"So was that big guy a real famous hero Zoë?"

"Yes, Ajax was a great warrior in ancient Greece, Harry will have a difficult fight ahead of him."

Rosa pouted as she trailed behind Zoë "Doesn't matter, my daddy can't be beaten, he'll win you'll see."

Zoë smiled at her "Perhaps, we'll just have to wait and see, now let us focus on thy task at hand."

Rosa nodded and ran on ahead while Zoë jogged to keep up with her, soon they came across a primitive crank and Zoë sighed before she began to push the wooden crank, the circular corridor began to shake as the crank and the wall it was attached to begin to move, soon a door appeared in the wall and Zoë stopped turning the crank while Rosa looked inside.

"It's a long passage way with big spiked walls that will no doubt try to squish us when we pass."

Zoë nodded and began to turn the crank again "No doubt if we were trying to get through the whole temple we would need to make our way through that corridor."

Rosa nodded as another door appeared and Rosa checked it out "It's a curved stone passage way, I can't see around the bend from here, should I go in and look?"

Zoë released the crank and sighed in relief when the door remained open "We both shall." They entered the passage way with weapons at the ready and made their way along the passage, and just around the corner were a stone alter in the form of a stone archway, Zoë stepped forwards and a large spectral image of Lady Artemis appeared and both Zoë and Rosa bowed.

"Great warrior, you who have entered this temple, I offer you the very blade I used to slay a Great Cyclopes, son of a Titan. Take this gift and use it to complete your quest. Go forth in the name of the Gods."

Zoë and Rosa watched as electricity appeared and formed into a large sword in Zoë's hands, the Blade of Artemis is a large, curved blade, utilized with both hands, Zoë smiled as he held the blade of her mistress "We have got what we came for, it's time to find Harry and leave this place."

Rosa cheered but it was drowned out by the loud scraping sound of stone on stone, Rosa gasped and ran back the way they came and found the door had closed "Zoë, the door's closed what should we do?"

Zoë shook her head "We go further in and find an exit or a way back to the main entrance or a way to contact Harry."

Harry eyed the man before him carefully "And what does the cousin of Achilles want with a son of Apollo?"

Patroclus chuckled "Not what you're no doubt thinking, I seek not vengeance upon the sun god. I'm here at the behest of Zeus, he has a quest for you."

Harry nodded to the ancient warrior "What is this quest?"

"Lord Zeus wishes for you to travel into the ruins of ancient Athens, where a power necromancer has taken up residence, this necromancer has called forth undead monsters of many types, and the necromancer himself is powerful, Lord Zeus asks that you slay the necromancer before he can unleash an undead hoard and retrieve a power object from his possession, the Shield of Zeus."

Harry nodded "I will, but first I must see to Zoë and Rosa."

Patroclus shook his head "No, I will make sure they find their way out of the temple, you must proceed to Athens immediately."

The young son of Apollo narrowed his eyes as he gazed at the ancient warrior "And why should I trust you?"

Patroclus sighed as he stepped right up to the young demigod "Because you don't have much of a choice."

Harry went to argue but Patroclus merely reached out and pushed him slightly only for Harry to fall backwards and roll through a portal, he looked up to see the portal close and looked around to find himself in the ruins of ancient Athens.

Harry slashed at an undead human cleaving its head from its shoulders "Damn things, damn Patroclus! Zoë and Rosa had better be alright or I'll end him!"

The sound of a roar broke him from his cursing, Harry turned and saw an undead Minotaur pull itself from a dark pool of dark magic on the ground, Harry let Velox Mors disperse and drew his Evergreen and Phoenix feather wand and levelled it at the Minotaur "Aqua Eructo"

A jet of water shot from the tip of his wand like a fire hose at the ground between himself and the Minotaur "Glacius"

And with a word the water on the ground froze just as the Minotaur stepped in the water, its feet were instantly frozen solid causing its undead legs to tear as its momentum carried it forwards sliding across the ice towards him, Harry readied his wand and as the undead beast reached him Harry slashed his wand at the beasts face.


The undead Minotaur didn't even get a chance to defend or make a noise as its head was cut in two and the beast faded away, Harry spun about and was already casting.

"Protego Maximus"

A transparent blue shield was erected in front of him deflecting a barrage of arrows and firing a burst of conjured arrows at the undead archers down another road. Once the area was clear Harry leant up against a down column and waited, sure enough a few moments later a group of undead soldiers came staggering out of a building. Harry charged the building and cut the undead soldiers down with a sweep of his wand, once inside he spotted a single undead archer stumble out of a door on the opposite side of the building floor, Harry destroyed the thing with a single piercing hex right through the undead head.

Harry walked through the door and found an open hole in the ground leading to a cave system which he jumped right into, as he fell his superior eyesight saw a rope that stretched across the large bottomless cavern, the young demigod reached out and grabbed the rope as he passed and almost dislocated his arm.

Harry quickly moved, hand over hand down the rope across the cavern until he reached a ledge which he dropped onto and carefully stretched his arm making sure it was okay. Once he was sure his arm was fine he cast a lumos and began to make his way further into the cave system, he hadn't gone far when a group of undead soldiers came stumbling out of the darkness ahead of him, Harry immediately cast a slashing curse at them and bisected them in half a the waist and continued to move. The nearly fourteen year old demigod scowled as he heard the sound of heavy movement from further down in the caves.

"Either a Minotaur or a Cyclops, the footsteps are single, only one but it is big and heavy."

Harry stopped and shook his head when he realised that he was talking to himself, spotting movement ahead of him but still hidden in the darkness, it was thanks to his demigod training, his incredible reflexes and his superior eye sight that he managed to summon the shield of Helios in time to defend himself from a hail or arrows.


Harry saw the undead archers ahead of him hiding in the shadows as they were burnt to a crisp by his flames, without a backwards glance the teenager marched past the ashes and continued his way through the underground caverns.

After what seemed like hours wandering around in the dark cavern he finally saw a light at the end of the road and made for the exit, only to find himself in another run down house, with a sigh he made his way upstairs and found the door and windows boarded up so he went to the roof only to find that the sun had set.

"Damn it" Harry sensed danger and leaned backwards just as an arrow would have struck him in the throat, he looked across the open area to another rooftop and saw a group of undead archers reading their bows, Harry put his wand away and summoned Velox Mors and in a single movement he sidestepped another arrow and returned fire with a single burst of arrows, each one aimed perfectly.

Harry grinned as he dispelled Velox Mors and redrew his wand and made his way to the edge of the roof and scouted the area, the building he was on was just of a main street, and at the end of the main street was a large temple no doubt dedicated to the gods. What caught his attention was the numerous undead all over the roof and blocking the entrance.

Harry sighed before he changed into his animagus form and then leapt of the roof, he hit the ground and started running towards the temple entrance, an undead Cyclops roared and tried to swing at him with its club when he was close enough but Harry leapt up and with a single swipe of his talons the beasts rotting head was severed from its undead body. He spread his wings and glided over the other undead that were trying to block his path and as he reached the entrance to the temple he changed back to his human form and hit the ground with a roll, he rolled through the entrance to the temple and with a wave of his wand a wall of flames was erected to stop the undead.

Harry wiped some sweat from his forehead before turning and heading into the temple, he made a quick stop at the alter where he made a quick prayer before continuing towards the deepest parts of the temple when no doubt the necromancer was.

He had his wand drawn and the shield of Helios up and ready to defend, as he made his way further into the temple he found that the wall sconces had been lit. as he reached the end of a long hallway he had to roll to his left to avoid a fireball that flew at him.

"So the worthless gods have finally sent one of their pathetic spawn, so tell me who is you godly parent, Zeus, Hades, Ares perhaps."

Harry studied the man ahead of him, he was about average height and build, his facial features where hidden by his full body hooded coat but he was holding a tall staff with a glowing red orb on the top "I am a proud son of Apollo, but sent here by Lord Zeus to find and deal with the one who desecrates a temple of the gods."

"Ah, a child of the sun god, not who I was hoping for but you will do."

Harry scowled "Not who you were expecting?" suddenly he realized what this was "Patroclus, this whole thing was a set up to get your hands on a demigod."

The necromancer tilted his head back and laughed "Finally he figures it out. Took him long enough, seems that the children of the gods are just as pathetic as the gods themselves."

Harry glared at him for the disrespect he showed to the gods and with a flick of his wand he sent a piercing hex at the man who never saw it coming and was struck right in the front of his neck killing him. Harry watched the necromancer drop dead and went to collect the man's staff to destroy when a loud rumble was heard, the rest of the room suddenly lit up revealing a large heavy wooden door at the end of the room. Suddenly the door exploded and harry was struck buy something large, solid, heavy and was sent crashing against a wall.

Harry struggled to get to a kneeling position and looked up to see an enormous undead Minotaur clad in heavy armour that no doubt could take some serious damage. Harry struggled to raise his shield as the Minotaur stomped its hooves and snorted steam from its nostrils. Harry tried to roll out of the way but the blow that caught of him guard before had broken some ribs and he could barely see straight.

He therefore was unable to dodge as the undead Minotaur charged him and harry was pinned up against the wall behind him near the door by the minotaur's head. Harry coughed and coated the metal helm of the Minotaur in his blood. Harry screamed in pain as the minotaur thrashed and crushed him further between the beasts head and the unyielding stone wall.

The was a bright flash of light and the sound of thunder as Zeus came crashing through the roof of the temple and blasted the undead minotaur vaporising it in an instant, before Harry could fall and hit the floor Zeus appeared before him and caught him effortlessly and the last thing he heard was the king of the Gods "Easy there child. Rest for now."

Harry awoke with a scream and tried to trash but he was held down with ease by his aunt "Be at peace Harry, we have to forcibly break and reset your ribs for they healed incorrectly"

Above him his father was using his godly healing powers to heal his ribs "Relax son, your thrashing is making things worse. You need to relax!"

Harry tried his best to relax which was difficult and he wound up thrashing with every rib they had to re-break and managed to get out through pained gasps for air "What happened?"

Zeus entered and answered the injured demigod "Your stop to make a preyer at the temple was what lead me to you, that temple was dedicated to myself, I knew that you should have been in the temple of Pandora not the ancient ruins of Athens, and I also knew that a dark force had been there for a while now so I came and heard you in pain."

Harry finally to a deep breath as his last rib was set properly "My thanks to you Lord Zeus."

Zeus nodded before he took his leave "What the hell were you doing in the ruins of Athens Harry, it's a dangerous place."

"I meet Patroclus"

"The cousin of Achilles, I know him, he dead. The necromancer?"

Harry nodded "Yes, though I didn't realize it until it was to late, the necromancer was easy to deal with but it must have triggered the giant undead minotaur."

"It did" Harry looked up at his aunt as she turned back to her teenage form But we have no idea how the beast was taken from the temple, it was originaly set as a trap inside the temple."

Harry nodded before he sat upright "Zoë? Rosa?"

Apollo pushed his son back down "Both fine, they made it out of the temple and Zeus was kind enough to bring them back as well."

"I'm glad, I'd like to see them before I leave, where am I anyway?"

"Olympus, you will be heading back to Hogwarts when you have finished healing."

Harry nodded and laid back to rest and recover.

"So what are you going to do these holidays Harry?"

Harry shook his head "No idea just yet, probably hang out with some friends and get some work done back home, and hang out with family."

Susan nodded as she turned back to Hannah who was poking her in the side and whatever she was whispering the young red haired Hufflepuff blushed deeply and went back to the leaving feast because tomorrow they would be leaving on the Hogwarts express, but the young demigod was interrupted from his treacle tart by the Headmaster.

"Harry may I have a word please."

Harry looked up from his dinner and nodded to Professor Dumbledore and was lead up to his office where a rainbow Iris-Message was waiting, and through the rainbow message was the hairy face of his instructor "Chiron."

"Hello Harry, I'm sorry to bother you but we could use some help."

"Of course, what's the problem?"

"Grover has been sent to a military Academy called Westover Hall where he has discovered a half-blood, now he is requesting help, I sent Thalia, Percy and Annabeth to help but I would feel better if you were there as well."

Harry sighed but nodded "Sure."

"Chiron" Both Harry and Chiron looked at Albus "Give me the coordinates so I can make a portkey for Mr Potter."

Chiron shook his head "No need, Lord Apollo is sending something to get him there, it will be there when the sun rises along with your armour back from Lord Hephaestus, so get some rest Harry."

Harry nodded and bid goodnight to the Headmaster before heading back to the Ravenclaw common room and to the third year boy's dorm where he went to bed.


A twelve year old Harry was heading to the Hogwarts Express when he suddenly found himself standing in a richly decorated room.

"Glad to see you Harry."

Harry spun and found a tall teenager with blonde hair and a scar on his cheek who was standing behind him "Who are you, what the hell is going on, how did I get here and where is here."

The teen frowned slightly "You don't recognise me?" Harry shook his head "I see, then they were right and your memories are gone, a shame really, you don't even recognise me, Luke your best friend."

"Best friend, would you please explain, who took my memories?"

"It doesn't matter right now Harry, we brought you here to help you."

"Help me? Help me with what?"

Luke smirked and two large hairy figures grabbed him from behind "Help you help us of course, now try not to scream."

The two figures dragged the struggling twelve year old to a large golden sarcophagus where a small object was waiting, it was beating slightly "What the fuck is that?"

"A piece of Kronos' heart, this is shall we say a backup plan, but you don't have to worry too much about it, you won't be remembering this after all."

The bear figures pinned him down on the sarcophagus and one drew a dagger and stabbed it into Harry's chest, harry screamed in pain as the figure with a bear like head began to cut his heart out, just as he felt like he was about to pass out from blood loss or worse, die the second figure with a bears head poured a small amount of golden liquid down his throat and he felt himself move from the verge of death. He was kept alive and awake as they cut out his heart and quickly replaced it with the piece of Kronos' heart.

"Now Harry, that wasn't so bad."

Harry tried to gather the energy to swear his head off and try and escape when the first bear like figure poured another golden liquid down his throat but this one was disgusting and felt like blood "Now the final part, the Ichor of Kronos."

Dream End


The wizard son of Apollo awoke with a start and immediately had his attacker pressed up against the wall with his hands clasped around his throat, and then his vision cleared as he fully awoke and immediately released Justin "Shit, Justin I'm sorry."

Justin waved him of as he massaged his sore throat "It's cool, are you okay, you were screaming in your sleep?"

Harry shook his head "A nightmare." Justin nodded and walked of "At least I hope it was just a nightmare."

AN: Okay this is the final chap for book II, it is short i know but there wasnt anything left for me to write about for the third year as the world is different to the canon world, as for the ending dream is it just that, a dream or a dark peak at the past and things to come. So keep an eye out for Book III some time in the near future.