An unapologetically short piece, written for the A-Team Prompts December Advent Calendar prompt: winter solstice.


Face, a creature of nighttime and cuddling in front of warm cabin fires with warmer women, was in his glee during the winter solstice. Murdock did alright as well; as legends and religious idiosyncrasies amassed at this time of year, he had lots to talk about. BA, of course, was a rock all year 'round.

But Hannibal disliked late December, in spite of the holidays and those things that made the team happy. The days were short and the nights were long, and he had to take extra care to change his plans accordingly, lest they run out of daylight.

In late December, daylight was in short supply. It was another tool they were forced to go without; a reminder of those early days on the run from the military, cut off from resources and keeping a constant low profile.

Face thrived after sunset, but Hannibal hated being in the dark.

Murdock fed off of history; it kept his mind drawing patterns and his voice active. Hannibal did not dwell in the past.

BA was strong and constant. Hannibal projected both of these things, but sometimes felt as if he were falling apart on the inside.

So he rode on the coattails of Face's energy, let Murdock's voice soothe his worries, and leaned on BA's solid strength.

And every year the winter solstice passed, and the four of them held together and waited for the light.