Hey everyone, I'm not really dead I'm still here as Maxstories95 your bringer of great fanfic with the pairing of Natsu and Erza from Fairy Tail as a crack pairing, but a real pairing in my personal opinion (fuck Jellal).

But in all honesty it is time that I give you all an explanation as to why I haven't updated you all on my stories. You see in November of two years ago I met a girl and we hooked up and we were steady for 5 months, but sadly broke up. Why this really messed me up was because I had never really had someone care about me like she did (no not sex…pervs(for those who don't have a dirty mind thanks for not thinking negatively, but sorry I'm getting of track yet again)). I guess I really haven't felt real love from anyone in my whole life like that and it really wounded me when she was gone and I haven't really been mentally healthy for a while.

I actually thought of suicide when I was in school once or twice recently. But this wasn't the only reason. No Happy didn't kidnap me for the whole mirajane torture scene and put me through the same ordeal. But my laptop did however break to the point of no repair and my last chapters I had were saved on my laptop and nowhere else. So now I have to start from scratch. And from scratch I will.

I'll be creating a remake of The Dragon and Knight, but my friends I can't stress one thing. Please read the story of Hellfire Kuro. It was a story I made during the whole Crocus tournament arc. I really take great pride story since it has my first OC's in it and it really breaks my heart that you guys are only interested in The Dragon and Knight. I don't blame you guys though, I know you guys love it, but please give it a try. It would really mean a lot to me it really would.

I also want to ask of you guys to check out this story I wrote on a separate site called The Disciplines of Pain on FictionPress(I'll leave the link in the description). It was my VERY first work when I started writing and it was I take pride in the most. If you guys do I'll write you all separate thank you messages to you all that review. Again it would mean a great deal to me and I know I'm asking you all a lot, but please let me selfish here. Also I just want to say, The Child of Prophecy…that was a pretty amazing review.

Just one last thing and I'll start making the new Account. But the story will be the same except the first two chapters, I'll be editing those two making them as much longer as I possibly can. But I'll just say this; I won't be making updates every week. I'm still in High school and trying to get into college, but I will try hard. You all mean a lot to me. Thanks for reading and I hope you accept and understand my apology.

Thank you all,

Your buddy Maxstories95

PS I've also been looking into new animes while I've been working for my new laptop and I gotta say some blow Fairy Tail out of the water, namely Attack on Titan…omehgerd. You guys will love it if you haven't seen it. So I might also try making new anime fanfiction so take a gander at that if you want to if I ever post it. So I'll see you guys soon I promise. But I can't promise again that it will be soon. I've been offered a great job so paying tuition for college will be slightly less of a hassle. But I'm not leaving you all in the wind. I love my all my readers and reviewers and of course supporters of NaZa and not filthy…-shivers- ErzaXJellal. I'm not gonna do what the Broncos did and leave you all disappointed.