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Thirteen year old Harry James Potter sat with his feet up on the table reading a letter from Annabeth while he waiting for Percy when Sally smacked his on the back of the head as she passed "Feet of the table Harry."

Harry sighed but had a smile on his face, next to him Harry heard some laughter and smiled at his big friend Tyson, and when we say big we mean big, Tyson was two meters tall, and very broad shouldered, and has very messy brown hair.

"Yeah, yeah laugh it up big guy."

Tyson laughed "Harry got in trouble."

Harry chuckled and went back to reading his letter, and a minute later Percy came running out of his room and out the front door in a rush, Tyson giggled and Harry sighed as they followed him "I swear that boy would be late for his own funeral. We'll see you later Mrs Jackson!"

"Remember that Rosa will be coming here after school Harry."

"I know I can't wait for her to get here."

"That's because you treat her more like your daughter then your sister, and she sees you as her father instead of her big brother."

Rosaline Marie Evans, Harry's full sister was now a toddler thanks to the gods on Olympus, Harry wanted her safe and he wanted what was best for her, so his aunt Artemis and her hunters raised her, she was going to join her Aunt Artemis' Hunters when she was old enough, and that choice was something that she made for herself not one that was forced on her by the Huntresses, she was incredibly smart for her age, which was four at the moment and she was a witch like her mother Lily. Artemis and her hunters were using magic to speed time for them so they could raise and train her and Apollo was glad that they were helping his daughter.

And every week Rosa came to spend the weekends with him, and what Sally said was true, he loved and treated her like a daughter, and Rosa called him Daddy and it made him happy whenever she did.

Tyson and Harry quickly caught up with Percy who had realised they were not right beside him "You really need to stop ignoring us when we come to wake you up Seaweed."

Percy blushed slightly "I'm just not a morning person."

Tyson smiled "Percy should be son of Sleep god instead of Sea god."

Harry couldn't help it, he burst into laughter while Percy stared at Tyson in shock "Tyson man, that was awesome, you never tell jokes like that, I didn't know you had it in you."

Tyson smiled at Harry and said "I've been thinking hard for good joke for Percy."

See we should probably explain, Tyson is a Cyclopes, he had been living on the street and enrolled at their school for some help an orphan program, Sally and Harry had tried to have social services help Tyson when they learned that he had been living in a refrigerator box in an alley, but social services never found him, so Harry got suspicious and eventually realised that the mist was protecting Tyson. So once they knew the truth they told Tyson they were demigods and then Harry had Tyson move into his apartment with him, gave him his own room and told him to decorate however he wanted to and Harry now looks after him by paying for him to go to school, for food and clothes as well.

It was also revealed that Tyson is Percy's half-brother on their father's side, so in other words Tyson is also a son of Poseidon, Sally didn't mind in the least; in fact she treated both Harry and Tyson as her own children and absolutely adored Rosa.

Percy grumbled under his breath as they continued to school with Harry and Tyson laughing at him most of the way.

Harry walked outside waiting for Percy when he heard the local school bully, and then he heard Tyson crying. He ran over and saw Matt Sloan picking on Tyson again, so he grabbed Matt by his shirt and threw him away from Tyson "Sloan how many times do I have to beat this into your head, leave Tyson alone."

"Why don't you just piss of you freak, and take the giant freak with you."

Sloan didn't get a chance to insult them further as Harry knocked him out with a single punch to the face; it was really getting to be a hassle having to hold his strength back when he smacked Sloan around for mouthing off.

"Hey big guy don't let that ass get to you."


Harry turned to see Percy run over "What happened, Sloan mouthing off again" Harry nodded and Percy sighed "Just ignore him Tyson."

Tyson wiped away his tears with his giant hands and smiled "Thank you Harry, Thank you Percy."


Harry was knocked down by a four year old missile with long red hair tied back into a braid and bright green eyes wearing a smaller version of the Hunters winter wear, causing Percy and Tyson to laugh, little Rosa's smile got wider when she saw them "Hi Percy, Hi Tyson!"

Percy smiled and patted her head as he passed "Hey Rosa" and went inside while Tyson smiled and waved "Hi Rosy!"

Rosa giggled as Harry picked himself up of the ground then picked up the giggling four year old and placed her on Tyson's shoulder where she cheered as Tyson smiled and headed upstairs to their apartment "Thanks for looking after her Mrs Jackson."

Sally smiled "It's no problem at all, I love spending time with her, and we spent our time today baking blue cookies. So do you have any plans for her this weekend?"

Harry nodded "Yeah, I'm going to take her to the central Park zoo. I should get up there before those two trashes the apartment, thanks again Mrs Jackson."

Harry made his way upstairs and entered his apartment and found Tyson and Rosa sitting at the dining room table drawing, Rosa was drawing with colour pencils and was drawing a picture of her family, while Tyson was drawing a schematic of some sort with lead pencils. Harry threw he backpack over onto the couch and smiled.

"Okay you two, we need to figure out where we're going to eat tonight, Pizza, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Greek?"

As Harry expected Rosa cried out "PIZZA!"

While Tyson called out "CHINESE!"

Harry sighed and shook his head "Okay, Rosa we had Pizza last week when you decided, so Tyson, Chinese it is."

Rosa pouted for a moment before she smiled and started to tell Harry about her training since she last saw him and her day with Sally while Tyson smiled and went to get changed from his school clothes.

"So you're enjoying your training with Aunt Artemis' hunters are you?"

Rosa nodded eagerly "Yep, it's so much fun, but I want to go hunting with you daddy."

Harry smiled and kissed her on the forehead "Well, if you want to hunting with me you'll need a proper weapon huh, and since I'm your father the duty of getting you a reliable weapon falls to me."

Rosa looked up at him confused for a moment before understanding spread across her face which lit up with a beautiful smile before she squealed in joy and jumped him and hugged him to death. Tyson came out from his room dressed in a pair of jeans, sneakers and a plain yellow shirt "Tyson guess what, daddy is going to get me a real weapon and take me hunting!"

Harry chuckled and placed down his energetic daughter "I didn't say that exactly, you'll need to be a bit older before I take you hunting, but I will get you a weapon."

"Cool, I want an awesome Bow-Sword like yours but pink and purple!"

Harry laughed and said "Not until you're older little lady, in fact I bet Tyson here would love to build you yours when your older."

Tyson smiled and nodded his giant head "Yeah, Tyson build best weapon for little Rosy!"

"But for now" Tyson and Rosaline looked at Harry who removed Blue Rose from his belt and handed it to Rosa "This is-"

"Blue Rose!"

Harry smiled "Right, it was made for me by my really good friend Charles, so until you get a proper weapon when you're older, I want you to keep Blue Rose with you at all times okay" Rosa nodded "Promise me."

Rosa smiled and looked up at him "I promise Daddy."

Harry smiled and hugged her before he stood up with Rosa attached to his hip "So shall we go and get some dinner."

So the three of them walked several blocks to a Chinese restaurant where they had dinner, but while they were eating Rosa got a mischievous smile on her face "So when am I going to meet mommy."

Harry coughed as he choked on his spring roll, Tyson clapped him on the back and Harry nodded his thanks "Excuse me little lady?"

Rosa smiled sweetly "When am I going to meet Annybeth?"

Harry smiled at the thought of his girlfriend and the look on her face if Rosa called her Mommy "As soon as she comes back from her vacation with her family. Now eat your food little miss trouble maker."


Harry groaned as Rosa jumped up and down on his bed, he opened his eye and looked at his alarm clock "Rosa it's still early, go wake Tyson instead."

"No, come on daddy!"

Harry groaned and rolled out of bed "Fine I'm up see, now go wake Tyson up."

Rosa nodded and ran off to wake up the sleeping Cyclopes and Harry dropped back onto his bed and yawned "It's too damn early."

Harry got up and went for a shower, and when he got out he dressed in a pair of black cargo pants and an ACDC shirt and threw his grey hooded jacket over the top and went to make breakfast, as he past he saw Tyson sitting on the floor in the living room pulling apart some machine and Rosa was watching Saturday morning cartoons while still in her pyjamas.

"Tyson, are you and Percy still going to the skate park today?"

Tyson nodded "Yes, Sally is taking us to a shop to look at skateboards."

Harry nodded as he finished their breakfast "Okay guys come eat."

After eating and cleaning up Harry sent Rosa to get dressed in some warm clothes while Tyson headed off with Percy and Sally, several minutes later Rosa came out wearing a pair of red track pants and sneakers and the white jacket the hunters wear during the colder months.

"So my dear little Rosa, are you ready."

Rosa nodded and smiled as she took her daddy's hand and they walked downstairs and were on their way to the Central Park Zoo.

Harry had one of the biggest smiles on his face that he had ever had as he watched Rosa laugh and make silly faces at the penguins on the other side of the glass. Harry's smile faded slightly when he wished that Lily was there with them but forced that thought from his mind, he knew that his mother wouldn't want him sad at a time like this.

"Your daughter is absolutely delightful."

Harry smiled "She is."

"But you seem a bit too young to be a father."

Harry turned just enough so he can see the person who he is talking to without taking his eyes of Rosa and saw a tall woman wearing a flowing dress with long black hair which partially covered her face.

"Biologically she's my sister."

"Oh that's so sweet."

The woman smiled showing of many sharp teeth 'Monster!' Before Harry could react an enchanting sound began to fill his ears, Harry tried to summon the will to move and draw Diatrypon but was unable to, the woman began to sway sensually, and Harry was unable to look away as his mind clouded.

The woman began to float slightly and back away and Harry found himself following her.

"Hehehe, aren't they so cute Daddy?"

Rosa smiled and turned expecting to see her father but saw that he wasn't there "Daddy?" She looked around and managed to see Harry of in the distance following a woman.

Rosa quickly started running after them, she ran through the Central park Zoo after them, her training that Aunt Artemis had been teaching her came to her mind, she followed silently and followed them when the woman led her father into a secluded section of the park. She hid behind a tree and watched some unseen force forced Harry to his knees, the woman then bent over slightly and her mouth began to open much wider than a human mouth should and it was filled with many sharp teeth and a long prehensile tongue licked the side of Harry's neck.

"Mm mm, Demigods taste so good!"

The woman lowered her mouth to her daddy's neck and she acted.

Rosa sat watching her Aunt and her Huntress' train "Remember my dear, aim for the easiest spot you can at the time. It isn't about how good the kill looks; it's about making a clean kill. Monsters do not have souls like you do my child, so never hesitate when your loved ones or innocent people are at risk."

Rosa immediately pulled Blue Rose from her jacket and jumped on the monsters back "LEAVE MY DADDY ALONE!"

The creature was a Banshee, Harry realised it when Rosa accidentally jabbed the blade of Blue Rose into the Banshee's neck causing it to scream incredibly loud before it burst into the golden sand.

Harry came to his senses as the Banshee screamed and he caught Rosa as she fell through the dust "Rosa?"

Rosa smiled "Hi daddy."

"Damn, I got careless, I would be dead if it wasn't for you little lady."

Rosa blushed and smiled "No one hurts my daddy."

Harry smiled and hugged her "Thank you."

"Come on Rosaline, get your things together."

"I'm almost ready Mrs Jackson!"

Harry and Tyson chuckled while Percy shook his head "Don't you laugh Harry, you're just as bad."

Harry shook his head before he heard a knock at the door, Sally sighed and went to help Rosa get ready to go. Harry smacked Percy on the side of the head as he passed him on his way to answer the door.


Zoe Nightshade entered the apartment and blushed slightly, Harry was wearing only a pair of green cargo pants and a white wife beater and his Python Fang necklace.

"Pot- Harry."

"Come in, Rosa is taking her time to get ready."

"She always does, she doesn't want to leave you."

Harry smiled "Well I am her brother."

"Not the way she sees you, you are her father and Lord Apollo is like her grandfather to her."

Harry shook his head "Would you like something to drink?"

Zoe shook her head "No, I have your coat here." Harry smiled as Zoe handed him his Basilisk hide coat while she was fighting down a blush "I also need to thank you for what you did."

Harry smiled as he placed his coat over the back of a chair "It's no problem, that bastard was going to suffer anyway, so it was no problem what so ever to make him suffer even more, so Zoe how are your burns healing?"

Zoe smiled slightly before it vanished "I'm healing just fine thanks to your efforts."


Zoe turned and smiled slightly as the red haired four year old ran into her and hugged her "Hello Rosaline, are you ready to go, Lady Artemis is waiting for you."

Rosa smiled and nodded before she ran over to Harry who wrapped her up into a hug "I'm going to miss you Rosa."

"I'll miss you to daddy."

Harry smiled and kissed her on the forehead "Okay, I'll see you next weekend, you be good for Aunt Artemis and Zoe and remember to train hard."

Rosa nodded and kissed his on the cheek before going and saying goodbye to Sally, Percy and Tyson.

"She'll be fine."

Harry nodded to Zoe "I know, but there is something you should know."

Zoe listened as Harry explained about Rosa saving him from the Banshee at the Zoo "I see, I shall inform Lady Artemis."

Rosa smiled and waved as she and Zoe disappeared in a flash of moonlight, and not a moment later there was a knock on the front door. Sally went and answered the door and found a really old man with a ridiculously long beard "Can I help you?"

"Ah yes I'm looking for young Mr Potter."

Harry went to door and smiled "Professor Dumbledore, what brings you here sir?"

"Ah Harry, I've come for several reason, may I come in?"

"Of course professor."

Albus entered and sat down on the couch "Professor these are my Friends, Sally Jackson and her son Percy and his half-brother Tyson, guys this is Headmaster Albus Dumbledore of Hogwarts."

"Nice to meet you Head-Beardy-Master."

Albus chuckled at Tyson's nickname "It is nice to meet you all, now Harry, the first reason I'm here is to tell you that no one has any idea what you did to James, as far as everyone knows he has simply disappeared, Andrew is still in shock and is currently staying with the Weasleys until school begins in September, I would like to know if you plan on returning for your third year?"

Harry shook his head "Probably not Professor, but I might be back for my fourth year if that's alright."

Albus nodded "That is fine, now the main reason I am here, I was hoping that you and your friends would undertake a quest for me."

"Wait, you want us to go on a quest, how do you know about them?"

Albus nodded "That is correct Mr Jackson, I am a demigod just like yourself, my mother is Hecate the goddess of Magic so I know all about Olympus and the camp, now you see just recently the grounds of Hogwarts have become very unsafe, and I believe that it has to do with the Basilisk you killed Harry."

"How so Professor?" Sally asked.

"You see I believe that the presence of the Basilisk kept other monsters away not wanting to risk temping the ancient beast, and now that it is dead many monsters have come, the forbidden forest is swarming with them, Minotaur's, Harpy's, Brute Centaurs, the Acromantula's have gone wild and I am almost certain that a Dragon has arrived in the forest."

Tyson was grinning in awe "Wow, a real Giant Fire-Lizard?"

"Indeed, if I'm not mistaken it is a Ukrainian Iron-Belly, it is the largest and physically strongest dragon but not usually the fiercest, but this one is quite aggressive. So I was hoping that I could convince you to go on this quest to eliminate as many monsters as you can and if possible discover if there really is a dragon in there and slay it."

Tyson immediately nodded "I want to see the Fire-Lizard!"

Harry smiled and nodded his head "I'm in, I want to try and make it as safe for my friends as possible, Percy, you coming?"

Percy looked at his mother who was looking conflicted before Sally sighed and smiled at him "Yeah, I'm coming."

Percy and Tyson starred at Hogwarts in awe "Wow, big castle."

"too bad Grover and Annabeth couldn't be here, they'd love this place."

"HEY!" Percy cried out as Harry pushed him to the ground, when he looked up he saw an arrow embedded in the ground "That would've hit me right?"

Harry nodded and drew Diatrypon and fired an arrow into the Forbidden Forest, there was a brief scream that was silenced as the monster most likely a centaur was killed, Percy uncapped Riptide while Tyson cracked his knuckles "You two ready for this?"

Tyson nodded "Ready to squish monsters Percy."

Harry smiled "Ok here is the plan, we stick together, we watch each other's backs, we fight our way through the forest until we find the dragon, once we do, Percy you and I fall back and keep the monsters back while Tyson kills it."

Percy nodded "Right, Tyson is a Cyclopes so he's fire proof so that makes him the best option, you ready big guy?"

Tyson smiled "Yep, ready to fight Giant Fire-Lizard."

"Ok let's go, I'll take point."

Tyson and Percy followed Harry in and when they were several yards in they were immediately attacked, Harry began to fire arrow after arrow into the forest at approaching Centaur Brutes and flying Harpy's, Tyson began to squash Acromantula's with his giant fist and Percy slashed at Acromantula's and low flying Harpy's.

As they slashed their way deeper into the forest the enemies grew in number "PERCY!"

Harry spun to see Percy swarmed by numerous Harpy's at once and was forced away from them, Tyson began to fight his way after them, and once he was a fair distance away from Harry a roar was heard as a torrent of flame shot from above and cut Harry of from Tyson and Percy.

Harry turned back when he heard a smaller roar and saw a large Minotaur about twice as tall as himself but not as big as THE minotaur that Percy killed months ago, this minotaur was heavily armoured and was wielding a large double bladed war axe, he was confident that he could take it, but as two more clawed their way out of the ground followed by an enormous Medusa with a python like body.


Harry ducked and rolled under the first Minotaur and tried to stab up into its belly with Diatrypon but the beast's armour held out, The medusa rushed him and began to wrap around him and constrict, The medusa moved so it could look him in the eye but he moved and by a stroke of luck the Medusa caught the gaze of a Minotaur which was turned to stone.

Harry tried to force the Medusa to let him go and managed to get his arm free and stabbed Diatrypon into the beast's tail pinning it to the ground, Harry rolled away once he was free and summoned the Shield of Helios and had to block a blow from a Minotaur, but his knees buckled under the sheer strength of the beast, He was suddenly struck from behind by the other Minotaur when it charged him and head-butted him.

Harry rolled and felt the pain in his back, dropped to the ground as the first Minotaur smashed through its fellow minotaur that had been turned to stone, Harry blocked the axe swing and as the beast was off balance Harry leapt to the side of its head and grabbed both horns and began to try and twist, the beast dropped its axe and began to struggle but Harry managed to get some leverage and with a violent twist and a loud snap the Minotaur dropped dead before bursting into golden sand, Harry spun and slammed his shield into the final minotaur's snout, but once he had there was a hiss from his left and was slammed into by the Medusa.

The Medusa hissed as it tried to bite his face off, he lifted his shield and used it to protect himself, the Medusa was suddenly beheaded as the Minotaur tried to cut him in half, but the axe hit his shield and he was forced into the soft ground.

The was an ominous groaning before the earth beneath them gave out and both Harry and the Minotaur fell into some sort of underground rock quarry, Harry looked around and saw Diatrypon five feet away and quickly grabbed it, he stood ready with sword and shield when he heard the pain filled roar of the minotaur he had been fighting, he turned and saw a massive dragons head emerging from the shadows and bite the Minotaur in two with the bottom half left behind burst into golden sand.

"Fuck me."

The dragon emerged from the shadows cast by the hole in the ceiling, and it was a massive Ukrainian Iron-Belly, but it was followed by several smaller dragons.

"Fuck me sideways."

Harry rolled behind a large boulder to avoid the intense flames from the Dragon, once the flames died down Harry risked a peek around the boulder but had to roll back as one of the small dragons tried to bite his face off and he stabbed Diatrypon up through the bottom of the dragons head killing it.


Harry spun and cut through the neck of the second dragon that attacked him from behind and bite into his shoulder, suddenly Harry had to avoid another burst of flame from the larger dragon which roasted a third smaller dragon, Harry used his shield to block a small fireball shot from the fourth small dragon and then tried to crush the dragons head with his shield once the flames from the Iron-Belly died.

The smaller dragon charged and tried to rake its claws across his face but they scrapped across the surface of his shield and he rammed Diatrypon through the belly of the final small dragon.

Harry rolled and took cover as the Iron-Belly tried to squash him with its massive clawed arm, Harry smirked and slashed at the arm with Diatrypon but it left only a minor wound, the equivalent of a scratch to the dragon, he began to slash repeatedly as the dragon roared in anger, the dragon pulled its arm back and unleashed another torrent of flames.

Harry took cover and began to examine his surroundings, what he thought was a underground quarry was really a dragons nest, he spotted a section of the roof where it was very unstable as evidenced by the loose dirt that was falling from it, Harry smirked and shifted Diatrypon into its bow form, once the flames died he leapt from his cover and fired a burst of ten arrows at the area, the loose rocks shifted but didn't fall and Harry was struck by the dragons large wing.

He looked up to see the Iron-Belly's head baring down on him ready to tear into him when the loose rocks and earth finally fell, the dragon's left wing, was struck and crushed under the weight of the boulders of tightly packed earth.

The dragon roared and turned its head to look and Harry used that moment to escape, he ran and as he reached a large solid stone to hide behind he quickly fired a burst of twenty arrows at the dragon's head, normally they would just bounce of the dragon's Iron hide but these were his special arrows, so they struck the dragons snout and pierced its hide but only just, all they really did was make it angry.

The dragon slammed its tail into the boulder he was hiding behind shattering it, Harry fired a single arrow through the debris aimed for the dragon's eye but it was deflected by the shrapnel from the boulder.

Harry ran to avoid the fiery breath of the dragon and quickly hid behind one of his depleting supply of boulders, he struggled to catch his breath when he heard a war cry, he looked up from behind the boulder and saw Tyson drop from the hole in the roof and slam a massive tree branch into the dragons head.


Harry leapt from his cover and began to fire bursts of five arrows a shot at the dragon to keep it distracted, Tyson was on its head trying to repeatedly slam the dragons head with the tree branch when Percy dropped down as well and Tyson grabbed him as Percy thrust Riptide into the dragons right eye. Both Percy and Tyson were thrown from the dragons head when it roared in pain and began to flail around.

Finally the dragon flailed about too far and fell over exposing its belly "There, go for its belly!"

Tyson began to beat the dragons front legs to keep it from getting back up, Percy ran over and stabbed riptide into the Dragon's stomach, Harry though ran over and jumped onto its stomach and began to fire as many drill-tipped arrows into the dragon's chest, stomach and neck.

The dragon let out a final roar of pain and defiance before Tyson grabbed a large boulder and slammed it into the dragon's skull and with a sickening crack its head fell to the ground as the dragon died and began to twitch in death throes. Harry was huffing and trying to catch his breath as he smiled at Percy and Tyson.

"Thanks for the save guys" Harry managed to get out between breaths.

Percy smiled and nodded "Anytime, just try not to need it too often."

Tyson came over and hugged Harry aggravating the bite wound on his shoulder "HARRY! We sorry we got splitted up, Tyson had to help Percy, and then the flames, had to kill many giant spiders and one even bigger spider and many flying bird ladies! Tyson is so sorry for losing you!"

Harry smiled and patted him on the back "it's okay big guy, I'm just glad you got here when you did, I wasn't going to last much longer."

Harry sat down and Percy took a look at the bite mark on his shoulder "You should have worn your Basilisk hide coat." Harry nodded and Percy grabbed their flask of Nectar and poured a very small amount on the wound on his shoulder and Tyson watched as the wound healed but left behind very red and sensitive new skin.

"So it is done then?"

Percy nodded to Professor Dumbledore "Yes sir, after we killed the Dragon the remaining monsters vanished."

Albus nodded as he stroked his beard "I see, it would seem that these monsters where drawn by the dragon somehow."

"It would seem so Professor, that Iron-Belly was tough, its hide was tough as steel probably stronger since my special arrows can pierce steel yet they only just pierced the dragons hide."

Albus smiled "Well, I'm glad that no one was seriously hurt, now what do you three intend to do with the dragon's hide, the spoil of war."

"Tyson sacrificed it to our dad, since he was the one to kill it."

Tyson smiled and Albus smiled "Well done my boy that is quite a feat."

"Professor Beardy, did you go on a quest when you were our age?"

Albus chuckled "Oh yes, when I was twelve Chiron gave me a quest to find and slay a monster in Washington that had been attacking at night and killing random people and eating them leaving behind only their bones, when I got there I spent almost a week searching until one night I was attacked by the monster that was attacking the people. It was a Laistrygonian Giant named Joe Bob, the giant tried to eat me, I was overconfident" Albus rolled up the sleeve on his right arm and showed them a bite mark scar on his upper arm "He managed to bite me before I fired a high powered Blasting curse down its throat and blew it up from the inside, it was as if he had swallowed a stick of dynamite."

Tyson began to laugh while Percy shook his head and Harry smiled "Nice job professor."

Albus smiled "Yes well Chiron wasn't too pleased with me and needless to say I learnt my lesson, do not get overconfident. Now I believe that Mrs Jackson will be waiting for you all back home, so I shall not keep you any longer, thank you for assisting me with this problem and I wish you good luck in any future endeavours."

Harry sat on the couch in his apartment simply resting from his trip to Olympus, he had gone to see Lord Hephaestus, and had him adjust his Basilisk hide coat, now it was like a bulletproof vest that zipped up at the front and Hephaestus turned the excess Basilisk hide into a pair of gloves form him, these gloves were normal gloves except that the index and middle fingers were left bare while the ring and pinkie fingers were covered.

He was just lying down on his couch listening to You're Not Alone by Saosin with Tyson sitting on the floor trying to build something for Percy when there was someone knocking very loudly on his front door.

Harry groaned and got up but the knocking was constant, he threw open the door and yelled out the person on the other side "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?"

In the hall way a son of Ares was standing there shocked at his outburst and managed to get out "You're wanted back at the camp."

Harry glared at him and slammed the door in his face "Who was that Harry?"

Harry sighed as he walked over to the couch and sat down to put his shoes on "Some dickhead son of Ares, seems that I'm needed back at camp, I have no idea how long I'll be so you should head down to see Sally and Percy and let them know, stay with them for tea and make sure you get your butt to school tomorrow with Percy on time."

Tyson nodded "I promise."

Harry smiled and grabbed his new Basilisk hide vest and put it on and zipped it up before heading out, he went out to the street and hailed a cab, and a half an hour later he was walking up Half-Blood Hill to the camp. As he walked along he heard the sounds of battle and it was close, he headed in the direction of the fighting and saw a group of campers in full armour fighting a large troll inside the camp Border.

"What the fuck is going on?"

Harry broke into a sprint as he saw the campers get scattered by a blow from the tree trunk like club the troll was swinging, as he did he summoned Diatrypon and fired a shot at the back of the trolls right knee, the troll fell down to one knee when the drill head arrow pierced right through the trolls leg, he shifted Diatrypon into its sword form and jumped onto the trolls back stabbing Diatrypon into the back of its shoulder, the troll screamed in pain and Harry climbed onto its shoulders and ripped Diatrypon out of the trolls shoulder and pierced the trolls head through the ear.

The troll fell to the ground with a giant thud that shook the earth and Harry wiped Diatrypon clean as the troll burst into golden sand behind him "Can someone here please explain to me what the fuck is going on around here? How the fuck was that monster past the border and on the camp grounds?"

"Perhaps you could tell us boy."

The campers all backed of when the person called Harry boy, one thing Harry hates is being called boy, it remind him of his abusive mortal uncle, Harry turned to see some old man that looked to be starving, he was all skin and bones wearing an orange prison uniform "I don't know who you are, but a word of warning, call me boy again I'll beat you to within an inch of death."

The man glared at Harry "You don't speak to me like that b-" the man stopped speaking mid word as flames lit up on Harry's hands and the man decided not to push the young son of Apollo "I'm Tantalus the new director of Activities here at Camp."

"What happened to Chiron?"

"That's not your concern. Now are you Harry Potter son of Apollo who failed the quest to protect Thalia and was punished by Zeus."

Harry glared "Is there a particular reason you're bringing up painful memories you assclown."

Tantalus glared and got right up in his face "Watch your mouth brat, now answer me!"

"Yeah, I was the one who failed, Thalia almost died and I was punished by that bastard Zeus, now is this going somewhere or are you just doing this for shits and giggles cause I will kick your haggard old ass back to Hades."

"Good, then we have a suspect, relinquish your weapons and come quietly or I will order them to take you down by force."

Almost all the Ares kids with the exception of Clarisse were standing there in full armour and had their weapons and shields ready, each one was ready to fight and knew that if they wanted to beat him they would need to rush him and take him down fast.

Harry looked around and found Clarisse standing of to the side treating some campers that were injured by the troll but by the fact that her spear was right by her hand ready to grab it, it was obvious that she was going to fight.

"That won't be necessary." Harry smirked when his father appeared "My son hasn't done anything, so I suggest you be careful who you accuse. Now Harry, come with me."

Harry followed his father and as he passed he gave Tantalus the middle finger "Dad what the fuck is going on."

Apollo sighed and took Harry to Thalia's tree "Take a look." Harry stepped up and examined Thalia's tree, its needles were yellow, a pile of dead ones littered the base of the tree, in the centre of the trunk, a meter from the ground, was a puncture mark the size of a bullet hole oozing green sap, Thalia's tree was dying.


Apollo looked at his son "What?"

"This was Luke, I'd stake my life on it, I figured out on our quest months ago that Luke was the one who stole the Master Bolt, I planned to confront him, but I got side tracked going after James. He's working for someone else, and whoever it is had him do this, to weaken the borders no doubt, the camp could possibly come under attack by a large force of monsters"

Apollo sighed and shook his head "All right, I shall inform Lord Zeus."

Harry nodded "Make sure to get Chiron back."

Harry was standing against a tree in the archery field overseeing the younger camper's archery training as he was by far the best archer in the camp, Clarisse was standing across from him "So any idea what is going to happen now?"

Harry sighed "No idea, but it won't be easy that's for sure. It would be better if Chiron were here instead of one of Hades bitches."

Clarisse smiled at his description of Tantalus "true, but he seems to like me and my siblings."

Harry nodded "I noticed that when he had practically all of them at his back."

Clarisse scowled "Yeah, I've talked to them about that, they won't be doing it again."

"No offense but I'll believe it when I see it." Harry sighed as the horn blew signalling the end of the lesson "Looks like it's my turn for Border Patrol. I'll see you around Clarisse."

Clarisse nodded and headed of while Harry went to his cabin and grabbed his Basilisk hide vest and put it on and zipped it up, he then grabbed his Basilisk hide gloves and put them on, he then made sure he had Diatrypon and the Shield of Helios. Across the room were two of his younger siblings who were apart of his Border Patrol group "Let's get going guys."

On the way they meet up with a girl named Drew Tanaka a daughter of Aphrodite, Travis and Conner Stoll, sons of Hermes, Charles' paternal half-sister Nyssa a daughter of Hephaestus and several sons and daughters of Ares and all were wearing their camp issued armour and were all armed, but Drew seemed to not have her head in the game as she was constantly staring at Harry who was wearing a simple pair of black cargo pants and a white wife beater under his Basilisk hide vest.

Harry ordered the group to spread out in groups around the boundary of the camp and report every seven minutes, but he made sure to keep Drew and Nyssa with him, Nyssa because he knew her and trusted her and Drew because she was a daughter of Aphrodite, she was more of a model then a warrior.

The three of the patrolled around Half-Blood Hill and Thalia's pine tree, every seven minutes he would receive a message via a radio, they patrolled for several hours and were due to finish their patrol just before dinner but before they could be relieved of their patrol a message came over the radio.

"We need reinforcements at the boundary line by the Climbing Wall immediately!"

Harry turned to Nyssa and Drew "Radio the camp and tell Clarisse and Charles to meet me at the border by the Climbing wall with reinforcements."

He then turned and sprinted along the border of the wards around the camp, he meet up with Travis and Conner on the way and sent them back to guard Thalia's pine with Drew and Nyssa and then he continued on towards the Ares kids that requested backup, the son of Apollo burst into the area where the Ares kids where and only found four dead Children of Ares.

Harry examined the area and found a small hole in the ground and around the hole the ground was decaying. Harry was on edge and pissed, someone had killed his comrades, and it was even worse because those men were Clarisse's brothers.

He was bouncing on the balls of his feet ready to move at a moment's notice, and he was lucky as a large pitch black scorpion the size of a fully grown black bear burst from the ground to his left, Harry rolled under the pincer which cut clean through a tree and raised the Shield of Helios to block the Scorpions stinger but the force sent him skidding backwards.

Harry got to his feet and glared at the giant Pit Scorpion "So Luke wants to play huh, shall we dance."