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Inner being to outer being
Bijuu/Jinchuuriki/Yōkai form

Chapter 2: When Charm fails…receive Friendship? A big rivalry momentarily presents itself.

A week passed at Yōkai Academy for Naruto. Compared to how he was used to his old life being, things were moving rather slowly, all things considered. Still, it was nice to be able to wake up in a bed without someone banging on his door for a mission or a meeting.

Truthfully, he found the classes here quite interesting. Though he hadn't become interested in academics until later in his first life, he liked the pace of the lessons. As he had suspected, the Human World in this universe was much different from his own, and he loved learning about how things worked there. The technology they had was much more advanced than anything he had known in his own world. Well except for Carlos, but he was a Gorem of Technology, so he didn't count.

As he walked to the main building with the throng of students, he noticed girls around him giving him sly looks and giggling to themselves. He sighed imperceptibly; it seemed he'd somehow managed to gather a slight fan club. He wasn't sure if it was because if they were attracted to his looks or his mellow demeanor, but it had happened. On the other hand, most of the guys regarded him with jealousy and spite. It really was irritating to the Blacklight, and one of the few downsides to being a teenager again.

"Naruto!" called female voice.

He turned, grinning slightly. There are upsides, of course, he thought.

Moka Akashiya came running up to him, smiling brightly. Nearly every nearby student stopped to stare at her in awe. Naruto tried not to laugh at the increased jealousy that the males were sending his way. Though it had only been about a week, Moka was already considered the most beautiful girl at the Academy.

The young Vampire shifted her grip on her school bag. "Good morning, Naruto," she said cheerfully, falling into step with him.

"Morning, Moka-chan," Naruto acknowledged with equal cheer, "So, ready for another day of learning about the human world?"

She grimaced slightly at the slight dig at her prejudices (Somehow making it still look pretty), before smiling back and saying, "Will you give me your blood if I say yes?" she asked cheekily.

"Heh, and people say I had a one track mind," he chuckled. He tilted his head, exposing his neck. "Drink up, then. This is the only one you get today, though."

For the past week or so, Moka was always asking to drink Naruto's blood. Even with her apparent Vampire immunity, Naruto was firm in allowing her only one drink per day. He didn't want to accidentally infect her. A Blacklight made from a human was bad enough, a Vampire-Blacklight would likely be disastrous. Even if he could focus on not infecting someone, mistakes could still happen.

So he grit his teeth and let Moka sink hers into his neck. He actually felt some killing intent being directed at him as the pink-haired girl sucked at his blood. He was starting to feel lightheaded when she finally detached herself and gave him one more small lick.

Moka leaned against his side with a quiet moan and a blissful expression. "Oh my…I think I'm addicted to your blood," she said contemplatively.

There are better things of his to get addicted to, said Kina with a perverted giggle.

She can't hear you, Naruto pointed out dryly.

The fox-girl shrugged. So? It doesn't make it any less true.

Behind a nearby tree, a girl with blue hair watched them, a glint of mischief in her eyes. So, that's the one…Uzumaki Naruto.


"Ah, that was a good lesson!" yawned Naruto, stretching as he and Moka walked out of the classroom, "To think they've actually managed to make a map of the whole world…humans really are something."

Moka yawned too, though out of boredom. "It's not that much of a big deal," she grumbled. Having been to the Human World herself, she already knew much of what was being taught in class.

"Aw, don't be such a downer, Moka-chan," he chided teasingly, "Just think, there's so many places to go and all those different cultures to experience!"

The pink-haired girl just shook her head exasperatedly. "You find the weirdest details interesting. There are lots of humans, big deal."

"That's just your prejudices speaking," Naruto retorted lightheartedly, "Come on, lighten up a little."

She merely stuck her tongue out at him, causing him to sigh.

Ten minutes later, the two of them were seated on a bench. Naruto had managed to procure a can of juice from a nearby vending machine and was drinking it in silence.

Kina chose that moment to speak up. Hm...I just had a thought.


Don't sass me! I'm just wondering if there are any Yoko or Kitsune at the school.

Naruto took the can away from his mouth thoughtfully. Fair point. Wonder how that would go. He frowned. Hm, actually, it probably wouldn't be too bad, unless everybody finds out that you 'n Kurama live in my gut.

A sudden giggle made him look around. Moka blushed and looked away. "Ah- sorry, it's nothing. The way you were sitting, looking all broody like that with a can of juice, it was kind of funny."

"Oh really?" asked Naruto playfully, a smirk starting on his face.

"Mm," she nodded, not seeing his expression, "Like an old man."

Naruto's face fell comically, becoming gloomy in an instant. "Well you don't have to rub it in," he muttered, suddenly sullen. Just because I'm old doesn't mean I have to look like it!

Aww, is Naru-kun sensitive about his age? Crooned Kina in a teasing voice.

Shut it, you. You're way older than I am.

The fox girl wagged her finger admonishingly at him from inside his head. No, I'm old enough that age difference means nothing, while you...

Moka became worried as she saw Naruto's dark expression. "Naruto?" she asked.

"Ah, what?" Naruto shook himself, looking slightly confused, "Sorry, miles away."

The pink-haired girl jumped at the sudden change in countenance. "It-it's nothing," she stammered.

He merely shook his juice can, to see if there was any left, before draining the last of it in one go. "Well, I'm off," he said curtly, "See ya later." He wandered away, lost in thought.

What the hell? thought Moka.


"Eiya," sighed Naruto as he walked. He was in the forest at the edge of the school grounds, "This whole story thing Storia's got me doing is a real chore, dattebayo. Nothing exciting's happened since I got here, 'sides that whole thing with that Saizo creep and seeing Moka's true form. How am I supposed to create an interesting story when there's nothing interesting around?"


Hark! I hear the voice of a wild plot-device! laughed Kina, A female one, by the sound of it! Maybe she's just as cute as Moka. With your luck, it's pretty likely.

Naruto rolled his eyes as he took off running in the of the voice. Kina my dear, I do think you take a mite too much pleasure in this.

What, and you don't?

Within seconds, Naruto found the owner of the voice; he had to fight not to gape openly at her. Kneeling on the forest floor was a girl with short, cyan hair. Her eyes were a dusty violet and wide with distress. She wore a short skirt and yellow sweater that accentuated a pair of some of the largest breasts he'd ever seen on a girl. Well, in this world, anyway, he corrected himself automatically. "Hey, you alright?"

I'd say she's more than alright! Kina was positively drooling over the girl.

He had to fight to resist rolling his eyes. Cool it, vix. You can fantasize about her later.

"Sorry," the girl said meekly, "I just felt really light-headed all of a sudden. Good thing you happened by!"

"I suppose…" Naruto agreed, slightly confused, "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. May I ask who you are?"

The blue-haired smiled and bowed, causing a slight bounce in her chest, which drew Naruto's eye briefly like a magnet. "Nice to meet you, Naruto-san. I'm Kurono Kurumu. Thank you for the assistance."

He shrugged, still eyeing her. There was something off about the girl, though she seemed nice enough. "Well, nice to meet you too, Kurumu-chan. Now, what's a pretty girl like you doing all the way out here?"

Kurumu blushed slightly at the compliment, but smirked. "Perhaps I was hoping to charm a handsome boy like yourself."

Caught off guard, Naruto blinked at her, not sure how to respond to that. "…Well, if it were anyone but me, you'd probably have succeeded with your breasts alone." Inwardly, he winced at the brazen comment, but to his surprise, she only seemed to swell with pride.

"Oh, so you did notice!" she hefted the large mounds, causing Naruto to make a choked noise, "You're the first male to not drool over me from the get-go."

"I can imagine," he deadpanned, getting himself under control. In reality, while he was impressed with her breasts, he was only outwardly acting the part of a hormonal teenager, "I assure you, though, I'm practically salivating on the inside." Or at least Kina is. She counts, right?

Hey, this is my libido, use your own!

Kurumu giggled, again setting off a reaction from her breasts. "You're pretty funny. I haven't met anyone like you before."

He shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, I like to think I'm somewhat unique, dattebayo." He grimaced as his verbal tick kicked in. "It's not that funny," he told the laughing girl sullenly.

She stopped quickly, but there was still a smirk on her face. "I'd say you're pretty unique with a quirk like that," she said, mockingly. Naruto growled at her half-heartedly, "Aw, did I hurt your feelings?" she asked, still smiling as he looked away with a grunt, "Here," she suddenly took his hand and placed it on her breast.

Naruto's eyes widened as the cloth-covered, fleshy orb made contact with his palm. He squeezed it reflexively, drawing a moan from the blue-haired girl, distantly marveling at the warm, soft, firm feeling filling his hand. Finally, he looked up at Kurumu, stunned that she would let a complete stranger grope her like this. As he thought this, he realized where his hand was and quickly withdrew it, making Kurumu look disappointed. "You weren't kidding, were you? You really were trying to charm a guy by coming out here," Naruto said.

"Of course!" she huffed, "I was being serious. Would you say it's working?"

He opened his mouth to reply, but had to think about it a moment. "To be honest, I actually like your personality the most. Talking to you is pretty easy, and kinda…exciting," she smiled proudly at this as he continued, "I'll admit, I think you're really pretty, though I'm not exactly a good judge, 'cause I find a lot of girls cute, but…" He trailed off at the look on her face and chuckled. "Heh, sorry, I tend to ramble when I'm nervous. Truth is, I don't know if I'm charmed or not, but I'm gonna say not."

"Drat," Kurumu muttered. She sighed and pouted at him. "You're definitely not like any guy I've met before. But this always works…"

Naruto asked "What does?"

She suddenly sidled up to him, molding herself to his chest and gazing up at him. "This," she said, her suddenly glowing. A rippling violet wave spread from her eyes to his. "Naruto-kun…please leave Moka to be with me!"

For a split second, it seemed to work; Naruto's mismatched eyes momentarily glazed over as Kurumu's Charm took effect. Then, to her shock, the irises turned a bright scarlet, with three tomoe orbiting the pupil. He blinked, then smirked down at the blue-haired girl. "Sorry Kurumu-chan, but you can't get me with that. I'm pretty much immune to mind control. Besides, I can't just leave Moka-chan, my conscience wouldn't allow it."

"W-what?" Kurumu backed away, paling, "No male can resist a Succubus' charm!"

He tilted his head in curiosity. "A Succubus? Is that what you are?" He paused. "…Are they those types of demons that seduce people?"

Even against her panic, Kurumu sweatdropped. "You don't know what a Succubus is?"

"Nope. Sorry, but I was raised in a human village where demons weren't exactly a hot topic. Still learning, though." He smiled embarrassedly at his admitted ignorance. "So, still want to be friends?"

Once more Kurumu was absolutely stunned. "What?! You still…with me…but…what?" She couldn't understand why this guy, who she'd tried and failed to Charm to her will, didn't already despise her.

Naruto merely shrugged. "Well, yeah, you did try to make me stop being friends with Moka-chan, which I'll admit is not cool. But at the same time, I don't really sense any dark or hostile emotions from you. Selfish, maybe," Kurumu glanced away, "But I'm hardly going to blame you for that; everyone is selfish for something, myself most of all. Also," his eyes softened and he put a hand on her shoulder, "I can see that you're really lonely and don't have too many friends. I know what that's like. So," he removed his hand and held it in front of her, "Friends?"

Kurumu stared, wide-eyed. This boy… she thought, He really means it. He wasn't affected by my powers, but he still… Her heart gave a sudden lurch, and she felt tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. She took his hand in both of hers and looked up at him, smiling. "I…I'd like that a lot," she said, her voice shaking slightly.

For a moment, as Naruto looked down at her, he saw another blue-haired girl in her place. He smiled and ruffled her hair. "Hey. Don't cry, 'kay?"

She huffed and wiped her eyes. "Who's crying?" she asked, smirking at him.

He said nothing but smiled wider and took a step away. "I gotta go. I'll be seeing you around, alright?"

"Will you be with her?" asked Kurumu, looking suddenly sulky.

He merely raised an eyebrow and frowned at her. "Of course. She's my friend too. See ya, Kuru-chan!"

She grumbled but remained silent. Once the boy was gone, though, her face flushed and she put a hand to her chest. "Uzumaki…Naruto-kun," she murmured, feeling her heart throbbing, "He doesn't hate me…he shrugged off the charm like it was nothing, but he still… Could this be what Mother told me about? Is he…?"

(Next day)

"Ohayō, Moka-chan!"

"Ah!" the pink-haired Vampire looked around and saw her blond friend approaching. "Naruto! Good morning." There was a chorus of mutinous muttering from the various other males in the hall, who were wishing they could be greeted by such a pretty girl.

The heterochromic smiled, then glanced away, suddenly looking guilty. "Er…I'm…sorry for running out on you yesterday. I don't really have an excuse for that."

Moka blinked. "Oh. I-I don't really mind too much, it's fine! I mean, it's not like you meant to hurt me or anything."

"Right…" Naruto laughed, though there was a slightly nervous quality to it. "By the way, while I was walking, I, erm, met this other girl and I seem to have suddenly become friends with her." By this time the two of them were passing by the inner staircase

"Oh?" a suspicious gleam came into the pink-ette's eye. "And who is this girl?"

Before he could answer, there was a cry of "Good morning, Naruto-kun!" Something blue and yellow flew from out of nowhere and latched onto his back. Naruto stumbled forward in shock as two immensely large and soft objects were suddenly pressed into his head.

"Eh, what?!" Naruto floundered about in surprise, completely bewildered.

For Moka, who was used to seeing Naruto take everything in stride, this sight of him confused and wide-eyed was very funny indeed and she started to laugh. At least until one of his flailing hands landed on one of her breasts and squeezed.

Somewhere in the back of his head, (the part that Kurumu was smothering with her own magnificent mammaries), Naruto thought, Huh. Kinda firm and perky. Then he came back to his senses and saw just whose boob he was grabbing, and the red face above it. "Uh oh."

"KYAAAH!" Thoroughly embarrassed, Moka kicked him in the chin. The other boys cheered, both because their hated enemy was being beaten up, and also because the kick gave them a spectacular flash of her pink panties. "No! Don't look!" she screamed at them, quickly pushing her skirt back down.

Kurumu, meanwhile, had jumped off of Naruto before he was kicked, then ran to where he landed. "Oh my god, Naruto-kun! Are you okay?!"

The blond sat up, grimacing and checking the inside of his mouth with his tongue. "Think I bit my tongue…" he muttered. The blue-haired girl face-faulted, even as Moka ran over.

"Are you alright?" she asked frantically, "I'm really sorry, Naruto!"

Naruto waved her off. "Nah, I'm fine. I've had worse. Good thing it wasn't your true form, or I might've lost my head entirely, ne?" He laughed, though neither girl joined in. They were too busy glaring at each other. "Oh yeah, Moka-chan, this is Kurono Kurumu, the girl I told you about. Kurumu-chan, you obviously know Akashiya Moka."

Moka blinked. "Aren't you that girl who wanted to turn all the boys in the school into her personal harem?"

Kurumu looked suddenly nervous, while the boys in the background rocketed back with nosebleeds.

Naruto on the other hand laughed. "Really, Kuru-chan? What, were you planning on hypnotizing all of them?"

"Maybe," mumbled the Succubus, shooting Moka a venomous look, "B-but I've changed! There's only one person who-"

"Oh damn, we're gonna be late!" Naruto said suddenly, jumping up, "Sorry Kuru-chan, could you finish that later? C'mon, Moka-chan!"

Kurumu's eyebrow twitched as her 'Chosen One' and the other girl ran off. "…God damn it." She looked around at all the other people in the hall. "What?" she asked grumpily.


"Okay, even I'll admit that was boring," Naruto grumbled to Moka as they left the classroom.

"Told you," she said, though her face suggested that her heart wasn't in the pseudo-banter. "Um, Naruto?"


"If you don't mind me asking…how did you meet Kurumu-san?"

He scratched his chin. "Well, after I, um, walked away from you, I met her in the forest. She said she'd collapsed from light-headedness, though she later admitted she was just trying to attract and ensnare guys."

Moka stumbled in shock. "She just admitted it to you? And you became friends with her anyway?!"

"Yes," he said simply, "I mean, she also tried hypnotizing me or something, but that didn't work either.

The Vampire's eye twitched slightly. "You're a little too forgiving, Naruto."

Naruto smiled slightly. "Well, at my age I can afford to be," he said.

Moka frowned. "What do you mean?" she asked, confused, "You're the same age as me, aren't you?"

"Er, right!" he agreed quickly, "Right, I'm sixteen…like you…let's go get lunch, shall we?"

The speed at which he changed subject was rather suspicious to the pink-haired girl, but she ignored it and said, "You go on ahead."

Naruto paused and glanced at her, but after sensing only some uneasiness, he shrugged and patted her on the shoulder. "Alright, try not to wait too long, or they'll run out of tomatoes or whatever it is that Vampires actually eat."

Despite her preoccupying thoughts, she sweat-dropped. "I don't eat tomatoes," she muttered at his retreating back, "Geez, even after a week he doesn't know my eating habits."

His density is the least of your problems, said the voice in her Rosary, that Kurono girl is obviously a Succubus. They always tend to latch onto young men to drain them dry. No doubt she's set her sights on the Blacklight boy.

Whatever that even is, she thought, Though he did say he was able to resist her hypnosis…

"Hey." Moka jumped and looked around. The self-same girl was walking towards her, looking decidedly displeased. "You," she growled, walking right the girl and pointing accusatorily at her, "You hurt my Destined One."

Well, that was direct. The pink-haired girl blinked. "Your what?"

There was another aggravated growl. "My Destined One! All Succubi have a certain person who they're destined to be with above all others. Naruto-kun's mine, and you hurt him for no reason!"

"Wh-what?" Moka stammered, taken aback by such bluntness, "What are you talking about?"

Rolling her eyes, Kurumu reminded her, "Uh, you kicked him in the face! You could've really hurt him!"

"But he said he was fine!" Moka defended herself, "And he g-groped me!"

"Oh, 'cause that's such a good reason to try and give him a concussion; he groped you by accident," the blue-haired scoffed sarcastically, "Jeez, what kind of friend does that to a guy who lets them suck his blood for free?"

A shudder ran up Moka's spine and she blushed. "H-his blood just tastes so good," she murmured bashfully, "And no one's ever…touched me there." Suddenly the implication of the Succubus's words sank in and she paled. "Wait, you know that I've been drinking his…"

Kurumu deadpanned at her. "Well, I knew you weren't kissing him on the neck. A prude like you wouldn't do that after knowing him for a week.

This girl is irritating, grumbled Inner Moka.

Flushing in embarrassment, Moka snapped back, "Well, not all of us are loose Succubi, Kurumu-san."

"And there it is!" said Kurumu cried in mock celebration, "If I had a dollar for every time someone called me a slut because of my race, I'd have enough money to get me through this school." She paused, before blushing herself. "B-besides…I haven't…um…done it either."

A beat. Two beats. "A virgin Succubus? That seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it?"

A vein throbbed on the busty girl's temple. "Right, that's it, we're taking this outside!"

"That's fine by me," Moka said coolly, though with more assurance than she actually felt.

(In the cafeteria)

Naruto looked up from his fifth cup of ramen. "Hm…Moka-chan's been taking a while. Why am I just now getting a bad feeling?"

Maybe so you'll take pity on my poor taste buds? whimpered Kina.

Nah, that can't be it, he thought a touch maliciously, Ah well, worst comes to worst I can just Hiraishin there. Having finished the noodles of the ramen, he then drank the broth.

Augh, no! Stop it! That tastes terrible! After five cups of ramen, Kina was really regretting deciding to share Naruto's sense of taste, Seriously, I'll-I'll throw up! Stop it you meanie! Stop iiit~!

(Back with Moka and Kurumu)

The two exited the building, walking to a place where no students would see or hear them in the nearby woods.

As they stood apart from each other, Kurumu suddenly groaned and arched her back. Moka watched in shock as a pair of large, bat-like wings erupted from the Succubus's back, while a long tail with a spade at the end trailed out from under her skirt. "Oooh~, that's much better," Kurumu moaned sensually, shaking herself out and stretching, which was doing things to her breasts that would make any present male pass out from blood loss, "It's always so cramped to stay in human form."

"W-wait! I thought we weren't supposed to use our true forms in school," Moka stammered. I won't be able to fight at my best if the Rosary is on.

"No one's watching right now, are they?" smirked the blue-haired girl. Rising into the air with her wings, her nails elongated into red claws, "You'd better not hold back or you might die!" she yelled, diving at the vampire.

Moka leaped out of the way, rolling to dodge the swipe of Kurumu's claw. A sudden rumble made her look around; her eyes widened in shock as a tree behind her collapsed, sliced into pieces. "Oh shit." She had no time to say anything else, however, as Kurumu swooped back in for another attack. The pink-haired girl jumped back, but stumbled over a fallen branch and fell. The elongated nails barely missed her chest, only to catch the chain of her Rosary. For an instant where Moka wondered what would happen; would the chain break, or hold as steadily as always?

It broke.

Kurumu squawked in surprise as a sudden blast of youki knocked her away. She righted herself in midair, flapping madly. "What the…?"

(With Naruto)

The blond suddenly jerked up as he felt the sudden pulse. Shit. I knew I shouldn't have left her alone like that. Something's definitely up. I'll bet anything Kurumu-chan's involved too.

(Back at the fight)

Red youki wafted thickly through the air, taking on the form of shrieking bats. Even as the Succubus watched, Moka's bright pink hair paled to silver, while certain…parts of her body enlarged slightly. Finally, she opened a pair of red, slit-pupil eyes and smirked at her opponent. "To be awoken again so soon…you must think highly of yourself, Kurono Kurumu."

"W-what the hell?" stammered Kurumu, shivering, "I knew you were a vampire, but this is too strong to be normal!" Then she shook her head and gathered herself. "Still…I won't lose!" She dove again, her hand like a blade.

Moka snorted and tossed her silvery hair. "You think such a base creature as yourself can compare to me?" She shifted slightly, putting weight on one leg. "Know your place!"

Time seemed to slow down for the two female monsters as their respective attacks approached each other; Kurumu's razor sharp claws and Moka's super-strong kick. If either one were to hit, it would be devastating for the other.

A flash of yellow.

Startled by the flash, Kurumu jerked to a stop as her claw became entangled with another. Except this hand was much more dangerous-looking than hers; blackened, warped flesh, with four silvery, blade-like claws. Meanwhile, on the other side, Moka momentarily lost balance as her leg struck a thick black shield and rebounded off it.

"Geez, it's a good thing I got here in time," sighed the owner of the appendages, "Are you trying to kill each other or something? 'Cause I swear, that's an awful lot what it looks like to me, 'ttebayo." Naruto calmly disengaged his claw from Kurumu's before

"What are you doing here, Uzumaki?" asked Moka frostily, "How did you find us?"

Slightly exasperated, the blond rolled his mismatched eyes. "Anyone who paid attention would've felt the youki you were giving off just now. Also, I had a feeling you might do something like this, so I left a marker on you." He indicated a spot to the right of Moka's head. When she looked, to her surprise and slight indignation, there was a small line of kanji written on her shoulder. "As for why I'm here, I'm obviously stopping the only two friends I have in this school from doing something they'll regret."

The silver-haired vampire scoffed. "The Succubus was the one who started it. She seems to have claimed you as some sort of potential mate and was angry when Outer me kicked you earlier."

"Really, now," Naruto sighed, looking at the blue-haired girl, who by this point was looking thoroughly ashamed, "Kuru-chan, that's really sweet of you, but I can fight my own battles if I feel it's worth it. Besides, I already said it didn't bother me."

"…I'm sorry," she murmured, red-faced and unable to look him in the eye, "It's just…I couldn't…"

The blond smiled sadly and patted her on the shoulder. "I know," he said gently, "I've felt the same thing before. But I told you, Moka-chan is my friend too, and I don't want you two fighting, especially if I'm the cause."

"Don't be ridiculous," said Inner Moka haughtily, "Only my Outer Self considers you a friend. My pride as a Vampire would not allow me to lose to such a lower monster as a Succubus."

Kurumu bristled at the insult, but Naruto squeezed her shoulder to make her stop. Instead, he calmly turned to regard the silver-haired young woman. Finally, after a tense minute, he laughed. "Pride as a Vampire, huh? Right. You just don't want to admit you're jealous as well." Even as Moka's cold indifference was replaced by shock and indignation, he continued, "I can sense emotions, Moka-chan. You can't fool me. Though, I can also tell you're serious about your pride. Since your 'Outer Self' is my friend, I'll just let you know: if you allow your pride to take control and try to hurt those I care about, I'll kick your ass. Not hers. Yours."

The temperature dropped as Moka's eyes began to glow angrily. "An unknown, alien Monster such as yourself, defeat me? You would make a terrible comedian, Blacklight. Perhaps I should show you your place."

Ignoring the suddenly stifling atmosphere, Naruto grinned savagely as he raised his left arm, which spontaneously erupted into black smoke and grew into a thick shield. "I already know my place, Moka-chan. How about I show you yours?"


The atmosphere broke as the two jerked, startled by Kurumu stepping between them and pushing them apart. "Geez, Naruto-kun! You just told me that you don't like your friends fighting, and then you go and do the same thing! You're such a hypocrite!"

Naruto winced and slapped his forehead. "Ugh, you're right. Sorry, Kurumu-chan, I got sucked into my old pace."

The Succubus merely smiled and gave him a hug, making sure to press as much of her enormous bust into him as possible. "Aw, don't worry," she cooed at him, "I could never hate you. Just be sure to leave your window open at night, okay?"

Normally, Naruto would have had a good comeback for that. However, the physical stimulation of the hug, mixed with the sheer lust that was coming off her small, generously curvy body, as well as her eyes as she gazed up at him was actually making him feel a little lightheaded, as well as making his pants feel suddenly tight. For once, he was lost for words.

"Ugh, how sickening," Moka muttered, picking up her Rosary and reattaching it.

"No comments from the peanut gallery," chirped Kurumu, letting go of Naruto. By the look on his face, and what she'd felt below, she had gotten just the reaction she was hoping for.

The vampire only closed her eyes as color seeped back into her hair. As she opened her once-more green eyes again, she suddenly looked embarrassed. "Um, Kurumu-san…"

"Hm?" The blue-haired girl looked at her, suspicious. "What?"

For a moment, Moka fidgeted, looking as if she were screwing up her courage. Finally, she gave an abrupt bow and said, "I'm sorry for insulting you before. It was childish and racist of me, and I shouldn't have done it."

Naruto raised his eyebrows in surprise. However, his shock was nothing compared to Kurumu's. She had long ago grown used to people making assumptions about her because of her race (which, admittedly, had a grain of truth in them) and accusing her of sexual deviancy (which was completely false, for her), but never had someone actually apologized for it later. This time she was the one lost for words as she silently opened and closed her mouth. Finally, she said faintly, "Please don't bow…"

Moka looked up. "Eh?"

"D-don't bow to me. It's embarrassing!" Kurumu stammered, blushing brightly.

"Oh, um, sorry…"

"Ah, no you don't have to keep apologizing."

Naruto couldn't help but laugh at the two verbally fumbling around and trying to be nice to each other. When they both glared lightheartedly at him, he merely shrugged, still chuckling.

"By the way, what's a Blacklight?" Kurumu asked, as they wandered back towards the school, "That bitchy-Moka called you that, Naruto-kun."

While Moka flushed in consternation, Naruto sighed. "Well, a Blacklight is a being that, in all honesty, is not naturally occurring. For one thing, it does not exist in this world; I come from another one entirely."

"Eh? You're an alien?" The Succubus's eyes widened in awe. She suddenly sighed and put her hands to her cheeks. "Haah~, so my Destined One came from another world to be with me~!"

"Very funny," he deadpanned, "But anyway, a Blacklight is a sort of shape-shifter. Obviously, maintaining a human form is second nature to me, having grown up among them." Almost instantly his arms flickered into claws. "The reason I can change is because my whole body is made up of a supernatural virus, called Blacklight, which can be manipulated by me."

Both girls were unsure whether to be in awe of such a strange thing, or mildly disgusted. Finally, Kurumu couldn't help making a joke. "So, you're like an STD in human form."

Naruto tripped and fell flat on his face. Though even as he stood up again he was laughing hard. "Okay, that's a good one!" he snickered, "Although I've thought that myself, it's a bit more complicated than that."

"How's that?" asked Moka.

Thinking, he scratched his chin, trying to put it as plainly as he could. "Because I can control the virus, it only passes on to those I choose to give it to. Although, it can be passed on accidentally, like if someone," here he gave Moka a look, "Were to drain enough of my blood before I could block it."

Realizing what he was saying, Moka hung her head in embarrassment. "Is that why you only let me drink it once a day?" she asked, "I mean, Vampires can neutralize blood-borne diseases…"

"I could tell that the first time you did it," Naruto said, shrugging, "But even so, I'm taking no chances. If you were to become a Blacklight…that would not be good. Especially since you're already a Vampire."

Before Moka could try to argue, Kurumu asked, "So, what sorts of things can you shape-shift into?"

He shrugged again. "Depends on what I want. Basically, my body represents my state of mind and changes accordingly. I can theoretically be anything…or anyone, for that matter."

"Can you do tentacles?" Bonus points for guessing who asked that.

Naruto's eye twitched. "Y-yeah. On occasion."


Naruto opened his mouth, then shut it with a snap, as he really had no idea what to say to that.

I like her.

I like her too, he admitted.

Moka's whole face was bright red from this line of conversation. "C-can we go eat now?" she asked, flustered.

Seeing her face, Naruto smirked. "Yeah, sure."

AN: This seemed like as good a place as any to end it here. First off, I apologize for taking so long to finish this. I started the chapter almost immediately after completing the first one but, well, things just dragged on for me. Still, here it is. Chapter 2 of A New Kind of Monster. I hope you don't find it too boring. Don't worry, it'll start getting interesting soon-ish.

1. Unlike most fics, Naruto actually thinks well of humans. Having consumed many in CoG: NOT, it'd be downright stupid to deny that they're capable of great things.
2. Also unlike most Naruto fics, Naruto is mostly an even-tempered person. This is because he's much older than he seems.
3. Moka, unlike canon, is only allowed to drink Naruto's blood once a day, rather than whenever she wants like she did with Tsukune. Not that I have anything against that, I just felt Naruto would make that a rule.
4. I've started using Japanese names the 'proper' way (family name first, given name last). I know I did it the other way around in Chapter 1, but this is how it'll be from now on.
5. Naruto enjoys learning stuff.
6. He can also be rather sensitive about his true age. Kina doesn't help much either, the little pervert.
7. At this point, Naruto's stating my opinion. Seriously, writing this story is really difficult to make interesting. I mean, I've got the interesting points, but going from scene to scene is very hard to write in an interesting way. Some help might be appreciated.
8. Fortunately, my favorite character enters: Kurono Kurumu, the Succubus. She might seem OOC in this, but I like writing her as sassy. She's still just as perverted, though. :D
9. The way I see it, in this story she was trying to ensnare people because she really just wanted people to pay attention to her. Yeah, that's pretty selfish, but there are people who don't like being unnoticed. Kina being an example. Besides, Naruto can be pretty selfish too.
10. As those of you who've read CoG: NOT know, Naruto has had many, many wives. None of them acted like Kurumu does, though. Well, Anko and Kina might be pretty similar, but this is a Succubus, who's meant to bewitch men and leave them speechless (Among other things ;D). Also, Naruto is back to being a hormonal 16 year old, no matter how mature he is.
11. Just a friendly warning: I don't want to hear any shit about Naruto having the Sharingan. None. I said this would be a near-godly Naruto and I meant it. It's just that he normally tends to be subtle first. End of discussion.
12. Naruto is not a vindictive person. As long the other person doesn't try to outright kill him, he'd still want to be friends. Especially if the other person is a pretty girl.
13. A slight apology between Naruto and Moka. Nothing major.
14. If a girl with huge tits were to leap on you from out of nowhere, how would you react? Naruto's reaction is probably similar to what mine would be, except I'd be slightly more scared. :-\
15. Moka might have nice legs, but Naruto's not weak enough to actually get hurt by those kicks. Basically, all she's really doing is just flashing everyone nearby.
16. Since Naruto can't be hypnotized by Kurumu, that cuts out the infirmary scene…which is kind of a shame, 'cause I'll admit that scene was pretty hot in canon.
17. When Moka told Naruto to go ahead without her, he could sense that she had dark emotions for Kurumu. That's why he marked her with a Hiraishin seal when he patted her shoulder.
18. Kurumu/Moka argument. I'd like to think it was pretty funny.
19. Sorry Kuru-chan, I'll have to agree with Moka on this one; a virgin Succubus does sound like an oxymoron. Hopefully it'll make for more joke material later.
20. Well, Moka's Rosary can only be removed with Love. Naruto can remove it because of his unfortunate condition of being able to fall in love (or like, at this point) easily, and Kurumu can cut the chain because she's a Succubus, which thrives on Lust and Love. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.
21. Naruto stops the two of them with some of his Blacklight powers, AKA the claws and shield.
22. He doesn't like two girls fighting, especially over him. An he's not dim enough to not realize that that's what they were fighting for
23. Meanwhile, I do not like Inner Moka. Outer Moka is okay, but Inner Moka is bitchy. Unlike most Harem story protagonists, Naruto does not take shit from anyone, even the love interests. Mind you, Inner Moka will get better over time.
24. "I already know my place. How about I show you yours?" Oh man, I've wanted to write that phrase for a long time. It's an ideal counter to Inner Moka's "Know your place," which I've wanted someone to talk back to ever since I read the manga. Naruto is, in fact, much stronger than Inner Moka, and is more than capable of knocking her down a peg or too.
25. …However, Kurumu intervenes, letting Naruto know he's being hypocritical, much to his chagrin. Naruto's not perfect. He can make mistakes and get carried away.
26. Have I mentioned how much I love Kurumu?
27. Naruto explains more of what a Blacklight is. Still not all of the details, like the Biomass or Consumption, or that Naruto himself used to be human.
28. Come on, do you honestly expect a sex demon (even a virgin) to not ask a shape-shifter if they have tentacles? Also, any lemons in this fic will come later. Probably much later.

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3. Akatsuki remains a small group in Ame.
4. Kushina remains the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi and Minato is still the Hokage.
5. Naruto is treated well by the village.
6. Since he doesn't have the Kyuubi, Naruto's chakra levels are not absurdly high like in canon, but still high because of his Uzumaki blood. Because of this, his chakra control is much better. He's a much more competent Shinobi, since he has his parents
7. Obito is the one who brings the Uchiha Coup to the Hokage's attention, and takes in Sasuke after Itachi kills the clan.
8. No Bloodline Purge in Kiri.

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