Travel plains

The next morning duing brakefast Harry asked his uncle for a lift to the airport mentioning it was for holiday homework he had to do. Vernon gave a grunt to which Harry took as agreement. After brakefast Harry went up to his room to pack

Two hours later Harry was on the plane towards his new life. He had sent Hegdwig with a letter for Sirius with a copy of the journal entry about his father he was sure Sirius never knew he was in fact his best friends twin but Harry knew he'd find out soon anyway. Harry had been on the plane for four hours (hey i have no idea how long it takes to go from england to swizterland) when the plane landed at Bern airport Harry walked off he knew he had to find a place fore tonight and some how find out to get to where the Chalet school was as he realised that would be hi best bet.

Harry found a motel two hours later seeig it wasn't too late he made the choice to go to see Bern zoo he had only been there for an hour when a fimiler owl landed on his soulder "hedgewig good flight girl"."Hoot" his first friend held a leg up for Harry to untie the letter from his godfather.

Dear Harry,

both your father and I found out we were twins in our sixth year after James found his dad's journal it did explain why we hit off so fast but to conferm it we did ask my dad weather he and mum had a third child my dad confermed it was true.


Not long after Harry made his way back to his hotel when he ran into a group of girls wearing sky-blue tunics he thought i beleive i have found my gandmothers old school he walked up to the group "excuse me but are you from the chalet school"Harry asked and found they were and to his great joy he was offered a lift back with them on the next day.

yes harry will most likely go back to hogwarts unless he finds a magic school in swizterland being harry i'm sure he will ,yes his family knows about magic they are scribs after all .