Chapter 2: Peeta and Phone Calls

Glimmers POV

" You two want to go out to lunch?" Gale asked Cashmere and I.

"YA!" Cashmere and I quickly answer.

"I'll text Gloss." Cashmere said and walked to the bathroom.

"So where are we going?" I asked. "It's a surprise." Gale told me. Since we don't have for the rest the week we're going on a little trip after." He Continued. I almost freaked out. Good thing I have 4 or 5 extra outfits in my bag.

"So who's in on this?" I asked curiously. " Well, obviously Gloss, than also Finnick and Peeta." Gale stated. Now who the hell is Peeta's girlfriend. TO think of it I don't think I've never seen Peeta's girlfriend, I also haven't been seeing Peeta much ethier. It's going to be an interesting weekend.

" Gale, I was just wondering who's Peeta's girlfriend?" I ask innocently. " I think her name is Katniss." He says. That rings a bell. I'll ask Cashmere.

"Thanks Sweetie!" I say loving.

When Cashmere gets in the car with Gloss we're on the way to Peeta's. " Hey Cash, do you remember someone named Katniss? I remember her from cheerleading today but I think I know from some where else." I ask Cashmere. " She sound familiar I think we met her in freshman year. I cant think of how though." She says. Well, that kinda helped.

"Girls, we're almost there!" Gloss says. I forgot to say Hi to Gloss. Whatever.

"Ok!" Cashmere and I exclaimed.

Cashmere and I hop out of the car as soon as it stops and run up to Peeta's house. KNOCK! "Peeta! You Home!" Cashmere yells. We wait for 5-10 minutes than leave. "Ok, I guess he isn't coming." I say. Peeta is so damn lazy. We ran back to the car.

"Are we picking up Finnick and Annie?" I ask Gloss.

"No we're meeting them there." Gloss informs us.

"Glim, we're calling Peeta." Cashmere commands. I pick up my I-Phone and dial Peeta's number.

" PEETA!" Me and Cashmere scream while Gale and Gloss start to laugh.

"WHAT! Hello?" A board Peeta says.

"Hey! Where the heck are you?" Cashmere says.

"Driving home, weren't you guys picking us up at 1:30?" Peeta asked

"NO! At 12:50, dummy." Said an angry Cashmere.

"Just meet us their, OK! We're too far to get you guys now!" I say.

"Ok, I'll Katniss to get the car ready." A now rushed Peeta says.

"Bye." I said and hung up the phone.

"Ok, Peeta and Kat-whatever her name is, are meeting us at where ever we are going. I'll call Finnick and tell him we're on the way." I say. Once again I pick up my phone and see Finnick calling. What a coincident.

" Hey Fin!" I say cheery.

"Hey Glim, Where are you guys?" Finnick asks.

"On the way, We'll be their soon. Peeta was holding us back!" I say.

" Ok, Bye!" Finnick says.

"See you later Finnick!" I say and hang up my phone.