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Note: The words in Italics are unspoken thoughts.

She sat on her bed with her legs crossed and stared at the cell phone that was casually tossed amongst the disheveled covers. Running her fingers through her hair, she listened as her phone rang repeatedly. I have got to change my ringtone she thought to herself. The phone rang every few minutes, alternating from Steve and an unknown number. She had checked her voicemail earlier and the unknown number was one that she hoped would never call her, ever.

"Uhg, what do I do, what do I do?" she shouted though she was alone. She threw her head back on one of the pillows and covered her face with another.

2007 Dhekelia, Cyprus

Lieutenant Junior Grade Catherine Rollins had spent the past four month's assisting in a joint collaboration between US Naval Intelligence and British Intelligence. The highly classified mission had been both exciting and tiresome, but the location was undeniably, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Her unique technical and language skills were why she was chosen for this assignment. She was also given the honor of working with the legendary Lord Bartlett. He was very handsome and his charm was unmatched, but he had also slept with every woman on the base; that she was sure of. She was not going to allow herself to become another name in his little black book. She had no need to; she had a man that was just as handsome and charming, Lieutenant Steve McGarrett.

"Darling, please just one meal. It is our last evening on this Island and it would be my pleasure to treat you." Miles Bartlett was sure that if he could get her to let her guard down with him, he would be able to finally conquer the only woman to ever refuse him.

"Nope, not going to happen, and it's not Darling, sir" Catherine wanted to be firm, but respectful.

"I promise, I do not bite. It is just dinner. I will not expect anything else. You have done a wonderful job and I would like to thank you personally" he retorted with a smile

She thought long and hard as she looked at him. Damn why does he have to be so damn hot? "Okay, but just dinner" what's the harm in having dinner?

Present day

Steve sat in his office and frantically dialed his phone. "Come on Cath answer the phone" He was impatient and he couldn't wait to tell her about what happened today. After the fifth time dialing, he put his phone in his pocket and grabbing his keys, he exited his office.

Catherine had begun to fall asleep, an alternative to having to think about what was happening, when there was a knock at her door. The knock was one she recognized and after taking a moment to compose herself she answered.

"Hi" He smiled

"Hi" she smiled back. Her hair was disheveled and the Navy SEAL T shirt draped over her body, gently falling off her shoulder on one side. "Come in"

"I've been trying to call you, why didn't you answer?" His eyes scanned the small apartment to make sure that she was alone.

She noticed "There is no one else here, Steven." She was slightly annoyed at his mistrust "I guess I fell asleep"

Relieved that she was alone, he walked to her kitchen, retrieved a bottle of wine and two glasses. "You are not going to believe who I met today" without giving her a chance to answer "Miles Bartlett! Can you believe it? Oh Cath it was so cool. He is exactly like everyone says. I thought Kono was going to drop her panties right there in the office" he laughed

"Wow, that's great. You finally got to meet your idol." She didn't sound too excited.

"You have got to come by the office tomorrow and meet him. Cath, he is so amazing and he could do so much for your career. You have no idea" Steve was convinced

No, you have no idea, she smiled. "I sort of have a lot of things to do tomorrow." She needed an excuse to avoid Miles.


"Admit it, that was the best meal that you had ever had" Miles spoke softly as he guided a barefoot Catherine across the rocks.

"It was amazing and this view is even better" She smiled

Miles had taken her to a local Taverna so that she could experience the local cuisine. The food and wine was abundant and Catherine hated to admit that she was actually having a good time. Music filled the air and the sound of the Sea crashed along the rocks that made up the shoreline.

They sat quietly and watched the moonlight reflect off the water. "Are you cold?" He asked as he removed his jacket and covered her bare shoulders. He moved closer to her and placing his arm around her, he leaned in and kissed her. She responded to his kiss and then suddenly she pushed him away and jumped up. Removing his jacket, she threw it at him and demanded that they return to base immediately. He refused and standing up, he approached her.

"Darling, we had a beautiful evening, don't ruin it now" He reached to grab her arm.

"I have to go" she shouted and grabbing her shoes, she ran off.

He chased after her, grabbing her arm, preventing her from escaping. "You felt that, didn't you?" He pulled her closer and kissed her again. Placing her hands on his chest, she pushed him back. "I can't, I won't. I have a …"

He interrupted her "yes, yes, yes, I know all about you boyfriend McGarrett, the Penguin"

"He's a SEAL" She corrected him

"SEAL, Penguin, what's the difference? He is not me and you know I can do so much more for you. "He tightened his grip

"Stop" she pushed against him harder. "Let go of me. I will not be another one of your conquests"

His hold increased again "You are different." Realizing that he was hurting her, he released his grip. "I have feelings for you, Darling. You can't tell me that you don't feel the same. These past months have been smashing and I couldn't let you go back to the States without telling you" His tone had become very serious and she wasn't sure if he was sincere or if this was another one of his tactics.

"I'm sorry, I have to go" She took off running full speed into the darkness.

It was late and she found herself walking along a deserted road on her way back to the base. Tears flowed down her face and she was grateful that there was no one there to see her. She knew better than to let herself get into a situation like that, she knew his reputation but she fell into the trap anyway. Damn him. As she walked, lost in thought, lights approached. It was a military jeep complete with a group of very loud soldiers. They stopped when they noticed her. She was unsure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. She knew that this could go two ways. They may be a nice group of guys that are stopping to help a lady in distress, or they could be a group of drunken soldiers looking for a good time.

"May we help you ma'am?" The driver asked

Noticing the American accent "You're US?" She asked

"Yes, Ma'am. US Navy" He answered

"Oh Thank God, Lt Junior Grade Rollins. Can I get a lift sailor?" Catherine felt a sigh of relief

"Of course ma'am" The largest and youngest of the sailors leaned forward and stared at her.

"Is there a problem Ensign?" Catherine glared at him

The other sailors began laughing.

"What the hell is so funny? And may I remind you that I outrank all of you!" she demanded

They immediately stopped laughing "Nothing Ma'am, it's just that we just got here today and we only have one night here until we fly out tomorrow."

"And why is that funny?" She was not having a good night and was not in the mood to play games with a bunch of drunken sailors.

"It's just that our C.O. wouldn't come out with us tonight, because he is at the base looking for his girlfriend" They all started laughing again

"And?" Catherine was beyond annoyed at this point.

"Well, Ma'am our C.O. is Lt. McGarrett. We think he's looking for you" They once again laughed hysterically.