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Making The Truth Known

He stood at the doors looking into the Great Hall, Professor McGonagall and Hermione at his side. He was angry and trying to keep them from realizing just how angry he was. It was the welcoming feast of his third year at Hogwarts, but after everything he had learned this summer he wouldn't be here if he didn't want to make things right.

There at the head table was that manipulative old fool Dumbledore, a man he had looked up to and admired until he learned the truth about him. Now all he wanted to do was make sure the man paid for his crimes. He wanted to make sure that face never had a twinkle in his eyes again. And there also was Snape, a stinking, snivelling coward who had helped ruin his life. He couldn't wait to see his reaction when he realized that the gig was up, and he was going to be outed for exactly what he was by the son of his enemies.

Also sitting at the table for the first time was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. His name was Remus Lupin and he had just saved Harry on the Hogwarts Express on the way to school from a Dementor. Even so Harry couldn't help being angry with him. The man had turned his back on one of his best friends only on Dumbledore's word. Didn't the man have any loyalty at all?

He needed to stop thinking that way or he would be in trouble again. His Dad got mad every time he let his anger show at his best friend, but he couldn't help it, just the thought of him abandoning his Dad made him furious.

He noticed the sorting was done as he and Hermione made their way to the Gryffindor table to where the first friend he had ever made was sitting. Ron Weasley was a tall gangly red-headed boy that he had met on his first trip on the Hogwarts Express. Every since then they had been best mates, but now he had also learned the truth about him and it took everything in him to sit down beside him like nothing was wrong. He knew he needed to be close to Ron though for just the right moment.

Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick were both making their way to the head table now, since the tiny Professor had put away the Sorting Hat and stool. He had to do the sorting since McGonagall had called Harry and Hermione aside as soon as they entered the castle. Just thinking about the time in her office had his cheeks tinting red again. Why did Professor Lupin send that note ahead telling her he had passed out on the train? It wasn't like the man cared two figs for him after all he had abandoned him as well on Dumbledore's orders.

Over at the Slytherin table he noticed that Malfoy was entertaining his friends by pretending to pass out. He knew this was because of him fainting on the train, but it made his insides squirm in anger anyway.

Oh why couldn't his guests arrive already? He had made sure they had received the invites hours ago. Until then he had to bide his time, but then the fireworks were going to start, and the Wizarding World was going to be shaken up, or his name wasn't Harry James Sirius Potter-Black. It was going to be a monumental moment that was for sure. He was rubbing his hands together in glee on the inside, just thinking of the chaos that he was going to cause. Evidently his Marauder side was coming out in spades now.

He felt the stares from almost all in the Great Hall, and he knew it was because quite a few were upset that he had disappeared for more than three weeks this summer, while most actually thought he had been murdered, and some probably hoped he had been.

McGonagall had demanded to know where he had been while he was in her office, and got really angry at him when he refused to tell her. He had never thought anybody's lips could get so white and thin at his comments, "I'm not telling you where I was as it isn't anybody at this school's business where I spend my holidays, or do you demand that all students give you an accounting of their vacations?"

"Mr. Potter, the Headmaster is your magical guardian, and he asked me to find out where you were, and furthermore I do not appreciate your cheek," she exclaimed angrily.

"Ma'am, I beg to differ with you, but no matter what Professor Dumbledore says, he is not my guardian, magical or otherwise, so I will not be answering that. I'm sorry that you feel I am being cheeky, but I feel you are out-of-line demanding to know about my personal life. Now if you are done I would like to get something to eat as I'm hungry."

"Very well Mr. Potter, you may wait outside while I speak to Miss Granger about her schedule, and we will go to the feast together. I will also be taking ten points from you for your attitude."

"Yes Professor." Of course this was another one of the reasons he had been so angry when he entered the Hall. He had felt the point loss was unjust, but as he knew that he was going to be getting back at those present he just decided to use the anger when the time was right.

Just as he turned to stare at the doors of the Great Hall waiting for them to open and admit his guests he noticed that McGonagall was talking to Dumbledore. The man turned to glare at him angrily as did Snape who evidently was listening in on their conversation but this just made him smirk. He didn't care if they were mad or not as he planned to make them a lot madder before the night was over. It seemed that Lupin wasn't too happy with him either if the frown he was shooting Harry's way was any indication. Well that was just too bad, because Harry wasn't too happy with the man either, no matter what his Dad said about him. He didn't know him now.

As the plates were finally cleaned and Dumbledore stood to give his start of term speech the door opened admitting quite a few people to the shock of all those in the Hall, only Harry was unsurprised by their admittance. Most, both students and staff were actually gaping as the people entered.

First to enter was the Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge, his Senior Under Secretary Dolores Umbridge, who looked like a giant, pink toad, Director of Magical Law Enforcement Amelia Bones, Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, his Junior Partner Auror Nymphadora Tonks, their boss Head Auror Rufus Scrimgeour, Ex-Auror Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation Bartemius Crouch, Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office Arthur Weasley, as well as his wife Molly and their two oldest sons, Bill and Charlie Weasley, Ted and Andromeda Tonks, Augusta Longbottom, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Reporter for The Daily Prophet Rita Skeeter and two very intimidating Goblins wearing full battle armour, though very few knew their names, besides Harry and Professor Flitwick, the taller of the two was Director of all Gringotts Operations Ragnok and his companion was Director of Potter Accounts Steelblade.

Harry was metaphorically rubbing his hands in excitement as the moment he had been waiting for all through dinner finally arrived.

"Minister, may I ask what you and all of your companions are doing here," Dumbledore asked in clear confusion, twinkle absent Harry was pleased to note.

"I received an invitation to appear here tonight, Dumbledore, and I'm assuming the others have as well. I take it that you were not the one to send such an invitation then?"

"No Minister, I did not and I have no idea why you are all here or who could have invited you." He turned to his staff asking, "Did any of you invite these guests here?"

All were shaking their heads or saying no with the same look of bewilderment on their faces.

"Minister, I think someone has pulled an elaborate prank on all of you," the Headmaster said.

"Not at all Professor Dumbledore, I was the one who invited all these good people here, and it is by no means for a prank, but to make some very important truths be known," stated Harry while standing up.

"Potter, you have no right to invite anybody to this school. You are once again letting your arrogance show," snapped Snape. "That will be fifty points and a weeks' worth of detentions for causing these people such an inconvenience on an arrogant child's whims."

"Well I think before the night is out you will find I can invite anybody I want here, also I will not be doing your detentions, and if you and Professor McGonagall will note that none of the points you have removed from me tonight have been removed from the Gryffindor counter."

Every eye in the Great Hall turned to notice that the counter set at ten points, the exact amount that Angelina Johnson had earned for taking a young first year to the Hospital Wing after she was affected by the Dementors. The Gryffindor counter was the only one showing any points at all.

"Mr. Potter, you will fix the counter and also serve your detentions with Professor Snape, and you will also be losing another ten points for being disrespectful to your Professor," Dumbledore argued sternly.

But everyone once again noticed that the points stayed the same, even with Dumbledore removing points. This was shocking to everyone but Harry and the Goblins.

"There is nothing wrong with the counter, Sir. It is exactly how it is meant to be. It will remove points that are deserved as well as only giving those earned, just the way the Founders intended. That way no professor, no matter who they are, can punish or reward a student unfairly. Which is what it states emphatically in Hogwarts a History, the original version."

"What do you mean the original version, Harry," questioned Hermione, always eager to learn something new.

"I'm talking about the version the Founders themselves wrote, the one that states all the laws and rules for the school, not that copy that the Headmasters and Headmistresses along with the school Governors and Ministry changed to fit their agendas."

"And how, pray tell, did you get such a copy of that book," demanded Madam Umbridge.

"Well that is one of the things you will all be learning tonight. But before we go there I have a couple of questions myself that I need to ask. Madam Bones and Mr. Moody did you bring the bottles of Veritaserum that I asked you to bring?"

"Who do you think you are to tell adults what to do," screeched Umbridge, in a high girlish voice that hurt everyone's ears.

"You don't know who I am," he asked with a raised eyebrow. "I thought everybody in the wizarding world knew my name or rather the name that somebody claimed was my name."

"Harry James Potter, you need to be more respectful to the adults around you," shrieked Molly Weasley.

"There you go! That's the name everybody in the wizarding world claims is my name. By the way Mrs. Weasley, you are not my mother so please refrain from telling me what to do as I don't like or appreciate it at all. Especially after the things I found out about you this summer."

At this statement a few people noticed that Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore blanched.

"Who do you think you are talking to my mother that way after all she has done for you," Ron snarled.

"All that she has been paid, quite handsomely, to do for me, don't you mean," asked Harry snidely.

"What are you talking about Harry," wondered the twins together.

"Why don't you ask your mum that question and see what she has to say? I'm hoping at least some of you Weasleys will be shocked by the answer the way I was."

"Mum, what is he talking about," Bill asked looking at her with curiosity.

"I.. I have no idea," she stammered unconvincingly.

"Just one of the many truths that will be exposed tonight, but first Madam Bones and Mr. Moody do you have that Veritaserum?"

"Yes!" they both said at once, wanting to get to the bottom of everything.

"Well, why doesn't everyone get comfortable, because it is going to be a long night. Madam Bones as you are the Head of the DMLE I will let you decide what is to be our first topic of conversation, or should I say who we will be discussing first. Here are your options Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Bartemius Crouch, Sirius Black, Molly Weasley and at least a couple of her children, Peter Pettigrew, the Dursleys, Lucius Malfoy, Minister Fudge, Dolores Umbridge, heck we can even talk about the Founders. While you are deciding where you want to start, I need Rita Skeeter to come forward please."

A blond woman wearing glasses with jewels around the edge stepped forward. "I'm Rita Skeeter. What did you want Mr. Potter?"

"I am about to give you some of the most exclusive and mind-boggling stories you will ever write, but I will only do that if you give me a magical oath that you will only write the truth that you hear here tonight, otherwise you will be kicked out and not allowed to hear the things being discussed tonight, and I will give the exclusive rights to these stories to someone else."

"You can't do that," fumed Rita.

"I can assure you that I can. Maybe you did not notice the goblins standing by my side. They are two of the highest officials in the Goblin Nation, and they have promised to make sure only the truth will be told, and trust me they have the power to make sure that is true. May I introduce Director Ragnok, the Director of all of Gringotts and the Goblins and his companion is Director of Potter accounts Steelblade. Both have promised they will protect my rights against all and any who try to walk all over me. But just in case you feel I am asking too much of you, I will also give you a magical oath to tell you the absolute truth, so you know that I won't ask any more of you than I expect of myself."

"You'll actually make a vow, too?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Fine! What do I have to say?"

"Just state your name and swear to tell the truth nothing less or nothing more about what you hear told here tonight."

"Very well, I, Rita Marie Skeeter swear on my magic and my life that I will tell the truth, nothing less, nothing more about what I learn here tonight. So I swear it! So mote it be!" A magical blue glow encircled Rita to show that her oath was in effect. She then turned to Harry and said, "Now it is your turn."

Harry raised his wand and stated, "I, Harry James Sirius Potter-Black hereby swear on my magic and my life that what I tell here tonight is the absolute truth. So I swear it! So mote it be!" As he finished his oath a blue light surrounded him proving that the oath was in effect.

Many gasps were heard at Harry's name being stated. But the Minister was the one that asked the question. "Mr. Potter why did you claim that is your name? Your name is Harry James Potter, everyone knows that."

"Well Minister than everyone is wrong, because I just gave you my true name which is quite obvious as I am still standing here alive, which means that you all are wrong about my name."

"That isn't right, Harry. I was there when you were born and that was not the name you were given." Remus assured him.

"I assure you that I now know my real name, and there is a perfectly good reason that you believe the wrong name was my name. Isn't that right, Dumbledore?"

"I don't know what you mean Harry," Dumbledore said with his usual twinkling eyes.

"Well we'll see, won't we? Have, you chosen where you want to start Madam Bones?"

"I think we had better start with Sirius Black, as he is the known criminal and murderer and we need to do everything we can to get him back before he kills again, Mr. Potter," She answered. "Do you know where he is?'

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Then tell us now, boy," demanded Umbridge. "Or you will be arrested for aiding a murderer and get you your own cell in Azkaban."

This caused an uproar from quite a few people, mostly from the Gryffindor table, though some of the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws also were shouting, plus a few teachers and some of the guests.

But Harry said very calmly, "I can't help you there, you see he is under the Fidelius Charm and I'm not the Secret Keeper. But since Madam Bones wants to cover him first, you will hear everything about him and before I am done I'm sure he will make his own appearance."

"Sirius Black will come here? Are you crazy? He will kill all of us," shouted a lot of people.

Head Auror Scrimgeour turned to Auror Shacklebolt and told him, "Go get a dozen more Aurors here."

"That is not necessary, nor will it be possible for anyone other than Sirius Black to enter the school for the rest of the night," Harry promised him.

"Harry, I am the Headmaster and I say who comes and goes in this school, and I assure you the Aurors are coming to arrest Mr. Black," Dumbledore stated importantly.

"Well as the front door will not open and none of the Floo connections work I think you will find that impossible. The secret passages have also been closed for the night. So I don't see how you are going to bring anyone else here."

"Fawkes," called Dumbledore. A blaze of fire lit up beside Dumbledore, and a beautiful red and gold Phoenix appeared when the fire dissipated. "Fawkes, I need you to go bring some Aurors here for me." Dumbledore looked nonplussed when the bird never moved from where he was at.

"Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you I also asked Fawkes to not bring anybody here tonight or to take anyone away either, and he agreed," Harry admitted sheepishly.

Dumbledore wasn't the only one looking shocked especially when the beautiful Phoenix was nodding its head at the words coming from the Boy-Who-Lived.

"Mr. Potter this has gone on long enough. I demand you stop this nonsense at once," ordered McGonagall.

"I'm sorry Ma'am but I can't do that. It is time for the wizarding world to learn the truth, and I am determined to make sure they do just that. Now you all can sit back and learn the things you should have learned years ago, or you can sit back and pretend it's not happening, but the truth will be told here tonight. You all deserve the right to know what I have found out, because your world and lives are about to be changed, and as far as I'm concerned, it is for the better and about time, too.

"Now Madam Bones, I know it is illegal to give a child Veritaserum which is why I took my oath so you can be assured that what I say here tonight is the absolute truth. Do you agree that my oath will prove that?"

"Yes Mr. Potter, you will have to tell the truth or risk losing your magic and life," she acknowledged.

"Good! I just wanted everyone to hear that from your voice so later people can't say I was lying. So we were going to talk about Sirius Black. The first thing I have to say is Sirius Black is innocent! He did not betray my parents! He did not kill Pettigrew! He did not kill those muggles! Lumos!" A light shone from the end of Harry's wand at the last word.

Gasps were heard all around the hall, when they realized that Harry Potter was telling the truth as proven by him still having his magic and alive. The loudest one came from Remus Lupin.

"How is that possible Harry," demanded Lupin, as he came and got right in Harry's face.

"I think it's about time you asked that question, Professor Lupin," the young man sneered at him angrily. "Don't you think you should have asked something along those lines when he was accused and sent to Azkaban without a trial or even being questioned? After all, of all the people left alive you knew him the best, but you let one man convince you that one of your best friends betrayed the others without even caring to get his side of the story. Do you have no loyalty at all?"

Remus Lupin jerked back as if punched in the stomach from the words and anger on the face of the boy he had always considered his cub. He was too shocked to speak at the moment, but as someone else was talking the glare coming from Harry was turned from him, thankfully.

"Mr. Potter, what do you mean he had no trial or was questioned," Bones commanded.

"Just what I said, but why don't you ask Mr. Crouch that question, since he was the one that threw an innocent man in that hellhole without a chance to defend himself, not just a man, but a scion of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, the second oldest family still in existence to this day, the man that is now the Lord and Head of the same family."

"That is not possible, Black could not be the Lord of the family, as a convicted man could not claim Lordship and his grandfather was still Lord Black when he was imprisoned," sputtered Fudge.

"That is true a convicted man cannot claim a Lordship, but as he was never convicted in a court of law, he had no problem claiming his birthright. After all being held captive against your will and rights is not a crime for the victim, but for those holding him there well that is a different story. It makes them kidnappers, and the criminals anyway you look at it." Harry pointed out.

"Just because you say he is innocent doesn't make it true," screamed Umbridge.

"Oh! You want more proof other than my oath then. Alright here is your first piece of proof." He said pulling his wand and shouting, "Accio Scabbers!" A grey rat flew from Ron Weasley's pocket and into Harry's open palm, which he closed at once over the squirming frantic rat.

"What the bloody hell are you doing Harry," roared Ron. "Give me back Scabbers. You are scaring him and he is already sick."

"What is this nonsense, Potter," bellowed a more confident Crouch now that he saw what the boy's proof was.

"Proof of at least one of the charges Sirius Black was accused of is false, isn't that right Professor Lupin?" He asked, as he held the struggling rat out for the man to see.

Madam Pomfrey hurried quickly to the side of the man as his face lost all color so badly she thought he was going to faint, but all of a sudden Remus Lupin instead of fainting was furiously angry and grabbed the rat from the boy in front of him. The rat was now frantically trying to get away until the man holding him put it close to his face and snarled, "STOP NOW YOU TRAITOR BEFORE I WRING YOUR NECK!"

And to the watchers amazement the rat went completely still. None of them could believe the rat was acting like he knew exactly what was said..

"What is going on Remus," Professor Flitwick asked.

Remus Lupin looked at the man talking to him and then he turned and looked all around the room to see everyone looking at him in confusion. "This isn't a rat, Fillius, and Harry is right, this is proof that at least one of Sirius's charges is false without a shadow of doubt."

"Of course he is a rat," Percy and Ron yelled angrily.

"No he's not," Lupin argued.

"Please explain Professor Lupin," Madam Bones suggested.

"This is an Animagus, a wizard by the name of Peter Pettigrew, and since he is alive Sirius Black could not have killed him."

"That is ridiculous," Snape, Dumbledore and Crouch all fumed.

Before either Harry or Remus could say anything Moody snapped, "well that is easily proven or not." He raised his wand and Stupefied the rat, and then performed a spell that immediately had the rat glowing as Remus dropped it. Then it started changing as a man started growing from it. Before everyone's eyes lay a fat balding man who had a rat like look to his features.

"Peter Pettigrew," gasped McGonagall.

"In the flesh, Professor, so please tell me how Sirius Black could have killed him if he is still alive," demanded Harry. "Or maybe you could tell me the answer to that Mr. Crouch, since you are the one that threw an innocent man into Azkaban for killing him. For that matter Minister, maybe you will explain how this cowardly, traitorous rat received a Merlin First Class medal posthumously while he is still alive?"

"Those are all good questions Potter, and I for one would like the answers myself," growled Moody.

"Well as you have the Veritaserum might I suggest you use it on the rat," Harry advised with a raised eyebrow.

At this Scrimgeour conjured up a chair with restraints and levitated Pettigrew in it. Then turning to Moody he asked him to administer the serum, before cancelling the spell on the rat. When Pettigrew opened his eyes he looked around in shock before the Veritaserum kicked in. His eyes took on a blank look at the same time Harry pulled a roll of parchment out of a bag Steelblade had handed him. Turning to Madam Bones he handed her the scroll while saying, "Madam, I know this is a shock to you so I took the opportunity of writing out a list of questions for you to ask Pettigrew. I hope you don't mind, but these are some questions that need answered to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sirius Black is innocent of all the charges, plus a few extras to help against other Death Eaters."

Madam Bones opened the scroll and as she read it a small smirk appeared on her face. "These questions will be perfect Mr. Potter."

"That is Mr. Potter-Black, Ma'am," he corrected her.

"I'm sorry Mr. Potter-Black that is going to take some getting used to for most of the wizarding world."

"Well if someone hadn't lied and Confunded those that knew the truth that wouldn't be necessary, but that will also be brought to light." He promised, as he looked toward Dumbledore with a gleam in his eyes, which almost everyone noticed with speculation. They also noticed that Dumbledore looked angry at Harry's words.

"Well, let us get on with this," commanded Fudge.

"Very well, Minister," Bones told him. She then turned to Pettigrew and started questioning him.

"What is your name?"

"Peter Lee Pettigrew!"

"Are you or have you ever been a Death Eater?"


"Were you the Potters' Secret Keeper on Halloween 1981?"


Gasps were heard around the hall at the answers to the last two questions, but everyone quieted down from the glares Bones and Scrimgeour were shooting around at the people.

"Did you betray the Potters to Voldemort?"


"What happened on the first of November, 1981?"

"Sirius tracked me down on a Muggle street. I shouted out 'Sirius, how could you betray James and Lily?' I then blew up the street with the wand behind my back. I sent a tickling jinx at Sirius, cut off my on finger transformed into my Animagus form and disappeared down the sewer in the confusion."

"So you were the one that killed those twelve muggles not Sirius Black?"

"Yes, Sirius would never kill anybody."

"Where have you been for the last twelve years?"

"I have been a pet with the Weasley family, first Percy and when he got an owl he gave me to his younger brother, Ron."

"Why were you hiding out with the Weasleys?"

"I needed to find a wizarding family to stay with so I could keep up to date when my Master started getting stronger again."

"What were you going to do if you heard about that?"

"I was going to capture Potter and give him to my Master."

"Did you take the Mark on your own free will?"


"Can a person be given the Mark while under the Imperius or against their will?"

"No! The Mark won't take unless the Witch or Wizard truly wants to take it."

Lucius Malfoy was starting to sweat bullets from the glares he was receiving from Madam Bones and all of the Aurors in the room. But he wasn't the only one as Minister Fudge looked like he had just been sucker punched.

"Who cast the Fidelius Charm that made you the Potters' Secret Keeper?"

"Albus Dumbledore!"

Everyone was now glaring at Dumbledore with enough venom to kill a dozen giants at this revelation.

"Are you sure it was Dumbledore that cast the charm?"

"Yes, of course I am!"

"Well that is the last question on the list. Rufus do you have anything to add," she asked.

'No, I think that covers everything," he agreed. He Stupefied the man again and also cast a spell to make sure he couldn't transform when he was awakened.

"Is that enough proof for everyone to prove Sirius Black's innocence," asked Harry.

"Yes!" Madam Bones, Scrimgeour and Minister Fudge assured him.

"That does not let him off the hook for escaping Azkaban though," Umbridge seethed.

"I beg to differ with you Madam Umbridge, but as he was an innocent man never convicted of anything, he cannot be held accountable for leaving a place he shouldn't have been in the first place. Isn't that right Mr. Crouch," Harry snarled.

Crouch looked like a worm dangling on a hook as he stammered, "yes...yes, I guess that could be considered true."

"So does that mean you guys are going to pronounce Sirius innocent of all charges and call the Dementors off," pushed Harry.

"Yes, Mr. Potter- Black that is exactly what that means," promised Madam Bones. "Isn't that right, Cornelius?"

"I agree Amelia," Fudge admitted. "Black will be freed of all charges."

"And of course he will be compensated for being illegally held, too," Amelia included.

"Yes, naturally," a pale Fudge agreed.

"Good! That means when he does show up nobody will give him a hard time, right," questioned The-Boy-Who-Lived.

"You have my word that nobody will give the man a hard time, and if they do they will be arrested for harassment of a Lord of a Noble and Most Ancient House. Is that understood?" She demanded as she looked around the room at all that was present.

"Since we have now covered Sirius, Pettigrew and even pointing out the fact that Crouch broke the law by sending a man to prison without a chance to defend himself, who would you like to discuss next? Dumbledore, Snape, Malfoy, Fudge, Umbridge, Molly Weasley, the Dursleys or the Founders are your options. Some of those will overlap just like the last ones did, but Madam I will let you choose again," Harry instructed.

"Mr. Potter, I demand you stop all this nonsense now," ordered Dumbledore. "I'm the Headmaster of this school and I don't appreciate the mockery you are making of Hogwarts and myself."

Harry totally ignored the man and once again asked, "Madam Bones have you made a decision yet?"

"Potter this total disrespect of the Headmaster will not be allowed," sneered Snape. "You have just lost a hundred points and detention for the rest of the year. Again all heads turned toward the Gryffindor hourglass counter and it still read ten points.

"Albus, how is he doing that," wondered McGonagall.

"I have no idea Minerva, but I don't like it at all," he replied.

"Mr. Potter-Black do you think you could explain why the Gryffindor counter is not taking off points," Amelia requested.

"Okay... so you want to talk about the Founders next. I guess we can do that first... and then maybe if we do, we can get rid of all these stupid point deduction interruptions," Harry nodded slowly as he thought of how to begin.

"The four Founders of Hogwarts, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin built and owned Hogwarts. This means Hogwarts is privately owned, the Founders may be gone, but their Heirs are not and they are now the owners of this school and all the land that comes with it. That means the grounds, the Forbidden Forest and the village of Hogsmeade. This land is considered a Sovereign Nation, not part of Scotland or controlled by the Ministry of Magic, School Governors or Headmasters. They have been allowed to take control until at least three of the Four Founders' Heirs could agree on how the school would be run, then they would once again take control of Hogwarts and run it like the founders wanted, or if they wanted they could even close the school and keep it as their home if that was their choice. This is in the original version of Hogwarts a History."

"To let you know there is at least three of the Founders' Heirs found and in agreement that the way Hogwarts has been being run this last couple of years in no longer acceptable. They have decided it is time to take control of the school, since the Headmaster keeps putting the students in danger, the School Governors have allowed themselves to be either bribed or threatened on how to do their jobs and that the Ministry, by allowing the Minister to arrest and throw the gamekeeper in Azkaban without a trial, so the Ministry could look to be doing something, that was the Minister's own words by the way, and also putting Dementors around the school, have shown they can't be trusted to put the students of this school and their safety first."

"What," was shouted out by at least half of the listeners?

"Do you know who the Founders' Heirs are Mr. Potter-Black," Amelia Bones inquired, while glaring sternly around the room at the people who were shouting,

"Yes, Ma'am, I know who all four Heirs are."

This caused a loud commotion as everyone started talking at once. They were all wondering how Harry Potter knew this when nobody else did. Dumbledore looked thunderstruck, as he only knew two of the Heirs himself and he knew those two would never agree on how Hogwarts was run. He was worried now because he knew what Harry said was true about what was in the book about the school. There was no way that he could let people wrest control of Hogwarts from him. This was his domain and his alone.

"If you know so much Potter then tell us, or are you just trying to gain more attention?" Snape barked out with an ugly look on his hateful face.

"I was just trying to figure out which Founder to start with. Does anybody have a preference?"

At these words all four names of the Founders were being shouted out from the people from their own houses.

"Quiet! Mr. Potter-Black would you please start with Rowena Ravenclaw's Heir," pleaded Filius Flitwick, his squeaky voice filled with excitement.

"No problem Professor. The Heir and new Lord of the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Ravenclaw is none other than Sirius Orion Black."

"That's not possible," came the angry voices of many Ravenclaws, Dumbledore and Snape.

"Well as I am yet again still alive and will once again prove I still have my magic I think that speaks for itself," he pointed out. "Lumos!" A bright light lit up the tip of his wand at the incantation, proving that he was telling the truth again to everybody's amazement.

Charlie Weasley called out, "who is Gryffindor's Heir?"

A blushing Boy-Who-Lived stammered. "That would be me, as the Potters are directly descended from Gryffindor."

Shock was seen on even more faces, but one of the few not showing surprise was Albus Dumbledore. This was noticed by Madam Bones, Moody and Professor McGonagall, and they were not happy that he had not shared this information. If anybody had looked at Ron Weasley's face at the time they would have noticed a very jealous expression flash across his face.

The Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain, Cedric Diggory inquired about the Hufflepuff Heir next.

To the amusement of the watchers, Harry Potter-Black turned even redder, but answered anyway. "That would be me again, as Helga Hufflepuff and Godric Gryffindor were married and their only great-granddaughter married a Potter around the time the last male Gryffindor died."

"So you're the Heir to two of the Founders," asked Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"Actually more than that," he admitted sheepishly.


"Well as Sirius Black is my father, and I'm his Heir that should be apparent."

"What do you mean Sirius is your father," Remus Lupin demanded.

"Why do you think my name is Potter-Black?" He answered with a question of his own.

"I have no idea, but I would like to know," he said.

"I'll tell you in just a minute, but I'm sure the Slytherins would like to know about Salazar's Heir. Until last June the Heir of Salazar Slytherin was none other than the man calling himself Lord Voldemort, AKA Tom Marvolo Riddle..."

Dumbledore interrupted at this point. "What do you mean was? Tom is the Heir of Slytherin."

"Isn't that funny, last year when everyone was calling me the Heir of Slytherin you couldn't be bothered to tell anyone that piece of information, now when it is no longer true you want to announce it," Harry shook his head in disbelief. "Did you get your jollies off on me being ostracized by my fellow students, Headmaster?"

"Of course not, I just didn't want to scare all the students."

"Well that worked out so well." He said sarcastically. Anyway as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted that changed last June when I was in the Chamber of Secrets. Evidently when I beat Voldemort for the third time, Salazar Slytherin's line now became mine, by Right of Conquest, which means last year while I was accused of being his Heir, I wasn't, but this year I am. So between my Dad and myself, we now own Hogwarts and all the land that goes with it. And that is why I was able to lockdown Hogwarts and make sure that the Professors aren't allowed to dock points unjustly. That is why my Dad, Sirius Black will be the only one allowed to enter the school tonight. Since he is my father, and the Founders and I have agreed that he should and has claimed the Lordship of all four Founders Lines until he feels I am ready to take over all but Ravenclaw."

"Are you saying Black has five Lordships," questioned Lucius Malfoy indignantly.

"Actually he has more than that, including the Potter Lordship until I am older."

"How can he hold the Potter Lordship?" demanded McGonagall.

"Well there is actually two reasons he can do that, the one being that he is my father like for the Founders' Lordships and as for the other one, well would you like to explain that one Professor Dumbledore? I mean it is because of you nobody knows this information, isn't it?"

"I don't know what you are talking about my boy," Dumbledore exclaimed, but a few people noticed he looked worried at this point.

"Wow! You better hope your nose doesn't start growing like Pinocchio's from all the lies you are telling." He said to a smattering of laughter from the Muggleborns and some Halfbloods in the room.

"What are you talking about, Harry," asked an excited Arthur Weasley?

"Pinocchio is a fairytale character whose nose would grow every time he told a lie, and as Dumbledore is lying through his teeth, he had better hope that he doesn't have the same problem, because I think that crooked nose of his would look even worse if it grows a foot long or longer," he answered with a smirk.

"Harry, please explain how Sirius can be your father," begged Remus Lupin.

Harry looked at the man, as if deciding whether he wanted to answer him. Yes, he was the best friend of his fathers, but the man really hadn't acted like it for the last twelve years. "Okay, if you insist. Sirius Orion Black was bonded in marriage to James Charlus Potter-Black and the two of them are my parents."

All hell broke loose at this announcement. The roar that filled the Great Hall was so loud it wouldn't surprise Harry if it could be heard in Hogsmeade at the very least. Harry noticed with amusement the furious look on Snape's face as he was yelling at Dumbledore. He also noticed the old man was clutching his wand as if in fear that he was going to be attacked any minute. Ahh... this was priceless, he knew his Dad was going to be upset he missed this. This was one memory he would have to share for sure with the man.

Ten minutes of continuous uproar was finally brought to an end by Amelia Bones and all Aurors in the room sending up loud bangs and sparks to get everyone's attention. The last person to stop yelling was Severus, mad-as-hell, Snape whose last words caused Harry to laugh out loud. "I'm not finished with you... you lying manipulative old goat!"

As everyone settled back down, Rita Skeeter asked the question that was on everybody's mind. "How is that possible Mr. Potter when everyone knows that you are the son of James Potter and Lily 'Evans' Potter?"

"First of all it is Potter-Black, second that is the story Dumbledore spread around and the people that knew the truth he either Confunded or Obliviated the information from their minds. Isn't that right, Headmaster?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Harry," denounced Dumbledore, but many noticed the always present twinkle was now gone from his eyes, and the more observant ones noticed a fine sheen of sweat on his forehead. Those same observant people could tell things weren't going the way he wanted.

"That is Mr. Potter-Black to you! And are you truthfully denying this? Why don't you take the same magical oath that I did? And you can tell the truth and nothing but the truth here tonight."

"I don't need to take a magical oath as everyone here knows my word is my bond. I am above such petty things as lying as anyone can tell you."

Harry scoffed, "I guess you forgot that Pettigrew proved that you are a liar when he was under the Veritaserum, but just in case you forgot, he said you were the one to cast the Fidelius Charm making him the Secret Keeper, yet you told the Wizengamot that Sirius Black was the Secret Keeper. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not above lying."

Dumbledore blanched as everyone looked at him accusingly, but he was saved having to say anything when Hermione started speaking. "Harry, you can't have two men as your parents, so that can't be true unless they adopted you."

"Ahh, Hermione that may be true in the Muggle world, and trust me I was just as shocked as you're going to be when I found out, but that isn't the case in the magical world. It seems two wizards or even two witches can have a baby together, since their magic will make that possible. My Da, James Potter-Black is the one that carried me and gave birth to me, not Lily Evans Potter. I am the son of Sirius Black and his husband James Potter-Black."

If that is true, why did you just call Lily a Potter?" snarled Snape angrily.

"Because she was, but not because she was married to James Potter, but rather due to the fact her parents were killed during the summer before her seventh year and the only family she had left was Petunia who hated her and anything to do with magic, so my Grandparents, Charlus and Dorea Potter adopted her by muggle adoption and she became my Da's sister. They felt this would help her in both worlds, since the Potter name would give her a better standing with the Pureblood snobs, and as she wasn't of age at the time in the muggle world. And since they were spending so much time together in their seventh year everybody thought they were dating, but they only told those they were closest to the truth. Lily Potter was not my mother, but my Aunt and Godmother instead." He explained to the utter astonishment of all those present. "As it was a Muggle adoption it did not show up on the records when she came back to school, so she just left it like that, and of course my Dad and Da thought it was a great prank that everybody thought those two were dating, when my fathers were already a couple at the time. They convinced those they were closest to not to tell anybody any different, including the three Professors that knew the truth."

"What Professors knew the truth?" McGonagall hissed angrily.

"That would be you, Dumbledore and Flitwick."

"That is ridiculous," Snape roared. "Lily was not adopted by Potter's parents."

At this Harry reached into his bag and pulled out an official document, but those watching noticed it wasn't a scroll, but a Muggle paper. He handed it to Madam Bones. "Please verify for Snape and everyone else that what I said is again the truth. You would think people would stop calling me on it since I made that oath and am still alive, but I guess it is like Hermione says, wizards just don't seem to know how to use logic."

As the woman perused the paper, she couldn't help grinning at his words. "Mr. Potter-Black is right Lily Evans was adopted by the Potters on the 27th of August, 1977."

"Who all knew this information," Remus Lupin asked, shocked beyond disbelief.

"The same people that knew my parents were married. That would be the three Professors I mentioned earlier, Remus Lupin, Pettigrew, my Potter grandparents, Frank and Alice Longbottom and his parents, Ted and Andromeda Tonks, Alastor Moody, Amelia Bones, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Marlene McKinnon and Fabian and Gideon Prewett. By the way all of which were on the list of people to take custody of me if something were to happen to my parents, except for Pettigrew since they knew I didn't like him when I was a baby, and Dumbledore as they felt he was too old for the responsibility. All these people were also present for my parents bonding ceremony, with Aunt Lily and Remus Lupin standing up with them. Those two were named my Godparents, also. Dumbledore actually performed the ceremony."

"But Harry, you have your mother's eyes, everybody who knew her says so," Hermione argued.

"Oh that is because a manipulative old fool put a glamour on me as well as a lot of blocks and spells. I had all of those removed a couple of weeks ago thanks to my Goblin friends here."

"But you still have your mother's eyes," Ginny pointed out.

"No I don't, Dad just put a glamour back on me until this all came out. Finite Incantatem!" Immediately his eyes changed to a silver grey, his hair grew to shoulder length and seemed to be more manageable, and his cheekbones took on a more aristocratic look. Harry Potter had been a very handsome boy, but Harry Potter-Black was drop-dead gorgeous, was the thought going through all of the female minds and quite a few of the male ones, too, at the moment. He now looked like a perfect cross between Sirius Black and James Potter, except for the fact he was too short and a lot thinner than those two boys had been. "This is my real appearance," he pointed out, as he removed the glasses he no longer needed.

A stunned silence followed this announcement, as everyone was trying to wrap their minds around what they had just learned. The only noise in the whole room was the scratching of the quick-quote quill Rita Skeeter was using. It wasn't her normal acid-green one, but a blue one that only wrote what it actually heard. She was very quietly whispering the description of the changes made to Harry at the moment.

Finally recovering her voice Madam Bones began to speak again. "What did you mean about spells and blocks being put on you, Mr. Potter-Black?"

"Call me Harry, Madam, and just what I said, it seems somebody thought it was their right to cast spells and put blocks on me and my magic,"

"Who would do such a thing?" demanded Bones, McGonagall and Lupin at the same time.

"Well according to the magical signature the goblins found when they removed them all, that would be one, Albus Dumbledore," glancing at the man with a look of intense anger on his face.

The shock kept the uproar to a bare minimum at this announcement, but while it was going on Harry pulled another scroll from his bag and handed it to Madam Bones. "This is the list of spells and blocks put on me. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell anybody that doesn't need to know what they were, as it really isn't everybody's business what I can actually do. There are some that would love to use that knowledge against me."

While he was saying this Professors McGonagall, Flitwick and Lupin, plus Madam Pomfrey and Andromeda Tonks were yelling furiously at the supposedly greatest wizard since Merlin. The man that so many had looked up to and admired for many decades was now being seen in a different light, and by the look on his face he wasn't the least bit happy about this new turn of events. He was silently fuming and wondering how he could stop the train wreck he seemed to be on. Just the thought of all these people learning about his manipulations was horrible, but with Skeeter here and going to print this and with the knowledge about both her and the Boy-Who-Lived making magical oaths about what was said and printed the outcome would be no less than horrific for him and his plans for the future.

Madam Bones read the list of spells and blocks with the utmost horror and revulsion that anyone, let alone Dumbledore would do this to a child, and not just any child, but the saviour of their world. The mere thought had her fighting the nauseousness that was overtaking her. Just the thought that they had been foolish enough to trust that man to protect him, while all the while he had been doing this to a mere baby, it was too mind-boggling. If the man would do this to a child they owed so much, what had he done to all of the other children they had put under his care? Her own niece had spent the last two years under the man's supervision after all.

Alastor Moody who was reading the list with Bones was shocked beyond belief, the man he trusted above all others had betrayed them all. There was no other way to look at it. He had heard what the boy had said about who was at the bonding ceremony and why none of them remembered it. The man who he considered his friend had messed with his mind, and not just his, he had lied and helped send an innocent man to Azkaban, evidently stole a child from his father and placed him with people who had no right to even be near him, and cast spells and blocks on him for some reason only he knew. And then people wondered why he was so paranoid? It wasn't paranoia if it was true that people couldn't be trusted.

Rufus Scrimgeour was also reading the scroll with Bones, and the same thoughts were going through his mind as with the other two. How in the world had they let Dumbledore get away with such atrocities? Something had to be done, because anybody who would do the things that was coming out here tonight had no right to be holding any kind of power let alone three of the most powerful positions in their world. Just the things written on this scroll was enough to get the man thrown into Azkaban for the rest of his life, and that isn't counting everything else they had heard here tonight.

Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Dolores Umbridge, Cornelius Fudge and quite a few of the Slytherins were actually happy at the new turn of events. They thought this was a wonderful thing as they all thought Dumbledore had way too much power, but even they were shocked at what the man had done. Though they were happy to see the man was getting his comeuppance.

All of a sudden the Great Hall doors opened and as one everybody turned to see why. There standing framed in the doorway was a man with shoulder length black hair and grey eyes. He was a handsome man, if too thin, he was dressed in a expensive black robes with the Black crest on his left chest and on his right were nine other crests, in three rows of three but smaller than the Black crest. The man by no means resembled the picture of the prisoner that had escaped Azkaban less than a month ago. Except for his weight and a look in his eyes no one would ever guess that this man had spent twelve years locked in the worst place on earth. But for all who had known the man or seen pictures of when he was younger, there was no doubt in their minds, that this was none other than Lord Sirius Orion Black. The females who had thought Harry's new looks made him drop-dead gorgeous could definitely see the resemblance to his dad. The man may be in his thirties, but he was drool-worthy material.

As he stood there at least three people weren't thinking about his looks, but rather how much they hated the man and how they wanted to cause him pain. Of the three only Dumbledore didn't attempt it right away, which he was thankful for when he saw the results of the other two's spells. Severus Snape called out Sectumsempra at the same time Dolores Umbridge was also trying to cast a spell. Both spells were aimed at Sirius Black, but as he was unarmed and nobody else had a wand drawn what happened next was even more shocking than what had happened so far this night. Both wands that were firing spells exploded with no spell hitting Black. Instead the two castors were holding their wand hands and shrieking in pain both hands were bloody and burnt looking.

Fudge and Dumbledore were both shouting out, "Who cast those spells? The person or persons who did are looking at time in Azkaban or expelled if they are underage." Both men were looking at Harry as they said this, but he just glared defiantly back at them as if they were idiots.

While Madam Pomfrey went to tend to Snape's hand, Andromeda Tonks went to assist Umbridge, since she was also a Healer, even though the woman was a despicable creature she couldn't in good conscience leave her bleeding like that.

Dumbledore and Fudge were now, both in Harry's face demanding for him to admit what he had done, but this really pissed Sirius Black off. Who did those two bumbling idiots think they were yelling at his son like that? He raised his wand and called Silencio twice and the morons were silenced even though their mouths were still moving. By the time they realized they were making no sound Sirius Black was standing in front of them with his wand still pointing at the two.

"Who the Bloody Hell do you think you are screaming at and accusing my son of something like that? Everybody in this Hall can see he is not holding his wand, yet you two idiots are blaming him. I noticed that neither one of you are yelling at your lackeys for trying to curse an unarmed man. That shows just what kind of people you two are, of course it doesn't surprise me at all, but I think quite a few people here are finally getting their eyes opened to just what type of men they have representing them in their Government."

"I'm the Minister of Magic, you will not speak to me that way," roared Fudge, after Lucius Malfoy unsilenced him.

"I don't have to listen to such disrespect," fumed Dumbledore at the same time, since he wordlessly removed the spell on himself. "Nobody else would have the audacity to shoot hexes at Professor Snape and Madam Umbridge with all of these witnesses other than Harry."

"My son's name is Mr. Potter-Black to you, old man, and nobody in this Hall hexed those two idiots, they did it to themselves, which you would think you of all people would know."

"What are you talking about Black," growled Moody.

"Well anybody who has read Hogwarts a History, the original version would have been expecting that to happen, and you would think that the Professors and high officials in the Ministry would have made sure to read that book, as it has all the laws pertaining to Hogwarts in it."

"As I've never seen that book, what caused their wands to explode then?" questioned Madam Bones. "And where can I get a copy of that book?"

"Well truthfully the Headmaster, Deputy Head and all four Heads of Houses should have a copy, as well as the Minister, School Governors, Wizengamot, Department of Mysteries, the ICW and the head of the DMLE since it tells them what they can and cannot do in regards to what happens on this Sovereign Nation. Because even if Harry had shot those spells at those two, there is nothing anyone but me could do anything about it, as I am the Lord and owner of this land and my word is law here. As for what happened to their wands and hands, well they attempted to attack the Lord of Hogwarts, and she didn't appreciate it. Just so you know the same thing would happen if you try to curse Harry as well since he is her Heir. I thought I should give you fair warning, but that is the only warning you get, because anyone trying to harm my child will find themselves being fed to the Acromantula colony in the Forbidden Forest and there is nothing anyone can do to me as I am the Lord of this country. And those who don't like the way I plan to run the place can leave and never come back some will be leaving anyway and never be allowed to return when this night is over."

"That is ridiculous. You are not above the law, Black," Crouch thundered.

"You're right I'm not, I am the law here though."

"Do you think we will let you get away with this? We will arrest you and throw you back into Azkaban," Umbridge screeched through her pain.

"You can't do a damn thing. What part of a Sovereign Nation don't you understand or do you think you could walk into France and tell their rulers what they can or can't do as well?" This caused people like the Weasley twins to actually snicker at the woman's stupidity.

"Lord Black, are you really saying you don't have to answer to anyone on what you do here?" Flitwick asked.

"I answer to Hogwarts and her Founders, their portraits anyway, but other than them, no I don't."

"But there aren't any of the Founders' portraits around anymore," Professor Vector pointed out.

"Oh there are, Dumbledore just hid all those that were available for the public to see, but that didn't mean he could hide the ones in Founders and their Heirs' personal quarters or at Godric's Retreat, which is where Harry and I spent the last few weeks."

"Personal quarters? Godric's Retreat?" was being muttered all over the Hall.

Harry was pulling a large book out of his bag at this point, as he laid it on the table he asked his Dad to assist him. Nobody but Hermione could read the title of the book, but as her eyes lit up like Christmas lights, they all had a pretty good idea what it was.

Sirius pointed his wand at the book and said, "Geminio!" he repeated this over and over. He then handed a copy to Madam Bones, while Harry gave Hermione one. This made Hermione look like she had been given the greatest treasure on earth. Sirius then proceeded to send a copy to Flitwick and Sprout, two copies to McGonagall, while explaining the extra one was for the next Head of Slytherin, which caused Snape to glare furiously at him, and six copies to Madam Pince for the Library. When only the original was left Harry put it back in his bag.

"What about the rest of the people you said should have one," asked Percy Weasley.

"I'm sure the Headmaster and the Minister have copies in their offices, the same for the School Governors and the Wizengamot. I don't know about the Department of Mysteries, but if they need one I am sure Madam Bones can make them a copy," he told him.

"Now, that we have covered the Founders how about we go on to others. I know we have gotten some of Dumbledore out of the way, but why don't we talk about the Death Eaters in the room and how they avoided Azkaban?" Harry changed the subject with a smirk.

"Death Eaters? We have Death Eaters here," cried out at least a couple dozen voices in fear.

"Yes, we have two marked Death Eaters in this room right now, neither deserving to be here. One bribed his way out of trouble by claiming to be under the Imperius Curse, while the other had somebody vouching for him saying he switched sides at a personal risk to himself. Both stories were the biggest load of hippogriff dung there ever was." Harry explained.

"Just because you say it is true doesn't mean it is so." Draco Malfoy roared. He was scared for his father and godfather and what was going to happen to them if Potter was believed.

"Again my oath doesn't seem to be enough, but that is okay I have proof. Since you brought it up Malfoy, why don't we start with your father?"

All three Malfoys and Snape were now looking very worried. All of them could be seen sweating.

While Fudge who was worried about what would happen to his career if Lucius was found guilty, was now complaining. "You can't accuse Mr. Malfoy of anything. He is an upstanding citizen who donates to many charities."

"Yes, you would know all about Malfoy's donations wouldn't you Minister? You and Madam Umbridge have personal experience with those donations." He said, as he pulled out a few scrolls and handed them to Madam Bones.

Narcissa Malfoy couldn't stop herself. "What are those?"

"They are the personal records of all transactions for your husband, the Minister and Umbridge provided by the goblins," he answered. "You'll notice Madam Bones that withdrawals from the Malfoy account are the exact same amount to be added to either of the other two accounts on the same days."

"How did you get those," demanded a steaming Minister, his toad lackey and Malfoy Sr?

"The goblins are not allowed to give out personal information on their customers." Narcissa and Snape proclaimed loudly.

"Well you see the goblins would normally never do such a thing, but they take great offence to people who endanger or cause trouble for those they consider friends, and/or are their richest clients. Since Harry and I fit into both those categories, well I would think that would explain why they are helping us prove our enemies deserve to be in Azkaban, where they belong." Sirius replied, to the astonishment of almost everyone in the Hall, except for Harry, Bill Weasley, Flitwick and the Goblins. Nobody else had ever heard of such a thing, where goblins helped a wizard before.

While most were trying to wrap their minds around such an astonishing fact, Madam Bones had decided to see why they would consider those three enemies to Lord Black and his son.

"What exactly have they done to be considered a threat or enemy to you two?"

"Well for one thing Mr. Malfoy almost got me and every other student in this school killed last year by making sure the Chamber of Secrets was opened." Harry informed her.

It was as if an explosion went off, the noise was so loud. Many were pulling their wands and aiming them at the man who hurt or caused them so much fear the year before. Only Lord Black casting Sonorus on himself to get their attention and promising them he would handle it quieted them enough to hear his exact words.

"Please, I understand your anger at the man, trust me when I say it can't be any worse than mine, since my son was actually seconds away from dying because of that man's actions, but I promise you if the Ministry doesn't do their jobs and vow to lock the man in Azkaban for the rest of his life before they leave, then you have my guarantee the man won't be leaving these grounds alive. He is after all on land I control and endangered my son and Hogwarts' Heir, and that isn't something he will get away with."

These words caused all three Malfoys to become as pale as ghosts as they all aimed their wands at Sirius Black. But this just caused the man to let out a bark like laugh at their stupidity.

Harry, who was also laughing at their idiocy said. "I see you people are as dumb as I thought, I have nothing against blonds, but you three are the perfect example why some people spout out dumb blond jokes."

This caused hysterical laughter from all that knew what dumb blond jokes were about, but Professor Sprout wanted to know why he said that.

"Well Ma'am, as I'm sure you can figure out that a dumb blond joke is a joke about people who are supposed to be stupid. There are those who think all blond people are stupid and make derogatory jokes about them. While I myself don't feel that way, the Malfoys just showed why some people do. The three of them are blond and just pulled their wands on a man they know they can't hex without them being the ones hurt, as proven earlier by Snape and Umbridge, thus showing their stupidity and the reason for those kind of jokes." He explained with a snicker.

The Malfoys were now blushing as they put their wands away, but Malfoy Sr. snarled, "Prove it!"

Harry put his own wand to his head removing a very long string of silver substance that he put in a bottle his Dad was holding for him. He then called, "Dobby!"

With a small pop a tiny elf with bat-like ears, a long nose and wearing a pair of black trousers with a red jacket with a gold crests on its back showing the Potter and Black crests, appeared before Harry, excitedly exclaimed, "Master Harry called for Dobby? What can Dobby do for the best Master in the world?"

"Dobby, I need your memories about everything you know about the plot last year to open the Chamber, and you are not allowed to punish yourself for showing me, since Dad and I are now your Masters." He held the wand to the little elves head and said. "Just think about everything you know and I will do the rest."

As the audience in the hall watched a silver strand was coming from the little elf, which Harry also bottled in another bottle in Sirius Black's hand.

Madam Bones held out her hand to Lord Black for the two bottles, but he didn't give them to her. "I'm sorry Madam, but these need to be shown here and now so everybody can see them, while also giving you the opportunity to make that vow, because I meant what I said earlier, the man will pay for his crimes one way or another."

He then pointed his wand at the bottle with Dobby's memories, while saying something under his breath. To the amazement of all those watching, the ceiling suddenly started playing different scenes showing Dobby listening to Malfoy talking to Severus Snape about how to get rid of all the Mudbloods in the castle and how to cause trouble for that blood-traitor Arthur Weasley at the same time. In total there was at least five different scenes and everyone of them included Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape. If anyone would have been paying attention to Dumbledore at the time they would have noticed the pure shock that was on his face, but everybody was too engrossed in the memories.

As soon as the last memory was shown Sirius pointed his wand at Harry's memory bottle, and just like before the ceiling became like a giant-sized TV screen. It showed Harry Potter-Black hiding in a cabinet in Borgin and Burkes listening to both Malfoy males and Mr. Borgin, then it changed to show a group of people in Flourish and Blotts as Mr. Malfoy took a book out of Ginny Weasley's cauldron, the fight that entailed and when Lucius Malfoy put the book back after the fight it showed a gap as if something was in it. Next scene showed a twelve year old Harry in a large chamber listening to a blurry looking sixteen year old talk and then they heard the older boy start hissing as a giant statue opened and then everything went dark on the ceiling, even though they could still hear things, when the ceiling started showing pictures again, many screamed in fear at the sight of the gigantic snake. They all watched in horror as the small boy fought and killed the Basilisk and was bitten by a fang from the snake, they watched as Fawkes healed him and then he stabbed the diary, which to their amazement made Tom Marvolo Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort scream and disappear.

The scene that appeared next was in McGonagall's office, they saw Harry explain how he figured out things and part of what happened in the Chamber, never mentioning about how close he came to dying. Then Lucius Malfoy and Dobby came in, they saw with amazement Dobby giving Harry hints about the diary and Malfoy, and to their amazement the last thing they saw was Harry tricking Malfoy into freeing the little elf and the elf make the Head of the House of Malfoy fall down the stairs and leave.

This scene caused instant laughter which Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape tried to use to their advantage, by trying to sneak out of the Great Hall, but to their dismay not only would the doors not open, but a caterwauling sound was heard when they tried to open it, bringing the attention of everyone on them and before they could try to defend themselves they were Stupefied by Madam Bones and every Auror in the room.

While Scrimgeour and his Aurors put magic dampening bracelets on the two men, Madam Bones gave her oath that what had been shown would be enough to get both men life-long stints in Azkaban. The loud clapping and cheering that met this statement, drowned out Narcissa and Draco's complaints.

It took a few minutes for everybody to quiet down and then get all the implications for what they had seen straight in their mind. Madam Bones wasn't sure if she could handle anymore tonight or if anyone else could either, she noticed Rita Skeeter talking quietly as her blue quick-quotes quill continued to race across the paper. This made her realize that tomorrow all of Wizarding Great Britain was going to be feeling like she was tonight. Harry Potter-Black was right their world was going to be truly shaken up after all the truths coming out here tonight.

It was Rufus Scrimgeour who asked the next question. "What has Minister Fudge done to cause the goblins to see him as your enemy?"

"You mean besides setting Dementors around a school, letting them search the Hogwarts Express, which would have probably seen me kissed if Professor Lupin hadn't been on the train? How about the fact that at least twice a year, since he has been in office, the goblins have been sending him information and requests about my Dad's innocence and asking for him to get a trial as they had proof that he was innocent and he did nothing about it? Those things were enough to make sure that they wanted to see justice done for Fudge to show that he should have given my Dad a chance at justice."

Harry pulled out a pile of scrolls and handed them to Madam Bones. "These are copies of every attempt they made to get Fudge to do what was right."

"What about Madam Umbridge," asked Amelia Bones? She started glancing casually through a few of the scrolls just to get the gist of what they said, while listening to the next bit of information.

It was Sirius who answered this time, he knew his son was still upset with Remus and would be leery of this part, and he couldn't let Harry's anger at what he felt was betrayal from Remus ruin the chance to make that vile woman pay for her crimes. "That would be the new anti-werewolf laws she has put into effect."

"That isn't against the law," Crouch said with scorn. He thought it was great she had done that after all.

"Well let's put it this way, Remus Lupin is a werewolf..."

Gasps of shock and horror were heard at this pronouncement. "You can't let a werewolf be around children," shrieked Molly Weasley. "That animal has to go."

Anybody looking at Remus Lupin at the time would have seen a look of shame and resignation cross his face. That look made Sirius even more furious than just the words of Molly Weasley, and the reactions from the others in the hall.

A loud bang came from Sirius Black's wand and anger could be seen on his face as he snapped, "That is enough! Remus Lupin is a good man who I trust with my son and any other child. He will be teaching at Hogwarts and anybody who doesn't like it can leave now to never cross this threshold again. I refuse to let him be punished and discriminated against for something he couldn't help when he was just a small child."

"But he is dangerous to us all," Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy yelled together. This caused amusement from their fellow housemates, since they knew the two would hate saying the same thing.

"If there was any chance that he was the least bit dangerous I would never have made him my son's Godfather," he stated with finality. "But like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, those laws hurt the man I see not only as my best friend, but my brother in all but blood. They also made it impossible for him to get my son out of that abusive house that he had to live at for the last twelve years. So for that she has definitely become my enemy and hurt my family. I will see justice done against her, and that is why the goblins included her name and transactions for you."

"Now we are down to Molly Weasley and a couple of her kids, the Dursleys or more on Dumbledore. Though talking about Mrs. Weasley and the Dursleys will include Dumbledore in both conversations, so between what we have already discovered about him and what you learn from those two conversations we may not really have to cover anymore, because truthfully with all the information so far and all that we will add, it really should be enough to get the man kissed." Harry informed her.

"How can you say that Harry," Hagrid cried out in anguish and disbelief?

"Hagrid, I'm sorry if the things I say hurt you, but that man ruined my Dad's life. He helped put him in Azkaban by lying about him being the Secret Keeper. You spent less than two months in that place, while being innocent, and I know it has affected you, imagine how my Dad feels, as he spent twelve years there while being innocent. You both could have been saved from that pain and suffering, by him telling the truth and/or getting you both trials. Since he was Chief Warlock, he had that power to make sure it happened. The man also ruined my life while using you to help him do it."

"Whatcha mean Harry?" Hagrid got out through the shock he was feeling, as he hadn't realized Dumbledore could have kept him from going to Azkaban.

"Hagrid, he had you kidnap me from my Dad and take me to people I wasn't even related to. The man left me on their doorstep in the middle of the night, and he knew they were magic hating Muggles, because he knew about the adoption of Aunt Lily and the reason for it. Hagrid you have no idea what I went through at that house, it was Hell, I would've had a happier childhood living in Azkaban with my Dad, and a safer one, too, and you know from personal experience how bad Azkaban is."

Kingsley Shacklebolt was the one to ask the question on everyone's mind. "What did those Muggles do to you Mr. Potter-Black? How did they make your life Hell?"

"The Dursleys hate magic or anything they don't consider normal. There is a reason I'm smaller than my classmates. See I spent ten years of my life living in the cupboard under the stairs, even though there was two spare bedrooms in the house. I was refused food for days on end while being locked in that cupboard for as long as two months sometimes. That is not even counting any physical abuse I suffered from all three of the Dursleys I lived with and Vernon's sister."

"You are a lying attention-seeking little brat," screeched Madam Umbridge.

"Again my oath is not proof enough for some idiots. But as Fred, George and Ron Weasley had to break me out of the bedroom I was given when I received my Hogwarts' letter, a bedroom that had bars on the window and the door was locked on the outside, I do have witnesses to the way I was treated." He said in a tired sounding voice.

Sirius Black wrapped his arm around his son's shoulder, pulling him close to give him the comfort he so desperately needed. The man knew this was one thing Harry hadn't wanted to talk about in front of others, but it had to be done.

Madam Bones looked toward the sea of redheads and said, "Mr. Weasleys?"

"He is right Madam, we did have to break him out, by pulling the bars off of the window, and pick five locks to get out through the door to get his trunk from the cupboard under the stairs." Fred Weasley explained in a serious voice, to the shock of those that knew him.

"When we were getting his trunk we noticed a baby mattress on the floor of the cupboard, though we had no idea what it meant at the time." George Weasley added, just as serious as his twin.

"He looked like he had lost at least ten pounds, since I had last seen him which had been less than five weeks before." Ron told her.

The noise level rose again as people heard what their saviour had endured with the Muggles he had lived with. How was it nobody had been looking out for Harry Potter, who they all owed so much too was what many were thinking? Their shock making them forget that wasn't really his name, just remembering all the stories they had heard about the wonderful life he had lived were what was going through their minds at the moment. If what they just heard was true, where had all those stories came from? Why had nobody protected their saviour?

Minerva McGonagall was now in Dumbledore's face, screaming at him in a way nobody had ever seen her do before. The woman actually looked like she was going to rip his beard out by the roots. "You told me he would be safe and happy there, even after I told you those people weren't fit to take care of him. You better hope the Ministry arrest you because if not I will transfigure your bony arse into a rat and let my Animagus form have a nice snack."

Madam Bones was the first to recover from the shock. "Why didn't you Weasleys tell someone this so your friend could be helped?"

"We did," George told her.

"We told Mom," Fred added.

"But she acted like it was no big deal," continued George.

"And when we told Harry that we wanted to tell Dad," Fred took over.

"He said it wouldn't do any good," George informed her.

"Because every time he told an adult about it before," explained Fred.

"They acted the very same way," George said with a frown.

"So he asked us to just forget it," again Fred spoke.

"So we're sorry to say we did," they finished together, looking guiltier than anyone had ever seen them look.

"Well Mrs. Weasley why didn't you inform the DMLE about this," demanded an irate Madam Bones?

"Because I knew they were just lying to get out of trouble," she defended herself.

All three youngest Weasley boys shouted. "We would never lie about something as serious as that for any reason."

"Or was it Mrs. Weasley because you already knew all of that and didn't want it known," asked Harry?

"That is ridiculous Harry," she sputtered nervously.

"What are you talking about Potter," growled Moody, while keeping his magical eye on Molly Weasley?

"Well it seems that Mrs. Weasley has been working hand in hand with Dumbledore to keep me nice and pliable for their plans for me. Isn't that right, Mrs. Weasley?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," she snapped.

"Really? You don't have your own plans for me and ways to get a hold of my money?" He asked with a Snape worthy sneer.

"NO, I DON'T!" she shrieked.

"Harry what plans are you talking about?" Arthur Weasley asked worriedly.

Before he answered Harry pulled another four scrolls from his bag, but at first he only handed one to Madam Bones. "Madam, maybe you can answer Mr. Weasley by telling him what that is."

As Amelia Bones read the scroll her eyes got so wide the monocle she wore fell from her eye, luckily it only fell a couple of inches, before it magically returned to its original position. She looked first at Harry then at Arthur Weasley, a man she highly respected and liked, before telling him what the scroll said. "Arthur this is a betrothal contract between one Harry James Potter and Ginerva Molly Weasley signed by Albus Dumbledore and Molly Prewitt Weasley the 16th of March, 1982, with a bridal price of one million galleons to be paid out on the 31st of July1996 when Harry Potter turns sixteen years old, and the marriage ceremony to take place one year later on his seventeenth birthday."

"What?" yelled Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George Weasley.

"Bloody Hell, Ginny wouldn't even be of age at that time," roared Bill Weasley.

Quite a few people noticed that neither Ron nor Ginny were questioning this new bit of information, including Hermione Granger, who then turned to the two youngest Weasleys and demanded to know why they weren't surprised by this revelation.

But it was Harry who answered her though, while at the same time handing the last three scrolls to Madam Bones. "Well Hermione there is a simple explanation to that question. You see our friends here are in on it with their mother. They seem to think they deserve to have my money, through me marrying Ginny or for them just being my friends. As the scrolls I just gave Madam Bones show they all have their own Gringotts accounts, as they were being paid out of my account. The only thing Dad, our Goblin friends and I can figure is that they have been being paid with my own money to befriend me and be nice to me."

"That's not possible," Arthur exclaimed in disbelief. He was feeling like his whole world was crumbling before his eyes.

"I'm afraid it is Mr. Weasley, money has been taken out of my account, while the same amount has ended up in their accounts. The first withdrawals from mine and matching deposits into theirs started the first of August1991. Which makes the fact that Mrs. Weasley was talking about Muggles loudly at Kings Cross and having to ask what the platform number was, well that makes a lot more sense. They were supposed to meet me, all on Dumbledore's orders I'm sure."

"If the Weasel and Weaselette had money why do they always wear secondhand robes and use old books," smirked Draco Malfoy? Snickers were heard from his fellow Slytherins at the question.

"That I don't know, evidently you will have to ask them as they haven't taken any money out of their vaults, except for Mrs. Weasley." Harry answered.

"Harry maybe that means they didn't have anything to do with it." Hermione said trying to defend her friends.

"Okay but before I believe that I need to ask you a couple of questions. The first trip we took on the Hogwarts Express you walked all over it looking for Neville's toad right?"

"Yes," she answered with a questioning look.

"So it's safe to say you would've noticed if all of the compartments were full or not, right?"


"Were they?"

"No of course they weren't. There were plenty of compartments with only one or two people in them. Why do you ask?"

"Because the first thing Ron said to me when he came to the compartment was to ask if he could sit with me because everywhere else was full," he explained.

At this not only did Hermione, but Neville, the twins, Draco Malfoy, his goons and quite a few other students look at him with disbelief, since all of them had been roaming all over the train that day. They were all, but the goons, thinking that it really did sound like a set-up for Ron Weasley to meet and become friends with Harry Potter, more so because Ron's face and ears were now a bright red.

Arthur Weasley and his five other sons were looking like their world had just exploded in front of them. How could any of what they were hearing be happening? The boys were thinking how could they mother do such things? How could she more or less sell their little sister into marriage? How could she take money to help a kid? And then she didn't even help him when he needed it. How could she totally ignore child abuse like that?

"So Hermione, do you now see why I think they were in on it? There are too many things that now that I look back on them that don't make sense to me. Like why for instance did Mrs. Weasley send a Christmas present to someone she had only spoken a couple dozen words to? Please don't take offense , but how could a family that couldn't afford to buy their son a wand of his own, be able to afford trips to other countries for the next two Christmas holidays? Why would Mrs. Weasley even do that instead of having her youngest children come home, especially when it would be easier for the older two to come to them and the whole family could be together? This and so much more have been running through my mind every since I found out they were getting paid out of my vault."

"All very good questions, Potter," said an impressed Moody. "All that you have brought up here tonight has been real eye openers."

"Thank you, Sir. I hope they are questions Madam Bones will be asking of each of the people that I have brought to her attention tonight. Hopefully those that have committed crimes will be punished for them under the law, legally I might add. After all we don't want more innocent people in Azkaban or more guilty people walking around still breaking the laws."

"You have my word Mr. Potter-Black each of the people who you have proven has broken the law, by your word and oath will be brought up on charges they will have to answer for, but they will have the chance to defend themselves," the head of the DMLE assured him.

"Thank you, Madam! May I make a couple of suggestions about the procedure?" He asked imploringly.

With a smile on her face, the normally stern-looking woman said, "of course Mr. Potter-Black."

"It's just Harry to you Madam," he corrected her. "I would like to suggest that you make sure you question Fudge, Umbridge and Malfoy each before you start their trials, as I feel their testimonies will help on all being convicted. And even more importantly I think you should make sure Dumbledore goes before Snape's trial that way you can ask why Dumbledore thought he had changed sides."

"I like the way your mind works, boy," Moody growled.

"Harry those are some great suggestions, but from the way you said that about Dumbledore and Snape makes, me think you know something you aren't saying." Madam Bones said with a knowing look on her face.

"Well Ma'am as I have taken an oath to tell the truth, and what I suspect is just hearsay, I am afraid I can't go into that without endangering my magic and/or life, and even if the magic from the oath lets me get away with that, my Dad wouldn't, as he seems to think I am no longer allowed to put myself in dangerous situations."

Laughter filled the hall at this pronouncement, since most people there knew Harry had done many dangerous things over the last two years. But while they were laughing, Sirius Black was scowling down at his son, he really didn't like the implications of that laughter.

As the laughter finally died down, Sirius said, " Madam, as I haven't taken an oath I can tell you what my son knows better than to say," while shooting a stern look at his son. "I heard the Death Eaters in Azkaban screaming out in their cells that Snape was the one that told their Master the information that led him to going after my family the night of his downfall."

"What?" rang out from all sides.

So you see that is why we think his trial should come after Dumbledore's," Sirius explained.

"I'm not having a trial as I will not be arrested, since there is nobody here able to take me into custody." Dumbledore stated arrogantly.

But to his shock all the Aurors and Madam Bones yelled, "Expelliarmus!" Thus disarming him and knocking him out at the same time. Kingsley Shacklebolt then proceeded to put magic-dampening cuffs on him.

Then all the Aurors proceeded to arrest and put magic-dampening cuffs on Fudge, Umbridge, Molly Weasley, Pettigrew and Crouch, as Snape and Malfoy were already wearing them, while Madam Bones told Arthur Weasley that he was to take his two youngest children home with him and keep them under house-arrest until they could be questioned about their activities. Then she looked to Sirius Black and promised all four Dursleys would be arrested on child abuse and endangerment.

"Thank you, Madam! I do appreciate all you are doing here tonight. Please also know that I will be backing you to be our next Minister for Magic, and I will be using all ten of my seats on the Wizengamot to help that become a done deal," Lord Black said with conviction.

"Well that seems to be everything to be covered here tonight. I hope you all learned that everything isn't as it seems and nobody is above the law. Dad do you have anything to add?" Harry concluded his part of the evening.

"Yeah Kiddo, I just have a few things to add. Madam you and your entourage are free to go whenever you feel like it, as the doors are now unlocked." He said waving his arm. "But for those of you who had your memories messed with by Dumbledore, the Goblins have offered to help you retrieve them at my expense, so I suggest you make an appointment with Gringotts at your earliest opportunity."

He continued, "Miss Skeeter that is all for you as well, but remember you gave an oath and even if you only lose your magic if you lie in that article or articles, know that I will hire the best attorneys out there to make you sorry for lying."

Then turning to Mrs. Malfoy he added, "Narcissa, I will be talking to you later, because I am Lord Black, with a higher standing in society than the Malfoys, I am your head of family. You have a lot to answer for, and depending on your answers, well let's just say that could decide whether you stay a member of the Black family or not.

Looking at his other cousin and her husband he smiled saying, "Andromeda, I will be talking to you as well, but be prepared to be brought back into the fold when I do so with all of that being said, all guests are free to go."

Harry was thanking the Goblins for coming to support him and his Dad, When Sirius turned to them to add his own thanks with promises to talk to them within the next couple of days. All of the guests in the Hall turned and left, including the three eldest male Weasleys while taking Ron and Ginny with them. Harry knew he would have to try and talk to Mr. Weasley later but for now he would let it go. He knew they had to have time to process what they had learned here tonight.

Sirius then turned to the students and staff saying, "You are all free to find your beds now, tomorrow there will be no classes, but everybody needs to be in the Great Hall at nine a.m. so you can find out the new rules for how Hogwarts will be run. There will be new staff, new rules and new classes. Some of you may not want to continue on here at Hogwarts with the way the school will now be run and that will be your choice along with your parents. Those of you who are connected to the Floo network will be allowed to Floo call your parents to tell them your choice so they can have input in your decision. For the Muggleborns or those with no Floo connection if you are thinking about leaving we will have a Professor take you to talk it all over with your family as well. Nobody has to stay if they are uncomfortable with how things are going to be done. The school owls are of course available so you can write your parents to let them know what is going on, but please wait until the morning so you have a full understanding of what is happening. Goodnight and sweet dreams."

At his final words Professor McGonagall stood up and said, "Prefects please lead your housemates to your houses, but all students please make sure you are here for the meeting in the morning."

The students all left the hall after this announcement, except for Harry who was still standing beside his Dad, by the Gryffindor table, and Hermione and Neville who were waiting at the doors for Harry to come with them.

When Harry realized they were waiting for him, he said, "go on guys, I'm staying with my Dad tonight. I will talk to you tomorrow."

"Lord Black are you going to tell us what you are planning?" Professor Flitwick asked with curiosity.

"Not tonight Professor. It has been a long day and Harry needs to get to bed. I really think most, if not all of you will like the changes I have planned. I feel that you all also need the chance to let everything you learned here tonight to sink in, before I add more to it. So I will wish you all goodnight. Come on Pup lets go."

"Sirius?" Remus Lupin said with a questioning voice.

"You can come with us if you want Remus," he told his best friend.

And the staff watched with amazement and wonderment as once again Black, Lupin and a Potter, even if he was a Potter-Black, left the Great Hall together. All the while wondering just how much more chaos those three were going to cause them and Hogwarts.

Well that is the end of my One-Shot, if anyone is interested in me writing the changes that will be happening at Hogwarts, due to what was learned in this story, please let me know. I only planned on this far, but I know I have read many one-shots where I was left wanting more, so if you are feeling that way I will try to write another chapter for you. I hope you enjoyed this story and my take on JKR's Harry Potter's World.