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"Ah! Ludwig, I found the pasta Gabrielle was talking about!" Feliciano said, holding up a big plate of spaghetti.

"How will we even find it?" Ludwig wondered out loud.

"Easy, Jessica doesn't cut up the pasta, so none of them are shorter than they're suppose to!" Feliciano cheered.

"Ah, well, let's eat then." Ludwig said.

They sat down at a cherry wood table, with simple but elegant chairs. Ludwig and Feliciano chatted a bit, but not much due to a slightly strong hang over.

"Ah, eating this much will do…" Feliciano said, then began to stare.

"What wrong Feliciano?" Ludwig asked.

"I should've known better than to just say that any noodle will do…"

"Why?" Ludwig asked again, about to take another bite.

"Because Jessica put in her famous green noodle." Feliciano said, pointing towards Ludwig's fork.

And there, was an extremely long light green noodle, intertwined with the other pale and red-stained pasta noodles, on Ludwig's fork.

"Why didn't we notice it sooner?" Ludwig asked, amazed that he didn't notice the different color.

"That's what makes it famous; you don't realize it until you take a bite." Feliciano explained, "When you take a bite, you notice its different flavor, but then it's too late because you put the whole thing in your mouth."

"You seem to have experience with it." Ludwig mumbled.

"Yes, because I was betted to find it before." Feliciano chuckled, taking the green noodle with his fork.

"Ja… So, uh…" Ludwig mumbled blushing a little.

"Mm, come on, take this end!" Feliciano said cheerfully, holding the fork up high.

"Ahhh-" Ludwig opened, sticking his tongue out.

Feliciano giggled, "I wish this happened last night ~…"

Ludwig blushed madly, but put the noodle's end in his mouth.

"My turn!" Feliciano cheered, quickly putting the other end in his mouth.

"Ah'll geut mah pphhonw owt." Ludwig said barely moving his lips.

He rummaged in his right pocket, finally finding it. He quickly unlocked it and put it on camera mode.

"Wait! We need to eat a bit first!" Feliciano said, with his apparently skillful mouth.

(Heh heh, you see what I did there?)

"Oh, right." Ludwig said, and sucked in a little, Feliciano doing so as well.

"Alright, now." Feliciano said, and closed his eyes.

"Ja…" Ludwig mumbled, closing his eyes as well.


They separated a bit to see the picture.

"Aww, we look so cute!" Feliciano squealed.

Ludwig smiled, he then attached the picture to a text.

"Feliciano, could you put in Jessica's number?" Ludwig asked.

"Sure!" Feliciano accepted, his fingers flying over the old-fashioned buttons.

He handed the flip phone back to Ludwig, who just pressed "send". He quickly got a text back then –



"Ah, those are the locks!" Feliciano explained, slowly moving towards one of the doors and opening it.

'How many locks could one house need?' Ludwig thought… then remembered that they have been chased by a certain sports car.

"Ah, read the text Ludwig!" Feliciano chimed, closing the door.

"Hmmm, 'Congrats on finding it! I bet it was Feli who found it! Anyway, I unlocked the doors and you guys can go and hang out or something. Just make sure you clean the bed sheets because it reeked when I checked on you guys before I went to work! And to make sure this house doesn't stink, please do that kind of stuff in the bathroom since it'll be easier to clean! Hope you have fun!' Then she put in a wink-y face." Ludwig blushed madly again.

"Ah, that Jessica, she can be so perverted!" Feliciano laughed, "I'll go on ahead and put the sheets in the washer."

Feliciano walked away, leaving Ludwig at the table, smiling.

"Ja…" Ludwig mumbled, 'Maybe I should come back next year…'

Ludwig blinked back to reality as he just got stabbed by Alfred, again.

"Damnit…" Ludwig mumbled.

When he came home, Mr. and Mrs. Schafer were taking a nap he believed, so he wasn't going to wake them up and decided to play the game Alfred bought for him. If only he had know that Alfred got it for him just so he could "troll" someone new…

He looked over towards the window to his left.

'What? It's dark out?' He thought.

Then, he got shot on the game, but it wasn't Alfred. He seemed to have quit during the middle of the game.

Ludwig sighed, "He stabs me and leaves? It's official, he can be such a jackass."

Then he got stabbed, and called "FUCKING LOSER!" through the headsets.

"Americans can be so serious about games too…" Ludwig mumbled to himself.

Back with Al and Mattie

"Dude, turn off the TV, it hurts." Alfred mumbled, pulling the covers over his face.

"I need to know the weather for tomorrow." Matthew replied, "When the guy's done, I'll turn it off."

A groan was his only response, however Matthew had to admit, the bright TV was very painful to stare at, and he would've gladly turned it off. Except for the fact that heavy rain suddenly started to pour down. Matthew looked out towards the window, seeing slight traces of the red dirt that made Oklahoma unique and back country in the United States.

"And that concludes our weather forecast." The man with overly-slicked back hair smiled.

"With high chances of dandruff." Alfred mumbled, turning over to face the couch cushion.

Matthew smiled, then turned off the TV.

"C'mon, you need to go to bed, grouch." Matthew said, then pushed Alfred off the couch and past the kitchen.

"I still feel like crap man…" Alfred mumbled.

"If you're still running a fever tomorrow, you'll be staying home." Matthew said, finally reaching Alfred's room.

Matthew sat him on the bed, Alfred already pulling the covers over himself.

"Good night Alfred." Matthew smiled.

"Hey Mattie?" Alfred whispered.

"Yea?" Matthew replied.

"Can you sleep in here with me?" Alfred pouted.

Matthew paused, "Uh, sure, I'll just turn off the light in my room."

Alfred smiled, then sat up, obviously waiting for his brother. But then he looked down,

"Why did I fall for you?" Alfred whispered, "A half-brother of all people?"

He quickly heard the soft footsteps of the thought of Canadian, changing his expression quickly, he looked at his brother. Matthew smiled, and then turned off the over head light. Matthew then slowly walked towards the bed, not wanting to trip over anything on the slightly messy floor.

"You'll need to clean up your room." Matthew whispered.

"I'll get to it sooner or later." Alfred waved off.

Matthew smiled in the dark. "Good night again, Alfred."

"Good night Matthew." Alfred smiled.

As they fell asleep, neither realized that they were holding each other, nor the heat of their bodies fighting what God knows what,

All they knew is that they were close, and not ready for what the day that was coming would bring.

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