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Chapter 15 The Evil is Behind Us

Sirius, Regulus and Remus trudged wearily towards the doors of Hogwarts. The trial was finally over, and they couldn't wait to be with their kids again. The blasted thing had seemed to take them through almost every emotion in the book.

"What do you think? Do you suppose they are all at Andi's waiting for us?" Reg asked tiredly.

"That would be my guess." Remus nodded his head.

"Well then let's go collect our kids. I, for one just want to sit down and unwind with my Pup after this day." Sirius told them. He headed towards the door to the Hufflepuff quarters in the tower.

He knocked on the bright yellow door with the large black badger on it. To the surprise of all as soon as the Tonks moved into the private quarters of Hufflepuff, the door had become this piece of art, of course the same thing had happened to the Slytherin and Ravenclaw quarters. The Ravenclaw door was bright blue with a big bronze eagle, while the Slytherin one was silver with an emerald green snake.

He smiled at the young man who opened the door. "Hi Neville. We were wondering if our kids are here?"

"Hi Uncle Sirius. Come in," the blond boy took a step back to allow the men to enter.

Regulus turned his head towards the left as he heard, "Dad, you're back."

"Hi Draco." He wrapped the teen in his arms and gave a sigh of relief. It felt good to be back with his son after what the day held. It took more out of him than he would've expected, and he knew it had affected the other two men more, having to relive losing their spouses deaths and having their kids stolen from them.

Remus was engulfing his own child in a hug at the moment. "Dad, we were getting worried about you guys."

"It took longer than we thought it would." Remus said soothingly. He was taking comfort in his daughter's hug. It felt great after listening to all the horrors Dumbledore had done. It had brought up too many painful memories at what the man had cost them.

Sirius was scanning the room for his own child. "Where's Harry?"

Andi came to stand in front of him. "He's in your quarters. He seemed to want to be alone the longer you were gone. We couldn't get him to eat dinner."

"That boy never wants to eat when he is upset. It does make getting him to a healthy weight difficult." With a resigned sigh Sirius turned back towards the door. "Okay. Thanks for keeping an eye out on him. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Sirius made his way to his quarters. He was tired from the emotions that he had gone through over the day. That trial seemed to take forever. He never imagined that it wouldn't get over until half past eight in the evening. The extreme satisfaction he had felt was a great feeling, when the man had been pronounced guilty. It took all of his self-control not to stand up and clap at that precise moment.

He raised his head from his musings, when he heard Granddad Godric speak. He looked up at the portrait of the man that hung outside of his quarters.

"Sirius, you might want to be quiet when you go in there. Harry is asleep on the sofa."

"Thanks Granddad." He gave him an appreciative smile.

When he entered the room, Sirius took in the sight he was seeing or rather not seeing. He didn't see his Pup anywhere, just the throw spread out on the sofa.

"I thought Harry was asleep out here." He threw at the Founders.

"He is." Helga smiled fondly at the blanket covered couch. "He is just completely covered up."

Sirius raised an eyebrow questioningly. His son never slept like this. He approached the sofa, and ran his hand over the blanket. He realized that his son really was under the thing. He sat down beside him and pulled the blanket back to uncover his child's head. A gentle hand started carding through the black locks, as he raised his eyes to his Grandparents.

"Do you have any idea why he covered up like that? That's not normal for him."

"He was upset, and I don't think he wanted us to see how bad it was." Grandmother Rowena answered.

Sirius couldn't help the guilty feelings that swamped him at hearing that.

"He was really worried about you." Grandfather Sal added.

"He wasn't the only one." Grandma Helga told him. "Are you okay Sirius?"

"I'm fine. It was just harder than I thought it would be." He admitted ruefully.

"Is it done?" Sal asked quietly.

But before Sirius could answer Harry sat up suddenly. "Dad, you're back." He threw his arms around the man in a tight hug. "I was beginning to think they threw you back in Azkaban." The fear in his voice rang out loud and clear.

"Oh I never imagined you would think that. You weren't supposed to worry Pup." Sirius admonished gently, as he hugged his son close.

Trying to get his Dad's mind off of what he had said, because he could hear the guilt in the man's voice. "Aunt Andi said that the Chief Warlock had to call an early lunch break, so you could calm down." He mumbled into his Dad's robe.

"She shouldn't have told you that." Sirius hated that his child had been so worried.

"Well she didn't mean to actually say it was you, but when I guessed that you were the one, she admitted it." Harry informed him, as he snuggled as close as he could get in his Dad's arms. He really had been getting more and more scared the longer he was gone.

"Did they find him guilty?" Salazar was getting impatient to find out the outcome of the trial.

"Yes," Sirius nodded. "They did."

"What was his punishment? And what took so long? I would have thought it would have been over a lot faster, with all of the evidence you boys provided them." Godric remembered the work the two put into researching over the summer.

"The trial was pretty open and shut. It took a little time to let the evidence be shown." The Marauder looked like he was worn out. "But it took quite awhile to get everybody to come to a decision on his punishment." He noticed the inquisitive looks he was getting. "Four different punishments were offered up."

"That seems like a lot of choices there." Rowena was frowning.

"What were they?" Sal asked.

He ran a hand through his hair, as he looked down at his son with concern. He knew he couldn't keep what happened from him, but he really hated that he had to learn even more of the nastier side of life.

"A life time in Azkaban, a trip through the veil, the Dementor's Kiss or stripping him of his magic."

"Really? They actually added the stripping of his magic as an option?" Godric wasn't the only one of the Founders who looked shocked at this announcement.

Harry was also looking stunned, he didn't think that was a bad enough punishment for all the man had done. "You mean they wanted to give him the same punishment, that they did Crabbe for trying to use an Unforgivable on you?"

"No, no Pup, that is different. Crabbe had his magic bound. Stripping someone's magic is a lot more drastic." Sirius assured his son.

Rowena saw the boy was still confused. "It is like this Sweetheart, there are three different ways to mess with someone's magic. What your Dad suggested for Mr. Crabbe was to have his be bound, which meant that he still has his magic, like a squib does. He just can't use it voluntarily. He still has the ability to see magical places, heal a little faster and live longer than the average muggle. Then there is what Dumbledore did to you and Neville by blocking part of you magic. You could still do magic, but not as well as you should have been able too. Plus if your magic hadn't been unblocked by the time you hit your seventeenth birthday, a time when your magical core reaches maturity, the block would have made your life expectancy diminish according to how much of a percentage was blocked. Do you understand so far?"

"Yeah, I think so. I mean I see the difference between those two." Harry was frowning. "Do you mean I would have died because of it?"

"You wouldn't have died right away. What it would do was shorten your natural life. A wizard averages living to a hundred and fifty years, but if you still had the block when you hit seventeen." She looked uncomfortable with explaining this part. "Since that old fool blocked fifty percent of your magical core, your life expectancy would have been more like seventy-five years."

"And that is why they put stripping him of his magic as an option." Sirius explained. "It was decided that if he could try to cause two young wizards to have their lives cut short, especially the one they considered their Savior, than he didn't deserve to have an ounce of magic left in his body."

"So he will be a muggle?" Harry asked curiously.

"No Pup, it is worse than that. When they strip somebody of their magic it is very painful, almost total torture, and they rarely ever do it. I think the last time was about one hundred years ago. It is only done with older witches or wizards. I think the youngest was like eighty-five. See to lose their magic will give them the life expectancy of a muggle, and they don't live as long as we do. The reason they make sure somebody is that old is because they consider it a death sentence, a painful death sentence, because the pain won't stop until they die, and nobody wants to be the cause of somebody being tortured endlessly."

"But how will they know when they will die?" Harry thought this sounded like a horrible punishment, but then he remembered all of the pain Dumbledore had caused his family, and he realized that if anybody deserved such a judgment, it was that old coot.

"None of those stripped of their magic have lasted more than a couple of hours." Sirius informed him. "I stayed and watched to make sure he was gone and couldn't hurt us anymore. Dumbledore died about an hour ago."

Sirius would not tell his son that it had been a painful death to watch. Yes the man had hurt their family almost beyond repair, but to see anybody suffer like that was horrific. He shook the image of the man writhing and screaming in pain out of his head, as he heard his pup speaking.

"It's over? Both of the dark lords that were trying to ruin our lives are gone?" Harry hugged his Dad tighter, while thanking every deity out there for helping them get free from the two men, who were trying to ruin their family.

"Yeah Pup, they're gone. We're free of them." Sirius kissed his son's head, as he savored the moment of knowing they beat them both. The two men that tried to take his child from him could never hurt them again. Hopefully this meant they had a better and brighter future ahead of them.


Harry woke up the next morning feeling like a huge weight had been removed from his shoulders. His family could now try to put the horrors they had endured behind them.

He jumped up and headed towards the shower. Today was the first Quidditch game of the year, and he couldn't wait to have his Dad see him play. He was hoping the man would be proud of him. He had always dreamed about having a parent watch him play since his first game.

When he was done, he stood in his room looking at the two brooms hanging on his wall. He so wanted to play using his new Firebolt. But would that be unfair to Draco? When he got the broom, he had been excited at the thought of playing against the other boy on it, but now that he was his cousin and his best mate, he was feeling guilty. He gave a resigned sigh and grabbed the Nimbus off the wall.

Sirius watched his son come into the sitting room carrying his old broom. He couldn't figure out why he was doing that.

"Is something wrong with your new broom?"

"No," Harry shook his head. "I just felt it would be fairer" At the questioning look, he continued, "If I played on my Nimbus."

Sirius stared at his child in awe. He knew how much Harry loved that new broom, and the boy had been so excited to get on the Quidditch pitch with it, but now to spare Draco's feelings, he was going to play on his old broom. He pup was an amazing kid.

But he had a funny feeling that his captain wouldn't be as awed by his son's decision, after all Harry had been practicing with the Firebolt. Sirius still remembered the day after that first practice, when Harry had showed the team his new broom. Wood had looked him up afterwards and thanked him personally. Hell he had almost been convinced the boy was going to promise him his firstborn in gratitude. You would have thought he had bought the broom for Wood instead of Harry.


Draco was standing with his Dad at the top of the third floor staircase waiting for Harry and his Uncle Sirius to meet them. He wanted to make sure Harry knew that no matter the outcome of the game today that nothing would change between them.

When he caught sight of his cousin, his jaw dropped in surprise. Why did Harry have his Nimbus? Did something happen to his new broom? He knew Harry would be heartbroken, if that was the case. The other boy loved that broom, and not just because it was a Firebolt, but because his dad bought it for him.

"Where's your Firebolt? Did something happen to it?"

"It's in my room, and no it's fine." Harry fidgeted while answering.

"Then why do you have your old broom?" Draco frowned in confusion.

Harry avoided his cousin's eyes. "I just thought I should use this one."

Draco's eyebrows rose, he stared hard at the smaller boy. Why would Harry decide to use his old broom, when he had a state of the art racing broom? He kept watching, and as he did the squirming Harry was doing got more obvious. The answer hit him like a bolt of lightning.

"Please don't tell me that you aren't using the thing because of me." Draco almost growled, when he saw the red stain the other boy's cheeks. "Why?"

"I just thought it would be fairer, you know, if I used my Nimbus." He finally admitted under the glare from the Slytherin.

"So... what are you saying? That you will never use your new broom until the other seeker has one like it? If that is the case, you will never get to play Quidditch on it, because most students can't afford one." Draco said with exasperation.

"Well I...I'm planning to use it during the other games this year."

"So just not against me," Draco's tone said that he was hurt more than angry. "Are you saying that I need you to give me a helping hand for me to have a chance at getting snitch?"

"No," Harry almost shouted. "I never thought that. I just didn't want to… I don't know, seem like I had an unfair advantage against you."

Draco shook his head at the Gryffindor's stupid nobility. "I had a better broom than you last year. Heck our whole team had better brooms, but you still beat us." He gave another shake of his head. "Just go get the other broom, and let's go get some breakfast before the game."

"Are you sure?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"Yes," Draco smirked. "After all I don't want it to be my fault when your captain tries to kill you. Then Uncle Siri will feed him to Hagrid's pet spiders, so his death will be on my conscience. Can't have that now, can we?"

Harry laughed, as he took off to get his Firebolt. He was glad he was going to get to use it, but he felt even better about it, knowing that Draco was okay with it.

Sirius and Regulus were both smiling proudly down at Draco. Reg even pulled him close in a hug, and gave him a kiss on his head.

"What?" Draco asked, looking around to make sure nobody had seen that. He might have felt glad for the affection, but it was embarrassing, to have it done in public.

"That was a good thing you did there. He really didn't want to upset you, but I could tell he wanted to use his new broom. Thanks for that." Sirius told his nephew with gratitude.

"It was no biggy. I can't believe he even considered not using it." But Draco was beaming from the praise. It really felt good to know he had made both, his dad and uncle proud. And it also made his heart soar to know Harry cared that much for him, that he would've used his old broom, just to make him happier.


Sirius was sitting with the other professors in the stands to watch the game. He was wearing both a Gryffindor and Slytherin scarf, and he wasn't the only one, the rest of the family was doing the same thing. It was their way to support both boys. Some like Andi and Reg were wearing the Slytherin scarf on top, while he and Remus were wearing the Gryffindor on top of the other.

His eyes narrowed in worry, when he saw yet another bludger hit towards his son. The game had only been going on for about ten minutes, and that was at least a dozen that had been sent at his pup. It seemed that the Slytherin beaters were not trying for anybody else at all. He wondered if this was because it was a way to get back at him and his pup, for their parents being in Azkaban.

He set up straighter, he saw both bludgers hit towards his kid at the same time. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Reg smirking at him.

"Why are you smirking?" He couldn't keep the anger from his voice. Did his brother think it was okay, if Harry got hurt?

"Oh... I just can't believe how you are acting. You do realize, you did the same thing, when I was a seeker and you a beater. Right?"

"This is different Reg." He never took his eyes away from his pup. But that did help his anger. Glad that Reg wasn't smirking about Harry getting possibly hurt.

"How?" The younger man couldn't see any difference. But knowing his brother, the man had some confounded logic, he was going to lay on him.

"It was my job to keep you occupied, because James was worried how good you were. I was the one aiming for you, not both of us beaters, on the Gryffindor team. It was Jack's job to keep the chasers busy. These guys are ignoring the chasers, which is why Gryffindor is eighty points ahead of them already. If they don't watch it, it won't matter who gets the snitch." Sirius never took his eyes off the game and his son, as he explained.

He gave a growl, when yet again he saw both bludgers going for his pup at once. He let out a relieved sigh, when Harry pulled up at the last second, missing being hit, barely.

"I don't know, but they really do seem determined to hurt Harry." Andi fretted from Sirius's other side.

At that moment both Harry and Draco went into a dive. They had obviously seen the snitch. The crowd gave out a loud boo, when the bludgers were once again sent towards Harry, making both boys have to swerve, and the snitch was lost in the confusion.

Both seekers headed up again to try and look for the golden snitch. You could see the frustration on both of their faces, at the missed opportunity.


Draco was getting aggravated. He could tell his teammates were trying to hurt Harry on purpose. That wasn't supposed to be the objective of the game. The Weasley twins would occasionally send a bludger his way, but they were spending more effort on stopping the Slytherin chasers from scoring, and his team wasn't helping any, with their own beaters so focused on his cousin.

He could tell by the fact that his captain wasn't complaining that this was planned. He hadn't been informed, but he wasn't surprised. His teammates knew that he would've have objected to such tactics .Okay in the past he wouldn't have, but Harry was his family now, and he wouldn't be happy if they hurt him.

At that moment he saw Harry go into yet another dive. He was off after him, knowing that he had seen the snitch. He was right on the other boy's tail, when he suddenly swerved away. Not seeing what caused this to happen, Draco didn't swerve.

Both bludgers were suddenly making contact with his body. One hit his left arm breaking it, the other hit him in the stomach, not only knocking the wind out of him, but making him lose his grip on his broom from his right hand too. Suddenly he was falling from the sky.


Harry heard the boos, as he swerved from his pursuit of the snitch. He was starting to get angry. Yes, he had bludgers after him before, but that was only one, not two people sending two bludgers at him constantly.

He was pulled from his angry thoughts, when he heard screams from the audience. He couldn't help recognizing his Dad and Uncle Regulus's voices. The word 'DRACO' was the only thing they screamed. Looking back he saw why they screamed, and he couldn't help adding his own.

"DRAKE!" He was off like a shot after his falling cousin. He was urging his broom to go faster by the second. He knew his broom was going as fast as it could, but it felt like it was as slow as molasses.

As he drew nearer to the falling boy, he screamed again. "DRAKE, GIVE ME YOUR HAND!"


Draco couldn't believe he was falling from his broom. The pain in his arm and stomach was intense. This shite didn't happen to him, this was the sort of thing that always happened to Harry. What was going on? These thoughts were going through his mind, as he was plummeting to the earth from fifty or more feet in the air.

Between the pain and his thoughts, he didn't realize he was actually slowing down in his fall. He didn't hear the screams from the crowd. He was just trying to stop himself from crying from the pain, and worrying whether he would even survive the fall from this high up.

He jerked his head back and looked up, when he heard his cousin bellow at him to give him his hand. Harry was trying to catch him. He tried to smile through the pain, even as he raised his good right arm up towards his cousin.

He felt the jerk in his whole body, as Harry grabbed his wrist. Bloody hell, now that arm was in intense pain. He thought maybe the arm was pulled from its socket, even as he felt Harry slowing him down even more, before coming to a complete stop hanging in the air.

To his surprise when he glanced down, His feet was only about a foot from the ground. Harry had stopped him just in time.


Regulus's heart was in his throat, as he watched his son falling. He had only had time to yell his child's name, before he was casting a spell to slow him down. He saw Sirius doing the same thing from beside him.

His heart swelled with gratitude, as he saw Harry flying at what must have been 150 miles an hour after his falling son. Seeing his nephew actually catch and stop Draco from hitting the ground, finally gave him a chance to breathe again.

He was running towards the boys, as soon as he knew the spell wasn't needed anymore. Sirius was right with him, but Andi got there first. She had started running as soon as she saw her nephew falling, he had noticed out of the corner of his eye, at the time. So by the time he reached his son's side, Andi already had him lying on the ground and running a diagnostic spell on him.

"How bad is he hurt?" He demanded through a hoarse voice.

"Give me a minute Regulus." Andi scolded the impatient father.

He knelt by his son's side, running his fingers through the black hair. "How bad does it hurt, Son?"

He answer was a painful grimace, that also seemed to contain a look that said, 'are you stupid' in it.

"I'm sorry Drake. This is my fault." Harry sounded close to tears.

"How is it your fault?" Draco, Regulus and Sirius asked at the same time.

Reg noticed that when Sirius pulled Harry into a hug, his nephew seemed to grimace in pain as well.

"Those bludgers were aiming for me, if I hadn't swerved…" He stammered out.

"Don't be ridiculous." Draco snapped at him, the pain making him sound harsher than he meant to. "Then you would have been the one to fall, and there is no way my broom would have gone fast enough to catch you."

Harry flinched back at the angry tone. Sirius feeling him flinch, had the man tightening the hug he had on his pup.

Regulus saw all of this even though he had one eye on what Andi was doing to his son. "Harry, are you hurt too?"

"What? Why did you ask that, Reg?" Sirius was already stepping back a little and checking his child out.

"He keeps grimacing in pain, when you hug him." Reg answered with a frown.

"Harry?" Sirius said his name in what was clearly a question.

Harry flushed under the look he was receiving from his Dad. He admitted sheepishly. "My shoulder hurts a little."

"I'll check it out for you, Sirius."

A voice came from behind him, had the man stalling from running the diagnostic spell on him. He turned to see Madam Pomfrey with her wand already out.

"Thanks Poppy," He said with relief. He knew Andi needed to tend to Draco, because he was hurt worse, but he didn't want his pup to have to be in pain longer than necessary.


Leilani and Neville were sitting at the Gryffindor table for lunch. Their cousins were in their quarters in bed for the day. They were glad to know both boys had been healed, but Neville's Mama had insisted that they spend the day in bed anyway. They knew Harry was going to try to convince his dad it wasn't needed.

Draco had, had two broken ribs, a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder. Harry also had a dislocated shoulder. The jerk both boys felt at the catch had pulled their arms from the sockets. It was decided, it was pure stubborn determination that kept Harry holding on to Draco, when his arm was like that.

Everybody, well almost everybody, was truly thankful for the way things ended up. They had heard Ron complaining that Harry should have let the slimy Slytherin fall to his death. Leilani had to hold Neville back from attacking her ex-friend for that. And Oliver was grumbling about the game having to be re-scheduled, but when the twins pointed out that at least they hadn't lost. The captain seemed to cut his grumbling in half after those words.

Harry wasn't happy to have to stay in bed for the day though. He had been complaining when they had left him, he was going back to his own room at the time, this was normal for Harry. He wasn't even appeased by the fact that he got to stay in his own room, instead of under the watchful eye of his Aunt Andi or Madam Pomfrey.

Both of the boys, Draco and Harry had been disappointed that they didn't get to pull the prank for the winner of the bet between Harry and Blaise. That was why the two Gryffindors were trying to think of a new prank to play, to cheer their cousins up. And they were determined to pull it on those two beaters for hurting their best friends like they had.

While they were plotting and planning, Harry meanwhile was grumbling in his room. His dad had just left for a special meeting he had called for the professors. Harry wasn't in any doubt that it concerned what happened in the game. His dad had been furious about the way the Slytherin beaters had played the game.

He hated being confined to bed. And his dad knew this, so what did the man do? He assigned Dobby to make sure he didn't get out of bed except for bathroom breaks. It was like he knew Harry had just been waiting for him to leave, before sneaking down to visit Draco.

Yeah they hadn't even let them stay together. Aunt Andi said they would get more rest alone. Blaugh. He wanted up. He was so bored.

Glancing around his room, while trying to take his mind off of his predicament, his eyes lit on the newest addition to his room. He was still in awe to know that he was now the owner of that magnificent creature.

When they had come back to his room after being treated in the family hospital wing, his dad and he had saw Harry's new pet. Neither knew why he was in Harry's room until his dad talked with the Founders. He then explained it to Harry.

It seemed when Dumbledore died the bond he had with Fawkes had finally broken. And the beautiful phoenix had evidently decided to be Harry's new pet, because not only was the bird in Harry's room, but so was its perch.

Granddad Godric said that was Fawkes' way of showing Harry that he now belonged to him. It was still stunning to know that the magical bird liked him so much.

He couldn't wait to tell his cousins the news. He had begged his dad to let him go tell them, but of course he wouldn't budge on Harry staying in bed. He didn't want to spend the whole day in bed. It was the weekend. He wanted to be having fun.

And Harry's mind was once more filled with the thought of the injustice of the thing. Yes, he knew Aunt Andi said that a dislocated shoulder like Draco and he had gotten was harder to heal, because the muscles and tendons were pulled too. They had to take nasty potions and get plenty of rest. Argh, he wanted up. He was still thinking these thoughts as he drifted off to sleep.


Sirius was having dinner in his sons' room with him. The kid had pleaded and cajoled, but it did him no good. Andi said he was to spend the day in bed, and spend the day in bed he would.

The man knew Reg was doing the same with Draco. He hoped his brother had a friendlier dinner companion than he did. His pup was giving him the silent treatment, since he found out the begging wasn't working.

He let his mind wonder back to the meeting he had called earlier. He was grateful to know that all of the other Professors had agreed with him about what had happened in the game. It was unanimously decided that the two Slytherin beaters were on probation for their conduct during the game, if they ever went after one player like that again, they would be kicked off the team.

Minerva had tried to explain that professionals did it all of the time. Her being such a huge Quidditch fan, she knew these facts. But Sirius said these kids weren't professionals but school kids, and there was no doubt in his mind this was personal, not a way to get ahead in the game. This wasn't a game strategy but a way to hurt another player.

The school would be notified of the new policy for the Quidditch games played here. Yes, they could still try to stop a player from doing his job in the game, but what happened today would be watched for and anybody using the game as a way to hurt a fellow student would not be tolerated. First offense would be probation, and second offense would mean being cut from the team.

What Sirius didn't know, was that at that very minute his niece and nephew's prank was being pulled, as their way to punish the offenders.

Leilani and Neville were watching the Slytherin table with hard to conceal excitement. Any minute now the beaters that caused their cousins pain would be getting some payback. No, they wouldn't be in pain, but a little humiliation was due, to them after what they did.

At the moment a loud commotion was heard from the Slytherins. Neville and Leilani heard Blaise speaking.

"What the he… heck are you wearing?" He voice while loud, held contempt.

The two beaters looked down to see that their Slytherin robes were no more, but instead they were both wearing large nappies and nothing else, but a string around their necks with a baby's pacifier attached. When they opened their mouths to speak, all that came out was a crying 'waa'.

Laughter rang out throughout the Great Hall as both boys ran, or tried to run, but was more like a wobbling baby steps, from the room. The other students noticed that on their backs were pieces of parchment that stated, 'I play like a big baby that doesn't get his way, so now I look like I act.'

"Mr. Weasleys!" Minerva stood and looked towards the twins.

Both boys held their hands up in a placating way. "We didn't do it Professor. We swear, but we wish we had. They did deserve it."

"You expect me to believe that?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Professor, we would be honored to have taken the claim for this one, but it wouldn't be fair to the geniuses that actually pulled it off." The twins spoke in tandem.

Moody put a hand on Minerva's arm. "I believe them. They aren't your culprits."

She glanced down at him and saw he was serious. Turning back towards the Gryffindor table, she spoke. "Fine, but if I find out you lied to me, well then your punishment will be doubled what it would have been."

"Understood," Fred told her solemnly.

"But we have no worries," George added just as seriously.

"Because we are innocent of this prank," They said together.

Neville noticed the twins were looking all around the room, trying to find out who pulled the prank. "I don't think they even consider us as a possibility." He whispered to Leilani.

"I think you're right." She admitted just as quietly. "I think that because Harry and Draco are bedridden, they won't even consider us. They know Harry pulls pranks now, but they just don't seem to think we are part of that."

"How long does the prank last?" He asked her.

Twenty-four hours," She smirked. "I wanted to make sure that the guys had a chance to see and hear it for themselves. Every time they put different clothes on they will change back into a nappy five minutes later, and they won't be able to speak either."

Neville couldn't hold in his laughter, but as others were laughing and talking, it didn't draw attention to the two Hogwarts Bandits.

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