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Two tall, lean windows were letting the morning light in as an older teen woke up. Scratching his eyes, he fumbled to find his glasses. After he nearly poked his eye, his slowly crawled out of bed and into his bathroom. Taking off his glasses again, he ran water through the sink and splashed his face, wiping off excess water with his over sized sleeve; he opened his slightly violet-blue eyes, and put back on the glasses. He sighed and shuffled his feet towards the hall. Down the hall he went and turned a right to the kitchen. Almost automatically, he pulled out leftover pancake mix and a skillet from an old cabinet. Turning on the stove top, waiting for the right degree, he poured the mix in the skillet. After waiting a bit, he flipped the pancake to its other side. He just finished his last one when all of his phones rang. He grabbed the kitchen one.

"Hello, this is Matthew." He mumbled into the phone.

"MATTIE!" The voice yelled, "Dude! There's a new two player mafia arcade game out, you gotta come play it with me!"

"Al, remembered the last time you took me to a shooting game?" Matthew asked, "and why aren't you working, break I guess?"

"Yea, and I know you passed out 'cause it was gory," Alfred said in a normal tone, "But dude! It's not that bloody! They don't even show it squirting out!"

Matthew shivered,

"Alright," He sighed, "After I change and have breakfast."

"Alright man, I'll pick you up around ten a.m.!" Alfred boomed, and hung up.

The Canadian put back the phone.

"The things he can make me do." He smiled, and poured maple syrup on the now cooler pancakes.


"YO BUDDY!" The American yelled as Matthew got in the car.

"Hey Alfred." Matthew smiled.

"Dude this is gonna be so EPIC!" Alfred exclaimed, "The game has AK-47's as starting guns!"

"That means they have guns more powerful than that?" Matthew asked, nervously.

"Yep, even those that are said to not exist by government officials!" Alfred laughed.

Matthew just sat there, shocked that the game was even created.

"Are you sure they show little blood?" Matthew asked.

"Oh yea, saw the trailer for it on JaTube." Alfred assured.

Matthew sighed, they've made it to the arcade center, but now he was unsure if Al was telling him the truth about the violence. They pushed open the old glass doors, the dark lighting, old and black carpet covered in neon colored planets and stars with an office tile ceiling greeted them. They saw other people standing at different games; some were shooting, pushing buttons franticly, or trying to get a prize.

"I keep forgetting how busy this place gets." Matthew muttered.

"Well, ya, in Pernell there's either this or work to be done." Alfred said, "So glad it's only two months till summer."

Matthew chuckled, visiting his brother, he learned, meant new things. Even if he didn't want to do them! He probably would've never step foot in here until Al got him a stuffed polar bear toy, and it was the biggest one in there! They walked down a row of older video games until they steadily got newer.

"This is it!" Alfred yelled, "ITALIAN MAFIA!"

"That's the name of it?" Matthew questioned.

"Yea!" Al exclaimed, "Italian's are really good at mafia-ing."

Matthew sighed, he's been to Italy before for a week, but all they seemed to talk about was food in Italian, and he was nearly in a car crash because he thought this one guy was driving the wrong way.

"C'mon Mattie!" Alfred yelled, "Put in your quarter!"

Mattie quickly found one and put the fake AK-47's butt (the back) against his shoulder. About to take aim when the videogame flashed a boy with red-brown hair with a single curl.

"DON'T SHOOT!" The speech bubble said, the boy went into a more relaxed position, "I'm Feliciano, the heir to the mafia, I can tell that you're new, are you not?"

Alfred shot the button that said "New to this."

"Oh! I was right!" The Italian exclaimed, "Well, you've shot before, right?"

Matthew shot the "Yes I have." button.

"Fantasico!" The Italian yelled, "Then Papa chose good gangsters' this time!"

Alfred shot the "Do you know of any missions' I can do?" button.

"Ah, yes!" Feliciano replied, "Papa said you need to hijack a bank that didn't pay their rent, Aiutato e Disponibile Bank."

"FELICIANO!" Another speech bubble appeared, "You need to get back in the house!"

"Coming!" Feliciano called, "Good luck on your mission!"

Feliciano disappeared and the screen faded black, to reappear to what actually seemed like a bank, with "Aiutato e Disponibile Bank" on a marble slab.

Suddenly, two men appeared from the slab and started shooting.

"I got this one!" Alfred chimed, taking them out.

Matthew's eyes' were big, 'That was scary!' he thought.

The game took them through the bank's doors', to see everyone on the floor, with their hands over their hands. The game took them further in to a lady hiding behind the counter.

Matthew shot the "Where's your boss?" button.

"In the back." The woman shrilled.

Alfred shot the "Thank you ma'am." button.

The screen took them down the hall, and three more guys started shooting, shaking, Matthew took out one, while Alfred took out the other two.

"Geez Mattie, you're usually a better shot." Alfred nudged.

"I know, it's just thank this is nerve racking." Mattie whispered.

"This game won't last long," Alfred reassured, "I've heard to get half way through the whole story, you need a lot of time, and a sandwich bag full of quarters."

Al shot another guy that came out of nowhere, then the game faded to black again.

Game over!

To continue playing, put in a quarter.

This game will restart in 10 seconds.

(Insert coin)

Matthew sighed, "That was a lot less than I expected."

"I told ya!" Alfred yelled, "Let's go get pizza!"

Matthew looked at his phone, 11:4am it illuminated back.

"Alright," Matthew sighed, "But could all of your toppings go on one half? You put even onions' on it…"

"Fine, but it's 'healthier' than me getting the three meat pizza." Alfred joked.

"How is it that you American's can eat anything anytime?" Matthew questioned.

"To be honest, I dunno."

Matthew just sighed. He'll need to cook for Al more often, or else he'll eat too much too often.

They soon reached the only pizza parlor in town, but it was still good due to everyone coming here to get their pizzas instead of travelling outside of town. They don't even raise their prices because they get orders' so often. Alfred opened to door and let Matthew in first.

"Hey Ludwig!" Matthew said, waving to the German.

"Oh, uh, hi." The German stuttered.

"How's it been in America bro?" Alfred asked.

"Uh, good, my host family is planning on taking me to Norman so I know of a nicer place in Oklahoma." Ludwig replied.

"Is it true your host family is that crazy old couple who make you dig holes?" Alfred asked.

"Uh yea." Ludwig mumbled.

"Do you know why they make you dig holes?" Matthew asked.

"They say for a fence… but I haven't seen supplies for a fence this entire time." Ludwig replied.

"Ha, that crazy old couple!" Alfred laughed.

Matthew sighed, "Anyway, are you going to come back next year? You said you wanted to be very fluent in American English."

"Possibly," Ludwig replied, "but not exactly at the rate with how many holes they made me dig this year."

They all chuckled, "Hey Mattie, I'll go order the pizza."

"Alright." Mattie replied, and sat next to Ludwig.

"Have you met the other exchange student?" Ludwig asked.

"There's another one?" Matthew questioned.

"Yes, he's Italian I think." Ludwig said, and pointed to a boy sitting at a table by himself.

The Canadian looked closer at the boy, he had red-brown hair, caramel eyes, and… and a single curl from his head.

"Do you know his name?" Matthew asked slowly

"I've heard it's Feliciano." Ludwig replied.

Matthew hit his hand on his forehead, a little habit that came from Alfred.

"What was that reaction for?" Ludwig asked.

"There's a video game character in a mafia arcade game that looks exactly like him and the same name!" Matthew explained.

"Oh, but with what I've heard from around, he's really cheerful in a fun but annoying way." Ludwig said.

"That was like what the character was like!" Matthew said, and looked at the Italian again.

Then, he froze, Alfred was talking to him! The Italian nodded his head and got up and walked with Alfred!

"Hey guys!" Alfred greeted, "This guy totally looks like the video game Feliciano!"

"Hiii there!" Feliciano said, smiling.

"Hey." Matthew said nervously.

"Ah, Hello." Ludwig blushed.

"Mind if I sit here?" The Italian asked, referencing to the seat next to Ludwig.

"Uh, no, not at all." Ludwig stuttered.

After Feliciano sat down, Matthew decided to ask,

"How long have you been here?" He added, "I would've heard about a lot sooner than two months before school's out."

"Oh! ! I'm supposed to be in the Wynnewood school next year but I came early to get familiar with my famiglia ospitante." Feliciano replied.

"Famiglia Ospitante?" Alfred asked.

"! Host Family." The Italian translated.

"Do you speak Italian a lot with them?" Alfred asked.

"Oh yes! La loro figlia può parlare italiano." Feliciano said, "Their daughter can speak Italian."

"I didn't think someone in this state would know Italian." Ludwig remarked.

"Neither did I! This place is what Papa would call "Backwoods", but she learned her own way because she was abroad in Italy."

"Oh yea, forgot Jennifer did that." Alfred said surprisingly clearly as he stuffed his face with pizza.

"Ah! You know her?" The Italian asked.

"Hate each other's guts, happiest year of my life." The American joked.

Matthew chuckled bit.

"And you, uh-"

"My name's Matthew." He said to the Italian.

"Matthew you seem to not be Americano." The Italian said.

"Well, he's Canadian who visits every other year." Alfred said, slurping his Coke.

"Ah, questa città ha studenti in scambio sorprendentemente tanti!"Feliciano translated again, "This town has surprisingly so many exchange students."

"Yea, but I heard Asian's have a tough time here, culture crash I've heard." Matthew said.

"Are you sure?" Ludwig asked, "I've heard one's coming here next school year."

"Really?" Matthew asked, "Do you know anything about him?"

"Not really." Ludwig mumbled.

"I'll hope for the best on that soul." Alfred said, "If you're born here, the only people you seem to get along with is white."

"Anyway, let's change the topic," The Italian intervened, "I've heard there's going to be a comedy play done by the elementary kids in Wynnewood tonight, how about we all go?"

"Aw, that would be so cute." Matthew agreed, "We'll go, will you Ludwig?"

"Possibly, I'll ask my Gastfamilie." Ludwig replied.

"Hey! No copying!" The Italian whined.

The German chuckled.

"Alright, alright, I'll call you guys if I can, but I'll need to be picked up." Ludwig said.

"Alright, see ya bub." Alfred smirked, and took Mattie with him to the car.

They left the parlor with mumbled German cuss words.

"You know he doesn't like being called "bub"." Matthew said to Alfred.

"But the reaction never gets old!" Alfred laughed.

Matthew sighed, "The things you do…"

The truck (truck…?) ride was quiet, listening to "Time is Love" by Josh Turner.

"I can't believe that that Italian looks like that one on the video game!" Alfred exclaimed animatedly.

Matthew chuckled, "To be honest he scared me at first."

Alfred laughed, "You you still seemed spooked about that game!"

"Hey! It was really life-like!" The Canadian defended.

"Yea, I'm sure." Alfred mocked, and ruffled the Canadian's hair at the stop light.

They soon arrived home, slamming the car doors and quickly ran to the porch from the sudden rain.

"Geez, now I'll have to change." Alfred moaned, his white shirt showing his toned and muscular body.

"Hurry then, I'll make a snack to make sure you don't growl during the performance." Matthew called out as Alfred ran to his room.

Matthew took a stepping ladder to reach the very top, even though he and Alfred are basically twins; he's a bit shorter than Alfred. He stretched out his arm towards a jar, and on his tippy-toes as well. Alfred came up quietly to Matthew.

"HEY MATTIE!" He yelled.

"Ah!" Matthew exclaimed, and lost his balance.

The next thing they knew, Matthew was on top of Alfred, with their lips locked. But neither separated, but suddenly deepening the kiss. Alfred forcing his tongue into Matthew's mouth, slowly moving his arms to hold Mattie, keeping him pinned in his toned arms. In response, Mattie grasped onto his shirt, hoping that he didn't need to catch his breath soon.


They broke away franticly, Mattie getting up first and answered the call.

"Hello?" He said to the caller.

"Hey Matthew, this is Ludwig, they said I could go, could you come to pick me up? It's almost time." Ludwig said.

"Oh, uh, sure we'll be there soon." Mattie replied, and hung up the phone.

"Who was that Mattie, and…." Alfred asked.

"That was Ludwig, we need to go pick him up." Matthew said, "To be honest, let's forget that this happened."

Alfred nodded in agreement, "You need to go change, you're still wet."

Matthew smiled, "Okay, I'll be out soon."

Alfred smirked, and sat on the old green couch and flicked on the TV. When Mattie came out, he was now in a short sleeved blue T-shirt instead of his red one with a maple leaf on the side of it,

"You ready?" Matthew asked, walking towards the door.

"Yea." Alfred replied, and grabbed his bomber jacket, 'Mattie could get cold.' Alfred thought, then shook his head, 'Wait, why am I thinking that?'

However, he shrugged and walked to the truck.


The High School wasn't truly that big, but big to those that lived in Wynnewood. The bricks that formed it were an orange, and the doors, gutters, and railing were red. Only the window seals were the other school color, white. However, the inside, the floors, walls and ceiling were off white, with a hint of grey on the ceiling. In contrast with the tile that was white with rainbow speckles that covered them. Only the lockers were red in the building and a few tile pieces. The group pushed through the topaz doors to the auditorium, even though the play didn't start for another ten minutes, a few little kids would come out on stage without meaning to. The crowd tried to hold in giggles so the children wouldn't get too much of stage fright.

"Do you know what play their doing?" Matthew asked Feliciano.

"Rumpelstiltskin." Feliciano said excitedly, "They added a few twists to make it seem like an innocent funny."

"I've never heard of Rumpelstiltskin before." Ludwig mumbled.

"Bro, you haven't?" Alfred asked, "I've still got the book at my house, you should read it!"

"Shhh, it's starting!" Matthew whispered, they all faced back to look at the stage.

A serious-looking boy with piercing blue eyes, pale skin lightly dotted with freckles, and chocolate brown hair. He was holding up a sign,

Once upon a time, there was a father and his daughter.

A boy with light wavy-curly brown hair showed up, holding hands with a girl slightly taller than him with long blonde hair. The dark headed boy flipped up the paper

They we're farmer's, working very hard every day.

They boy and girl got out shovels, and pretended to mill something, but it looked more like they were whacking something. The boy turned pages again.

But the daughter was very clumsy.

The blonde girl noticed the sign change, and whacked the other boy in the arm with her fake shovel.

"OW!" The boy yelled, "THAT HURT!"

"Well, sooooorrrryyy!" The girl said, and continued pretending shoveling.

There was a few giggles from the audience and backstage. The boy turned the page up again.

But then the daughter accidently set fire the mill that had all the

Harvest in it.

"Now look at what you've done!" The lighter haired boy said, "You clumsy girl! Now we'll starve through the winter!"

"I'm sorry Papa, but you had to leave your cigar lying around," The girl replied, "I was just picking it up and I didn't notice an ember falling on the ground."

"But I'm sure you did when you felt it on your hair!" The boy said, and turned the girl around, a perfect, horse-shoe shape was on the ends of her hair.

The audience gasped, they thought they actually cutted her hair like that, but then they noticed and stray red lock in her hair, and sighed of relief.

"This is a lot better than I thought." Matthew whispered, and continued to watch the play


"Quello era un gioco davvero buono!" Feliciano said to the little girl who played as the farmer's daughter, "That was a very good play, you did very well!"

The girl hesitated, scared that he said something she couldn't understand, "Momma!" She yelled, and ran towards a young brunette woman.

"Aw, I didn't mean to scare her." Feliciano said to the woman, "I told her in Italian that her performance was good, as well in English."

"Oh, uh, it's alright, it's probably from a bit of stage fright, she doesn't get scared easily." The woman says quickly.

"Oh, that's good, avere una buona notte, have a good night!" Feliciano said to the woman, and walked off.

"You really have a way with words." Ludwig said when Feliciano came back.

"Whaaa?" The Italian asked.

"Nothing." Ludwig said.

"Dude's, we should so party!" Alfred exclaimed.

"Wait a minute, you still have a report to do in Mrs. Whitefield's class." Matthew said, grounding Alfred.

"But, but, English is such a drag! There's nothing good to write a page about on Shakespeare!" Alfred whined.

"A page is short," Matthew said, "I know of one that'll be easy enough for you."


"Romeo and Juliet?" The American questioned.

"Look it up on Hoogle," Matthew smiled, "a lot will come up on the topic."

Alfred sat at the desktop, waiting a bit for the internet to open up. He quickly typed in the web address and searched "Romeo and Juliet".

"Dude, this is a hella lot." Alfred muttered.

"Exactly," Matthew said, "so you'll be able to put in a bit more than the standard issue paper."

"Which story did you go with?" Alfred asked.

"Hamlet." Matthew replied.

"Ah, I saw a video where it included that, Hamlet had vampires in it, so epic man!" Alfred exclaimed.

Matthew looked over at him with narrowed eyes, "The original does not have vampires."

"What a bummer." Alfred sighed, "I thought it would be interesting in an epic sort of way."

Matthew laugher, "You're so funny Alfred."

Alfred blushed, 'He thinks' I'm… funny?' he thought, and shook his head, 'need to try to shake off this brother complex…'

After an hour later with Alfred furiously typing his report, Mattie yawned, "I'm going to bed, night Alfred."

"'Night." Alfred replied absent-mindedly.

As soon as he heard the door close, he looked down, "I think I need therapy…"

Okay, I'm thinking about doing a more ItlayxGermany thing in the next chapitre (chapter). Hope you enjoyed this one! I'm hoping to have the next one done by Monday, cause I'll be back home then! Stay well Carrot Ninja's!

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