"Christine!" Raoul's whole world slowed as he watched her slid down. Running forward her punched Erik so hard he felt a crack vertebrate through his jaw and a crunch in his hand. Hitting his knees he didn't know what he could do. Touching her might make it worse.

Erik groaned and rolled over, "Get the doctor!"

"You think I'm leaving her here with YOU?" He spat.

Her eyes rolled back wildly. "Christine! Stay with me! Come on!" He gripped her hand feeling that it was the only safe spot to make contact.

"The baby," She breathed.

Now what did he do? Protect her from the maniac who just stabbed her or get the doctor? When she started jerking his mind was made up. Sprinting upstairs he grabbed the revolver as he should have in the first place. The Phantom looked at him sideways, where only his mask was visible. He tried to crawl forward when Raoul cocked the gun and shot him in the foot without hesitation. He screamed and thrashed back and forth.

"Now you can't run off!" He spat before turning in the direction of town and leaving for the doctor as fast as possible.

The pain for the gunshot was nothing compared to the agony of seeing his knife jetting out of Christine's chest. Why did this always happen? Why did she have to complicate things? Didn't she understand?

Inching towards her she didn't respond when he leaned over top of her. She was muttering something so softly he had to bend low to hear it. To herself she sang

"He'll kill me... His eye's will find me there"

"Christine?" He asked, fighting back tears.

She didn't respond, but, kept singing, "Those eyes that burn..."

He gripped her hand, "Please, forgive me."

"And if he has to kill a thousand men..."

"Christine..." The last sound was a sob, just before she went limp in his arms.

"The Phantom of the Opera will kill... and kill again."

When her breathing stopped Erik's cries thundered over the hills and out toward the ocean.

So I'm not gonna lie, this was a really hard chapter to write. I didn't even want it to happen, but I guess if I can capture that much emotion for myself then maybe I did it for others too. My other stories have all been cookie cutter endings. It's not over, but I hope you can appreciate the story, even if you don't like the ending.