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Disclamer: hmm... don't look like them, don't write like them, writing a fanfiction using thier stories. If I'm J.k Rowling or H.E Hinton then you're the queen of England (unless, of course you really are the queen of England).

I shook myself awake. Darry would kill me if I fell asleep in the lot again. I dragged myself off the ground, trying to shake off the stiff feeling from laying so akwardly.

Walking back to the house, I saw a very strange sight. There was a tall, crooked tree, the first streaks of moonlight reflecting off it's leaves. It stood proudly, mighty above all others. But the tree wan't the problem, the people standing around it were. First of all, they just appeared there, out of thin air. I was just strolling along and suddenly a large crack peirced the air. The next thing I knew three people were under the tree, all talking in thick British acsents.

One of the groups members, was tall with orange hair and millions of freckles coating his face. On his left stood a boy and to his right, a girl had bushy blond hair and talked in a very logical and matter-of-factly way. A perfect lighnting bolt shaped scar shone on the boy to the lefts forhead, though it was mostly hidden by his tangled sea of black hair. A cloacked figure crept up behind them.

The orange one and the guy with the scar turned around at the sound of the girls shriek. A figure trying to suck out their friends soul (thats seiriously what it looked like) was probibly not what they wanted to see. And naturally I didn't run away like a normal person, but instead stood frozen on the spot, unable to move. After they called out "Hermione", one boy (black hair) fianlly took action. He pulled a stick out and readied himself in a fighting stance. He didn't seiriously think that stick would protect him, did he? After shouting something along the lines of emspecto patrunas, a gostlike stag erupted from his wand. Quickly, the figure disapeared.

Now that the figure was gone, though, I was in plain sight.

"Hermione do you know how to erase memories?" the one who made the stag said in his thick brittish acsent. I didn't like the sound of that

"I'm just learning, but I can do it pretty well." Now it was time to run,so thats exactly what I did. Too late. A blue light overcame me. I forgot why I was runnng. I forgot where I was. I forgot if I had family. I had to try hard not to foreget who I was, too.

"I am Ponyboy Curtis. I am Ponyboy Curtis. I am... I am... who am I?

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