school are a bit older because their age range is 16 to 21years old. Not all of their students will be joining us but only a group."

"Well that doesn't tell us a lot only that they are special like us" I said and my 2 best friends agreed.

Zoey's PVO:

I could not believe that even though we sent Neferet and Kalona away she still managed to figure out a way to get us out of Tulsa as well. She contacted the council and told them that she found a great opportunity for my group.

The opportunity is that we spend a whole year in a school of witchcraft and wizardry (are witches and wizards even real cause I never heard of any). And to make things even worst she said that she would love to be there looking after us but she can't so Kalona will instead. And of course the council said yes because they think his Erbus re-incarnated.

At least she's ending all of my friends with me even Heath and Aphrodite but the red vampires are not going for some reason.

Our group got to the castle a few hours early so that we can look around and explore. When we got to the exploring I became convinced that witchcraft and wizardry is real, I mean come on who wouldn't be there were ghosts, moving pictures and even moving stair cases although luckily we wont have to use them so much because we all have rooms in the second dungeon it's near the first one which is occupied by the house that's called Slytherine (isn't it a bit creepy that they have 2 dungeons I mean come on one is creepy enough!).

The thing that my group were mostly bummed about was the fact that you could not use electricity in this place. I wasn't surprised that we couldn't use electricity in this place cause if we could then it would ruin Neferets plan. This way we cannot contact the council and tell the truth about her.

The thing that I was mostly bummed about was the fact that Kalona would be here with us and would be able to watch our every move. Not to mention stalking me. At least I will have Stark and Heath here to watch my back and keep me safe (so you've noticed I didn't say Eric it's because I broke up with him cause he was being too possessive.

"So how loud and crowded it will be here when all the students get here? there's supposed to be thousands attending this school" Stark asked me.

"I hope it's not going to be as many as I'm imagining" I exclaimed and heath and Stark laughed.

Right then we walked into three people who were dresses strangely and had metal things haning off of their belts. They must be the people who proffesor Dumbeldore asked to protect the school for a year. I thought to myself and luckily I know that the pretection is not form us but from someone that is going to be teaching this year.

I think something bad happend last year but anyway I'll find out about it sooner or later.

"Hi I'm Zoey Redbird and this is Stark and Heath Luck." I intreduced us and pointed in turn.

"Nice to meet you three, I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi, this is Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka." The guy called Obi-Wan introduced them. If I didn't already have Stark and Heath I'd probably think that Anakin was hot but I've got enough guys and don't want anymore.

I didn't really Know what to say then i noticed the time and realised that the Hogwarts students will arrive in a few minutes so I said "lets head over to the great hall now the students of this school will be arriving soon." So we all headed towards the hall. My groupe of friends were already sitting at a table next to gryffindor that was set up for me my friends and the three people that were standing next to me now.

Anakins PVO:

Me, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were sitting near Zoey and her friends but there was a small gap between us. We didn't know what to expect from them because we have never had any contact with vampires before. And it was a bit wierd because one of them had black wings and you could feel the coldness of evil coming from him. But with the rest you could feel the darkness from around them but it was more because they creatures of the night then anything else. You could tell that Zoey was a good person very easly and that she was special.

I am half aware of the fact that I'm staring at Zoey but I can't take my eyes off her because of her tattoos that seem to go all around her body.

"So what do you think of them?" Obi-Wan asked me throught the force.

"I think that they are good but there is darkness around them, I think that we should keep an eye on them especally the winged man" I answered.

"I agree with you but remember that the main objective is that we keep an eye on proffesor Umbridge."

Then the students of Hogwarts started to pile in all staring and whispering about us well our table. And it was mostly about the vampires because they didn't know about us so they probably asumed that we were vampires as well.

After everyone setted down and everyone was sorted into a house and when everyone was well fed Dumbeldore started to talk. "This year as you all know we are sharing the school with some students from another school again. This school is called the House of Night and the students are not wizards like you would think but they are vampires." The whole room broke out into loud whispers. So Dumbeldore shouted QUIET and continued. "Now to tell us about vampires Kalona will talk to you about them he is the mad incharge of the group."

"So his going as Kalona now cause there is no one here that knows about what has happened with him so no one to tell the lie that his Erbus re-incarnated." I heard Zoey say to her friends quietly and by the looks on Obi-Wan's and Ahsoka's faces they heard it as well.

"Ok so lets get it out of the way imidiatly" all the girls were staring at him adoringly. "We are not the kind of vampires that you've heard about yes we do drink blood but we have a sort of a contract with humans that states that we will not drink it from someone unless they are willing and only adult vampires are aloud to drink blood anyway. And no we do not bite. Now I thought it would be a good idea to get one of the students to talk to you about the rest and the school since I am not a human nor a vampire and I never was. So the most special of our students will explain the rest so here is Zoey Redbird."

I looked over to Zoey and could tell that she didn't that she was going to say anything. But she got up and took Kalonas place on the stage.

"All that Kalona said was true." Now all the boys were staring at Zoey even some of the vampire one's. "But there is so much more we don't turn into vampires by getting bitten and we cannot change someone into a vampire unless your a trucker but they cannot turn everyone into a vampire either." I was listening to every word she said hoping to fing something that would help me understad vampires.

"Only the people that get chosen by our goddess can become vampires and trust me she is real I've met her before and Kalona used to be her warrior. Anyway so the people that get chosen get marked with a sapphire blue out line of a cresent moon then they go to the House of Night and go throught a lot of changes over four years." I could tell that everyone was listening to what she was saying.

"Then when they turn into a vampire then the cressent moon is filled in and gets extensions. Now I know that I look like a full vampire now but I'm not and the only reason I have a filled in and extended mark is because the goddess extends my marks to show me that I'm following the path that she would want me to follow. Ok back to the topic if a fledgling does not make the change then they die in ma horrible way of coughing up blood. Even thought that sounds like the end its not because sometimes they can be brought back and become red fledglings."

"Then they have another chance at life we even has two red vampires who have managed to make it through the change after they've died and been brought back. Now sunlight does not kill us but it is painful for us and burns the red fledglings and vampires so we prefere the night." When Zoey finished everyone clapped and she went back to her place.

I made a mental note not to forget anything that she had said.

Then Dumbledore got back up and introduced us but did not say that we come from another galaxy just that we would be here in the school for extra protection.

Next he introduced proffesor Umbridge and was interupted by her and she made a really long and boring speech that you could tell that no one was listening to her or caring about what she said and when she finished no one really clapped not even the teachers. Dumbeldore finished off his speech but no one really knew what he said because of the speech umbridge gave.

Then it was time to got to bed and everyone headed off to their beds. We were sharing our dorm room with the vampires but i don't think anyone of us really cared.

Ok so how was it hope it wasn't too long and sorry about Zoeys long speech but how can you explain vampire quickly.