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Catherine answered the door reluctantly after several knocks. She had spent the past two days locked in a hotel room, watching chick flicks and crying herself to sleep. She had bags under her eyes and they were red. Her hair was tossed in a ponytail.

"Kono, how did you find me?" She was surprised to see her at the door

"Really? I work for Five-0. You were pretty easy to find" she replied sarcastically

"Right, of course. Come in" she couldn't help but let out a small chuckle

"So what's with the bag?" Catherine pointed to the canvas bag that Kono had in her hands

"I wasn't sure if you were a vanilla, or rocky road, kind of a girl, so I got both" she revealed the two half gallon containers of Ice cream. "And you can't have a proper pity party without wine and potato chips. Two bottles enough?" she smirked

"Probably not, but I've got more" Catherine grabbed the wine from Kono's hand and refilled the glass on the night stand, retrieving another glass for Kono.

Kono kicked off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed, next to Catherine. "So what are you watching?" she asked with a cringe

"Dear John" Catherine answered and started to laugh as the words left her lips

"Seriously? Of all the movies, you chose that one? That's a little cliché even for you" Kono grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

"Hey, it was on…spoon?" Catherine handed Kono a spoon as the two women opened the ice cream containers and began to eat.

"You look like crap by the way" Kono said to Catherine while continuing to change the channels in search of something to watch.

"Gee thanks." Pursing her lips, Catherine asked a question that bothered her since Kono arrived "So, did Steve send you to check on me?"

"Nope, I am here completely on my own" Kono answered without hesitation

"Why?" Catherine found it hard to believe that Kono wasn't spying on her

"Because we're friends. And this is what friends do" she looked at Catherine and smiled

"Really? I never had a female friend before. I mean not since high school" she stared at Kono and waited for a reaction

"Me neither. I was so focused on surfing and then being one of the few women in the Academy, I guess they felt threatened by me." Kono explained

"Yeh, me too. I mean Annapolis was tough enough and the other women were so competitive. Besides I always got along better with men. I guess having brothers made me sort of a tomboy" Catherine related to Kono

Kono raised her glass "to Tomboys"

"To Tomboys" Catherine raised her glass and gently touched the edge of Kono's

The two women began to laugh hysterically "Thank you Kono. I really needed this"

"I am glad that I can help" she refilled the glasses

"Why haven't you asked me what happened?" Catherine was happy that Kono was there, but she couldn't help but question her motives

"I don't care what happened. I mean I figured it has something to do with WoFat and Chin said something about the CIA being involved. But, seriously, it doesn't make a difference to me. You have been good to me and supported me when the guys got on my case about dating Adam. I know you talked to Steve about giving him a chance. Besides I like having you around at all those lame events the Governor makes us go to" Kono reached over and hugged Catherine "Listen, whatever it is, he'll realize that he was wrong and he'll come crawling back to you"

"He wasn't wrong. This time it is my fault and I am afraid that he will never forgive me for this" Catherine stood up and walked towards the balcony. She opened the sliding glass door and leaning against the railing, she watched the traffic below.

Suddenly there was a familiar knock at the door. Catherine suddenly turned and stared at Kono. "Don't" Catherine whispered as Kono approached the door.

Defiantly, she opened the door to find Steve standing there. He peered behind Kono and glanced in the room. "I know she's in there" He remarked

"Yes, she is" Kono grabbed her shoes and her purse. As she walked back towards the door she turned to Catherine and said "see, crawling back" and smiled, closing the door behind her.

Steve stood just inside the door in silence. He waited for Catherine to turn around and look at him. She stood just inside as the breeze from the open balcony doors gently brushed her hair.

"Can you please look at me?" he spoke softly

She turned to face him. Her eyes were flooded with tears and her hands were trembling. "What's that?" she referred to the box he held in his hand

"This?" he looked down to what he was carrying "it's a box of chocolates"

"Chocolates?" she repeated

"Yeh, cause nothing says I love you like drug store candy, right?" he threw the box on the bed and darted towards her. He grabbed her in his arms and held her tightly.

She was startled by his action and pushed him away; just enough to release the tight grip but not enough to cause him to remove his arms from her waist. He leaned in and kissed her.

"You taste like Rocky Road and red wine" he remarked

"You like?" she smirked

"Yeh, I like" he leaned in and kissed her again

They held each other for what felt like an eternity when she finally broke the silence. "I never thought I'd see you again. I don't know what to say. Why? Why are you here?" she looked him in the eye.

"Your guardian angel came and told me to forgive you. I always listened to my mother" He stared at her

Catherine pulled back "You saw her? You spoke to her?" she was surprised

"She said she made you a promise. She told me that you deserved my forgiveness" he waited for a reaction

"She actually kept her promise. I didn't think she would" she couldn't believe what he was saying to her "do you forgive me? I never meant for any of this to happen"

He moved closer to her and reached out, grabbing her shoulders. He gently brushed the strand of hair that fell just enough to cover her left eye. Rubbing her cheeks with his thumbs, he leaned closer to her and whispered "I love you no matter what".

"Just like that? You aren't going to try to get any other information from me? You aren't going to hang me off this balcony until I talk?" She doubted him

He couldn't help but smile at her comment "Cath, listen, I understand why you did it. I don't completely agree with you not telling me, but I am not going to lose you over this. I have lost so much and I want it to stop." He was sincere and waited for her respond.

"Wow. I don't know what to say" she leaned back and looked at him.

"Tell me you love me and let's move past this" He pulled her closer

"That simple? No strings attached?" she hesitated

"Yes, it's that simple" He squinted, waiting for her to say the words to him.

"I love you" she smiled

"See, it wasn't that hard, now was it?" he teased

"No it was actually easy" her smile grew "but I do have one small problem, actually two"

"Ok" he answered with a slight tone of fear in his voice

"I don't have a job anymore or a place to live for that matter" she rolled her eyes

With a slight smirk he replied, "Oh, I think I could solve both those problems, quite easily" he grabbed her tighter and kissed her.


Doris sat in her car and looking up, watched as the couple embraced just inside the balcony. She smiled at the sight but tears were falling as she reached for her cell phone and dialed.

"Agent 50007… Yes, I am ready for my new assignment…Thank you" she pressed the end button on the cell phone. Taking a deep breath and with a smile on her face, she tossed it out the window and into the dumpster at the end of the street. Taking one last look out of her rearview mirror, she pressed her foot on the gas pedal and drove away.

The End

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