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Chapter 34

Damon stared at her for a moment, as if to assess if she was joking – then he couldn't stop his mouth any longer…

"What? Really? Are you serious?" He questioned half disbelieving, half bouncing with delight and she nodded.

"But before you get too excited, things need to slow down a little between us if I'm staying." She directed and he frowned.

"Really? You won't even let me have this victory for ten seconds before you're a buzz-kill about it?" He retorted annoyed and she shot him an amused look.

"We still have the same issue, Damon." She reminded him. "You still have Katherine to get over." She pointed to him.

"I am over her." He replied annoyed.

"I believe that you're over her feelings-wise but you're not going to be over her betrayal yet." She pointed out and he nodded.

"But I am." He countered.

"How can you be? If that were me I'd be devastated." She argued.

"Well, to be honest… if she'd been in the tomb, I wouldn't be with you and she doesn't compare to you in any way, so I'm starting to think that I waited all of this time because I was supposed to come here and find you. If I hadn't given a crap about Katherine or her being in the tomb or not, I wouldn't have come back here when I did then I might have missed out on being with my soul mate. It was meant to be you and me, that's why I'm over everything with Katherine. It doesn't hurt or sting at all because she did me a favour by lying about the tomb since it gave me you." He detailed and she was seriously melting at his whole explanation.

"You really feel that way?" Caroline asked gently and he nodded.

"I do." He confirmed. "Even when I saw Kol rip her heart out… my first thought was that I was relieved because she could never hurt you like she did the first time." He disclosed and her eyes glassed then she kissed him and he kissed her back with passion.

"Oh, God." She mumbled.

"What?" He tested.

"I'm seriously going to fall for your crap forever." She sighed and he cracked a laugh then kissed her.

"Good." He approved and she shot him an amused look. "But it's not crap." He pointed out. "I do feel that way." He added and she nodded.

"I believe you." Caroline accepted.


Stefan clucked his tongue in irritation while Damon was smirking at the memory – but obviously didn't tell them about it because when did he blab personal moments?

"What's wrong?" Elena asked Stefan concerned.

"You know I said earlier that I followed Damon then when I was in the woods, I felt a sting in my back then it all went black?" Stefan asked and they nodded. "My past-self just woke up." He muttered.

"And?" Damon tested

"And Isobel and John have me tied up." Stefan revealed annoyed.

"Oh my God! Call Care!" Elena exclaimed.


Elena stirred hearing vibration over and over then she noticed that Caroline wasn't in bed next to her. Elena reached over to the phone and saw that she was calling, so it was clearly her future-self.

"Call Damon right now! I need to talk to Care. Now." Future-Elena directed before her past-self could even say hello then the line went dead.

Damon was trailing kisses down Caroline's stomach when his phone rang and he groaned.

"Seriously? In the middle of the night?" He complained.

"It's probably important." Caroline pointed out and he sighed then reached for his phone.

"You are calling me." Damon said wide-eyed and she was highly confused then took the phone.

"Hello?" She answered.

"It's Elena. My future-self just called this phone and said she needs to talk to you right now and she sounded freaked out." Elena advised.

"We'll be right there." Caroline assured.

"This sucks." Damon muttered amusing her.

Caroline climbed back in the window then hurried down to her room while Damon waited outside as they didn't want to make more noise than necessary. She hadn't even gotten the door closed when her phone was ringing again and Elena handed it to her.

"Hello?" Caroline answered quietly – the last thing she wanted was to wake her mother.

"Isobel and John have Stefan tied up!" Future-Elena exclaimed and Caroline's eyes bugged as did Elena's.

"Oh crap." Caroline hissed. "Where?" She asked.

"Council cells." Future-Elena advised.

"On it. Tell him that we'll be there in a minute." Caroline assured then hung up and in a blink was pulling on jeans, a t-shirt and running shoes.

"What can I do?" Elena asked concerned.

"They're your biological mother and father. They're probably taking your turning out on Stefan. It would be better if you don't come because I have no mercy for either of them." Caroline replied flatly and she exhaled.

"I can't just sit here and do nothing." Elena replied with worried eyes and Caroline thought about that.

"There is something you can do for me." Caroline agreed.

"What?" Elena asked.

"Don't tell Damon. Take him to the boarding house then tell him. I'm not going to risk him when both John and Isobel will be expecting him. They won't be expecting me." Caroline detailed and Elena bit her lip. "Tell him that you need to go get Stefan and Rebekah then once you get there, explain the problem because that'll give me enough time to deal with it." Caroline pushed and Elena sighed.

"Be careful." Elena said gently.

"I will be. I know what I'm dealing with." Caroline assured.

Elena climbed out of the living room window and Damon looked at her confused.

"What's going on?" He probed.

"We need to go get Stefan and Rebekah. The future people said that Bonnie saw Isobel and John, so Caroline's going to go get Bonnie." Elena lied and Damon stared at her.

"She just saw them?" Damon asked suspiciously. "If she just saw them why can't it wait until morning?" He asked.

"They're going after Alaric." Elena came up with on the spot and Damon shot her an amused look.

"I think it's funny that you think I'm some kind of stupid teenager." He commented. "Lie better, Elena." He directed and she gulped.

"Just go get Stefan and Rebekah." Elena directed and he nodded.

"Where's Caroline?" He asked flatly.

"I told you." She replied quietly and he exhaled – then in a blink had her against the window pane by the throat and her eyes were wide.

"I'm not in the mood for this tonight." He warned. "What is going on?" He asked seriously and she swallowed.

"Isobel and John kidnapped Stefan and Caroline went to save him because they'll both be gunning for you and won't expect her and she said that she knows what she's doing and asked me to lie to you." She rambled nervously and his jaw clenched.

"Where?" Damon fumed and she stared at him innocently.

"The council cells." She whispered and he was gone then she slumped against the window with her hand on her throat, exhaling deep breaths because that had been a bit scary…

Caroline tip-toed down to the council cells after compelling Isobel's human pets that had been standing guard to go to sleep. She got to the door and saw that Stefan was tied to a chair with stakes in his chest and stomach, Isobel was standing behind John who was looming over Stefan.

"Answer me." John fumed.

"I don't know who turned her." Stefan denied then in a blink Caroline was inside of the cell and John spun around hearing a crack and a thud then saw Isobel on the ground unconscious and Caroline standing there.

"Caroline?" John asked bug-eyed then she stepped over Isobel with a flat expression on her face.

"Think you're a tough guy because you're sticking stakes into a tied-up vampire?" She asked dangerously as she walked towards him and he backed up wide-eyed while Stefan was just stunned that she came for him after how mad she'd been at him.

"You… you're…" John stuttered.

"You're a coward." Caroline replied disgusted then grabbed his head.

"You won't kill me." John whispered.

"Why? Because you're Elena's dad?" She questioned and he gaped at her for knowing that. "Doesn't matter to me." She denied and he gulped. "Besides, it's only temporary." She quipped – then snapped his neck and he fell to the ground while Stefan's jaw dropped.

"You killed him?" Stefan gasped and she shrugged.

"He's wearing the Gilbert ring. He'll be back. Unfortunately." She mumbled then started pulling the stakes out of Stefan's chest and he groaned. "You alright?" She asked concerned and he nodded then winced as she pulled another one out. After all four were out, she heard a noise and out of pure defensive reflex, she did a roundhouse kick in a blink and he went flying against the wall. "Oh my God! Damon!" She gasped and Stefan burst into laughter while Damon landed in a heap with a groan then she hurried over to him and pulled him to his feet. "I'm so sorry!" She said wide-eyed and he chuckled then wiped the blood from his mouth.

"Battered boyfriend." He quipped and Stefan cracked a laugh.

"I'm sorry. I just heard a noise and was worried that maybe Isobel had some vampires with her." Caroline replied apologetically.

"Don't worry about it. It's good that you have such quick reflexes." Damon approved amused – then remembered. "You lied!" He exclaimed annoyed and she rolled her eyes.

"Technically, Elena lied." She countered and he glared. "Relax. It's taken care of." Caroline waved her hand unconcerned then untied Stefan's ropes and Damon scowled at her back.

"You're a baby vamp. You can't just take off to do dangerous things by yourself." Damon reprimanded.

"Baby vamp." Caroline scoffed. "Took you down." She retorted and Stefan shook with laughter while Damon deadpanned at her.

"I wasn't expecting to be kicked by my girlfriend." Damon defended and she shot him an amused look – Stefan felt highly confused by the 'girlfriend' part.

"Ah, but I know your moves." She smirked while pointing to him. "Even if you weren't unsuspecting, I could take you down." She teased and his expression flattened while Stefan was so amused as always by their interaction. "Anyway." She said then pulled Stefan to his feet. "You take Isobel since you're hurt." She instructed and Stefan looked confused.

"I'm not going to be tempted by John. He's dead." Stefan stated like it was obvious.

"Isobel has two human pets. I compelled them to go to sleep." Caroline advised and Stefan nodded in understanding. "Can we take them to the boarding house?" She asked Damon.

Caroline didn't bother going to school the next day as there was too much going on to focus on school. They'd vervained Isobel so that they could get some sleep, so in the morning when she stirred, Caroline and Damon were sitting on the couch across from her drinking cups of coffee. Isobel noticed that John was lying on the other couch and she couldn't hear his heartbeat – her jaw dropped, understanding that he was dead. She then felt burning pain on her wrists and saw that she was tied to the chair with vervain-soaked ropes.

"And Mommy's awake." Damon smirked and Isobel blinked in surprise.

"Excuse me?" Isobel asked confused.

"We know that you're Elena's biological mother." Caroline smirked and Isobel was wide-eyed.

"Does she know that?" Isobel asked shocked and they nodded amused. "Katherine will be pissed at you if you kill me." She warned Damon who smirked.

"Good thing Katherine's dead then, huh?" Damon countered and Isobel's expression showed how utterly shocked she felt by that.

"What?" She asked stunned.

"Mmm." Caroline nodded. "It's nice making friends with Originals who'll kill annoying old vampires for you." She smirked and Damon chuckled at her.

"The Originals are here?" Isobel asked shocked and they nodded.

"Well, all but Klaus but we don't know where he is." Caroline answered and Isobel's eyebrows furrowed.

"Why am I tied up?" Isobel asked flatly.

"We thought it might be nice for you to explain to Alaric that you're just a selfish bitch and he deserves a million times better than you." Caroline quipped and Damon chuckled – he seriously loved it when she went all 'Queen Bitch' – while Isobel glared at her.

"Who are you anyway?" Isobel asked annoyed.

"My girlfriend." Damon replied and Isobel was visibly shocked which amused them a little.

"And Elena's best friend, the Sheriff's daughter and if Ric approves, I'll be the vampire that rips your heart out." Caroline smirked and Isobel's jaw fell.

"Damon." Isobel gasped.

"What? I like Alaric." Damon smirked and Isobel shot him a look.

A short while later, John sat up with a gasp and Isobel was visibly stunned.

"You turned him?" Isobel asked shocked.

"Don't be absurd." Caroline denied like she was an idiot. "Who would ever turn that creep?" She retorted and Damon snickered while Isobel bit her lip and they both saw that she was trying not to laugh while John was wide-eyed.

"You… you… killed me!" He gasped staring at Caroline.

"Wow. Well spotted. Elena definitely got her intelligence from her mother." Caroline remarked and Isobel smirked while John glared at her.

"How?" John asked in disbelief.

"You have a magic ring." Caroline pointed to his hand. "It's called the Gilbert ring. It was made by Emily Bennett in 1864. It brings a human back to life if their death is caused by someone or something supernatural." She explained surprising both of them. "Ric has the other one." She added and Isobel nodded as obviously she'd given it to him while John shot a glare at Isobel for giving her ex-husband his ring.

"Get it back." John directed to Isobel.

"Yeah, you even try to take that ring from Ric and you'll be headless. I doubt your little ring can fix that." Damon denied with a dark expression and Caroline tried not to laugh at how much Damon already liked Alaric. "You know, those rings are kind of interesting." He smirked at Caroline who giggled.

"No, he can't be your new plaything." Caroline smirked and he cracked a laugh at her knowing him that well while John was bug-eyed.

"Why not?" Damon pouted and she sniggered at his expression.

"Oh, alright, just this once." She smirked devilishly and he chortled at her cheeky face then in a blink was snapping John's neck then tossed him on the floor and he chuckled while Caroline shook her head like 'silly little boys and their toys'.

"Seriously, Iz." Damon said with disapproval. "How could you screw that guy? He's disgusting." He stated and Caroline was trying not to be in peals of laughter while Isobel rolled her eyes.


Damon was shaking with laughter at the memory, shocked and highly amused that Caroline would condone him killing John for fun. He was convinced all over again that she was totally perfect.

"What are you laughing at?" Bonnie asked him suspiciously.

"Blondie's just so awesome." Damon answered amused.

"Oh my God!" Elena gasped in shock and disbelief.

"What?" Stefan inquired concerned.

"This cannot be happening!" Elena exclaimed.

"What did Jeremy say?" Bonnie pushed.


Elena was standing in the hall filling Bonnie in on the weekend's events and she was blown away by all of the drama – kind of glad that she'd stayed in all weekend with her grams to work on her potion studies.

"Lena, I need to talk to you." Jeremy gasped as he appeared out of nowhere.

"What's wrong?" Elena asked concerned.

"Not here." He denied and she nodded.

"I'll talk to you in class." Elena said to Bonnie then grabbed Jeremy's arm and they hurried down the hall into an empty classroom. "Okay, Jer, what's going on?" She asked caringly and his eyes filled with tears.

"I don't know what to do." Jeremy admitted emotionally.

"About what, Jer? Talk to me." Elena bid, holding his hands and he exhaled.

"Vicki's pregnant… and it's mine." Jeremy replied and Elena gaped at him…