Warning for language and violence

Pony's POV:

"How about we teach you a lesson"

I was horribly confused. What was it I had done again? Shit it must've been serious becau-IS THAT A BLADE? I couldn't move. Everything seemed frozen and time stood still as my panic filled body began to desperately back away from the switchblade. I tried to speak but my mouth couldn't seem to form words and only a squeak escaped my lips. My attackers let out a warped laughed a little a my pathetic attempt at talking, and continued to advance towards me. I vaguely wondered if these people were even human, for no person could've possibly dressed so nice and carried out such sinister actions.

I was slammed back into my harsh reality when a sharp pain hit my shoulder. That dreadful laugh filled my ears again, and caused me to shiver in fear, despite the sweltering heat of the afternoon. There was a cold icy air running down my arm and slowly devouring me whole. It traveled down to my hand and dripped off my fingertips as I frantically waved my arms over to cover my body and protect myself. It covered the bench that had temporarily been my home and was hastily wiped off of my attackers' face as they continue to fill my being with the icy numbness using only their knives as tools. It falls off my eyelashes and blots out my vision from a shallow cut on my forehead.


The suffocating iron filled my mouth as I felt a fist collide with the side of my face and they laughed because who in their right mind would be dumb enough to try to stop them. They have all the power and I have none. Literally anything they wanted to do to me could be done, and I couldn't do anything. I'm panicking now.

They could kill you.

As soon as the thought enters my mind I go wild. My arms and legs flail dramatically and make contact with someone's face. The icy feeling returns on the tip of my shoe, but this time in congratulations. Maybe I'm not a goner, after all.

But that idea was ridiculous, for they still had all the power. A blunt object connected with the side of my head.


Everything hurt. The numbness was gone replaced with sharp pains every time I attempted to move. Every attempt ended in failure, and I could feel a fuzziness join my thoughts when I tried to move. Eventually I gave up to the persistent idea of rest, and laid down in the grass. For how long I laid there, I'll never know, but I'll never forget what I woke up to.

Soda's POV:

It'd been two days. Two fucking days since I'd last seen my baby brother. He could be dead. He could be kidnapped. He could be anywhere and I can't do a damn thing about it and it was tearing me apart.

I wiped my eyes and barely even noticed that my hand rubbed off those crusty things that build up in your eyes. They're useless and annoying. Besides, I have better things to worry about.

We couldn't report Pony as missing to the police, because then we'd never get'm back, and we'd both end up in a boys home. We couldn't ask around too much because then child services would find out anyway. We couldn't even skip work two days in a row to look for him or Darry and I'd lose our jobs for sure. Goddamit I hate this so much.

That explains me now, I suppose, with my DX shirt clad body walking to the work, walking next to Steve, and my bloodshot eyes scanning, looking for anything that could mean Pony had been there.

I knew Steve was slightly annoyed that we were walking instead of driving so we could look for Pony better, but he was doing a pretty good job of hiding it and he looked for Pony as well, just probably calmer than myself. He and Pony were never really on the best of terms, but I could appreciate that he was at least trying to help.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mangled lump of a person, partially hidden by the tree in front of him. I'd been praying that I would see Pony non-stop for the last two days, but I was pleading now that, that couldn't be Pony. I swore on my life that I could never see Pony that close.

"Steve look" I motioned in the direction of the tree.

"You don't think-"

"Get Darry"

I sprinted faster than I'd run in my life. I needed to get to that tree, so I could comfirm that this was not my brother. It couldn't be. I knew my pleading was in vain when I was the still bleached hair of my brother. I knew that I was in trouble when I realized that was practically all I could recognize of my baby brother.


Pony's POV:

Dried blood on my eyelashes stuck them together as I opened my tired eyes, forcing me to use more effort than usual to complete the simple task, and elongated the time it took me to do so. After a few seconds of struggling I was greeted with the blinding light that is the morning sky. My eyes adjusted, and I could finally take in my surroundings.

I was in an empty lot, near the edge of "Rich People Land" from what I could tell, and I was once again greeted by the sight of people I didn't recognize. I jumped back in terror because this was an all too familiar scenario, especially for someone who couldn't remember anything that happened before 48 hours ago.

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