A/N Hey guys,

Updates are coming I promise but I have just moved to Italy and will be here temporarily so things are a bit hectic. Any way I would just really like to thank XxRawringRosesxX for nominating me in Nance-chan's Best Vampire Academy FanFic of 2012.

Now all the nominees are in, voting has begun. I'm not saying go and vote for me I'm simple saying this one amazing author has put together this comp and you guys should check it out.

My story has been irregular and not exactly conventional but there are some pretty awesome stories that have been nominated and while I'm not going to vote I do suggest you readers go and check it out and see if there are any stories up there that you loved.

You get I've votes (I think) so why not just give it a go and if you don't feel like voting it might provide some new stories for you to read.