An old man sat by the fire warming his hands; he was joined shortly after by the children in his care. They each started to ask the old man to tell them a story. The old man smiled slightly before settling into his spot and saying

"Okay children…. One story…...Long ago in Agrabah; there was an evil sorcerer by the name of Mozenrath whom ultimate goal was always striving for more power. Even if he had enough power already the evil wizard needed for more and when he came a pound an ancient scroll they foretold many different universes that existed outside of this one. But the scroll also told; how one might summon the strongest being of these realities to this plane of existences and bind them to the wizard service."

The old man words seem to vanish as the children minds started to see the world the old man describe in visual detail like they were there. They saw the black sand desert and a stone shrine guarded by the rotting Mamluk soldiers that Mozenrath had created through his sorcery. The black stone walls of the church lead inwards to a chamber where Mozenrath was commencing the dark spell that was inscribed a pound the ancient scroll he found hidden by Destane long ago in his laboratory. As the young wizard spoke the last of the vile words for the dark incantation he was doing four mighty Mamluk warrior came from a second passageway walking past their master; and into the convulsing cauldron of evil. As the four figures were an envelope in the darkness of the contents of the cauldron, a slit appeared above Mozenrath and as this slit appears; so, did four glowing orbs that rose from the cauldron and the liquid within. After the orbs were all aligned with one another a young man dressed in strange covering fell from the slit as he felt the four balls shot forward and entered the young man just before he fell in front of the Sorcerer's feet.

Mozenrath look down a pound the young man with a cold almost reptilian smirk on his face as his prize started to stir from the transfer from their dimension to this one. As the young man rose to his feet, the Wizard inspected his new property and then said: " What is your name?" The young man looks up at the wizard his eyes glowed green before he said "b…b. Ben Tennyson" Mozenrath couldn't see nor sense the reason the spell brought this boy to him he was looking for power not to nurse maid a child. So, he said aloud "What makes you unique…. Ben?" At these words, the young man reached for his wrist and twisted the amulet at his wrist than slap it. A green glow and bright light erupted around the young man and as it dissipated what was before the evil one was a blue monkey like creature which calls out it in a langue he understood his name "Spidermonkey."

Mozenrath watch the animal demonstrate it abilities its agility, flexibility and its ability to shot webbing from its tail. If this wasn't amazing enough the wizard witnessed the creature the young man had transform into slap the emblem on his chest trigger another eruption of energy and light and as it dissipated a much larger gorilla like creature with regular legs and legs like a spider. The first words out of its mouth were "Ultimate Spider monkey" An evil smile creep across his lips as he watches the increased strength of the creature he saw just moment earlier. A once the creature had finished demonstrating his power it struck the emblem again, and the young man returned to normal.

Mozenrath approached the young man and said: "Is this all you can do?" Ben looked at him and said, "No I have sixty-three other forms master." This information from his captive had given him had made the evil one almost giddy with the thought of a warrior under his full control with sixty-four different form. And if each form were like the first one or better this could be a sign of that with the power of this Ben from another world, and the other sixty-three forms he yet to see would or could be even strong enough to kill a little street rat. Mozenrath could only say as he looked at his newest toy "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."