Draco and Hermione have been dating for a year now, ever since they had been assigned head boy and Head girl. After they had put aside their differences and became friends they realised there feeling for each other.

In the head boy and head girl's common room-

Draco and Hermione were sitting on the sofa by the fire, Hermione had her head on Draco's shoulder, and Draco had his arm wrapped around her. It was a cold evening, with the light snow falling outside; Draco and Hermione had decided to curl up by the fire.

Hermione was starring out the window – "I love the snow, it looks so beautiful out there" she said as she smiled still gazing outside.

Draco looked down to her and smiled- "The snow's too cold for me, but gives me an excuse to get close to you though", Draco said while smiling widely to his girlfriend.

Hermione looked up and him and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips, Draco loved it when she did that, the whole room what spin and he'd feel weak at the knee's.

Draco kissed her back with more passion and ran his hands across her cheek, "mmmm... you drive me crazy you know that Granger". He said after he'd pulled away a little.

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