Like promised, a bit of Germany and Italy! And I'm kinda on time… I think ^_^"

A single, wide window let early morning light flood in to the blue bedroom. Blue walls, blue comforter, what wasn't blue was the white desk, lamp, sheets, and ceiling fan. An older teenager rose up, rubbing his eyes. He pulled back his blonde hair from his eyes. He opened the door, walked across the narrow hallway to the bathroom, hitting his head on the low door jam.

"Verdammt, dumm Tür Marmelade, zur Hölle fahren!" The German roared.

"Ludwig no cussing so early in the morning." An old voice said, "And hurry to take a shower and change, you need to dig five holes today."

"Yes ma'am." Ludwig mumbled, turning around to get his clothes.

After fumbling around through the drawer, he found a green T-shirt that he cut the sleeves' off, and loose fitting jeans. After he took a quick but soothing shower, he quickly changed, leaving his bangs be because he didn't was to fuss over them yet.

"What's for breakfast Mrs. Schafer?" Ludwig asked.

"Sausage, eggs, and a biscuit with jelly." She said, putting the plate in front of him.

"Danke, thank you." Ludwig said, and digged in.

"Boy, you need to stop speaking German in this house." Mr. Schafer scowled, "We don't know German that well so please speak plain English."

"Yes sir." Ludwig replied simply.

"Dear, he's fine, I've been able to hoogle the main words he uses, and their usually pretty clean unless he stubs something." Mrs. Schafer defended.

"It's alright Mrs. Schafer, if I want to have good, accent free English, I need to not speak German as much." Ludwig said, "I'm going to go dig those holes."

"Make sure they're a foot deep." The man called.

"Yes sir." Ludwig replied, and closed the door.

He waited until the door was completely closed and he was far into the back yard.

"Das verdammte Mann, wahrscheinlich nicht zu wissen, was ich sage Angst. Ha! Ich bin ziemlich in der Regel zu reinigen, und verdammt übersetzen die meisten der Zeit, nachdem ich es sagen. Dummer Mensch! Making it täglich, dass ich diese dummen Löcher, dass sie nichts mit zu graben! Der einzige Grund, warum ich in der Hoffnung, nächstes Jahr zurückkommen werde, ist so, dass ich die Freunde, die ich in diesem Jahr gemacht habe sehen ..." The German mumbled to himself, "Dieser verdammte Herr Schäfer."

"Ah, Ludwig!" A voice called.

He turned around , "Ah, Feliciano, what are you doing here?"

"I came to visit you of course!" Feliciano simply replied.

"But how did you know of my address?" Ludwig questioned.

"I saw you come to this house after the play con i bambini piccolo from last night!" Feliciano explained.

"Oh, well, I'm working, so could you come back around eleven or so?" Ludwig asked.

"Oh no, I'd rather help you out!" Feliciano cheered, "By the way, what is your 'work'?"

"I need to dig five holes that are a foot deep." Ludwig replied.

"Ah, I'll go ask your famiglia ospitante if I can have a shovel to help you out!" Feliciano called, already heading for the door.

"Ah, no, Feliciano!" Ludwig called.

The door suddenly slammed open, Mr. Schafer was standing at the door, holding a gun.

"Get off of my property boy!" He threatened.

"Ohhh, you must be the old man that Alfred called crazy." Feliciano said cheerfully, "Hello Mr. Crazy man who is Ludwig's ospite padre!"

"Boy, I have no idea what you said, but get off of my property!" Mr. Schafer yelled, loading the gun.

"So you want to play that game?" Feliciano said happily, putting his hands in his pockets.

"What could you even have on you boy?" Mr. Schafer asked.

"Just some toys." Feliciano replied simply, pulling out two concealed handguns.

"Model five hundred, point fifty Magnum revolver..." The German breathed.

"I'm surprised Ludwig, you really know some guns huh?" Feliciano complimented, not looking away from the target.

"Feliciano, put down the guns." Ludwig said slowly.

"He's still holding his gun." Feliciano whined.

"Feliciano, if you keep this up, I won't be able to go to school with Matthew, Alfred, or you." Ludwig said, hoping for the Italian to give up.

Feliciano sighed, putting away his guns, "Alright, but I want a shovel!" he whined.

Mr. Schafer fumbled a bit, but gave Feliciano an extra shovel. Almost five minutes later, things were normal, with the Italian singing different songs in Italian.

"So che devo mettere nelle ore, fare soldi mentre il sole splende, ~" was the only one Ludwig remembered out of the many songs (or parts of songs) that he could remember.


"Ah, the work is done." Ludwig sighed, they were out for only thirty minutes, which was a lot faster than normal.

"Yay! Now it's lunch time!" Feliciano cheered, running towards the door again.

But this time, Mrs. Shafer opened it instead.

"I see that your done," She said with a smile, "Come inside, I've got milk and cookies waiting."

"YAAAY!" Feliciano cheered, "Che bella vecchia pazza!"

Mrs. Shafer smiled, and let him in. Ludwig followed closely after, putting away both the shovels.

"Ti piace, non ti?" Ludwig heared.

"Ack! Mrs. Schafer!" He said turning around, "You scared me."

She laughed, "I could tell instantly."

The German stood there, "No, I don't."

"You're just telling yourself that because you're convinced you're straight."

The German's mouth dropped, 'How does she change personality so quickly?' He thought.

Mrs. Shafer smiled, "Come inside, before Feliciano eats all the cookies."

The German blushed, and nodded his head quickly.


After they finished eating and after Ludwig changed shirts, he and Feliciano decided to go to the library so Ludwig could finish up his English practice papers for Mrs. Love, after it was clear to be gone for a while from Mr. Shafer. Feliciano pushed open the old glass doors to a room of aging book spines cramming the wooden bookshelves. They walked further, a door less opening lead to a teal colored room, the children's books, as old as the books in the main library. They walked past that to another section with multiple desks', and a single, ancient desktop that would've been amazing technology, in the 80's.

"What about right here?" Ludwig offered, gesturing towards a desk at the back, "We won't bother as many people that may come in."

"Sicuro!" Feliciano agreed, and skipped towards it.

The German simply walked behind him, blushing slightly of embarrassment. Ludwig sat down, pulling out the paper he was already half way done with.

"Whoa, Ludwig, you're writing looks so different from what Matthew showed me!" Feliciano exclaimed.

"That's because it's cursive," Ludwig explained, "Mrs. Love is requiring us to do it in this form, 'Makes you seem like you've been in this country longer than you actually have, and shows sophistication.' Is what she said."

"It looks so difficult." Feliciano said, straining to read it, "'In Germany… there… are… a lot… of… windmills?"

"Yes, positive energy." Ludwig said, "I need to translate all of this into English writing in cursive."

"Ah, sounds difficult." Feliciano muttered.

"Don't worry, you'll find it a lot easier." The German assured.

"Really?" Feliciano said, perking up.

Ludwig smiled, "With hard work and effort."

Feliciano leaned in, kissing him on the cheek, "what words of encouragement! You're a lot nicer than I would've ever thought, when I first met you, you looked like a big, scary, cattivo!"

The German looked down, 'Patience, patience…' He recited in his head, translating furiously on his worksheet.

Vuuumn, vuuuumn

"Huh?" The Italian said, pulling out his phone, "Ah, Matthew sent a text."

The Italian's eyes' darted over the screen, while the German quickly translated things, finishing in record time when-

"Ah, Mattie said there was a chocolate factory that's doing a tour today, do you want to come with me?" Feliciano asked.

"Ah, sure." Ludwig agreed, "But I don't have a car."

"I'll ask ospite la sorella to bring me my car." Feliciano said, and started texting furiously, "Okay, we'll go to the front so she doesn't have to search for us."

"Who's 'she'?" The German asked.

"The girl I was telling you guys about who knew Italian." Feliciano reminded.

"Oh, Jessica, right?" Ludwig asked.

", but I also call her host sister." Feliciano replied, "Ah, speaking of the ragazza."

A tall blonde girl walked in, her small light blue eyes scanning the room until she spotted us. She waved at Feliciano, and walked quickly towards them. (you might want to copy paste the whole conversation)

"Hey Feli," She whispered, tossing him the keys.

"Thank you ospite la sorella." Feliciano chimed.

She giggled, "E 'questo che l'uomo non si può smettere di parlare?"

Feliciano blushed, "Eh, cosa vuoi dire Jessica?" He said nervously.

Jessica spread her arms wide, "Oh mio Dio, ho appena ricevuto un testo di Ludwig! Non posso credere che mi rispose, un uomo simpatico, potrebbe rendere nonno orgoglioso!"

The Italian blushed, "Non è quello che ho detto!"

Jessica giggled again, "Sure, sure."

"What are you guys talking about?" Ludwig asked clueless.

"Ah, nothing, nothing at all." Feliciano said franticly, "Jessica is just playing jokes on me, like a sister!"

Jessica giggled again, "Have fun at your data!"

Feliciano blushed, "It's not that at all!"

Ludwig smiled, "Let's go, I'm sure Alfred and Matthew are waiting for us."

"They're not expecting us for another hour." Feliciano replied.

"Then why do you have the car here already?"

"Because it'll take us an hour to get there." Feliciano replied cheerfully.

Ludwig smacked his forehead, "We better go now then."

Feliciano nodded his head, pulling the German by his hand and dashing towards the car.

Until, Ludwig saw Feliciano's car.


"Yea?" Feliciano asked innocently.

"Why do you have a black Cadillac CTS-V?" Ludwig asked awe struck.

"Because I had to leave my Lamborghini at home." Feliciano replied, with a hint of sadness, "It was my favorite one too."

Feliciano ducked into the car, with Ludwig ducking even further to not hit his head.

"What model was it?" Ludwig asked, sure that he would be on the verge of fainting after this.

"LP760-2 Aventador." Feliciano replied simply, "Papa gave it to me as a present for being able to come to America and starting to learn better English."Aventador LP760-2Aventador LP760-2Aventador LP760-2

Ludwig's jaw dropped. 'In this model, there's only five in existence!'

"I know right, I even told him it was too much, but he was all like 'It was a gift, and you'll ride it more than I would.'" Feliciano said happily, speeding down the bare curving highway.

Ludwig was still shock, at lost of words, and that happened very few times. He then closed his mouth and rubbed his head.

"Are you okay tesoro tedesco, I mean Ludwig?" Feliciano asked.

"Yes," Ludwig mumbled, not catching the Italian part, "Hey why are you going 105 miles per hour?"

"Oh whoops, distratto dalla vostra prestanza, ah, I was lost in thought." Feliciano explained, stepping slightly on his brakes.

Ludwig nodded his head, relaxing back in his seat.

"Ah, I can see it!" Feliciano exclaimed.

"That was awfully quick." Ludwig sighed, getting out of the car.

"Well, that's what going 105 will get you." Feliciano said happily.

"Hey guys!" Alfred yelled, with his mouth full of food again, "You gotta try these man!"

Ludwig and Feliciano picked up the oddly shaped chocolate.

"Chocolaty…" Feliciano sighed, looking peaceful.

"But why do I taste potato?" Ludwig questioned.

"Duh, its chocolate covered potato chips!" Alfred exclaimed.

"Only in America…" Ludwig mumbled.

(Yes, there is an actual place in Oklahoma that sells chocolate covered potato chips)

"Alfred, don't eat all of them!" A voice called, "Or you'll get a stomach ache!"

"C'mon Mattie, I'm not a kid anymore!" Alfred whined.

"Ah, you guys came right on time!" Matthew exclaimed, "The tour is about to begin, and they're going right on the dot!"

They quickly walked inside, only to look around at the high window ceilings for a moment as well the colorful wrappings on the different chocolates. A small crowd of people, old and young, were standing at the back with an energetic brunette closest to the doors.

"Alright everyone, please keep your hands and feet away from equipment and each other. As well keep long hair back and anything loose please put under your clothes or tighten." She recited, waiting for everyone to do so.

"Do you need a bobby pin?" Alfred asked, poking Matthew's curl.

Matthew blushed, then laughed, "Speak for yourself."

Then pulled on Alfred's cowlick.

"It's on." Alfred blushed slightly, looking away.

"Huh?" Feliciano asked.

"Oh, heh, nothing." Alfred smiled, looking back at Matthew.

"You started it." Matthew shrugged, giggling a little.

Alfred nudged him a bit, a little too hard because he bumped Ludwig a bit.

"Alfred, don't, not here at least!" Matthew hissed, "Sorry Ludwig."

"Uh, it's alright." Ludwig replied, not wanting to see the Canadian angry.

Soon enough, Ludwig stopped paying attention to the lady up front explaining to machines, and started to look around. All of the machines were a spotless stainless steel. The ceilings, walls, and floors even were a blinding white. As well was it cold in there to help the chocolate harden up around multiple centers, some he would never think would taste good. He looked over to Feliciano, looking intensely at the new machine they took us to.

"This is the-" The lady began again, but Ludwig lost interest, he was entirely focused on the small Italian standing next to him now.

Then again they walked to another spot.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the end of our tour, please feel free to buy the chocolates' in the shop!" The lady recited energetically again.

"That was kinda cool,"Alfred said, "But the chocolates' are a lot more fun."

"How could food be fun?" Matthew questioned.

"Exactly." Alfred replied, buying more chocolate covered chips.

Matthew sighed, "At least it's not sunset yet, you still need to finish that paper."

"Oh, I finished it last night." Alfred said not looking at him, but the chocolates' in his hands.

"Alright then, I'll proof read it." Matthew said, pushing Alfred to their truck, "We'll see you guys tomorrow!"

"See you Mattie, and do what he says Alfred!" Feliciano called out, with Ludwig simply waving his hand good bye.

Ludwig and Feliciano quickly made it to their car, and ducked in. The car ride was silent except for the fact that the radio was on a Spanish station.

"Why are you listening to a Spanish station?" Ludwig asked.

"Oh, my twin brother Romano is here on a long vacation and is a host on this station." Feliciano explained.

"Oh, is he good?" Ludwig asked.

"Yes, but he cusses at the guests' all the time, but everyone just laughs at him and say he's crazy." Feliciano said, with a hint of laughter emitting from his lips.

"Isn't that kind of mean?" Ludwig questioned.

"No, because he laughs too." Feliciano laughed, starting to push 80 miles an hour.

"Feliciano, no more than 70." Ludwig said.

"Oh, whoops, didn't see that." Feliciano said, but he didn't slow down.

Instead, he was pushing 90 now.

Ludwig had a feeling that it was because of something, he looked around, and saw behind them, a white sports car was tailing them.

"Don't look at them Ludwig." The Italian ordered.

"What do you think their doing?" Ludwig asked, knowing this behavior was because of the other car.

"You could say my family isn't know for the best of reasons'." Feliciano said, and jerked the car towards the left, making a U-turn.

Ludwig hit hard against the car door, restrained from the seatbelt.

"Bastardi stupidi." Feliciano muttered under his breath.

He sped up, pushing 110. The other car was starting to come up, creeping closer and closer every second.

"What is your family known for?" Ludwig asked.

Feliciano didn't answer, turning sharply a right. Both jerking towards the left. Ludwig knew this direction, Mrs. Schafer said down this road was the short cut they would take to Norman two weeks from now.

"Feliciano, stay down this road, this is a short cut to Norman, we can lose them around there." Ludwig said, surprised he remembered this small bit of information.

"Alright, Queste femmine stupide guidare come un italiano comunque." Feliciano said, getting on the wider highway.

Thank God there were no other cars at that moment.

After a few jerks and U-turns, they were finally able to lose them.

"Yay!" Feliciano cheered, "We were able to lose them!"

"And I now get it on why you would have such nice sports cars." Ludwig muttered, feeling motion sickness.

"I'll take you home, at least we finished your work earlier today!" Feliciano cheered, heading towards Pernell.


They were soon in front of the worn down white and tan permanent trailer. Ludwig looked at it with gloom, knowing that he would get lectured. Suddenly, Feliciano leaned in and gave him a kiss a bit too close to the mouth for comfort.

"You'll be fine as long as you believe in God." Feliciano said, smiling.

"How encouraging." Ludwig muttered, blushing slightly.

Feliciano giggled, taking off his seat beat and reached across to the other door opening it, "It's best to get it done and other with, see you tomorrow hopefully."

"I'll see you tomorrow." Ludwig said, with a tone saying that he'll live.

Feliciano smiled, driving away knowing that he'll get picked on endlessly by Jessica.


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