Chapter 2


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Sam's POV

I read the note again trying to comprehend everything that was going on. It couldn't be true, my life was already bad and now it was going to become worst.


I am moving to Vegas tonight. Don't even try to stop me cause by now I'm probably already too far away. I'm gonna finally be able to live my life! There is a ticket attached to this note, your aunt sent it for you. You are going to move in with her. Please don't ever bother me again,


How can my mom seriously do this to me? I looked at the plane ticket and saw that it was scheduled for tonight. How am I going to survive without him? Why now that I only need one more year to go to be able to be with him? I sat down on my bed and started crying. It was then that I understood why my mom would do something like this to me. She has never been there when I needed her. I remember that moment almost 1 year and a half ago when I needed her more than anything.


"But MOM! Why don't you believe me? He was trying to rape me! I was taking a shower and when I came out he was looking at me weird! He kissed me and I tried to pushed him away but he was too strong. He would have rape me if it hadn't being that my phone rang!" I said, I really couldn't believe that she was going to take his side.

"Look Samantha! If you think that I'm going to believe you, you are wrong! I don't think that Steve would do something like that!" She said getting angry at me.

"But Mom-"

"Stop lying and get out of here! Get all your things and leave! I don't want you near the house for a while!" She said kicking me out of the house.

Once I was outside my house , I didn't know where to go. I was going to call Carly and asked her if I could stay at her house, but then I remembered that she was at the movies with Freddork. So I decided to call Spencer instead.

"Hey kiddo!" Spencer said.

"Umm, Spencer could you please come pick me up. I'm outside my house." I said trying my best to not cry.

"Are you okay?" He asked concerned.

"Could you please just come pick me up!" I said, I really wanted to get as far away from the house than possible before the jerk of Steve came out and tried to hurt me again.

"Okay, be there in 5." Spencer said before hanging up.

I was getting scared when he didn't come and it had already passed 3 minutes.

When he finally got there he helped me get all of my things in his car.

"What happened?" He asked.

At first I had difficulty telling him what happened, but then somehow I trusted him enough to tell him everything that happened.

"I swear that I hate that woman! How can she do that to her own daughter?" Spencer said when I finished telling him the story. It was then that I realized that I had found a new great friend. And that's how it all started. Little by little I started falling in love with Spencer Shay. Oh and by the way my mom asked me to go live with her again about three weeks later when her boyfriend broke up with her.

End Of Flashback

Now what am I going to do? I cannot leave now that I only have one more year to go, but I don't think that Spencer would want for to live in his house either after what happened today. Guess I'll have to go live with my aunt and uncle for a while. The worst thing was that it was scheduled for tonight, 2 hours away from now to be exact. I'm probably not even going to be able to go say goodbye to Carly and Freddie. Not even Spencer.

I started making my way to my room and packing everything that I would need. After I had make all of my best clothes, shoes, underwear, and accessories fit into one big suitcase ( I needed all of my best things since the place where my aunt lives is where all of the rich people leave so I wouldn't want to feel humiliated.) I decided that I could put some of my important values in my small purse since it was almost empty. I open the top drawer of the small desk that was in the corner of my room, I moved all the papers out of the way and I finally found for what I was looking for. It was a drawing of Spencer and me, it was really pretty and on top of it was the word "SPAM" in big decorative letters. He had given it to me along with a necklace that had a "S" made of silver. Inside the "S" there were many little diamonds that made it look really pretty. If you turned the "S" around you could see the words " I love you" engraved into it. It was the most beautiful thing that I had ever received in my entire life. I never wore the necklace because it hurt my feelings everytime I saw it since it reminded me of the love that we could not live.

I looked at my watch and saw that I only had 45 minutes to get to the airport. I got all of my things and walked out the house. I locked it before leaving and left the keys under the "Welcome" rug that was outside the door that way my mom could open the house when she returns. I decided to call a cab since I didn't have a car to drive to the airport.

40 minutes later.

I was sitting in my sit inside the plane. My aunt had bought one of the most expensive tickets since I was in the first class section of the plane. I can't believe I'm leaving Seattle. I'm really going to miss everyone. I hope that my mom spends all of her money quickly that way she can come back to Seattle soon and I can also return. I started thinking about how my life is going to change. I'll have to live with my aunt Theresa and my uncle Jerry (AN: No, she's not moving to New York or to Waverly Place, I only named them like that because I couldn't think of anything else) I'll also have to live with my cousin Trey. That was the only good thing about all of this, I was going to get to see Trey again. I haven't seen him for two years. But when we were little we were really close to each other. I hope that this sudden change in my life won't cause me more drama.

Man, was I in for a big surprise!