January 3, 2012. Toronto

Wayne Carter walks up the first of three flights of stairs at an apartment complex. He runs his fingers through his black fur. Second flight. Was this the right complex? Third flight. He walks down the hall to the other side of the complex. There it was apartment 132. "This has got to be it". He says to himself while dusting off his black jacket. He looks at small piece of paper with an address scrawled on it.

"Come on you dumb apes". He hears coming from inside the apartment. "You want breakfast? You gotta' catch it".

"Halo 3". Wayne says to himself. "Yep, this is it". He crumples the piece of paper and knocks on the door, hoping that he would soon be reunited with his two best friends. There is a sudden pause in the videogame noises. He listens to the footsteps come across the room beyond the door until he hears the sound of the doorknob moving. He fixes his red and black scarf and smiles as the door opens to a pink furred feline in grey sweatpants and a black tank-top. "Hey Aeris". He says with a small smile.

Aeris looks at Wayne with a surprised face. "Wayne?" she asks, looking him over. Her face suddenly brightens and she playfully slaps Wayne in the side of the head. "You leave for five years and all you say is hey?" She hugs him and drags him inside by his arm. Upon entering his friend's apartment he sees two couches, one covered in blankets directly facing an entertainment center and another to the first's right facing the door. Wayne looks over the entertainment center. He notices the T.V showing the unmistakable pause menu of Halo 3. An active X Box 360 slim to the left and a PS3 to its right.

"Leo, wake up we've got company!" Aeris yells down the hall. Wayne hears a loud thud followed by an equally as loud moan from somewhere in the apartment. Shortly after a smoky grey and white colored cat stumbles out of the door farthest down the hall and into what Wayne assumes is a bathroom.

"Leo? You two are roommates?" Wayne asks a small grin on his face.

"Yeah." She says, suddenly looking upset. "It's nice living with Leo, but it's like…" She trails off, thinking of something to say. She gives a quiet giggle. "It's like when Ghost died in Modern Warfare 2, it just feels empty without you." She walks closer to Wayne and embraces him, catching him off guard.

Aeris buries her face into her friend's neck. "I missed you so much." She says, hugging him closer.

Wayne returns the hug and kisses Aeris's forehead. "I missed you to, bud. I'm sorry that I left so suddenly, my parents jumped me with the idea of moving. The worst part of it was that we had just started dating…"

"It's ok." Aeris interrupts. "I enjoyed the little time we did have together." She sighs and rests her head on Wayne's shoulder.

"So did I." Wayne says, loosening his hold on his pink friend so that he could look her in her eyes. He can't help but getting lost in them and there beautiful shade of blue.

"Who is it"? Leo asks while sleepily rubbing his eyes. Wayne jumps at the sound of his voice. Leo looks over at Wayne and freezes. "Oh." He says with an exited look on his face. "Wayne? Your back"? He asks.

"Yep". Wayne says back while he and Aeris let go of each other. "I'm done with school and I decided to move back to Toronto. It was nice being back in Italy but after living here for so long it was hard to stay." He folds his scarf and puts it in his back pack. "That and I missed you two."

Aeris walks into the kitchen and begins to pour three cups of coffee. "So where are you staying?" Leo asks as he and Wayne move over to the non-blanketed couch. Aeris hands a cup of coffee to her friends and keeps the last for herself. She moves a blanket off the other couch and drapes it over her lap after sitting down and crossing her legs.

Wayne sips his coffee and turns to Leo. "Well, I was going to stay with my sister but her and her boyfriend came to visit in Italy and I have issues with him. So I'm looking for an apartment. Until then I'm staying in a hotel."

Aeris looks at Leo and then at Wayne. "I'll look around for an apartment if you want, that way it won't take as long."

"Yeah, that would be great. Thanks bud." Wayne says to his blanketed counterpart.

The three friends finish their coffee. After exchanging phone numbers and a bit of small talk Wayne heads back to his rental car. He lets out a sigh and rests his head on the steering wheel. After a few minutes he starts the car and heads to his hotel. He hangs up his jacket and flops down on the bed.

"What a day." He says quietly to himself. After about a half an hour he doses off…