The Wayward Daughter

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or Sailor Moon

Summary: You know how Serena tends to run off at a moment's notice to do her duty as Sailor Moon. How would her parents react when their teenage daughter is continues to run off in the middle of the night with no explanation. Never knowing if she will be gone for hours or days.

Unable to take the constant stress and worry of never knowing where her daughter is, Irene has no choice but to ask Serena's father for help.

Will hell rain down when Leroy Jethro Gibbs lands in Japan to escort his wayward daughter back to DC for the tough love and discipline he is famous for.

And about the scouts, what will happen to them when their beloved leader is relocated half way around the world.

Gibbs was on his way to work on what he thought was a normal Monday morning. He was in the elevator on his way up to the bullpen when his cell phone started ringing, "Yeah, Gibbs," her answered.

"Jethro, It's Irene I desperately need your help," she said in a rough voice.

Shocked and panicked Gibbs looked his watch, "Irene it's the middle of the night in Tokyo is Serena ok?"

"I don't know," Irene said.


"She's gone, Ken and I have been looking all day we checked at the police stations and all the hospitals she is no where to be found, please help I can't take this anymore." she cried.

"Anymore? Has this happened before?" he asked.

"It becoming more of a habit all the time she's sneaking out in the middle of the night, I am constantly getting calls from her school saying she's ditching classes. When she finally does come home she can never explain to me where she has been or what she's been up to."

"I'll be on the next flight to Tokyo you call me the moment she comes through the door. Don't let her out of your sight until I get there and tell her she'd better have a damn good explanation when I do." Gibbs hung up the phone just as the elevator doors opened.

"McGee!" Gibbs shouted.

Tim shot out of his desk and looked at him, "Yeah Boss?"

"Get me on the next flight to Tokyo now!" Gibbs shouted.

"Boss?" Tim tried to ask.

"Just do it McGee," he said as he ran up the stair to the director's office.

Storming into Vance's office Gibbs looked at the director and informed him that he was leaving for Tokyo on a family emergency.

"Can I at least have the information on when you'll be back?" Leon asked.

"As soon as I find my daughter," as he marched out the door.

Running back down the stairs Gibbs shouted out "McGee!"

"Yeah Boss, your flight will be leaving in three hours I have all your flight information right here for you. You should have just enough time to head home grab a bag and go."

Gibbs grabbed the information as he ran past. "Good job McGee," he said an rushed to catch the elevator.

16 hours into his 18 hour flight Gibbs finally got the call he'd been waiting all day.


"Jethro, It's Irene again."

"Irene!" Gibbs sat straight up in his seat, "Is she home yet?"

"Yes, she's finally home, I didn't even know she was home until I heard a noise upstairs when I went up to check there she was collapsed on her bed. She is an absolute mess it's obvious that she's been some kind of fight."

"Just how long has this been going on?" Gibbs questioned.

"She's been disappearing like this on and off again since she was fourteen." she explained.

"DAMN IT IRENE!" Gibbs shouted in anger, " She's sixteen now this has been going on for two years and I'm just finding out about this now!"

"Please don't lecture me Jethro, At first we thought she was just looking for attention, Ken and I thought we could handle it ourselves so we saw no need to get you involved." She tried to calm him down.

"I am her father, I don't care if all she has is the sniffles I have the right to know about the wellbeing of my own child. When you got remarried and decided to move Serena to Japan I didn't fight you because I thought you and Ken could provide a more stable home for her then I could. I let myself be content with only getting to see her during her summer holidays because I thought it was the right thing for her. Now I find out I have a sixteen year old daughter running around going God knows where with God knows who, and you don't want me to lecture!" Gibbs was about to explode.

"We've done everything we know to do," Irene started to cry, "Please Jethro help us, I don't want to find our daughter in a morgue."

Gibbs' voice got rough as he almost started to cry himself, "Lets get something straight, I'm not doing this for you, I am doing this because I love Serena, I have already lost one daughter I'm not about to lose another one because her mother and step father don't know how to raise her." Gibbs listened a few minutes when Irene remained silent he continued, "Now this is how it's going to go, my plane lands in about two hours now that I know my daughter isn't lying dead some where I'm going to check into a hotel and get a little sleep then I'll be by first thing in the morning. Then as soon as I can get all the arrangements made Serena Is coming back to DC with me.

"There is no need for a hotel Jethro we have the guest room already made up for you," Irene informed him, " and I'm ready to do what ever it takes to keep Serena safe."

When Gibbs got to the house he had to see Serena for himself just to make sure she was really okay. When he came into her room she was still sprawled out on her bed like she had fallen into it. She never moved a muscle when Gibbs knelt down and gently stroked her face. He quickly looked her over sure enough she had bumps and burses, cuts and scratched on her arms and legs and who knows where else.

"Damn it little girl," he whispered, " What the hell have you gotten yourself into?"

Even though he was extremely tempted to haul her ass out of bed and demand some answers he could tell that right now she needed her rest more then she needed the ear full he had planned for her. After he leaned over and placed a kiss on his forehead he stood up and went back downstairs there be time to take care of everything in the morning.