Shock to the System

A week has passed between the events depicted in chapter one and this chapter…

Martha Meeks checked into the Hideaway Hotel, and as she looked around the lobby, her nerves seemed to calm significantly. The past week had been a harrowing one. First, she had encountered a strange stalker/creep that had called her and left a recorded CD message in her car. If that wasn't bad enough, she was also attacked in her car. Martha could not understand what had happened to that murdered security guard. She had witnessed that psychotic lunatic Ghostface stab the poor guard right in the stomach. She couldn't help but replay that incident over and over again in her mind. The clerk behind the desk called to her, which brought Martha Meeks out of her reverie.

Clerk: Ms. Meeks? I need your signature in order to process your room.

Martha: Sorry, guess I was lost in a train of thought. (She signs the papers) There you go, and again, I am sorry.

Clerk: No problem, have a pleasant stay, Ms. Meeks.

Martha walked away to the corridor where the elevators were. She looked down at the key in her hand, and read the number 1201 and walked into the now open elevator and pushed the number 12. The elevator ascended effortlessly to the 12th floor.

Martha waited for the elevator door to open, and then walked out to her suite door. She gently placed the key into the slot, turned it, and the door unlocked. She walked inside and immediately sucked in her breath. Sydney had told her that she would put her up in a suite as long as she was in town, but this was too much.

The room was adorned in a maroon red motif, and the beds were of a similar design. Martha turned and looked to her right and there sat a beautiful hot tub. I'll have to make a note to use that before I leave she thought to herself. She sat on the luxurious bed and slipped off one of her shoes. She moved closer to the bed stand near her bed and picked up the phone. She dialed Sydney's number, and waited as it rang.

Mark Kincaid: Hello, who is this?

Martha: Oh, hi, Mark, this is Sydney's friend, Martha Meeks? Is she going to be home soon? I wanted to drop by and visit.

Mark: Well, she just stepped out for a moment. She wanted to get some more computer supplies, but I am expecting her back very soon. Please come by today, it'll be a nice surprise. I mean, I know that she knows you're in town, but she doesn't know when you'll visit though, does she?

Martha: No, she doesn't. Ok, Mark, I'll be there in an hour or so.

Mark bids her farewell and Martha hung up the phone. She crossed the room, walked into the absolutely extravagant bathroom, disrobes and takes a quick shower. In the middle of her shower, she hears a noise. She exits the shower, turns off the water, puts a bathrobe on, and walks into the main room. She looks around but nothing has been disturbed. She looks all around the room, but everything seems to be in place. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spots it. A VHS cassette is sitting on her dresser. She slowly walks to the dresser, picks up the cassette and reads the caption on it: PLAY ME

Martha takes the cassette in her hand and walks to the television set. The set has a built in VCR, and so Martha takes the cassette and inserts it into the slot. The cassette starts playing automatically. The screen comes to life and shows Sydney and Mark sitting in front of a roaring fireplace, kissing each other. Then, suddenly, a raspy voice cuts into the romantic scene:

Martha, you've brought this on yourself. Your brother never learned. He pissed me off too. Sydney and her husband look so happy, so peaceful, don't they? Well, soon enough, they'll learn that I am never going to go away, that evil never dies!

Without warning, the tape stops, and Martha is shaking uncontrollably. She slowly gets to her feet, dresses, grabs some money, and decides to go over to Sydney's home, to tell her that her worst fears have come home to haunt her…