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Peeta sits by the calender trying to figure out how many days until Katniss's 18th birthday. He is so in to his work that he does not notice Katniss enter the room.

"Peeta." She whispers quietly.

"Hmm?" He answers.

"We have to get ready for the reaping!" She says happily. He turns and kisses her lightly on the cheek. Katniss grabs his hand reciting the words that they recite every year before the reaping.

"May the odds be ever in our favor!" They chorus. The reaping decides if you go to one of the islands or stay on the main island called "The Capitol" for your whole life. Once you are a resident of an island you can never return to The , with much paperwork you can be transferred to another island. The 24 that get reaped must fill out a form that will decide which island they will live on, who will they marry, and what job will they have. During the first three years of marriage your spouse and yourself, will be expected to conceive one child. During the first ten years of your marriage you must have three children. Two of which you hand over to the Capitol. Then you may continue to have children as you wish. If you and your spouse fail to conceive at least three kids in the first ten years then both of you will be sent back to the Capitol forever. Some people go their entire lives without moving to an island, others go their entire lives without being in the Capitol.

"Come Peeta!" Katniss yells in to the bathroom of his house. The year before Peeta's older brother Rye was reaped and was placed on island three, it seems that he had a knack for computers.

Peeta and Katniss walk hand in hand to the reaping, each hoping that both were reaped. They were fairly certain they would be placed on the same island because they did not think that the capitol would seperate love, even if it was "Young love." When they arrive at the square they seperate to their different designated areas.

"Welcome, welcome!" Effie Trinket yelled from up on the stage. She goes on about how the people saved the President's life so therefore it became a luxury to move to an island. blah, blah. Everyone in the square though looking like they were interested were, however, watching Effie's wig bounce up and down with every word. "Now for the 12 girl tributes!" She more than screamed into the microphone. She pulls a pink slip from the pink bowl. "Primrose Everdeen!" Prim emerges from the crowd. Her tiny face beaming with pride. The whole crowd cheers. Prim is very loved by everyone. "Now for the next girl!" She yells. "Clove." Only the first part of her name is hears because of the commotion a red-haired girl is making.

"I volunteer!" She shouts. Volunteers are rare until the last male/female because of the consequences. If you volunteer your island,spouse, and job will all be chosen for you in stead of you getting a say in it.

"No!" A short, brown haired girl yells. She moves swiftly to the stage and expertly jumps on to it. She smile triumphantly. She takes her place besides Prim.

"And you are?" She asks the brown haired girl. She stiffens.

"Clove!" She says happily.

"Well, that was interesting!" Effie exclaims. Pulling yet an other slip out she accidentally drops it. Prim steps forward and picks it up. A huge smile crosses her face.

"Rue!" Prim reads out, scanning the crowd for her best friends familiar face. A small, dark skinned girl runs to the stage. She embraces Prim.

"Yay!" They chorus. Katniss smiles watching her little sister and her best friend. Prim looks out to the audience and meets her sister Katniss's loving gaze. Smiling she throws an arm around Rue. Effie has already pulled out another girls name, but she hands one to each girl on stage.

"So it will go faster!" She says. "Johanna Mason!" She yells in to the audience. A girl with spiky blonde hair walks up to the stage.

Prim looks at her piece of paper and smiles. "Fox face!" She says looking for her buddy.

"That's not my real name!" She says giving Prim and Rue a hug as she walks upstage. She whips her red hair purposefully in Rue's hair which causes them to giggle. Effie points at Clove.

"Katniss Everdeen!" She says.

"Glimmer!" Clove calls out to her best friend.

"Annie Cresta!"

"Posy Hawthorne!"

"Madge Undersee!"

"Mags!" Annie calls to the crowd

"Delly Cartwright!"

They finally move onto the boy's

"Peeta Mellark!" Effie's insane voice calls out.

"Gale Hawthorne!"

"Thresh!" Rue calls out to her "Big brother."

"Cato!" Clove calls out to her friend.

"Finnick Odair!"

"Haymitch Abernathy!"

"Marvel!" Glimmer calls out to her boyfriend.

"Rory Hawthorne!"

"Beetee!" Haymitch calls out to his old friend.

"Chaff!" Haymitch also calls to his best friend.

"Darius!" Katniss's voice stings as she yells his name.

"Brutus!" Chaff yells to the crowd.

Those reaped were taken in to the Justice building and will be on the train in a few hours.