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Inner being to outer being
Yokai/Jinchuuriki/Elemental form

Chapter 1: When in doubt, get a hat

Between all other worlds of existence, there exists a world known as the Centerplane. It is, for the most part, home to an inter-dimensional group of warriors known collectively as the Gormim. Their mission in life was to go to the worlds of other stories and amass power. Well, that and cause havoc for those involved in said story. Included among the ranks of these warriors were several versions of Naruto Uzumaki. It is one of these versions that this story shall follow…

Naruto stood somewhere near the center of a vast library. Sitting across from him behind a desk was an ageless-looking, gray-haired man. This man was the de-facto leader of the Gormim, Storia Daisho, resident Narrator. "Do you know why you're here, Naruto?" Storia asked.

"In my defense, I'm not the one who turned the Ghiaccio region into a giant rainbow snow cone," the blond interjected, "Just sayin'."

The librarian rolled his eyes, though one might observe a twitch at the corner of his mouth. "Duly noted," he deadpanned, "But no. You're here because you are wanted in a story."

Naruto was surprised. "Eh? Just me?"

"Yes. At least, at first. Your task will be to take the place of one Tsukune Aono and attend Yokai Academy." At the uncomprehending look on his 'subordinate's' face, he explained, "In that world, some Yokai attend a school while disguising themselves as humans."

"I think I see what you're talking about..." the blond young man mused, "But why would you send an old hand like me? Chimera would be a much better choice, no?"

Storia grimaced. "I think not. You know as well as I do that Chimera's sanity is a tenuous thing at best. Also, no matter his actions and abilities, he is human through and through. You, on the other hand, can keep a cooler head under pressure, you're likely to cause less trouble, or at least be able to solve your problems discreetly, and your..." he cleared his throat delicately, "Your inhuman condition would allow you to escape persecution, should you be accused of anything to the contrary."

Naruto pressed his tongue into his cheek as he thought, his rippled eyes narrow. "What abilities can I use?" he asked absently.

"Any of them. You are unrestricted, although your weaknesses will be amplified in exchange. Chakra, Biomass, Youki, all energies are usable. Youki in particular won't draw too much attention, since you'll be in a school full of demons anyway. By the way, Kina's gonna go back in the seal as well. She requested it."

"Kina?" asked Naruto, "Well, that's sweet of her. I can let her out if she wants, right? And what about Kurama, is he coming too?"

The gray-haired nodded, though he gained a bereaved expression at the second question.

The blond Blacklight rubbed his hands together in a businesslike manner. "Right, then! When do I leave?"

"Right now," Storia shrugged, "All-Seeing Lexicon, Spell 35: Mesmer-eyes."

Naruto's vision dissolved into a swirl of lights and colors. "That's...a terrible pun," he groaned, swaying drunkenly.

"Whatever. Go make a good story for me to write."

[An indeterminate amount of time later]

Naruto was rudely startled out of his doze by a sudden jolt, which hurled him out of the seat he was lying on.

"Whoops, sorry 'bout that," Said a warped voice, "I keep forgetting that pothole! My apologies if I woke you, Gorem-sama."

Naruto looked around blearily. He was sitting on the bench inside a rather normal looking bus, which was empty except for himself and the driver, a mysterious man with a cap pulled low over his eyes and smoking a cigar. Outside the windows was near-total darkness. "Where are we?" he asked, adjusting his seat.

The man blew a ring of smoke. "We're in a tunnel en route to Yokai Academy, where you are to be a student."

"Yokai Academy...?" Naruto wracked his scrambled brain, "...School for Yokai disguised as humans, right?"

"That is correct, Gorem-sama," the driver confirmed, "Storia-sama informed me that you were to replace the main character of this world in order to differently handle the situations that arise."

"Charming," Naruto muttered darkly. He looked down at himself. "Oh god, is this the uniform?" When his only reply was a chuckle, he let his head hit the window behind him. "Fantastic. I don't even have a hood. Oi, how did you even know that I'm a Gorem?"

He caught a glimpse of a pair of red eyes beneath the cap in the mirror. "Ah, don't tell anyone, but I'm from the Centerplane myself! It certainly helps, as this bus of mine goes to a number of places between the Human and Yokai Dimensions using fourth-dimensional tunnels."

"If you say so," Naruto muttered, running a hand through his spiky blond hair. He was starting to feel uncomfortable from his lack of head-cover.

Suddenly, the bus was immersed in a bright, light, making Naruto shield his eyes with a curse. "Oh, would you look at that, we're there already! By the way, you might want to disguise those eyes of yours. The humans in this world don't have ones like those." The blond nodded wearily and concentrated. When he opened his eyes again, the right one was a deep blue, while the left one was brown. "Hm...That's still a bit unusual, but perfectly alright." The bus finally slowed to a stop. "Anything else before we part ways?"

Naruto glanced out the window at a cliff overlooking the sea. In the distance he could see a gothic-style building, which looked quite forbidding. "...Yeah," Naruto started, looking at the driver, "May I have your hat? This is unfamiliar territory and I'd rather not go out without something on my head."

"Eh?" The man looked taken aback, "Oh yes, of course. Here," He took off his cap and tossed it to the teen, who promptly jammed it securely onto his head. "Please take care of that, would you? I'm a bit fond of it."

"Yeah...I'll certainly keep that in mind."

"Seriously though, be careful," the driver leaned towards him, grinning eerily, "Yokai Academy can be a real scary place!"

Naruto grinned back. "That's just fine with me. I can be a real scary guy." He stepped off the bus, leaving the driver to roar with laughter.

"Interesting," the bus driver chuckled to himself, taking a pull on his cigar, "I get the feeling that guy will cause a huge stir around here."


Naruto took a moment to breathe in the air and look around. There were dark storm clouds overhead, with a distant rumble of thunder. "Man, if I get rained on that'll just be annoying," Naruto muttered to himself, walking away from the bus toward the enormous mansion-like building, "I mean, I can probably waterproof myself, but I gotta bitch at something. Damn it Storia, why'd you do this to me? I know next to nothing about this world." Hey Kina, you know anything? He asked his tenant.

Um, I know a little, the fox-girl admitted, Not that much in detail, but it's probably a good thing Hinata-chan is fine with sharing, if you know what I mean.

He did. Ah. One of those worlds, is it? Eh, I guess my stay here won't be too bad, then. Never let it be said that Naruto Uzumaki didn't know how to look on the bright side, even when he felt like crap.

"Look out!" cried a female voice behind him.

What the... he cracked open a rear eye to see what was going on, Aw shit. He turned to see a girl with pink hair on a bicycle careening toward him. "This just isn't my da-" The rest of the blond's complaint was cut off as the bike rammed into of him. Naruto stumbled but remained standing, until the girl pitched over the handlebars and slammed into his chest. He went down hard, sprawling on the ground. "Ow," he mumbled, lifting his head up and checking to see that his hat was still secure, "Anyone ever teach you how to use the brakes?"

The girl sat up, groaning. "I'm so sorry! I just felt really lightheaded for a second."

Naruto stood, helping her to her feet as he did so. He gave her a once-over; she had bright, bubblegum-pink hair down to her knees, large green eyes and pale skin. She wore the same dark green jacket that he did (though he rather thought she made it look good) and a short, patterned skirt, which revealed a pair of long, slender legs. As he turned his eyes north-ward, he noticed a black choker around her neck, from which dangled a stylized cross with a red stone at the center. This also served to bring attention away from the small amount of cleavage that she showed.

It took Naruto a second to realize that she was waiting for him to say something. He shook his head to clear it and smiled. "Ah, I'm alright, no need to worry, I'm pretty sturdy. Still, despite that, it's nice to meet you!" He held out a hand.

The girl blushed slightly and shook it briefly, a little disconcerted by the sudden change in subject. "Ah, I'm...Moka. Moka Akashiya. I'm really sorry I rammed into you like that!" she exclaimed, bowing.

"Mah, mah, it's fine," he said, waving his hand dismissively, "Like I said, it'd take more than a runaway bike to hurt-" he stopped as she put a finger to his cheek. It came away with blood. "Well," he amended dryly, "Permanently hurt me, anyway."

However, Moka did not seem to be fully paying attention. She stared at the blood on her finger, transfixed. She sniffed at it curiously, prompting a raised eyebrow from Naruto. "Y-your blood..." she murmured, blushing, "Sorry, but it smells really good." Without warning she flung herself on him.

He stiffened as she nuzzled him with an odd, almost animalistic affection. "What-?" Naruto froze as he felt a sharp sting at the base of his neck.

Moka shivered as she drank deeply from the boy. As a vampire, she was no stranger to drinking human blood, but this Naruto-guy had some of the strongest-tasting blood she'd ever had. It was as if someone had taken the essence of multiple people and put it in one person, and it made her feel strangely warm. Finally, she detached her canine teeth from his artery and licked the wound, healing it over. She stepped back, feeling rather light-headed and sluggish. Moka also noted that his blood had a very bitter aftertaste to it. "Delicious..." she moaned, wiping the corner of her mouth.

Naruto just stared at her, his eye twitching slightly. I'd say this takes the cake for 'most awkward first meeting,' he thought, watching her flushed, slightly vacant expression, And is it me, or does she seem kinda turned on? What he didn't comment on was the fact that his virus didn't seem to have any effect on her. He'd sensed her ingesting it before some internal power destroyed it almost instantly. It seemed that she had an immunity to harmful blood-borne bacteria.

No, no, I think I see it too, Kina answered, her voice slightly nasal sounding. If Naruto were to guess, she'd just had a nosebleed.

Moka finally got herself under control, her face now glowing crimson. Oh my god, what did I just do? I only just met him and I sucked his blood! He must think I'm terrible...even though it did taste wonderful.

Said boy scratched the back of his head as he pondered what to say. "Man, if all Yokai girls are as forward as you, I might be in for a hell of a time here," he said finally.

"I-I'm really sorry," Moka mumbled, horribly embarrassed at making (To her mind) a horrible first impression, "It's just that I'm a vampire and your blood smelled so good I couldn't help myself..." She bowed her head in apology.

"It's fine! It's not like I lost anything important, though a little warning might have been nice," Naruto reassured her, "You know, I can't really say I've ever met a vampire before."

Moka looked hopeful. "So, you don't hate vampires?"

The blond shrugged. "Can't hate what I've never met. Anyway, maybe we should get going. It probably wouldn't do to be late on the first day of school."

She nodded and they began walking while Naruto picked up the fallen bike and carried it. As they reached the school, Moka suddenly said, "Oh! I almost forgot; may I know your name?"

Naruto cursed quietly. "Ah, I can't believe that I keep forgetting to introduce myself- dattebayo! My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I'll be seeing you around, Moka-chan." With that, he abruptly set down the bike, turned and left, leaving her slightly confused.

"…Dattebayo?" she asked.

That went well, he thought, First few minutes here and I've already made a friend. Blood-sucking aside, she seems pretty nice.

I think 'fine' is the word I'd use, Kina muttered.

Oh, ha-ha.

C'mon! Did you see those legs?

Hard not to, with a skirt like that...damn it, you are such a pervert.

You know you love me!

Never said I didn't.


Naruto found himself somewhere he hadn't been in a long time: a classroom.

The teacher was a fairly attractive young woman with dirty blond hair (Which seemed to stick up in two places on top) who seemed to always have a small smile, along with closed eyes. "Hello there!" She said cheerfully, "I'm your teacher for this year, Shizuka Nekonome, though you're only allowed to call me Nekonome-sensei. I'd like to welcome you all to Yokai Academy!"

Naruto propped his head on his hand to listen to his new sensei. He was interested in learning what the score was, here.

"As you are all aware, this is a school for monsters. More specifically, it's where Yokai learn how to get by undetected in the human world."

That got Naruto's interest. Now that he thought about it, he wondered if the human world here was like the one back home. He resolved to ask the bus driver next time he saw him.

The cat-like woman continued, "So, one of the rules of this academy is that you must maintain a human guise at all times! You'll be punished if you reveal your true form to another student."

That seems reasonable, Kina said thoughtfully, putting a hand to one of her foxy ears, Although I think she should take her own advice.

Naruto looked down to see what the Kyuubi was talking about. A cat's tail was poking out from underneath the woman's skirt. He couldn't resist pointing it out. "Er, sensei? Your tail's showing."

Nekonome-sensei looked flustered and quickly hid her tail. Several boys snickered, causing her to hiss angrily at them, only to stop at a new voice.

A large boy with brown hair and piercings sneered, "Cooperation sounds so boring, though! Wouldn't it just be better to just go out there and eat all those worthless humans? Well, aside from the women, that is. They have some use."

The tone of his voice left Naruto in no doubt what he was talking about. If he does what I think he's thinking about, I'm gonna eat him.

"Be that as it may, Saizo-san," the teacher replied with a subtle undercurrent of fury, "I doubt you'll find any humans at this academy. The Yokai and Human worlds are totally separate, and any human caught on the premises would be executed immediately."

Before Naruto could puzzle too much over this contradiction, there was a scuffle outside and the door slid open, a female voice saying breathlessly, "S-sorry! I got lost after the orientation and couldn't find the right room."

Naruto glanced around to see Moka Akashiya standing in the door, looking sheepish.

Almost immediately the males started staring at her.

"Holy shit, there are girls this hot at the academy? Score!"
"I wonder if that pink hair is natural."
"Now there's someone I wouldn't mind being my girlfriend."

Naruto face-palmed at these comments. Dear lord, I'm stuck in a class full of Kibas!

It seemed as if Moka was slightly hard of hearing, as she did not register the lecherous remarks. Instead, she spotted Naruto and made her way over to him, her long pink hair swishing behind her. "Ohayo, Naruto-san!" She said cheerfully.

He pushed up the brim of his hat in greeting. "Yo. Didn't think I'd see you again so soon, Moka-chan."

The vampire blushed, but sat down in the desk next to his when asked to.

Nearly every boy in the class glared jealously at Naruto, wondering who he was to already be so familiar with the beautiful girl. Naruto stared back at them expressionlessly, then smirked as if to say, 'Yeah, I'm awesome, wanna start something?' There was a surge of killing intent, which he was interested to note was laced with a weaker version of the Youki he was used to. Satisfied, he pulled his cap lower over his eyes and turned his attention back to the front of the room.

Moka watched her new friend out of the corner of her eye. She wondered what sort of monster he was, and why his blood tasted so good. She knew that the blood of different Yokai tasted differently to a vampire, but she'd never heard of a monster whose blood tasted like a thousand other peoples' all at once. She wondered if it had to do with his eyes being different colors. Was he a hybrid monster?

Be careful around that one, her inner self said, He looks like one who attracts trouble like a magnet. Not only that, but his blood also carries a lethal virus in it; if it were not for our vampiric nature, you might have become infected.

Well, that somewhat explained the bitter aftertaste in the blood. Still, what sort of Yokai has a virus in their blood without being affected?

Unbeknownst to the pink-haired girl, Naruto was also watching her, or rather her expression. If he was reading it correctly, she was trying to figure out what he was. I wish her luck. Half the time even I don't know what I am.

She looks like Sakura, doesn't she? Kina mused quietly.

How do you figure that?

Come on! She exclaimed in exasperation, Long pink hair, green eyes? Any of those ring a bell?

Naruto conceded those similarities. Unlike Sakura, though, she actually has a nice personality, even if she does suck my blood. That, and she actually has a nice figure.

I'll say.

I believe you already did so, thought the blond with a roll of his eyes.

(After class)

Naruto looked around as he walked down the halls, admiring the architecture. This is nothing like the academy back home.

"Hello, Naruto-san!" Said Moka, running up to him.

Naruto stopped to let her catch up, then kept walking. "Hello, Moka-chan" he said, "So, how do you like this place?" He wasn't meaning to be short, but he couldn't really think of anything worth saying.

The young vampire took it in stride. "I really like it here! Everyone here's so friendly. It's much different from my old school."

He quickly seized the opportunity to ask, "Oh yeah? What was it like?"

Moka's face darkened, but before she could say anything, a shadow loomed over them. "Hey there, Moka-chan." It was the same brown-haired boy from before. "The name's Saizo Komiya."

"Oh, nice to meet you, Saizo-san!" she chirped, instantly brightening. She indicated Naruto, who was giving Saizo a look of deep dislike, "This is my friend Naruto!"

Saizo sneered at him. "A pleasure," he said, with a note of derision hinting otherwise. "So, tell me," in a flash he'd grabbed Naruto and lifted him into the air, "What's a beauty like you doing with a guy like this?"

"N-Naruto!" gasped Moka, horrified.

The blond boy in question barely reacted to being hoisted up. He merely raised an eyebrow at the larger boy's actions. "I reiterate," he said, glancing at Moka, "Are all Yokai this forward with their emotions?"

Saizo got a tick mark on his temple, irked that this wimpy looking guy was ignoring him. With a growl, he hurled Naruto away bodily. Taken by surprise, Naruto grunted as he crashed into the wall and slid down. "Are you alright?" Moka asked frantically. She rushed over and helped him up as Saizo smirked at him.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Naruto muttered, rubbing at his back, "Just surprised." Not bad. This guy's stronger and faster than I expected. I must be getting soft in my old age or something.

Moka was feeling a little disconcerted. Her new friend had just been thrown into a hard wall, but was shrugging it off like it was nothing.

"Come on!" said friend grabbed her by the hand and pulled her along.

Saizo continued to sneer after the retreating couple. You can't stay away from me forever, Moka-chan. He licked his lips with an abnormally long tongue. However, a twinge of pain made him look down. There was a long cut going along his forearm. "That bastard!"

Naruto, it seemed, had cut the boy when he was being thrown.


"That was scary…" Moka sighed, "Are you sure you're alright, Naruto?"

Naruto nodded absently, examining the bloodstained spike he'd used to cut Saizo. "Yep. I told you, I'm pretty sturdy. 'Sides, I probably got him worse than he got me." He showed her the spike.

Where did he get that from? the young vampire thought to herself, taking it gingerly. It was a rather crude thing, made of a rust-red substance with a rough texture. The tip, however, was quite sharp, as was evident by the blood that streaked it. She sniffed it out of curiosity.

The corner of Naruto's mouth twitched as the girl gagged and handed the spike back to him. "Not to your liking, I take it," he teased, making the object dissolve back into biomass.

"Ugh, no. It smells like mud." Moka blew her nose into a handkerchief to try and get the smell out of her senses. "A vampire would have to be desperate to drink that! It says something about what kind of monster he is."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Really? What does my blood say about me, then?" he asked

She thought for a while. "I don't know. I've never tasted blood like it before. It's really unique, but sooo good!" Her eyes glazed over as she eyed his neck, as if resisting the temptation to bite into him. Then she snapped out of it and asked, "So, Naruto-kun, what sort of monster are you?"

Naruto paused for a second before scratching at his hair under the cap. "Hm…I'm not sure if I can tell you. Yokai Academy has a rule against telling someone what you are, like you did."

"Oh!" Moka flinched, "I didn't hear about that! Sorry I asked such a thing."

But the heterochromic blond merely waved her off. "Nah, nah, it's fine. I think the bigger rule is that you can't reveal your true form in the school."

"Oh, that's not a problem for me," the young vampire said with relief. She indicated her chest. "Do you see this?"

Naruto thought Moka was talking about her breasts, which were shown by the minor amount of cleavage her shirt provided. "Yeah, it's…pretty nice," he conceded.

"Indeed. This Rosary seals my true form, as well as my full power. Apparently only a certain person can remove it; even I can't take it off."

Naruto was confused for a second. Then he realized that Moka was talking about the cross around her neck. His face turned bright red; he'd just made a complete fool out of himself. Of course she meant the Rosary! Idiot! What the hell was I thinking! "S-so, I guess you can already pass for a human already, right?" he asked, trying to divert attention from himself.

A melancholy look came over Moka's face. "I…I don't like humans," she said quietly.

Cue confusion. "Eh? What brought this on?"

She looked down at her feet. "I…I went to a human middle school a few years. Everybody always stayed away from me and laughed at me behind my back. I was the crazy girl who believed she was a vampire. I found myself wishing that I didn't exist. Why did I have to be so strange?"

Naruto felt something like kinship in the dejected girl. She too knew what it was like to be shunned and lonely because of everyone around her, albeit the circumstances and intensity were different. Hesitantly, he put an arm around her shoulder. She looked up at him in surprise as he softly said, "Guess I have to share my story as well, eh?" He took a moment to organize his thoughts. "The first thing you should know is that I'm not even from this world. I was born in an alternate universe."

"An…alternate universe?" Moka asked, stunned. So, her friend was an alien?

"Yeah. Not only that, but the world wasn't divided between humans and Demons. The number of Yokai back home was extremely small. One of those Demons was involved in nearly destroying my village on the night I was born. My parents were among the casualties. Due to the circumstances, I grew up shunned, ignored, belittled, even beaten by the villagers."

The pink-haired girl gasped, tears in her eyes. "That's horrible! How can anyone treat a child like that?"

"Humans are capable of many things," Naruto said lowly, "Both terrible and wonderful. The leader of the village, the Hokage, always cared for me. Or at least, he made sure that I had a place to live and some money to buy food with. But the villagers always went out of their way to overcharge me for everything but the worst food and clothing, and I went hungry a lot. For a lot of my early life, the number people who cared whether I lived or died could be counted on one hand. But," He looked up at her with a small smile beneath his mismatched eyes, "I can honestly say that I don't hate humans."

Moka was stunned. "B-but why not?" she asked, "Surely humans are evil, if they would shun a child?"

"Not always," he replied patiently, "There are humans who are cruel, yes, but not necessarily without reason. And besides that, there are many humans who are innocent and don't deserve to be labeled with the others."

At these words, Moka had a pensive expression. "Can I think about what you said? It's just, I've always been taught that humans were the enemy of all demonkind, that they were all evil."

"Trust me, the feeling is quite mutual," Naruto muttered bitterly, "But, I can see your point. See you later, Moka-chan."

When the vampire had left, Naruto sighed. "You know, it's not polite to spy on someone without even saying hi, Seito-san."

The large boy growled as he loomed over the blond. "My name is Saizo, bastard!"

"Yeah?" Naruto drawled, not even bothering to look around, "Well, what do you want, Saizo-bastard?"

Saizo clenched his fist, causing the cut on his arm to throb. "I want you to stay away from Moka-chan," he threatened, "I've already decided that she's mine!"

"Hm…let me think about that. No."

Once again Naruto was lifted into the air by the Yokai. He noticed that the arm holding him was now bulging and growing larger than normal. "I'm only gonna tell you once, punk. If you don't leave Moka-chan to me, I'll just remove you, got it?"

The blond rolled his eyes. "Right. Like I'm afraid of some wannabe rapist who needs to transform just to threaten me. No dice, Saizo-bastard."

Saizo snarled, incensed, "That's it!" He reared back with an enlarged fist, ready to pummel Naruto into oblivion. However, there was a puff of smoke and Saizo's fist hit only a log. "What the-?"

"I'm not gonna fall for that twice," grumbled a voice. Naruto reappeared in a crouch; he spun and kicked Saizo's legs out from under him. "Honestly. I may be getting rusty, but I'm not bad enough to get caught completely by surprise," he continued as the bully hit the ground. Before Saizo could do more than grunt, Naruto wound up and threw a punch, slamming into his stomach with enough force to crack the ground, as well as knock all the air out of his lungs. "Hmm…good thing you're tougher than you look, otherwise that might have killed you," Naruto said, partly to himself as he wandered away from the nearly unconscious Saizo, "Now, where do you get something to eat around here? I hope they have ramen; that'd be perfect…"

Bastard…thought Saizo hazily, I'll get you for this…Uzumaki!


Moka spent a long time thinking over what Naruto had said. For many years, her father had taught her that humans were the enemy, that they couldn't be trusted with anything, let alone befriended. Yet Naruto said that, despite having cruelty, humans could be good. That they could not really be classified as either good or evil as a species. I guess Yokai are the same, she thought, There are both good ones and bad ones…

Her stomach growled at her, reminding her that she hadn't eaten anything since that morning. She went to find the cafeteria. Maybe I'll find Naruto there. For some reason, thinking of the blond boy made her face heat up. Maybe he'll let me drink more of that delicious blood of his! Moka thought happily.

However, as she walked through graveyard by the dormitories, Saizo stumbled over, his breathing labored. "Found you, Moka-chan!" he rasped, his eyes bloodshot, "Now that that bastard Uzumaki isn't here to take you away, I can take you as mine."

His? asked Moka's inner self, incensed, Does this cretin think himself worthy of an S-class vampire! Were I free of this seal, I would show him his place!

The normal Moka, however, could do nothing but watch in horror as Saizo seemed to explode out of his shirt. He grew larger and larger, his skin becoming ridged and spiked as his muscles bulged. Oddly enough, his face didn't change that much, it just got slightly uglier. "This is my true form!" Saizo boasted, "I'm an Orc! And now I'm gonna take you, Moka-chan!"

The young vampire backed up until she hit a tree. As she was now, she had no chance of defeating this monster. Her best bet would be to try and escape. She made to run past the Orc, but he shot his surprisingly long tongue at her. The slimy appendage wrapped around her leg and jerked her off her feet, whipping her around to slam into a tree. "No…" she whimpered, barely able to move from a lack of breath and pain. Moka began to feel fear as Saizo lifted her limp body in his hands. His long tongue snaked from his mouth as he grinned. "It's been a while since I had a girl with a body like yours," he said loudly, "I'm gonna enjoy using you to my heart's content!" Even as he moved to tear Moka's jacket, Saizo froze as a feeling of menace suddenly bore down on him. "W-what the-!" He looked around to see who was there.

It was Naruto. He had heard the shouts and come to see what was happening. If there was one thing he had on Saizo, it was discretion. "What the hell's going on?" he growled, "Moka-chan, what's this guy doing?"

"H-he said he was going to…"

"Uzumaki…" growled Saizo, a maddened look in his eye, "Why the hell do you keep popping up when I'm having my fun?"

The blond frowned. "He said he was what going to what, Moka-chan?" he asked evenly, ignoring the giant monster. The look on her face was enough to let him guess. "I see…" he murmured, pulling the brim of his cap down as his tone turned icy. "I see."

Now it was Saizo's turn to back up at the suddenly oppressive feeling coming from the shorter boy. What the hell? he thought furiously, Can he really be this strong? He unconsciously loosened his grip and dropped Moka.

Naruto moved with surprising speed across the distance between them and caught Moka in his arms. Moka blushed at finding herself held in his strong arms, even as he carried her to a tree and set her down. "You alright, Moka-chan?" he asked.

"I...yes," she stammered, "I'm alright."

Her inner self raged, I'll kill that son of a bitch! How dare he think to use me for his own sick pleasures!

Naruto cocked his head, as if he'd heard something. "Hey, do you want to fight him?" he asked the girl, indicating Saizo, "I get the feeling you could beat him without that rosary."

"Well, I probably could," Moka replied thoughtfully, feeling calm despite herself, "But I can't pull it off by myself; someone else has to do it."

Saizo was getting tired of being ignored. He shot out his tongue and caught the blond's arm with it. Naruto glanced at the offending appendage for a moment, annoyed, then jerked his arm out of its grip. As he did so, however, his hand caught the cross hanging from the vampire's neck and snapped it off its chain. "Ah, shit," he winced, "Sorry about that. I'll try and fix it later if you come by-"

Youki exploded off of Moka, knocking Naruto onto his backside, mid-word. As he watched, the dark energy took the form of a swarm of bats, which swirled through the air with insistent shrieks. As they cleared, Moka stood tall, scowling down at Naruto with scarlet eyes. Her now-silvery hair flowed in the wind as she sighed and stretched. "I suppose I should thank you," she said grudgingly, "I wanted to defeat this brute myself."

"I know," Naruto shrugged, "I heard you say as much from inside the rosary."

Saizo took a step back as Moka turned to him. No way! One of the legendary, S-Class Vampires! I can feel the power coming from her… His lips curled back in a snarl. "Don't think I'll just back down!" he roared. He charged at the pair, arms up.

"Might want to dodge that," Naruto muttered apprehensively.

"You might," scoffed Moka. She glared venomously at the approaching Saizo. "You..." she growled, walking forward to meet him, "You thought you could get away with trying to sully a vampire, a Yokai far above your station?" As the towering monster bore down on her, her strides lengthened until she was running flat out. "Know your place!" she yelled. She performed a perfect high kick straight to his jaw, her powerful legs sending him flying away. Saizo crashed into a nearby rock and slid down, unconscious from that one hit.

The vampire turned from her downed adversary with a toss of her hair and walked back to the blond. Naruto was staring at her, her rosary still held limply in his hand. "That was…pretty cool," he said distantly, though his mismatched eyes narrowed. In her true form, the heterochromic blond could feel a great deal of power in her. To be honest, it was starting to make him feel a little hungry. Tentatively, he offered the cross. "Sorry about breaking this. I can fix it if you want."

Moka shook her head and took it. "That won't be necessary." She moved to put the rosary back on its chain, but stopped, giving him a once over. "You're a strange one, Naruto Uzumaki," she informed him, "I don't think I've ever met a monster like you before. It seems that my 'Outer' self has taken a liking to your blood, and on that count I can agree. It's certainly unlike any blood I've ever tasted. Tell me," Her red eyes narrowed, "What sort of monster are you?"

"I get the feeling I'm going to be asked that quite a lot," Naruto sighed, "I am what's known as a Blacklight."

"I've never heard of it."

He shrugged. "I'd be surprised if you had. It probably doesn't exist in this world, and it's pretty rare even in my home world."

The silvery-haired girl frowned even as she inexplicably reattached her rosary. "But what is it? What is a Blacklight? What are you?"

As the ends of her hair darkened to pink, Naruto merely smiled. Though he still looked like his teen self, the way his cap shaded his eyes contrived to make him look suddenly mysterious. "Well…if you must take away something from this today, you could say that…" his eyes briefly turned a bright green, with cross-shaped slit pupils, "I'm a new kind of monster. For now, that's all you need know, Moka-chan."


AN: Title drop! Yes, I did just go there. So, here's the first chapter of my new fic, CoG: A New Kind of Monster. Sorry if it seems a little rushed in places, but I wanted to get this first chapter over with. Anyway, if you want an explanation, please read my other fic, CoG: Naruto's Other Tenant. This fic is a sort of sequel to it, though CoG: NOT is not complete yet. As such, there will be spoilers, though I'll try to keep them to a minimum. Also, I'm going to warn you now. Naruto is going to extremely powerful, whether or not it's godlike or overpowered is your opinion. I will keep writing regardless. Also, I may end up crossing this over with other universes, such as Okami and Homestuck. Like CoG: NOT, this fic will be a harem, though a bit larger than R+V canon. What with the mass-purge going on here, I can only hope my fics won't be deleted for the violence I'm planning.

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4. Storia uses multiple types of magic.
5. Since canon has not come up with an explanation for the bus driver, I did. He comes from the Centerplane, the same realm of existence as the Gormim.
6. Wearing a hat is one of this Naruto's quirks. He has quite a few; in this case, he becomes uncomfortable when he does not have something on top of his head.
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15. Naruto gives Moka an abridged version of his back-story, but tells her humans are not inherently evil.
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