Chapter 1

The Dragon and the Knight

There Natsu was with the most powerful female wizard of Fairy Tail and the defeated Jellal possessed by Zeref somewhere in the Tower of Heaven. Natsu was feeling so powerful for a short moment after punching Jellal into the tower but he quickly felt all that power he got from eating Etherion fade and I started to fall as he was passing out he saw Erza run up to catch and caught Natsu before he ate it on the Etherion. Erza couldn't thank Natsu enough, she felt so much love for the Dragon Slayer for the first time she had felt complete freedom for the first time in her life. Erza embraced Natsu in a passionate hug.

"You truly are amazing." Erza said admiring Natsu's strength. As soon after she had begun to hug her favorite Fire Dragon Slayer it had to come to an end. The Tower was collapsing on its own unstable magical power! Erza picked up Natsu and settled him on her back. Erza looked back at the deceased Simon and ran away from him feeling grief for her fallen friend. As Erza was escaping with the unconscious Dragon Slayer on her back she had to dodge gizzard after gizzard of magical power. Erza lost her balance and fell dropping Natsu on the blue stone. She knew that even if they did escape the tower that the explosion would be the end of them.

Suddenly she remembered how Jellal was going to put her in the lacrima to stabilize it. Erza put her right arm inside of the solid substance and felt her arm go inside. She felt the same amount of pain she felt when Jellal was forcing her into it.

"Good the Lacrima is accepting me." Erza said in triumph as the first part of her plan was working. Natsu began to regain conscious at the same time as Erza put her arm inside the lacrima. Natsu stared questionably at Erza's action. "Erza what are you doing?" Natsu asked the beautiful knight. "I'm merging with the Etherion so I can stop the explosion from killing us all." Erza said explaining the situation to the Dragon Slayer. "Erza are you crazy?" Natsu almost yelled. Erza's lower body was already inside the Lacrima at this point and was experiencing more pain. Natsu stumbled his way to the Lacrima Erza was merging with and fell to his knees when he was only a foot away from Erza now.

Erza reached out her free left arm and caressed Natsu's cheek and smiled. "Natsu, I'm doing this so Fairy Tail, our friends, and most of all the entire world isn't destroyed. You of all people should know if I had the chance to save our friends I would do it, even at the expense of my own life. And not only that but you gave me the freedom I never had." Erza said trying to make Natsu understand. "But Erza, Fairy Tail won't be the same without you. Please I couldn't live with myself if you died." Natsu said with tears streaming out of his eyes. "Natsu, I love you, you always put everything before yourself that's why in need to say that I truly love you. I'm leaving everyone in your hands." Erza said as the rest of her entered the Lacrima. "Erza! Get out of it! Erza!" Natsu shouted pounding his fists on the Lacrima as the woman that loved the Dragon Slayer was being consumed. Now the etherion started lighting up, the light consumed everything but it didn't destroy anything it just hiding everything in its glow.

Erza noticed that she was floating in a void space in a beautiful white sleeveless sun dress. The next thing she knew she was at someone's funeral and it was raining. Then she saw all of the guild members all dressed in black clothing as if they were in mourning. Then she was that it was her own funeral, she was literally watching her own funeral. Erza saw some members of the wizard council show up. The awarded her with the title of Wizard Saint. Then Natsu showed in his normal attire looking pissed.

"This is bullshit." He said as he kicked the flowers from the grave. "Natsu stop!" Master Makarov warned Natsu. "Erza isn't dead!" Natsu said. Lucy covered her eyes trying not to cry over Erza's death. "Natsu stop it." Lucy said on the verge on crying. "The stronger Guild members had to restrain Natsu from going berserk. "Erza isn't dead! She can't be dead!" Natsu yelled as he struggled to regain freedom.

Erza covered her mouth in horror from what she had done. "No, I didn't want this! I wanted to save them not make them grieve for me." She said to herself. This wasn't the future she wanting to see, she immediately wanted another chance to fix her mistake. Erza heard a noise a turned around and saw a arm reaching out for her.

When Erza opened her eyes again she was on a beach and she felt like she was being held. She looked up and saw Natsu's face. Natsu was holding her Bridal Style. His face was covered in scratches and blood from his fight with Jellal. "Natsu how did you-" Erza was cut off when Natsu opening his mouth to speak. "Never do that again Erza." He said in a deep tone like he was tired.

"Also Erza," Natsu added. Erza looked paying attention to what he had to say. "I love you too." He said smiling at speaking like he normally did. Erza blushed the same color as her hair remembering that she did say she confessed. Natsu fell into the water on both his knees almost dropping Erza into the water of the beach. "Natsu!" She said in shock. "It's ok Erza, I'm just exhausted and I'm feeling a little sick from the Etherion." Natsu said relieving Erza of her worry. Erza carried Natsu onto the dry sand and let him rest his head on her lap.

"Hey Erza?" Natsu asked. "Yes?" Erza said curious of what Natsu was going to ask. "Are we a couple? Because I really do love you." Natsu asked. Erza was dumbfounded; she was dumbfounded that the Dragon Slayer would ever question her love for the Dragon Slayer. "Natsu of course I love you and we are definitely a couple. What I said back in the tower was true and honest. I love not just because you saved me but because of that boy charm and your natural instinct to protect those close to you. But since when did you feel the same for me?" Erza asked the Dragon Slayer. "I fell for you two years ago. It's been eating away at me all this time." Natsu confessed. "What? Then why didn't you ever tell me? Was it because of Lisanna?" Erza asked in deep curiosity. "Well, don't tell but … I was scared for two reasons. The first was rejection obviously and the other was that you'd punch me to the other side of Fiore." Natsu said to the beautiful red head. "Well back then I might have, but now I see that you have great potential and you are obviously not so thick headed that you don't feel love." Erza said in relief. Natsu put his left hand behind Erza's and forced it down so he could kiss her. At first instinct Erza would have thrown Natsu about thirty miles out to sea but she remembered that this was Natsu.

Erza then welcomed the kiss and began to kiss back with passion. Natsu was enjoying this, Erza's sweet kiss was feeling good but he wanted to feel more. Natsu tilted his head back and saw Erza blush and he heard he make a quiet moan. Meanwhile Erza was feeling like she was in heaven, she never knew that Natsu was such a good kisser. When Natsu and Erza parted from the kiss for air Natsu smiled that he was able to make her moan a little. "I never knew you would be a good kisser." She said blushing while panting. This just made Natsu show his toothy grin.

Erza was about to bend her head down for another kiss but heard Lucy's voice. "Guys, you made it!" Lucy called out with everyone running alongside her. "Natsu we still need to go over a few things but until then we keep this a secret." Erza said in a quick voice but Natsu understood what she said. "What why?" Natsu asked. "I'll explain later just do it!" Erza said nudging Natsu trying to get him to shut his mouth. Lucy grabbed Natsu and began cheering with Natsu's head between her breasts. Erza clutched her fist tight in anger that the celestial wizard was putting her property between those obviously fake breasts of hers. "Ah Luce put me down my body hurts right now." Natsu said seeing the anger aura emanating from his new girlfriend. "Oh sorry Natsu." Lucy said as she placed him back on the sand. The whole group later went back to Fairy Tail to tend to the injured and get well again.