To find a family

Harry was ordered by his aunt to clean out the attic as he was working he came across a box with important written in lardge letters on the top this caused harry to become curious about the contents decideing to have a look later when he'd finished his work he put the box aside not knowing that within the next few days his life would change the twelve year old harry finished cleaning just as he heared his uncle" yell I'm home".

Harry reached his small room in time to hear uncle Vernon say"the boy give you any trouble Pet?" you see Harry in Vernon's mind was not normal you see harry was a wizard who had just compleated his first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry . after dinner that night Harry opened the box and to his surprise found an adoption papers. his mother was not blood related to Petunia finding that out he decided to go to Diagon Ally the next day and see if the Goblins could do an inheritance test with that thought he went to sleep.