Hershey Syrup

Max POV:

We were all bored, since Jeb left. We were starting to get hungry as well. So everybody started (at the same time) yelling at me, "I'm hungry!"

Jeb had just gone to the store to get food, so I looked in the refrigerator. Huh? What is this? Why are there six of them? I looked at the label. It reads:

'Hershey's Genuine Chocolate Syrup'

Hummmm, chocolate. Where have I had that before? Oh, yeah. Jeb brought it home one day and we all got hyper. So I yell to the flock,


The Flock raced over to me and I almost got trampled. Oh, my.

They each grabbed one, and opened it up. They squeezed it. All that syrup fell on the floor. I'm not cleaning that up. They then shouved the mouth of the bottle in their mouths.

Fang and I looked at each other like 'ooooookay...' and then he proceeded to squirt his chocolate at me.


"What?" He said giving me the look.

"Did you just quirt syruped chocolate at me?"

"Maybe..." He said, a look of michef in his eyes.

Then he and Iggy shared a look (which I don't understand since he's blind). And then proceeded to shout:


Oh, god. This is NOT happening right now. They squirted chocolate at me, and then shoved some chocolate into their mouths. "Mmmmmm," They moaned. The Flock followed suit. I reasoned with Angel, and soon she and I joined forces. Nudge, seeing how we teamed up, decided it was a good call to go boys vs. girls. The boys got the message.


"Ok, girls. Here's the game plan," I said. "We stay behind the counter until the boys attack. Plan B is we surprise attack them, and run out the door." They nodded. We stayed quiet and heard the boys whispering.

"I think we might want to surprise attack the girls." Fang loudly whispered.

We smiled and proceeded to sneak around the counter and into the butler pantry. We then, heard the boys say "Move out."

We reached the stairs, when all of a sudden,


Crap. They found us. "Run."

We all ran to backyard and there stood Jeb. We sprayed him and the boys with syrup.

"Oh, this is how it's going to work," He says, a smile dancing on his lips. He grabs a bottle of syrup. "C'mon boys, these girls aren't going to get squirted by there-selves.

The boys caught on, only 5 seconds after we did, this gives us enough time to open up our wings and lift off.


"You never said we couldn't use the sky to our advantage."

After tons of fights in the sky, and chocolate flying everywhere, even on Jeb, we quieted down enough to take baths... IN THE SAME TUB!

Fang was laughing his head off as Gazzy kept asking us questions about why we look different and what is that. I was blushing like crazy and so was Nudge. But poor innocent Angel asked the same questions as Gazzy and both genders were blushing and laughing like crazy. It was an odd combo. Finally we all settled down and had ice-cream sundaes. Jeb pulled out another three bottles and said,

"I was at the store thinking how you guys would find the bottles and I was like, stupid, stupid, stupid. So I bought some more. Looks like it was a good call."

We all laughed as we ate the sundaes. I'll never forget that funny moment.

Was it good? I want to know. I thought some one-shots from when Jeb was like, awesome dude, would be good. There aren't too many stories about good Jeb. Mostly about bad Jeb abusing Max or Fang and/or the whole Flock. I don't really like those. I think Jeb will prove he isn't totally heartless in the Last book, Evermore. Lots more to come. The second chap will be done by TheCrazyViolist. Check out her MR story: The Best Of Iggy and If you love/ like the Beatles, check out her Across The Universe fics. I may do one soon, too.

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