Making the Deal

It was midnight over at the Blue residence. Rocky was asleep while Ty and Deuce was in the living room watching television. They were cuddled up on the couch Deuce's head laying on Ty's chest while Ty's hand was heading towards Deuce's ass.

"Ty" said Deuce. "Will we ever tell anyone about our relationship".

Ty jumped up taking his hand away from Deuce's lower back.

"Look baby, I'm not sure about that I think we should keep this all a secret."

"Please, babe" Deuce whined. "I don't see why not I mean come on I want to-"

Ty interrupt the Cuban with his lips and tongue.


I know this seems totally wrong but I'm not ready to come out. This will destroy my rep and that's the last thing I want happening to me. Deuce tries to disconnect his mouth from mine, but I was stronger. I held him tight while I sank me teeth in his neck, he moaned trying to get out a sentence when he said. " We need to tell the world about our relationship." I was kinda of upset to hear this because he wants me to come out and say hey I'm gay.

"Look, Deuce" I began. "I love you. I do but I don't want to do that, not now"

"Please" Deuce moaned. He knows how horny I get so he uses his sexuality to persuade me to do things. I hated when he do shit like that, it made me feel vulnerable and some what like a ho.

"Come on it's not gonna hurt anyone" continued Deuce with his sexy moaning voice. What made it worse when he started rubbing my chest and whispering in my ear as he was licking it. While he was doing that I started to get hard. So I gave into his game and said sure whatever. After that he thought he was so clever so I cleverly tricked him into my game.

"Okay Deucie since I coming out you have to make love to me."

"What do you mean" Deuce questioned with confusion. "I already do that".

"No I mean like boom boom"

"Boom Boom?"

"Yeah you know like you, me, all over each other, with moaning."

"I'm not sure whatcha sayin here T-"

"Oh my god, Deuce" I yelled. "I sayin' that if I'm coming out, we have to fuck, alright"

"Ty, are you serious" Deuce said in shock.

"Hell yeah. Do you know how long I've been without ass? A long time! And its a shame that I haven't because everyone at school want my dick. Especially Guther, man he got ass like a mother f-"

"Okay I get it! But I don't want to that I not ready to lose my innocence."

"Then I'm not gonna expose this relationship"

"Fine but it's gonna hurt you more than it hurting me because your not gonna have sex."

"Actually it's gonna hurt you too" I injected trying to burst his bubble. "You won't be able to flaunt me as your sexy boyfriend"

"Damn that does hurt me"

I glad that Deuce is getting hurt but ever since I got in this relationship with Deuce I've been itching to thrust myself into a nice round plump ass. What am I gonna do I can't let Deuce win. Can I get through not have sex for while. I hope so its already been a year and four months since I snuck in and had amazing sex with this one guy at a night club. (sigh) I will never forget his name nor how fat his ass was. I still keep touch with Jamie but its sad that we could never talk about nothing else but that amazing experience. He was out of this world, he bent over and I plowed right through that lovely dark chocolate ass. Just thinking about that made me hard. And Guther doesn't make it easy especially when he grinds up against me and say he it's an accident with that seductive wink he does. Lets hope for the best.