Rock the Boat


As I lay there on the couch, with my Deucie on top of me, I heard every word he said, but I couldn't stop looking at how beautiful he was. With his hoodie still laying on the top of his head, he had that sexy look in his eye that I've never seen before. His soft lips kissed me non-stop. As I was enjoying the sweet sensation of his lips, my hands still tight and clutched on his fat Cuban ass that I always adored and admired. I loved how every time he would kiss me his soft lips would glisten with my spit. When he came up for air, he looked at me with his seductive smile.

"What are you waiting for papi"

"I'm just admiring your beauty" I smiled. "But I'll give ya whatcha want if you're ready!"

"I'm ready for anything"

After that, it was about to go down. So picked him up and carried him to my room and threw him on the bed. After I threw him on my bed I closed the door, just in case Rocky wants to intrude and trespass. When everything was secure, I hopped on top of Deuce and started biting his neck. As I devoured his neck he cried and whimpered my name. Even though he looked super fly in his gear, I had a strong feeling that he was going to look flyer with it off. So I motioned with my eyes to take off his clothes, but he insisted on doing it another way.

Deuce POV

After Ty made his mighty demand, I thought that I would do it another way. So I jumped up from the bed turn on the stereo sitting on Ty's desk and hooked up my phone to play the perfect song. As "Partition" by Beyonce played, I slowly took off and peeled every piece of clothing one by one. When I took my shirt, I slowly bent over and picked up my red hoodie, while arching my back. As I was giving Ty a show that he was dying to see, I could tell that I left him speechless as he watched me doing things I wouldn't do in front of my parents let alone anyone else. I put my hoodie on, keeping the hood up. I then dropped my skinny jeans to the floor, leaving me with my red hoodie and matching tight boxers. What I liked about my boxers was how it defined each and every dimension of my ass.

"Do you liked what you see, papi", I asked with a big toothy grin.

Still looking with wide eyes and a smirk his face, he took off his shirt and unbuttoned his pants.

"Hell yeah", he said. "Get yo' fine ass over here."

When he laid his body flat on the bed, I ran over and jumped on top of him, licking up and down on his body. I could hear Ty's soft soothing moans that drove me crazy. When I got lower, I pulled his boxers down and started sucking on the hard dick, that was standing up ready for me to attack. When I continued to suck on him, Ty moaned in a way that it was manly yet cute and sexy. He then held my head down forcing me to take his long fat dick into of my mouth, while thrusting and shoving his dick back and forth and up and down my throat. The more he shoved the more I could feel that he was going to unleash his juices. Moments later he came in my mouth and on my face. Feeling the warm cum on face made me feel dirty, naughty, special and feel like I'm the only one that he does this to… I hope!


After doing a major number on his face, I turned him over and snatched the boxers off his body so I could get to work. When I shoved my dick in his ass, Deuce shrieked with pain and joy screaming my name and calling me papi. The more I pushed the louder Deuce yelled, and hearing that was music to my ears. I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't realize how loud we were if we were loud at all.


"Ty, I'm trying to study, so keep it… Oh my goodness" cried Rocky as she opened the door.

"Rocky?!" exclaimed Ty and Deuce.

To Be Continued…

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