Rocky POV

As I walk into Ty's room, I was completely in shock by the sight that I saw. I didn't expect for Deuce to give it up like some leftover Halloween candy! Seeing my brother on top of my best male friend, when I know that Ty was being unfaithful really upset me. Even though I didn't know where he was all this week between 8pm and 10am, but I suspect that he was with Jamie.

"Rocky" Ty started. "A lot a privacy please"!

"Oh so that's what ya want? Privacy?" I stated with purpose. "Well I think Deuce deserves the truth! Where were you really?"

As I stand there I see that Ty was conflicted in some way, he was out with someone! When Deuce sat up covering his lower self he defended his so-called boyfriend!

"Look Rocky, I know that Ty has got into a lot of trouble in the past but I know that he would never cheat on me!"

He continues "I'm only doing this because the whole school knows about our relationship and it's all my fault, and with that being said I felt that it's that I hold up my end of the deal! Because I love him." He finished with a smile!


I looked over to the one that I have been cheating on for the past week, but I must keep my cool and not let anyone know where I've been. Deuce looked at me with those chocolate pupils that I call eyes. He was the guy that I can count on even though he blew our secret, I shouldn't be upset. I was the selfish one!

"Um Ty", Rocky scoffed. " Can I see you in the hallway, after you put some clothes on".

I quickly slipped some clothes on and follow my baby sister down the hallway when she explodes with rage and disappointment.

"I swear Ty, I can't believe that he's in love with you that much that he will believe your malicious lies! Even though I don't know what you did, I know what you did! You were with a flousy weren't you?"

"Rocky, I know that I did the most awful thing ever, but I swear on Cece's bad dancing that I will never cheat on Deuce ever again!" As I looked into my sister's eyes I continued. "He has my loyalty, after all he has done and said, may I be struck by lightning if I do such a thing!"

With a shocking expression upon her face she confirmed and understood what I said, gave a huge smile, flipped her hair and walked back to her room. After Rocky closed her door, I returned back to my room when I saw my cute Cuban angel sound asleep in my bed laying on his front with the covers slightly pulled back for my to see his cute bubble butt. As I stepped over to the bed, I kneeled down to give his butt a peck as I sat there admiring its beauty until I fell asleep!

Deuce POV

I woke up from the nap that I drifted off to when I saw my sexy boyfriend Ty sitting there asleep. I was still a little horny, so I got up to give him a peck on the cheek to wake him up! Ty open his eyes and flashed his cute dimpled filled smile as he looked me up and down.

"Hello beautiful", smiled. " What can I do for you?"

"I dunno", I replied nonchalantly. "How about you tell me"


He then bent all the way over to show his booty in all its good glory. The shape and width was astonishing. I then leaned forward with my tongue stuck out licking his booty inch by inch! As I did that he moaned my name and muttering Spanish under his breath while throwing his head back due to satisfaction, cause I DO AIM TO PLEASE! I then later placed him on my bed, took my clothes off, and passion grinding and pushing myself inside him with passion and love.

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