"Thanks for helping me out Pete. The ministry just won't budge with sending more aurors here when there is evidence more than one death eater is in hiding here" said Harry.
"Please, it's the least I can do" said Peter Parker.
It was only a year ago that Peter Parker met Harry Potter. It had happened due to a sticky situation with death eaters and super villains, that had resulted in them revealing their true identity to each other and they'd kept in touch ever since.

Harry has been sent to New York to take down one death eater. They believed there was only one there, but Harry begged to differ.
"So where are we going?" asked Peter.
"Umm I'm not sure I only have the address." Harry looked at a piece of parchment he had that had a single address on it "4 Pennsylvania Plaza" said Harry.
"Wait, what did you just say?" asked Peter.
"I said 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York", said Harry looking slightly confused.
"So you know where that is right? and who will be there tonight?"
"That's Madison Square Garden and Gaga is performing there tonight"
"Oh my Merlin... it's the perfect place to attack. I mean imagine all the muggles that will be there."
"Yeah...wait I thought wizards didn't know about Lady Gaga?"
"Trust me...even in the wizarding world she is very famous"
"Ah. Okay. So how do you expect us to get in? There is no point going if we don't have tickets"
"Don't worry I can obliviate their minds and get them to let us in"
"Ok...let's go"
Harry and Peter then made their way to MSG to find it, of course very packed. Harry had to get Peter to cover him so he could obliviate a ticket scanner lady and several security guards but finally both Harry and Peter were able to enter the arena.
"So...what do we do now?"asked Peter.

"Well...umm" said Harry quite unsure. "I guess we just look around and see if we find anything that seems suspicious and just go from there"
"Ok sounds like a plan. I'll take the roof you take the ground floor"
"Ok here, take my invisibility cloak so no one will be able to see you if they look up. We'll meet back here when Gaga starts"
"Ok so that's about 45 minutes."
"Yeah..but if she is a bit late we will keep looking so just when she starts we will meet back here."
Harry and Peter looked for death eaters for 2 and a half hours until it was announced that Gaga was finally starting.
"Did you find anything Harry?" asked Peter
"No... did you?" asked Harry.
"No...OHH look!" yelled Peter.
"What!" Harry was on the verge of pulling is wand out until Peter stopped him.
"Harry relax look she's starting"
"Oh right" said Harry looking sheepish. "Well where is she?" asked Harry squinting at the bottom of the stage.
"She's not down there... she's up there. See the silhouette at the top of the stairs. That's her."
"Oh... is she meant to be alone or is there meant to be other people?" asked Harry.
"What?" Peter looked up and saw three figures appear at the silhouette screen. Lady Gaga then kicked one of the people in the face with one of her pointy high heeled shoes. The person immediately fell to the ground. There were gasps from the crowd and Harry looked worried.
"Is this part of the show or does she need help?" asked Harry to Peter.
"Harry relax she's always doing crazy stuff like this. It looks like it has been choreographed", said Peter still staring at the stage. The second person was punched in the face several times by Gaga and then fell to the ground. The third person then ran at Gaga but she stepped away and then jumped on the persons back and tackled him to the ground. All people could see for the next two minutes were occasional flicks of hair and maybe a high heeled shoe as well. Lady Gaga soon got back up and started the concert.
"See Harry she's all right. And even if it was real villains she can handle them" said Peter.
"Ok but I think we should stay near stage just in case of a sudden attack" said a worried Harry.
"Ok but Harry, relax okay? I'm sure we will find the death eaters soon."
"Yeah. Yeah you're right... we will find them soon." said Harry unconvincingly.
For the next hour of the concert Harry just stood there stubbornly looking everywhere except at gaga, in search for death eaters, but he had no luck. Peter on the other hand was getting really into the concert. He was singing and dancing to the music. He even asked Harry to transfigure a water bottle into a stuffed unicorn. Harry reluctantly transfigured the water bottle and handed it to Peter. Peter then threw it on stage with his spidey strength he was able to through it into gaga's arms where she cuddled it and threw it back out to the crowd. Peter then grabbed it sneakily by shooting a web at it.
"OHH MY GOD OHH MY GOD OHH MY GOD HARRY LOOK I HAVE A UNICORN THAT GAGA HUGGED!" Peter yelled almost girlishly. Harry was trying to suppress a laugh at this and was failing miserably.
It wasn't until before the twister came down on gaga that Peter stopped dancing and screaming and stood there silently.
"Pete? You ok?" asked Harry
"Harry my spidey sense is tingling" said Peter in a worried tone.
"Well you can go I'm sure I can handle it here until you get back"
"No Harry my spidey sense is sensing danger around here", the twister then went down on Gaga so she could get changed into her next outfit. Harry then saw a glimpse of silver backstage. He quickly looked and saw a person dressed in black with an intricate silver mask. It was a death eater. Two more figures appeared but all three of them vanished with a pop.
"Peter there's a death eater here but they disapparated and I don't know where they went" whispered Harry to Peter.
"Harry I need to change into my Spiderman costume"
Harry then looked around to see if anyone was watching them. "Here hide under here. Quickly." Peter then disappeared under the invisibility cloak. "Take it and swing up to the roof and wait until I signal you with red sparks. Oh and, drop the invisibility cloak once you're up and I'll get it."
Harry then heard a whispered ok and swish of air. He looked up and saw his cloak coming down. As soon as Harry caught his cloak Lady Gaga was rising from the twister. Except she wasn't alone. The three people who Harry saw earlier where holding onto her. A death eater was holding onto her right arm there wand pocking under her chin. Venom was holding her left arm, his face up close to hers sniffing in her scent. Katy Perry was holding onto her neck with her right arm, while the other one had a candy cane staff in it. A long skinny tongue rolled out of her mouth and then licked Gaga's hair and face.
Spiderman (Formally known as peter Parker) then swooped down onto the stage. Harry appeared out of nowhere next to Spiderman.
There was an awkward silence from the crowd as they tried to take in the sight. The villains on the other hand were enjoying it. Silence continued until someone spoke up.