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Chapter Two: Iggy Cooks

Iggy's sensitive nose picked up on a mouth-watering smell coming from the kitchen. Often, he'd sit and wait for Jeb to finish fixing whatever meal just to get the first and largest serving. Bumping into an annoyed Fang along the way, the blind child ran to the busy cooking space.

"Hello, Ig." Jeb greeted from what Iggy believed was around the stove.

He perched himself up onto a barstool and placed his head in his hands to wait for the finished creation. "What are you making, Jeb?"

"Pancakes." Jeb replied. Iggy's mouth instantly began to water, he loved pancakes!

The eleven-year-old sat in silence for a few moments and listened to the sounds of the batter

cooking. He dreamed of bottles of syrup and fruit, and the fluffy-ness of Cool Whip.

"Do you want to help?" Jeb asked, snapping Iggy out of his day dream.

"Really?" Iggy questioned. He didn't think that he could cook, with his blindness and all. But he wanted to be like the other children and do things, so he said he would.

Jeb gently tugged Iggy over to the hissing stovetop and wrapped his hand around the spatula. With

a flick of Iggy's wrist, Jeb taught him how to flip the pancakes over.

"You have to wait for five seconds, then turn it." Jeb informed the boy. Iggy nodded and allowed his concentration to fall back to his task of cooking.

After a few more pancakes, Jeb left Iggy on his own. Smiling, the boy lost himself in his job. He felt important and useful, something he hadn't felt in a while.

"Iggy?" Gazzy called from the living space. "Where are you?"

"In the kitchen!" He replied.

The younger boy skipped over to his friend and peered at what he was doing. Gazzy was surprised to see Iggy cooking, and even more surprised to see he hadn't burnt anything.

"You're cooking?" The Gasman questioned.

"No, I'm reading a book." Iggy said sarcastically. "Of course I'm cooking."

"It's amazing. You haven't burned anything."

"Yep." Iggy agreed. "I don't plan on burning anything either."

Ten minutes later, Iggy placed a steaming pile of pancakes onto the center of the table. Each was a perfect golden brown, some even had chocolate or fruit baked inside. Proudly, Jeb placed his hand on Iggy's shoulder.

"You did a good job."

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