iWill Always Love You

Summary: They say that when it comes to love, age doesn't matter, right? Then why should it matter to us? SPAM!

Chapter 1


"I can't believe school is finally over! Just one more year and we graduate!" Carly said as we were walking to Carly's apartment after going to get some Groovy Smoothies.

"Seriously Carly we barely got out of school and you're talking about more school instead of being excited about the sum-" I started saying but I stopped midsentence when I open the door to Carly's apartment, there sitting on the couch was Spencer making out with some freaking red head girl.

It was then I remembered what happened almost a year ago.


"Sam, I need to talk to you" Spencer said when they were watching a movie one night. Carly was out on a date with Freddie, so Sam took this opportunity to spend some alone time with her secret boyfriend.

"Sure, Spence, what is it that it's bothering you baby." I said thinking that he was gonna talk about a sculpture he was making or something like that.

"I'm being serious Sam." He said unwrapping his arm from around my waist. It was then that I realize that what I had been dreading since our relationship started was going to happen.

"Sam, these past months that we have been dating, has being some of the happiest moments of my life. But I cannot kiss you without thinking that what I'm doing to you it's not fair and it is illegal. I cannot do anything to you without thinking that you are my little sister's best friend. I cannot see you without thinking that I'm hooking up with someone who's 12 years younger than me! I cannot-" He was about to continue but I stopped him midsentence.

"Look Spence , I know that our relationship has been very difficult. I know that this has being hard on you. But don't you ever stop to think that it might also be hard for me? I hate not being able to ask Carly for advice when we have a problem in our relationship. I hate hiding it all from her. I hate that I cannot be kiss you everytime I see you. You might be right next to me , but I can't do it because it would freak Carly out. I hate it when I stop and think that maybe you deserve someone better. But all of those bad things , we were accepting them when we agreed to give us a chance. We knew that this relationship would make us do many sacrifices, but we agreed to that, so why are you being like this all of a sudden?" I said looking into his big brown eyes.

"Sam, I think that maybe this relationship is not going to go anywhere. I was thinking about how I would feel if Carly was dating someone 12 years older than her, I wouldn't like it. So I don't think it's good for you either. I think that at the end it's only going to break your heart. I think that we should end this, we both know that we were just foolish for even starting this relationship." He said.

"Okay, but the funny thing is that you did this to protect my heart from getting broken, but you just broke it." I said trying to stop myself from crying without succeeding.

"Sam, I wanted to ask you something before we end this, I was thinking that maybe we could wait two more years until you become 18. Then if have not met someone who we love, we can give this relationship a second chance. Do you promise that we'll wait but still give our hearts a chance with someone else?" He asked as tears also ran down his face.

"So after all, everything was about the age! I can't believe you're doing this Spencer. But I love you too much to say no to your proposal , so yes, I promise to wait for us to happen , but at the same time I'll be seeking for that someone." I said giving him one last passionate kiss.

When I backed away from him I said the words that were on my mind, "Just remember that I will always love you." And with that I left his apartment. Even though I knew I'll be coming back to hang out with Carly, I knew that I was not going to come to be with him, to actually BE with him in a more than friends way.

End of Flashback

It has already been a year, which means that I still have another year to wait for him. But this has been the first time in that entire year that he has brought a girl home.

"Get a room!" I said as I walked to the kitchen. I pretended that I was okay with it all. Even though, I was full of jealously.

"Guys, this is my girlfriend Danielle, Danny this is my sister Carly and her friends Freddie and Sam."

"Hey guys!" The bitch said pretending to be all sweet.

Carly and Freddie said hi to her but I just pretended to not notice her as I ate my leftovers of Spaghetti Tacos.

"So you guys do iCarly! I really like your show, I think you're very funny Sam" The bitch said.

"Aren't you way too old to be watching iCarly?" I said trying to make her feel bad , after all she was the one who was kissing MY Spencer, even though we are not currently dating.

"Sam! That was mean!" Carly said like always she was being the polite person.

"I was only stating the true. I mean she's like 50 years old, she's just too old to be watching iCarly!" I said trying to make the bitch mad.

"Sam, Danny is only 28 years old, she's not even 30 and she doesn't look old at all." Spencer said defending his stupid girlfriend.

"Look Spence, I gotta go. I don't like being around people who dislike me. Bye!" The bitch said before kissing Spencer one last time and leaving.

"Thank you very much for ruining my date!" Spencer told me once his bitch was out the door. I don't know why but that made tears to swell in my eyes but I hold them in.

"Well, if you wouldn't have brought her here! Plus I thought you didn't like to date girls who were younger than you. She's 28 and your already 29!" I said trying very hard to hold in the tears.

"This is my home! I do whatever I want! You are the one that should not be here!" He said.

"Bye Carls, I see someone is not in a good mood today!" I said as I leave the apartment. The tears starting to come back.

No One Said That Loving Someone So Much Would Be Easy