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A Month After T.O.D

Dating the Number One Hyper-Active Knuckleheaded Ninja was an adventure, or at least that's what Neji believes. The fact that they've only been together a month and yet they have fucked in every position known to man and a few that didn't seem natural for human spines to favorably allow.

The sex was amazing and Neji couldn't be happier and the love was just as amazing. Naruto was a very dutiful lover, taking him places that held lots of sentimental value to the blonde, giving him gifts continuously cooking for him, and much more. Needless to say Neji was starting to feel spoiled and loved it. However, he knew when to call it quits like when Naruto tried to make him bento's every day. Though he loved his cooking, Neji just couldn't let him cook so much for just him.

Neji loved his blonde with all his heart and introducing him to his family was the next step Neji wanted to take in making Naruto a major part of his life.

As of right now Neji was sitting at home, being the over thinker that he is, and planning everything down to the last second. Still living on the Hyuuga had its perks but also its down falls, perks being he now has his own little cottage/hut of a place from him to live on the compound.

A major down fall is that even though the little huttage (A/N: Makes sense doesn't it?) was far from the other main buildings on the Hyuuga compound it wasn't far enough that his family wouldn't hear the screams Naruto was able to thrust out of him. Point being that nearly a week ago, really late at night, Naruto snuck over to give his Hyuuga some loving and try as they might neither, mainly Neji, couldn't stay quite.

Blushing so hard that a strawberry would be jealous, Neji still couldn't shake the face his uncle gave him, as he and and a few of his other relatives came into the huttage kunai's drawn just to catch the two in mid thrust. Before anyone had time to react to Naruto poofed the both of them away to avoid the storm that was heading towards them at that moment in time. Long story short Neji got and ear full as well as majorly disciplined and punished for the rest of that week and now has to have Naruto over to make amends as well as to make nice with his family just so they could be one step closer to each other.

Sighing to himself he remembered that he was needed at the training grounds to help out with this year's genin. Putting his plans of family introduction aside Neji made to stand up from his futon, his uncle made him sleep on missing his high up bed terribly, his back cracked several times as he stretched out the kinks. Making sure not to leave anything he jumped onto the roof and made his way over to the training grounds.

Training Grounds

Naruto was sitting up in a tree watching the group of genin below him. There was an incident at the academy that lead to the genin being put outside to have them rounded up in groups of three and sent off to a Jounin or an available Anbu officer.

Naruto was still shocked at his father Iruka coming by to tell him he was on the list to being a Sensei. As much as some of the village still holds some (a lot) of apprehension of letting Naruto become Hokage let alone work on the next generation. He darn near fell out of his seat in the tree at how lost in thought he got.

Everyone was told to meet at the training grounds at three and by the looks of the sky it was only about two thirty. Sighing Naruto leaned against the trunk of the tree and gazed at the Genin before sliding his attention to a very familiar face that just walked up.

'Well it seems that my father is placing some good habits in the old pervert.'

Said pervert being none other than Kakashi-Sensei, who just walked up looking the same as always only with the newest Icha Icha Paradise book in his hand. Naruto couldn't help but smirk at that seeing as how something's never change but also at the fact that that was his story Kakashi was reading.

Ever since that one mission Jiraiya has slowly been letting Naruto in on the Icha Icha Paradise business, in particularly the yaoi stories that some of his female fans have been raving that he should start producing. Although he didn't want to lose is female fans he also didn't want to write a male/male story, seeing his mentor and grandfather figure in such a state Naruto gladly took the reins and wrote the story. Since then he has heard nothing but praise from both Jiraiya and the female and some male fans, and now has his own yaoi section in Jiraiya's business.

It brought a little swell of pride to see his former Sensei and Mentor reading his work. He must have been enjoying it because Kakashi turned a page and his eye got wide and you could see little specks of blood on his mask.

At that Naruto promptly fell out of his tree and into a bush below laughing hard. A few of the nearest genin turned in his direction question marks literally above their heads.

"Smooth Naru real smooth."

Looking up while trying to get air into his lungs all Naruto was able to see was and upside down Neji. He also saw a little leg up Neji's shorts, which got him to stop laughing and fast.

Still flat on his back Naruto reached under Neji's shorts and caressed the back of his knee up to the middle of his thigh, which caused Neji to jolt in surprise then freeze as he let a moan slip out.

"I am smooth my dear Neji, but these are smoother."

Naruto had that classic fox grin on his face as he watched Neji try to ignore what he was doing. Although the grin just got bigger as he noticed a little twitch coming from inside Neji's shorts.

"Naruto Uzumaki, If you don't stop it, there are kids around not to mention you're old Sensei and there goes your father."

At the mention of his father Naruto snatched his hand out of Neji's shorts and got up off the ground and then slowly dusted whatever could be on him (which was nothing), He paused for a second and stared at Neji who stared back, then in a flash he was running towards his father.

"Iruka….Neji is being mean to me!"

At the yell that froze everyone and promptly pissed off Neji who ran after fully intending to be "mean". Iruka just sighed as he regained his bearings , even though Naruto was older he still acted like a child at times. He had just entered the training ground area when he heard the shout, he waited a good six seconds before he was tackled to the ground as expected by his son.

"Naruto what did you do now?"

"I didn't do anything, he was being mean for no reason whatsoever."

Naruto looked at his father with such an innocent face that Iruka just knew he was lying through his slightly fanged teeth. Naruto was far from innocent in anyway shape or form, and being his father he just knew his mischievous son had done something.

Crossing his arms over his chest with his son still sitting "innocently" on his stomach, waiting for the truth to show itself, meanwhile, giving Naruto the look that all parents give their misbehaving children.

Naruto inwardly cursed that look, over the years that look for some reason has gotten stronger and stronger in prying the truth out of him.

"Ok ok I felt him up in the bushes over there, now stop with the look already."

As soon as he said that Neji came up behind him and squared a nice fist to the top of his head, causing Naruto to duck down and grab his head in pain and a bump formed.

"Darn right he did, baka, now get off your father." Neji demanded as an Irk mark pulsated from his temple.

Not trying (at the moment) to enrage his love anymore, Naruto did as told and then dusted his father off. Meanwhile everyone that was in a good ten yard radius, aside from Kakashi, watched wide-eyed at the events that just transpired.

Ignoring all the looks and trying to get things moving along, Iruka started barking orders to the Genin. Said student lined up and performed the same tests that Naruto and crew did in order to get their head bands and then get assembled into teams. One after another the kids were either passed or failed to repeat their course again in the next following weeks. So far there weren't many failing just a small handful that just had a major lack of ninja skills/wanting to be a ninja.

There was one kid though that was a little odd, not what a failure odd but 'hhhmmm interesting' odd. He was passing every test with minimal effort but he looked scared about being there. The boy was a born prodigy but his attitude to the whole situation is what brought Naruto's attention to was something foreign but very similarly familiar about the kid and it was irritating him to figure out what it was.



"That kid over there, there's something familiar about him."

"I know but I can't figure it out."

"I feel drawn to this kid Kit and that's really not like me."

"How so?"

"I want to protect him…"

"Maybe you're just feeling maternal?"

"Kit a demon like me doesn't feel Maternal unless it's our pups and mine…."

"Yours was what…wait you had Kits?"

"….Just one centuries ago…"

"What happened?"

"I was captured right after I gave birth…and I have no clue what happened to it nor what gender it was."

"You gave what…..you're Female?"

"Oh yeah I didn't tell you that did I but yes I'm Female."

"But you sound so….."



"Comes with the whole demon territory Kit."


"Kit do me a favor."

"Ok, what?"

"Watch the kid for me."

"uh ok."

That seemed to be the end of the conversation and so was the testing, however, there was a confused look over Iruka's face as he calculated and assigned Students to their Sensei. Iruka knew nearly every face at the training grounds but the last kid.

The Kid was dressed completely in black from head to toe in a very weird material that looked both heavy but had the illusion of being light. Every part of his body was covered but his head; he had waist length jet black hair with a strange red sheen to it, which he had tied in a high ponytail. His eyes were a such a dark red depending on the light they almost read black. He wore a mask over his mouth that matched the rest of his outfit. His ears were somewhat elfish but suited his face (what could be seen anyways) nicely.

The kid was a prodigy, this Iruka knew but he wasn't from this village. After the tests he had all the students rest and sit around and wait for the grading and assigning. The kid walked off by himself separating himself from everyone else as he waited from things to come to surface. Iruka sighed he didn't know what he was to do, he was really put into a jam. Sensing eyes on him he looked into the face of his son as well as his lover (Not Neji) and signaled for them to come over.

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