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Harry's PVO

In the morning everyone was talking about the fact that Dumbledor would share the school with vampiresand about how no one was informed of the new pretectors of the school. We didn't even know where thay are from.

I didn't care as long as they didn't act like dementors.

I looked at Ron just as Hermione asked whats wrong with him. He looked like after he saw Fleur for the first time.

"His got a crush on Zoey the girl that gave the speech yesterday." I answered.

"Oh Ron come on she's older than you and it's easy to see that shes in a relationship" exclaimed Hermione.

"Leave me alone and come on shes only a year or two older than us so she can't be in such a serious relationship!" Ron complained.

"Ron why don't you use your brain for once it won't end well for you if you fall in love every five minutes!" Hermione burst out and left.

"Oh well she'll get over it so lets head down to breakfast" Ron sain so we headed down to the great hall.

When we were nearly at the great hall we saw a group of people and walked over to them.

"Hi" me and Ron said together.

"Hi, who are you?" One of the pretectors asked.

"I'm Harry Potter and this is Ron Weasley" I introduced us.

"I'm Anakin Skywalker and this is Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ahsoka" Anakin introduced them.

"I'm Zoey Redbird and this is Stark, Heath Luck, Aphrodite Lafront and Darius" Zoey introduced them while Ron was stering at her and Aphrodite.

"No offence or anything but with what you said yeaterday I thought that you'd be sleeping by now and aren't you tired?" I asked.

"That is what I was just asking" Obi-Wan said and looked at Zoey and her friends.

"Well Heath and Aphrodite are human" the blonde girl called Aphrodite growled and I wondered why. "So it dosen't bother them, me and Darius and blue vampires and fledglings so sun light dosen't bother us that badly. So only Stark is left but he won't listen when we tell him to sleep" Zoey finished.

"I am your worrior and I've given you my oath to protect you and with Kalona around your not safe" Stark said in a tone that said that he was going to protect Zoey no matter what.

Then I realised something and asked "isn't Kalona supposed to be your guardian?" They nodded their heads "so why would you need to protect Zoey from him?" I asked Stark.

"Because I'm a re-incarnation of a dirt doll that was used to trap him thousands of years ago. But he waas relised and has been trying to get me to love him since."

"Wait but if he loves you then why would you need protectiong from him?" Ahsoka asked now and everyone in the group but Zoeys friends wanted to know.

"He loves me now but he may change that love into anger. Since he dose not really know how to love. Plus he sent his children to get me to hime before but it didn't work out and it nearly killed me." Zoey explained.

"Don't forget that he enters your dreams trying to get you to love hom." Stark uickly added.

"I think that we should have a meeting today at 11pm Dumbledor already said yes to it and that way everyone can be there. We also have some things to tell so in our dungeons at 11pm you two come with your frined Hermione as well" Anakin told us.

The rest of the day went by quickly all and Hermione could think about was the meeting.

Anakin's PVO

It was a few minutes before the meeting and the vampires were sitting in the salon with us. I kept an eye on Kalona now that I knew who he was. Later when Harry and Ron ernt I asked if all of what they said was true.

Zoeys answer to that was just summerising everything that she said before Kalona is a dangerous immortal and that every one should keep an eye on what he does.

There was a knock on the door and the teachers arrived with some people and a large black dog. I assumed that they were the members of the order of fenix.

I was right! The dog turned out to be an animag and it was Sirius Black. There was also Remus Lupin, a werewolf. Alastor Moody aka Mad eye Moody and Tonks. I was intrested by how she could change her looks so easly.

The teachers that came were Dumbledor, Mcgonagal and Snape. I didn't like Snape straight away but I agreed that black is a great colour.

A minute later Harry and his friends arrived so we began the introductions. I was getting bored of having to introduce myself again and again but you couldn't really miss them out.

Dumblwdor was the first to start the introductions the people from the order of fenix. "This is Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Alastor Moody and Tonks. They and the teachers here right now are all members of the order of fenix."

Next Obi-Wan introduced us "I am Obi-Wan Kenobi and this is Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka."

Then it was Zoeys turn for introductions "I am Zoey Redbird and this is Kalona, Stark, Shaunee Cole, Erin Bates the two also go by twin, Daimen Maslin, Jack Twist, Steve Rae John, Heath Luck, Aphrodite Lafront and Darius."

"Now that the introductiond are out of the way could we please get to the more important things like explaining?" Snape asked in an annoyed voice.

Zoey's PVO

I wanted to tell Snape not to be so impatient but before I could say anything Obi-Wan started talking.

"We are form a different galaxy." Everyone in the room except for Dumbledor and Obi-Wan's two friends were completly suprised. "And the three of us are from something called the Jedi order. The order brings peace to the galaxy. I used to be Anakins master which is like a mentor and Ahsoka is Anakins pawdan learner."

"Our galaxy is at war now and all the Jedi are made into generals and sent to the front lines." Anakin added. I don't know what to think of this.

"Wow it must be such a tough life." Harry said.

"Well from what I've heard your life isn't so easy either" Anakin replied.

"Anyway there are also rules that are the Jedi code" Obi-Wan continued.

"And most of them have been broken by Anakin" laughed Ahsoka.

"That' true but don't forget that you have helped him break a few" commented Obi-Wan.

"They sound like Ron and Harry of another galaxy." That comment from Hermione made everyone laugh.

"How about you lot do you have prankers?" Anakin asked us while still laughing.

"Not really we don't have the time for it or any fun even if we wanted to" I replied and now the room went silent.

"What do you mean you don't have time for fun?" It was Harrys turn to ask.

I didn't want to say anythingabout it so Stark spoke up.

"Well we have to spend oue time either hiding, planing on how to defeat darkness" at this point Stark was looking directly at Kalona "or fight the darkness sometimes we don't even get enough time to sleep."

"That must be terrible" Obi-Wan said, he looked like he knew how it felt. " but why do you have to do things like that at such a young age? I mean just by looking at you i can tell that none of you are older than 25."

"It's mainly Neferets and Kalonas Falt." Everyone wan now looking at either me or Kalona.

Well crap this is going to be fun!